Chapter 2

StoryWriter88- Yeah, I read the behind the scenes of the two characters, so I know in canon they're married. However, the request did involve the pairing of Captain America and Proxima Midnight. So, I got to do it. Also, which deleted scene are you referring to? I looked through several Youtube videos about the deleted scenes and I got nothing that suggests they're close.

Somewhere in Texas

In a coffee shop, Steve Rogers was meeting up with Sharon Carter about the drive he gained from Proxima. It wasn't easy to get a meeting with Carter as Steve had to call a favor from T'challa, who was more than willing to do so. He heard about their methods, both in the twentieth century and the present, and he was disgusted with their methods and ideals. When he heard the Steve needed his help in taking down the organization for good, he jumped on board. It took a few days, but Carter managed to meet up with him without any suspicions being directed toward her and her intentions. After the two ordered coffee and found a secluded spot in the shop Sharon looked at Steve.

"Heard you have some info on HYDRA." Said Sharon, looking at their surrounding while being subtle at it. Steve nodded his head before fishing his pockets for the drive. Once he found it, he gave the drive to Carter, who took it quickly. "You don't mind if I look through it first, right? Just to be safe?" Steve just nodded his head. Much as he wanted to, he didn't trust Proxima too much. Trust wasn't earned this quickly and Steve learned in his career in the Avengers to not trust people too quickly.

"We can do it at my apartment," Steve said. "More discreet." Sharon just nodded before the two began to act like a normal couple, laughing and sharing jokes together. Once the two received their coffees, the two left the coffee shop and began to walk toward Steve's motel. Once inside, Sharon put the drive into Steve's laptop and began to look through the data. While she did so, Steve wondered about Proxima and what she was doing now. He guessed she was trying to sabotage Thanos or trying to warn others about his mad plan. Steve placed his money on the former as he doubted many people will believe her if she told them that Thanos was planning to collect the Infinity Stones to kill half the universe's population. Then again, if he killed half of a world's population and has done it enough times that he earned the name Mad Titan, he supposed people will at least consider her warnings. He stopped his ramblings when Sharon spoke up.

"This is a silver bullet," Sharon said as she looked at Steve, shocked. "This drive has data on hidden HYDRA cells, bases, personal files, and even future projects. This is big, Steve. Very big."

"I assume it contains info about HYDRA that we didn't know of?"

"Tons. It contains bases that we didn't know of and personal we thought weren't affiliated with HYDRA at all. I'll honestly be surprised if the info on this drive isn't the final nail on HYDRA's coffin. Then again, they've been awfully tenacious. They're like cockroaches." Sharon then removed the drive and placed it into her purse. "I'll get this to the right people. Ones that will actually use it to take down HYDRA." Steve nodded appreciatingly, trusting Carter to do the right thing. "Just a quick question. Where did you get this?"

"An associate gave it to me," Steve said. "they'd preferred to be kept hidden until necessary. Fear of retaliation from HYDRA." That was, of course, a lie as he doubted Proxima would even be remotely scared of being attacked by HYDRA, if his brief interactions of her were any indication.

"Fair enough," Sharon said, taking Steve's word. "HYDRA does seem capable at making people disappear." Steve nodded in agreement at that.

"So, do you need anything from me?" Steve asked. Eager to help, even if it was limited as he didn't have the resources as before.

"I'll inform you if there's something that needs your assistance. Or if something that needs to be taken down that the UN refuses to bring down. It'll be difficult, but I think Wakanda can deal with that." She then sighed. "Hope you're doing well, Steve. Must be hard with the UN on your back." Steve just nodded.

"It's been difficult. For me, Natasha, Sam, and Wanda. But we've managed to scrape up a living while in hiding. Have to move constantly, but I think we got used to it." Sharon looked at him in sympathy before speaking.

"You guys keep in contact?"

"Just Sam, Nat, and I. Wanda dropped off the grid for a while. Hope she's fine."

"Last reports of her say she's in Los Angeles, but that was four months ago. No idea where she's now."

"Good." Steve then bit his lip before speaking. "How's Tony and the others?" Sharon pursed her lips, unsure of how to respond. Eventually, she spoke.

"Tony's' taking a less active role in the Avengers. He's spending more time with Miss Potts and is taking a more support role in the Avengers. Providing funding as well as seeking out potential recruits. Though he does go out and help out every now and then due to the number of Avengers that there are left. As for Rhodes, due to an injury, he suffered during your little civil war, he was forced to wear a harness in order to walk again. He's gotten used to it now and he's back to being Warmachine. He's fine right now, but rumors are circulating that he's discontent with the Accords." Hearing that made Steve blink in surprise. He didn't think Rhodes, while disagreeing with some points in the accords, would be discontent with them due to his duty. He would have went on with Rhodes when Sharon continued.

"As for Vision," Sharon pursed her lips. "Well, whenever he has it, he's been using up his free time to go…somewhere. He doesn't say where he's going. He just tells Tony that he's leaving and that he'll be back the next day." Hearing that made Steve frown and raise an eyebrow. What was Vision up to?

"No one asks?"

"They have. He just says that its nothing and that he just wants to explore the world. Tony was reluctant at first, but he eventually allowed as Vision didn't really do anything scandalous or anything that can catch Ross's ire." Sharon explained, wondering what Vision was doing in his free time. Pushing that thought aside, she continued.

"I don't know if you know, but Mr. Scott Lang and Hawkeye were placed under house arrest. In exchange for being under close government surveillance for a stated amount of time and for doing nothing illegal, they'll be pardoned for their actions and allowed to continue their lives." Happy that they're given a chance to live normal lives, Steve nodded his head in thanks.

"Thanks, Sharon. It means a lot that they're doing all right and that you're willing to trust me."

"Of course, I do," Sharon said with a smile. "we may be on opposite sides at the moment, but I know for a fact that your goals are the same as the government and Tony's. I just wish the others see that." She then sighed. "I got to go. I'll try to find a way to contact you. May need to ask T'Challa for that."

"He'll be more than willing to help. He disagrees with HYDRA and their goals."

"Can't say I blame him." Sharon then gave Steve a hug. "Goodbye. Perhaps we can go out on a date the next time we meet." Steve just smiled.

"Maybe. Hope you like steak. This town has some pretty good steak in this diner near the center of town." Sharon just smirked at that.

"So long as you shave." Sharon said as she eyed Steve's new beard, likely there to help him remain low. The beard covered most of his lower face and was, surprisingly, well groomed.

"Don't like it?" Steve asked as he touched his beard. Though he was inverse to have it at first, he knew he needed it to remain low in the US. His face was just too recognizable. Surprisingly, however, he'd gotten used to having it around.

"No, it looks great on you. Goodbye." With that, she left him alone. Once she was gone, Steve sat down on a chair, wondering on what to do today.

Late at night

Steve was eating his dinner when he heard his door being knocked on. Wiping his mouth for any crumbs that got stuck there, he went up and opened the door. He blinked in surprise when he saw Proxima there, staring at him. Before he could say anything, she let herself in, pushing Steve aside to do so. Once she was inside, she turned around a looked at Steve.

"Did you find someone you can trust with that data?" Asked Proxima asked as Steve closed the door.

"I did. We meet in the morning and I gave it to her."

"You're certain you can trust her? That she isn't a mole?" Frowning at her mistrust at his friend and angry that Proxima accused her of being a traitor, Steve began to defend Sharon.

"I trust her with my life. She helped me locate my friend when he was on the run, despite the fact she could have been arrested for doing so. Trust me. She'll see to it that the drive will be put into the right hands." Staring at Steve for several minutes, Proxima eventually relented and sat on a chair.

"We just can't afford a mistake, human, especially concerning that data. There are moles in your intelligence groups. Even worse, in seats of power across your governments. That data can easily be destroyed if placed in the wrong hands before it could do anything. And with it lost, so goes our chance to unite your Avengers, which also means there won't be much opposition that can even stand against Thanos when he comes for the stones." Steve, though a bit mad at Proxima still, saw that she was just being cautious. A bit too cautious for his liking, but still understandable. He then sighed and sat next to her.

"I understand your concern with HYDRA moles, but we also can't afford to place mistrust on trusted allies. If we're going to work together, we need to trust each other." Proxima just glared at Steve.

"Trust needs to be earned, human. We only meet one rotation ago. So, forgive me for being cautious." Steve had to admit, she was right. No one, but the most trusting or naïve people will trust someone they've known for just two days. Proxima was right. If they wanted to trust each other, they needed to be patient and see if they were right to place their trust in each other. Still, Steve was going to defend his trusted allies if they're being attacked one way or another.

"I know that." Steve said. "I know that, in order to fully trust someone, you need to give it time to see if they're really what they say they are or their intentions. But I won't just sit around and let you criticize them for things that they'll never do." Proxima just looked at Steve when she heard that. For a brief moment, Steve thought he saw respect in her eyes before it quickly went away.

"Very well. But while you know her enough, I don't. For all I know, she was a mole working for HYDRA or the government that is more loyal to them than you. And if she was, the government would track you down and arrest you. Thus, running any chance to save the two Infinity Stones here on Earth. Those Stones are some of the most powerful objects in the universe so forgive me for being cautious when the stakes are high." Though slightly disappointed at this, Steve could get what Proxima was getting at. The Infinity Stones were the key to wiping out the half the universe's population. And he had seen firsthand the power of an Infinity Stone through Loki's scepter and Vision's capabilities and he even suspected that wasn't its full potential. And he had no idea what the other Stones could do. With the stakes so high, he guessed he could understand her concerns.

"I get it, Proxima, I really do, but can you please put a little faith in my allies?" Seeing that he wasn't going to let this go until a compromise was reached, Proxima decided to give him a proposal.

"How about a compromise? I'll still be cautious around them until I can be certain that they're on our side, but I won't antagonize them nor will I ever confront them without evidence. Will that suffice?" Hearing the proposal, Steve just nod. It wasn't much, but Steve can work with it.

"It's a start." Steve said before sitting in the chair beside her. "We can work from there." Proxima nodded in agreement before speaking.

"Since I have plenty of time in my hand at the moment, do you have any questions for me? I trust that you have quite a few?" Proxima asked.

"A few actually." Steve said as he looked at Proxima. "This Thanos. Why hasn't anyone taken him down yet? Given he's literally killing half a world's population, you would think that someone might have done something to stop him right?" Proxima just sighed at that.

"Many actually have. Various factions have attempted to stop Thanos from doing his insane quest to save the universe. One galactic government sent their military, the Nova Corps, to arrest Thanos after he… 'saved' several of their planets. Thirty thousand of their best men were sent. Around eighty percent of them died, the rest were captured. Of the ones captured, half were executed with the rest being sent home. As a form of mercy. After that, everyone grew afraid to even stand up to Thanos. His armies were vast then and have only grown since." Steve paused a bit at that.

"So, everyone is afraid of Thanos to even try anymore?" Proxima nodded in confirmation.

"The Nova empire is one of the most powerful galactic governments in the galaxy. Rivaled only by the Kree empire and a few others. After the Nova Corps' disastrous defeat at the hands of Thanos, he decided to do something similar to the Kree as they would have capitalized on the recent loss of manpower of the Nova Corps. He personally attacked one of their largest and most powerful fleets, taking the head of the commander himself as a trophy. Once that was done, the Kree learned to fear Thanos as well as every other being in the known universe. After that, people just hoped that Thanos will never come to their planet and "save them", knowing that no help will come for them. Well, ones that will turn the tide anyway." Steve just stayed silent as he processed this. Two powerful galactic empires were forced to submission by Thanos and now people were afraid of him one day coming to their world and committing genocide, with the belief that no one can save them from him. Just thinking of such a life made Steve angry. No one should live in fear. No one. Shaking his head, he looked at Proxima.

"And no one attempts to stop him?" Proxima just bit her lip before speaking.

"Yes and no. While Thanos is more than willing to spread his ways to both the Kree and the Nova empires, he can't do so without heavy casualties to his forces, leaving him vulnerable to counterattack from other parties. He may be insane, but he's not stupid. And no galactic government is willing to attack Thanos either as a war against him will be bloody and leave them in a much-weakened state. They much rather leave individual star systems, including ones under their protection, to Thanos's hands over losing all their influence in the galaxy." Explained Proxima as she looked at Steve. She saw how angry he was and how he was clenching his fists in anger. "You don't approve?"

"No," Steve said as he calmed down. "it's their duty to protect their people, but they're not doing anything against Thanos. He's killing innocent people and they're not doing a thing about it. They're more concerned with their own power than doing what's right."

"To them, that's acceptable over losing their way of life, even though it makes them all look weak for not even trying to do something against Thanos." Seeing that Steve was getting more frustrated with this topic, Proxima decided to change it. "We'll discuss this later. For now, let's change the topic. You said you had more questions." Breathing in and out to control himself, he looked at her. Still angry but controlled.

"Yes. Why did you decide on Earth? Why not on some other planet or heck this Nova empire or Kree empire?" Asked Steve., wondering why she decided on his own planet. "Why Earth? I get that it has some of the Infinity Stone, but couldn't you warn someone else about Thanos's plans?"

"You think that the Nova empire or the Kree would believe me?" Proxima asked, incredulously. "They would sooner believe an intoxicated person becoming a system governor over someone with such an outlandish claim. Even if its something Thanos would do, they'll refuse to believe me. While there are, admittedly some who would take it seriously, they don't have enough influence to declare war on him when the rest are too afraid on upsetting Thanos. And that's just the Nova empire. The Kree would simply kill me on sight due to past transgression between them and my species. As for Earth. Well, aside from the Infinity Stones, you're the first species in a long time to ever defeat one of Thanos's armies." Steve rose an eyebrow at that.

"We did?" Proxima nodded in confirmation.

"You see, a few years ago Thanos provided someone his Chitauri to attack Earth." Hearing that made Steve pause. So, that was where Loki got the army that attacked New York so long ago. And hearing all about Thanos and his goals, it made Steve wonder if an Infinity Stone was involved.

"Was it because of an Infinity Stone?" Steve asked, wondering if his theory is true.

"Most likely. He wouldn't have done so otherwise. Anyway, when people heard the Chitauri's defeat by the hands of a pre-spaceflight civilization, they were shocked. They assumed that they would destroy you humans with ease, yet you proved them all wrong. That's why I choose your people, human. Your species did something that many couldn't have done before in a long time." Steve couldn't help but feel a bit of pride at that. His species did something that no one had done in a long time. It also showed him that Thanos can be beaten if his armies could be.

"Did that give people hope?" Proxima just scoffed before she thought about the matter.

"I…suppose it did. And perhaps even garnered some respect from other species. Not many, if any, capitalized it however and Thanos is just doing what he normally does. Killing countless people and calling it saving." She grunted in disgust at the thought, something that Steve agreed on.

"So how come you call me human?" Steve asked. "If you know so much about the Avengers and the current state of the world, you should at least know my first name."

"I know it," Proxima said. "I just don't feel a reason to call you that. Names can be an indicator of one's relations with another. The way you call someone or what you call them can be a way to tell people how you feel about them." Steve got what she was actually saying to him.

"You don't trust me, yet? Not enough at the least." Steve said. Seeing her nod, he continued. "You'll only say my name when you actually trust me fully."

"Correct." Proxima said, respect in her tone. "It's a cultural thing amongst my people. We don't call people by their birth name until we have reached a certain relation with them, If we have no such thing, we call them by whatever destination that is suitable for them and how you fell about them. Since the title of captain is usually one of respect and trust, I don't think its suitable for you at the moment. So, human will suffice. I'll start calling you by your name when you gained enough of my trust." Nodding his head in understanding, Steve was fascinated by this. He wasn't much of a philosopher or anything, but it felt intriguing to hear about another sentient species culture and how different it is to Earths. "Anything else?"

"Just one more." Steve said. "This Thanos. You treat him with contempt. Why?" Proxima then glared at Steve, catching him slightly off guard.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Proxima demanded, furious. "That monster has killed countless beings in his lifetime and he calls it saving. He leaves orphans and widows alike. Anyone that doesn't treat that man with contempt is either insane or stupid."

"That's not what I meant." Steve said, surprised at her rebuke, though he supposed he really shouldn't. "I mean that you seem passionate in taking him down. Like its personal." Hearing that made Proxima calm down and stare at Steve with an unreadable expression. "Did he do something to you? Or someone close to you."

"That's none of your concern." Proxima said. Steve, however, wasn't willing to let it go.

"If he did, it may help to talk about it." Proxima scoffed at that.

"It will not." Proxima glared at Steve. "Drop this subject human or I'll cut your tongue." Sighing in annoyance, Steve nodded and dropped the subject. The two didn't strike a conversation between each other until Proxima spoke.

"Look, human. I don't wish to talk about my personal life with you. It's something that I rather avoid talking about. Like I said before, we just met a rotation ago and that's hardly enough time for us to divulge personal information with each other. If you wish to know more about me, then do it when you gained more of my trust." Proxima said as she looked at Steve, who nodded in understanding. "Still, as a token of trust, I'm willing to say this. I have a family. Five siblings with no other relatives to speak of. I'm one of the oldest. Out of the five I have, I only have good relations with three of them, if you stretch the definition of good relations. The rest is just a working relation, no real family ties with each other." Steve pursed his lips at that. Feeling sorry for Proxima.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Steve said. "Did Thanos…"

"Yes." Proxima said, cutting him off. "That'll be enough for today, human. The next time we speak, don't bring up my personal life again."

"I understand." Steve said, seeing that he went too far. "Sorry for prying." Pausing a bit at that, Proxima quickly nodded.

"It is all right." Proxima said. "Just don't overextend yourself again." With that, she decided to up and leave. Getting up, she brought out a small device from her person before giving it to Steve. "Use this to contact me. The button on top of the other one will allow you to communicate with me. The bottom will inform me that you're in danger. Press it and I'll come to your aid." Nodding his head, Steve placed the device in his pocket and got up as well.

"Want to meet up again soon?" Steve asked as Proxima got near the door.

"Perhaps in a few days." Proxima said. "When your friend has given the data to your government and we've given them enough time to react." Nodding in agreement, Steve said his goodbyes to Proxima, who just tilted her head slightly before leaving. Once she was out of the room and out into the forest surrounding the town, Proxima sighed.

"Stupid human." With that, she went to her ship.

A few days later

Avengers HQ

"Senator, the information is legit." Sharon said as she was speaking with Thaddeus Ross and several other senators. After returning from her meet up with Steve, she took the intel she'd gotten from Steve and took it to Everett Ross, as she knew that he would see to it that the drive is used to take down HYDRA. After confirming that all of it was legit, Everett made sure that both the Avengers and the higher-ups in the CIA, and FBI were informed of it. With the intel of secret HYDRA locations and personal in hand, arrests were being made and assaults on HYDRA bases on US territories are being planned. It all seemed going well until Thaddeus asked for Sharon to come to meet with him and several senators about the authenticity of the intel as it all came from an unknown source.

"Are you sure, agent Carter?" Thaddeus asked as he looked at her via a holographic transmission of him and several other senators.

"Positive." Sharon said. "We tripled check everything to see if there was anything tampered with. Nothing was out of the ordinary. In order for more confirmation to be made for the intel, we need to hit one of the HYDRA bases contained in the drive. Preferably one of the ones in remote areas. If its there, the intel isn't faulty." Thaddeus, though knowing she was right, was more concerned with who supplied it.

"Though I'm all for destroying HYDRA once for all, agent Carter, I'm more concerned with whom you got this from." Thaddeus said.

"Sir, they wish to remain hidden for the time being due to fear of retaliation from HYDRA."

"Or they're afraid of another thing." Thaddeus said. "The government."

"Why is that, sir?" Sharon asked, though she knew where he was going with this.

"Captain America." Thaddeus said, contempt in his voice. "Did he provide the intel to you?" Though on the outside Sharon was calm and stoic, in the inside she was annoyed and angry that Thaddeus brought Steve out of nowhere. Though he was right, Steve wasn't even brought up once in this conversation.

"He hasn't been involved, sir." Lied Sharon as she kept a straight face on, knowing that Ross wouldn't like it if Steve was involved in the procurement of the drive. "The intel came from an unknown party." That part was true. Sharon had no idea who supplied it and Steve wasn't willing to part with that intel. Willing to trust him, Sharon didn't pry for information on how the informant was. Thaddeus, however, wasn't convinced.

"I don't think so, agent. There is no other possible party that could have given you that intel." Thaddeus said. "It can't be Wakanda as they would have given us the intel straight away as soon as they had it. There's also no possible way it was a defective either. HYDRA's operatives are just too fanatical in their mission. And I doubt some independent faction out there that is capable of gathering intel on HYDRA and being hidden from them."

"So, you think the captain is involved?" Sharon asked.

"He certainly has the skills necessary to fend of HYDRA soldiers and perform covert ops when needed. He also has a known hatred against HYDRA during his time against the Red Skull and during his time in the Avengers."

"Even if it was Captain Rogers, would it even matter? He has good reasons to take down HYDRA as do we." Sharon said.

"Simple, agent. He wants to get in the good graces of the government again." Thaddeus said. "And he's using HYDRA to do so." Sharon frowned at that, angry that Thaddeus would even suggest such a thing. Steve would never do something like that in his life. He's doing this because HYDRA needs to be taken down, not because for his own sake. She would have replied when another voice interrupted her.

"I doubt that, Senator." Everyone turned to see that Tony Stark had entered the room along with Vision. "Rogers isn't that type of person. He would sooner wear a pink version of his uniform before ever doing something so selfish."

"What are you getting at Stark?" Thaddeus asked. Though Stark had signed the accords like every other loyal Avenger, Thaddeus stilled didn't trust him, thinking him as a loose cannon. Not to mention his constant disrespect for authority other than himself.

"What I'm getting at that captain Rogers is too much of a golden boy to do something so selfish. I got that right Vision?" The android just nodded in confirmation before backing Tony up.

"Captain America is simply too selfless to ever do something, senator. All of his psyche evaluations and actions in the past will provide sufficient evidence to contradict your claim. If he's doing this, he's simply doing so because its, in his mind, the right thing to do for the betterment of humanity." Tony patted Vision on the back before speaking again.

"Look, I'm all for bringing Cap in, don't get me wrong, but I draw the line in making stuff up just because we don't like him." Tony said, surprising Sharon with his support of his former friend, though she knew that Tony was still hurt by Steve's actions some time ago. "Besides, like Sharon said, even if cap was the one that gave us the intel, we should still use it. He has pretty good reason to take down HYDRA as do we. So, let's just take down those scumbags once and for all." Thaddeus just starred at Tony for a while before speaking.

"Very well." Thaddeus said, letting the subject go for now. "But we'll discuss this later. For now, let's just focus on HYDRA. Did Warmachine return yet?"

"Not yet." Tony said. "But he's confirmed that HYDRA is there. We should expect a report soon."

"Good. Keep us updated." With that Thaddeus and the other senators disconnected the transmission. With them gone, Sharon looked at Tony.

"Why did you back up Steve?" Asked Sharon as Tony looked at her. "I thought you hated him?" Tony just took a deep breath before responding.

"I don't hate him to the point I'll make up reasons to hate him. I already have enough reason to do so. Besides, even if he's on the run, he's still that perfect golden boy we all know and love."

"Then why do you want him arrested?" Sharon asked.

"He broke the law. Simple as that." Vision just looked at Tony for a moment before looking at Sharon.

"While Captain America is a good man, he's still a wanted criminal and must be taken into custody. That being said, slandering someone and muddling their intentions with lies, when we know their personality contradicts such accusations, is wrong. If we're going to arrest Mr. Rogers and through trial, it'll be done fairly and honestly." He then turned to Tony. "Mr. Stark, Miss Potts is waiting for you outside."

"Tell her I'm on my way. I got something to do first. It'll be quick." Vision simply nodded before phasing through the floor to speak with Pepper. Once he was gone, Tony looked at Sharon.

"Did Steve give you it?" Tony asked, serious. Sharon just kept a straight face on as she looked at Tony.

"Even if he did, would I tell you?" Sharon asked.

"Just answer the question." Sharon just kept her lips sealed, causing Tony to sigh. "Fine, whatever. Doesn't matter anyway. The information is, so far, legit. So, I shouldn't kick a gift horse in the mouth. Be seeing you, Agent Carter." With that Tony began to leave. Once he was near the door, Sharon spoke out.

"Do you still have a grudge against Steve for what happened? For keeping your parents' death a secret?" Sharon asked as she turned to see Tony just leaving. Sighing to herself, she began to leave herself.