Sydney Bristow was sad. She might have had one thousand different aliases, but she only had 5 men in her life to choose from:

1. the first one was her dead fiancee. he was soooo perfect,

but he was dead so that's out of the question.


2. the second one was her bff. The loyalest, most adorable and sweet guy she ever knew in her entire life, Will Tippin. He had perfect blue eyes, he was nicer to her than any boy would ever be AND he was just the best.

"hmmm maybe..." thought Sydney... "it's still such a tough decison."


3. the third choice was Vaughn. She just met him today at the CIA. she didn't really know him. But he was hot.

"That's probably the best choice so far, duh."


4. her dad.

wait that's her dad so thats out of the question.


5. and the last guy she knew was arvin sloan... hmmm... he was cunning and tactical. Brilliant and smug. Who cared about age difference or the fact that he was evil?


"It's definitely betwen bachelor number 5 and bachelor number 2"

sydney though long and hard.

"oh wait," she said,"i'm such a idiot." Sydney laughed. "Arvin Sloane is married, DUH. I'm definitely choosing Vaughn."