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The castle of Lya on its little hill towered up above them; before us were the sands, with rocks and little pools of salt water, and seaweed, and the smell of the sea and long miles of red-pinkish waves breaking for ever and ever on the beach. The castle gave me the vague impression of Cair Paravel from the chronicles of Narnia, the castle was East with a long winding gleaming wall to protect it. The castle was high above us as winged two tails birds made chirping noise's as they sailed by enjoying the day, the foliage was so unique the colors out of place and not natural to Earth. Another planet looked in touching distance it floored me to see this, the flowers bloomed every few minutes making the scene more fantasy, but now this was my reality.

"Two sun's and two moons." Ava smiled helping me from my stupor. She continued, "Antar looks like a lush paradise by Earth standards during the day, but at night, virtually all life on the moon exhibits bioluminescent qualities in various shades of blue, purple and green. The forests are full of bioluminescent life that glows in shades of blue, green, indigo and violet during the night. Most animals here are nothing you have ever seen; six legged unlike Earth's four legged."

My excitement grew as we started the long walk up the gleaming stone steps, only half way do a set of four guards halt our progress. "State you reasons."

I spoke, "I am Faye, we are looking for King Zandar."

They whispered amongst themselves before one spoke not the leader because his voice shook. "You are Princess Faye of the Northern Iced Isle, first of Earth and her name, cousin of Queen Liz." the hell was going on.

Another spoke, "Lord Rath spoke of you many time's, your hologram has been issued incase you returned. We will bring you into the warmth of the castle, give you proper clothes and food while we contact not only our beloved King but his second Lord Rath." my eyes flicker to Rath who had his hoodie pulled over his head covering his face, Ava was smiling like not being Queen was nothing to her and maybe it wasn't.

It was everything once inside, it was right out of my favorite books the ceiling was high the stained glass seemed to glow and move while remaining still. Ava and I in a room together with two ladies who bore clothes and food, Rath was in a separate room doing god knows what.

The first girl bore a filled platter, "It will take one annul for their arrival, so we must be in haste."

I gave a look to Ava who giggled, "One hour, we have faster mean's of travel."

"You don't care about not being Queen?"

With a long sigh she speaks again, "On Earth only did I love Zan, my Zan. Antar was always different. He was never mine and I was never his, I was in love with Malore she was a radiant as the two suns combined."

Now was my turn to finally smile, the other girl was insistent I dress in the gown in her arms. The dress started at a pale yellow at my neck and moved through shades of pink and orange until at the hem at my ankles, where it reached lilac. The dress was gathered up at the waist with clasps made of tassels and pearl. This was then draped over my arms, where it was hemmed with a wide ribbon. The dress was held up by five layered pieces of metal resembling shells, with the top one reaching part way around my neck, tied off with a piece of ribbon. Similar pieces of metal adorned my upper arms. When wearing this, my hair resembled a conch shell, held in place by headbands inset by pearls.

Why did I let this girl man handle me into this dress and hair style?

Ava was in a pastel pink, off-the-shoulder dress with a bodice decorated by crisscross diamond shapes, decorated along the bottom hem with intricate needlework capped by a full tassel. Her loose sleeves were made of a sheer material, with an intricate tassel dangling off the ends with pearls decorating the upper part. Her skirt was pleated and brushed the floor, with a feathery, fan-like trail reached the floor behind her. Her hair was tied into two buns on each side of her head, done in a half-crescent, and held in place with a delicate, purple headpiece. She wore a diadem decorated with pearls.

The food was not something normal, but it was amazing. The meat was more flavorful than any meat on Earth. The cheese was so smooth and creamy but firm with the perfect flavor, the round things I took as crackers are seasoned well but bland enough to let the flavors of the meat and cheese show. Fruit was vibrate in color and flavor, something called Navi tasted like the world best strawberry.

My heart leapt into my throat when a very realistic Hologram filled the room, it was Larek. "Bring them to the throne room for they will arrive very soon, welcome home Lady Ava. Welcome Princess Faye of the Iced Isles, we have waited for you and will rejoice." then it was gone. The technology here is so advanced, Alex must be in Heaven.

Ava and I are joined by Rath who looked very nice seems Michael alerted the five worlds of his twin brother since none looked flabbergasted. The hall's are again out of a fantasy novel, when we three entered the throne room it was massive in length and size, the ceiling had beams in the color of pale pink intertwining like vines the arch and make this more unreal for me. The walls a shade of white but opal at the same time, pictures are set on the wall's and doubt right now was the time to go look at them. Set's of marbled thrones are at the far end of the room it looked to be nine thrones, four are slightly smaller than the other four. I was lead to a polished black and white marbled throne where I was seated, Rath took one behind me while Ava was one away.

"This is very odd." my low whisper made them both smile but keep their eyes forward, maybe it was just me.

The double doors started to open and everyone bowed but my heart stopped seeing Liz walking in with such grace. When her eyes locked with mine she bolted to me and with just the same enthusiasm my legs pumped heading to her as most clapped at this family reunion. Her arms wrapped around me as she let a slight sob out, all I could do was hug her she looked stunning her hair was thicker and longer, her skin had a slight glitter sheen to it now, her eyes swirling with various tones of brown.

"Hey, enough crying. I am fine and home now." smiling as Alex joined the hug his deeper voice rang out. "Finally you are, we missed you."

"Missed you two as well."

Isobel smiled giving me a gentle hug, she was more stunning than before, Earth boys would kill for her before now they would try and take over the world for her. Zan was next, he chuckled when I spoke, "Not bowing."

"A Princess never bows to me, thank you for everything."

Michael smiled placing a kiss to my head, "You are stunning, maybe you don't see the change you have gone through since you arrived. Your hair is also longer and thick, your skin has a shimmering glow and those witches eyes now are more vibrate and glow. Your body has reached new heights." his warm hand encased mine as we all took our thrones, Rath and Michael looked at the other a mirror image other than the lip ring.

"Brother." was echoed by their voices.

Larek spoke loud as the room was filled with a few blue orbs floating around. "King Zandar speaks."

"We rejoice as Lady Ava has returned, along with Lord Xath twin brother of Lord Rath they have brought your new Princess. Princess Faye of Earth, Princess of the iced Isles, we welcome them." a tiara was placed on my head the stones pale and glowing as loud roars filled the room, always wanted to be a Princess deep down.

"My sister, my family." Liz spoke taking my hand as we sat together in our seats. The cheering became louder, enthusiastic. Vibrating the thrones in which we sat.