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-Michael p.o.v

So much had happened in what felt like a flurry of time, my nerves as jumbled and jittery as my caffeinated thoughts. I couldn't tell if I was more angry or frustrated or something else I couldn't even name. I wanted to scream, punch something maybe. But all I could do was stand here, watch as everything unfurled around us. Our life in shambles, granted it was never easy or perfect but deep down I had hoped it would get there one day. Despite all the bullshit I spewed at times.

How could she do this? Was it all nothing? Our whole lives were destroyed. Fuck, my stomach rolled as intense emotions crashed into me like tidal waves. It made me sick.

I looked at Max, he looked scared for once; even as Liz held him close her voice shook. "Tess and Maria will not leave us be, my heart is so broken. I cannot imagine how this all happened or how it all went wrong..." her face was coated in tears, dirty streaks raced down her face.

Isobel and Alex watch from the window, right now we are in a bad spot and they were right to be watching out. It felt like we were being hunted, hell, maybe we were. I spoke up, "Liz, you know anyone who might help us?" it was a long shot but right now we are out of choices.

She gave me a look at first, it was broken then a small hopeful light shimmered in her lost eyes. "Hand me the phone." her voice firm.

We all watched her, each one of us dealing with this in our own way. "Faye, I need help." her voice pleading as a garbled voice echoed on the other end.

Liz's face broke out in a misplaced smile, "Thank you." then she dropped the phone on the bed, I took a deep breath taking in the stale odor of the cheap room we rented with what little money we had.

"Faye is going to put some cash in my account, we can crash at her place for as long as we like." that was at least something a place we could heal and figure out a way to fix this mess, don't know how we would explain what was going on to this Faye chick though. But that was the least of our worries, we'd deal with that at a later time.

Maxwell was up his body leaning on the wall as he struggled to stand, he winced as his breath caught in his throat. "We need to leave soon then, we have been here too long." he was right Seeing him hurt was new to us all, he was the rock in our group; the one who held us all together in these fucked up times. Right now all I could do was help him to get into the back seat since he was in no condition to drive. The wind whipped my long hair as Liz piped up, her voice growing louder. "The money is there, stop we need gas!" she was right so we make it fast she paid for the gas while I pumped, she had a bag in her arms which Isobel took while Alex helped her back into the Jeep.

I was pissed more than any of them understood, Maria was my girlfriend, I should have seen the changes. She turned against us with Tess, they were together behind our backs. They nearly killed Alex, Liz, and Maxwell. Isobel and I just barely got them out in time, we lost Kyle but escaped. I wasn't close to him but he was still a friend.

"Head to Arizona." we aren't far from the border when she called it out handing me an address on a ripped paper, next was a Coke and chips. "Thanks." my own voice sounded ruff and foreign. Right now she and Alex are the only humans I trusted, they have willingly placed themselves in danger to protect us.

"Who is Faye?" Isobel was leaning on Alex who just held her, his own face so pale but he pushed it all down for her.

"The black sheep of my family, the only one I can trust now."

A few hours passed by when the sunrise came with it, a large villa type home was set in front of us. All over the property were signs of warning to anyone who trespassed. Liz just rang the little gray box, "Faye, trust no one." The air was hot like it was fresh out of a bread oven, rising to blast our open eyes and kiss our faces with its fiery breath.

Not soon enough the gate swung open and I drove through. Liz jumped out heading to the door, we all followed her when the front doors opened a girl about the same height as Liz stood waiting with cautious eyes. "Liz, what the fuck happened to you. Get in now." she was pulling her in also allowing us to enter. The witch eyes of this girl moved over each of us in turn, "Spare rooms upstairs, Elizabeth. I will get a kit and be up, whoever ain't hurt might want to take that Jeep and put it in the large garage located behind the house." I just gave Max a nod before walking back out. This was like a compound, not a home, but hell it was welcome. I left the Jeep next to a Hummer, walking back a massive black dog was watching my every move, I would be terrified of him but he was wearing what looked to be a Wildcat hoodie.

The dog let me pass into the back door, I followed the sounds and the pull to Max since he was my King. The stairs lead to a second floor where I see Isabel looking into a room, "She is looking at Max and Liz, then she will come to see Alex." her voice torn she loved Max and Alex one was her world, the other her world in brother form.

I glanced in seeing the girl wrapping white bandages around Maxwell while Liz was sporting some clean wounds. The girl spoke again, "You're lucky, the wound missed anything vital, I'm going to go check on Alex. Elizabeth when I am done we will eat and have a nice long talk." she never glanced at me just took her bag and pushed passed me, I watched her touch Isobel's shoulder pulling her into the room.

Max spoke, "Liz..."

But she cut him off, "I told you Maria was up to something, and you made me seem crazy. Look, my cousin is trustworthy, I will not lie to her. When I had problems she was the only one there for me." like that she was gone with us in tow, Alex was smiling when we looked in.

"You should be right as rain soon, Alex. Told you lot a fair few times Maria was a cunt but no, I was crazy. Come down after you shower, you know the way."

Isobel sobbed, "Thank you, for helping us."

The girl smiled before walking out taking Liz with her, the house was nice it smelled of citrus and cherry wood. It was warm not like warm heat but it gave a warm impression to any who entered, Liz showed us to the table "Have a seat." you could smell cooking.

I offered, "I can help cook."

Liz smiled, "She is nearly done, she was cooking when we arrived."

Now I could smell cinnamon, bacon, and biscuits, "I am sorry, Michael."

"Me too, Max."

But our conversation was cut as Alex and Isabel sit with us we three looking worried and out of place, Alex was smiling showing Isabel a rock that was in the middle of the table. Liz and who I now guess is Faye placed food down, "So, Liz..." Faye started, her voice low, she couldn't be older than Liz.

"Faye, like I said in the letters things have changed so much. I wish your parents were here, they would understand. This is Michael, Michael this is my cousin Faye; sorry but the introductions happened while you were putting away the car."

"What happened? You bring a group of people to my house, nearly all with some issue, explain."

Liz gave us a look, "Maria and a girl named Tess turned on us, I told you Max was out of this world. I meant it in a literal sense, not a joking way, my boyfriend is from another planet." she just gave us up, her cousin gave her a look her face never changed. The air felt tense, but not because of her reaction, just the fact that Liz told her our secret without hesitation.

But after a few moments she did say something, "Prove it." and Isobel did, it was a simple thing changing Faye's nail polish to a shade of teal, Faye didn't flinch she just gave a nod.

"My parents were killed, no one believed me when I said it was the government. I was left alone at sixteen with everything left to me, I got my diploma and vanished here. Liz, I need more information."

"Tess is one of them, she is the typical bad alien but she fell in love with Maria and started injecting her with her own blood. Maria was dating Michael and was seeing Tess behind our backs she was willing to kill us since we refused to go back to Antar to die. They attacked with some aliens called skins, we barely made it out alive. Tess warped my parents so now they don't remember me." her voice strained.

Faye frowned, "You can stay as long as needed."

"Can they see what your parents found?"

Faye shrugged, in a sealed room was Antarian stones, symbols carved into gems and rocks. "My mother said before she died to never take this off, that it was given to her by a man named Larek. Said it would protect her daughter and show her soul mate. Because apparently she, being me, was meant for something more." she pulled a necklace out it was glowing before she tucked it back into her top.

Maxwell and Faye stood off to the side talking in low whispers, while we all rested on the sofas. Dinner was great, I finally spoke, "They're tracking us, the government and Tess and Maria. We can't stay."

Faye gave me a look, "Let them come. Liz, show them to guest rooms. I am guessing Isobel and Alex can share, Max and Michael can as well, you have your old room." Liz gave Max a smile taking her plate to be cleaned.

"How old are you?" Isobel asked but it was Alex who spoke.

"Seventeen like us."

Isobel went on, "And you've been alone this entire year?" the tone didn't surprise us Isabel was a loving person.

"For over a year now, but at least I found out who I could trust. Now I know why Liz was the only one to trust me, but being alone is better than being around people who do not trust you."

I should have killed Maria when I had the chance, this was my fault them being hurt was my fault. I just stood looking out a window my eyes away to the west, the sun was sinking into a violet sea of light. There lay the mighty desert, brown, barren, desolate—the desert with its dreaded sandstorms and simooms. She had a system in place no one would get onto her land without us knowing beforehand, that at least would let me sleep tonight.

"Self-blame will not help them, it will not help you." my reaction was not typical, I jumped my body turning to see Faye sitting in a lone alcove watching me. I noted her eyes flicker when light touches them, green with flecks of brown and blue, her skin is like cream unlike Liz, her hair just a shade of lighter brown she just looked back to her book.

I slide down the wall still looking at her, "How did you know what I was thinking?"

She shrugged, "You should get some sleep, it is nearly midnight now." her voice was nice, it was pleasant to the ear.

"You should too." I had to try to be nice to the human girl, she knew about us before we even arrived.

Her eyes moved to the door lurking behind her, it was opening, and Liz was creeping out when Faye's voice cracked like a whip. "Nice try get back in there. You should have spoken up and asked to share a room, you're a big girl now." a hint of teasing could be heard.

We need to go home…