"Just remember. If you feel something off or something doesn't feel right call me. I'll be right there and give you a check over."

"What if the twins come late? Or don't come at all..." He didn't want to believe his own words but he had to ask.

"If you don't go into labor by fourty-two weeks just come by the office and I'll get you set up for an induction. It's normal for babies to come late, a due date is just an estimate after all." He nodded softly being helped down from the table. Pulling on a heavier jacket he buttoned it up as well as he could. The nearly sub-zero temperatures of London in mid January almost had his boyfriends cancel his appointment, not wanting him to freeze to death. Feeling a hand on his shoulder he glanced back smiling before pouting as a snow cap was put on his head, his eyes being covered by his longer bangs for a few moments.

"Don't want you to freeze to death out there, Commie." Hearing a soft laugh he smiled slightly, moving both the hat and his bangs so he could see. Both he and Tom thanked the brunette doctor before walking out of the office, starting the short trek home.

Waddling from the bedroom after having just woken up, Tord made his way into the living room were he expected to find all three of his boyfriends sitting and watching the television entering the room to find none. Hearing clamoring from the kitchen he followed the sound only barely catching the tail end of the weather report.

"It is a very cold negative twelve in London today with heavy snowfall. The emergency department is urging for everyone to stay off the roads until the temperature begins to rise once more. Now for sports." Moving into the kitchen, he found Matt at the table sipping coffee from his mug.

"Where are Tom and Edd at? The television was on and I couldn't find either of them." Leaning his weight on the counter, Tord rubbed against his middle. He could barely walk around the house by now, his middle having dropped two days before making the twins even heavier on his hips than before and giving him aches he didn't ask for.

"They went outside to shovel the sidewalk I think. They should be coming in soon for a break." Matt stood up and walked over to where Tord was leaning against the counter, kissing his shorter boyfriend's forehead and filling his cup with more hot coffee.

"It's negative twelve out there and both of them are out shoveling snow. Just great I have something to worry about. I'm going to make hot chocolate for them and myself, do you want any?" Reaching up into the cabinet and grabbing three mugs, he attempted to grab the hot chocolate mix one shelf higher before hearing the ginger behind him laugh.

"I'll stick with coffee for now but thank you love. Anyway you look like you need some help." Watching the sweater covered arm grab the box of mix, Tord pouted at first before smiling brightly as it was handed to him. Closing the cabinet, he waddled over to the sink with a second kettle and filled it with water before placing it on the stove top and letting it boil. The duo talked for a while and got the cups ready for water as they waited for both their boyfriends and the water to boil. Hearing the kettle start its shrill scream, Tord moved closer with the cups to begin filling them with the boiling water. He never heard the front door open, heard the snow-covered boots stomp, or even the hushed whispers. At least not until he was filling the third cup. He nearly jumped out of his skin at the feeling of freezing cold snow being shoved down the back of his shirt, then again as scalding hot water was splashed across his chest and the glass mug was dropped to the floor, his mouth open in a silent scream.

His body was on sensory overload, Tord only barely noticed his shirt being removed and being wrapped in a warm blanket. He could feel the twins kicking wildly as well as the bleeding wounds from the glass shards in his legs and feet. Tears started sliding down his cheeks in waves, the feeling of being lifted and carefully placed on the bed coming to him before he heard any speech.

"I'm so sorry babe. I didn't know you were filling a cup with hot water." Tom rubbed his shoulders gently through his apology, still wearing his coat and hat. His body ached, stung, and burned like nothing else, the twins were nearly thrashing around inside of him. He nearly screamed as he felt the first shooting pain through his spine.

"Call Dr. Mari NOW!" Tom quickly pulled out his phone from his jacket pocket and dialed before putting the phone on speaker. Edd and Matt had just entered the room once more, carrying the first aid kit and a few more blankets. The phone was picked up.

"Hello? This is Mari speaking." The voice was a little muffled through the phone, as if the other had just woken up.

"Dr. Mari you're on speaker phone, Tord just told me to call you." Tom had moved to be kneeling by the bed, the phone being placed on the pillow beside the pained male's head. Tord gasped before groaning as he felt another pain shoot through him.

"What seems to be the problem? I'm sorry but I cannot schedule your induction until the snow stops and melts."

"That won't be necessary. I think I'm feeling contractions right now. No clue how far apart they are, but I just felt my second one." Glancing up he saw the expressions on the faces of the other three. If he weren't in so much pain he would've laughed.

"I'll be there as soon as possible. Just keep calm and try to relax. And if you can, time between the contractions." The other end hung up. The other three still shocked stiff from the news that Tord was in labor. He gave a small smile before trying to sit up.

"C-can I get a little help please?" Chuckling softly as Tom jumped up to help him sit up.

"Do you need anything? Want me to do something? Do you feel the next contraction?" He rolled his eyes at the frantic questions, Matt had run from the room to grab towels as Edd pulled tweezers from the aid kit to pull out glass.

"I feel fine Tom. I ache a little bit but that's just weight on my hips. I just really want to sleep right now." Leaning back against Tom's chest he smiled softly, wincing as he felt glass shards being pulled from his skin.

"Rest, I'll stay right here with you if you want me to." He felt lips on his forehead before his eyes closed. The feeling of shards being pulled from his skin the only thing he could feel as he drifted off to sleep.

Matt was the one to answer the door six hours later. Him and Edd were sitting on the couch in front of the television, trying to pay attention to the program but finding themselves unable to. Opening the door, the ginger found himself in front of a snow-covered girl with brown hair and wearing a heavy shoulder bag. Closing the door behind her, she removed her hat and gloves before shedding her coat.

"I'm sorry it took me so long to get here. I had to stop by the office and grab some supplies. May I ask how he is at the moment?" Dr. Mari pulled back her hair into a low bun before brushing loose hairs behind her ears.

"He's sleeping right now, Tom's with him. And what kind of supplies did you need to get?" Edd hung the brunette's coat and hat as he asked his question.

"Just a few things as a precaution. Can I see him?" Both nodded leading her to the bedroom. Both Tom and Tord were asleep, bandages covering Tord up to the shins. Dr. Mari decided to question this later on as she opened her bag.

"What are you going to do?" The brunette glanced over to the ginger with a small smile on her face.

"I need to check how dilated he is. And if there isn't an opening I need to check for that, but I believe that isn't the case. Could one of you wake them. I would rather not work while my patient is asleep. That would cause a rude awakening." Watching as Edd nudged Tom carefully she saw the socketed male carefully shake Tord's shoulder.

"Tord wake up. Dr. Mari is here." A set of silver eyes opened slowly before their gaze fell upon the doctor in the room.

"Hello Tord how are you feeling? I was about to check how dilated you were before you woke up." Dr. Mari smiled letting her bag sit on the ground before she walked over closer to the bed. The brunette doctor rubbed at Tord's hips before pulling off his bottoms and moving to check. Tord stiffened up in Tom's arms as he felt something being inserted into him.

"Relax babe, she's trying to figure out how much longer till the twins come. She's probably going to do this a few times." Tom rubbed Tord's hips lightly before kissing his neck. The laboring male relaxed as he felt a contraction running up his spine, the feeling of fluid pooling under him becoming a distraction. All four watched as Dr. Mari moved back quickly, and moved to wipe her face.

"Not my first time having amniotic fluid on my face but it's still gross. Your water just broke so you might feel a little more pressure on your hips and back. You're at about two and a half centimeters dilated meaning there is maybe an hour and a half to two hours till you start active labor. And I should wear a mask at all times." All five chuckled softly as the doctor wiped the last of the fluid off her face before pulling a mask from her bag and putting it on. Seemingly nobody realized that time was passing quickly, what felt like five minutes was an hour until five had come and passed. Tord was constantly standing and walking between the bed and the bathroom.

"I'm going to check again alright? Try to keep still." Tord felt the measuring device being moved into him, his back being rubbed by Edd who was sitting behind him. Everything was silent for a few moments before his doctor pulled back.

"Is something wrong? Please tell me that nothing's wrong!" His emotions were changing so much, each contraction either added to his pain or added to his anxiety. He was downright terrified of giving birth.

"Everything is fine. You'll be moving into stage three in a few minutes. You're at seven and a half centimeters now so everything is going to go a little faster. The contractions are going to be closer together." His eyes widened as Dr. Mari explained what was happening, his body seized up and he felt a sharp contraction go through him. He whimpered softly feeling the twins squirming a little, both having just woken up.

"H-how long is this going to take? OW!" He felt a kick hit his spine as a contraction started, the feelings overlapping.

"Stage three labor can last between thirty minutes and two hours with birth following right after. You might not be able to rest between the contractions." Paling a little at how it was explained to him he nearly froze up. It already hurt so much, he was in less pain right after the robot incident and he almost lost his entire right arm and eye, he could've died then. Feeling a hand on his shoulder he glanced over, his eyes wet at the sides as they met those belonging to Edd, Tom and Matt smiling softly but standing back a few paces.

"You are going to be amazing Tord. No matter how much it'll hurt I just know that you're going to keep going. Today is the day we've all been waiting for, and yeah it might not have started the best way, but hey everything will work out in the end. Just like it always does." His mouth turned up at the edges as Edd finished speaking, tears creating trails down his face. Mouthing a soft thank you he leaned back against the headboard and pillows, a smile gracing his lips as he took deep breaths.

"Let's hope it's u-under two hours. I don't know if I'll be able to last the w-whole time if it's much longer than t-that." Hearing a few chuckles, he smiled. He felt calm for the first time in a while.

It was sadly two hours before he could progress any further. The second that he was told to begin pushing had a contraction starting. Baring down for the first time, he felt the head of his first baby move through him. He almost screamed as the pressure nearly doubled. It was about five minutes into actually pushing and giving birth that he practically kicked all three of his boyfriends out of the room, Matt having to have been saved from almost being choked by him.

"Be a little more gentle for a few moments, the head is crowning and you'll tear if you push too hard." He nodded a little as he felt the contractions continue moving the head through his opening.

"C-can I feel the head?" Feeling his right hand being taken, his fingertips were set against the smooth head of his first baby. Smiling brightly he pushed lightly, the head slipping out.

"Go back to how you were pushing before, the first will be out very shortly." Pushing hard a few more times he heard a loud cry as Dr. Mari lifted up his first baby.

"The first is a little boy!" Watching as his doctor cut the cord and placed his son on his chest. Within an instant his instincts kicked in and he was trying to calm his little boy down.

"Now I hate to cut this meeting short, but you should start pushing again on the next contraction." Smiling softly, he continued to croon at his little boy before pushing again, the second head moving through him faster than the first. His daughter entered the world only a few minutes after her brother. It was only just under ten minutes before Dr. Mari spoke up again.

"I need you to push so the placentas can come out. After that you can rest with your son and daughter." He nodded slowly before giving a few short and light pushes as he was already exhausted. He was crooning to both of his children when he heard a soft 'oh' from his doctor.

"What's wrong?" He was beyond exhausted, but he didn't like how the brunette at the end of the bed was being overly silent. She dragged over her bag with her foot before rummaging through it for something. Watching what he could see of her with vague anxiety, he was answered by a sharp cry. Confused for a few moments as he checked the twins in his arms he was distracted by the young woman walking up the side of the bed cradling a crying bundle.

"I'm guessing this little guy didn't want anyone to know about him. Congratulations it's a boy. I'm going to clean up and bring the other three in I'd that's alright with you." She received nothing but a silent nod from her patient as he took his youngest son in his arms. Triplets. He had been carrying triplets all this time and didn't know.

It was another twenty minutes before the other three entered the room. Tord was feeding the youngest as the older brother and sister were asleep on his stomach covered in blankets to keep them warm. Glancing over to the door he smiled softly at the expressions he was given.

"How do you feel?"

"There were three?!"

"Can I hold one?" It took a while to explain to the three that he was alright, yes there were three babies, and yes they could hold their children. It only took a few more moments after that to get the names situated.

"Welcome to the world Elijah, Delilah, and Jonas."

Now who ever said that karma hates you, Tord?

2791 words

This is the final chapter of the story. I am really proud of us all for making it this far.

There is going to be an epilogue after this chapter that will have a timeskip spanning a few years.

Now for the names.
Elijah Michael Larsin-Gold [Eli]: he's the oldest and of it isn't clear by his last name his father is Edd. He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

Delilah Lynn Larsin-Harrison [Lilalynn]: She is the second child and the only girl. Her father is Matt and she inherited his ginger hair and blue eyes.

Jonas Theodore Larsin-Rinwell [Teddy]: The youngest son and the surprise child. He is the son of Tom and takes after both parents. He has the same light brown /dark blonde hair as both his mum and dad as well as his right eye being silver and his left being non-existant.

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