(Author's Note: kinda got tired of waiting for an anthro Balto story, so i made one myself. and it will be the same concept as my anthro loves except that it's Balto characters instead of pokemon, there will be a couple of OCs, and only a few male characters will be gender swapped to female such as: Balto, Kodi, and Steele. but anyways, on with the story and if you don't like it, don't read it.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Balto.

Joey's P.O.V: my parents are gone since they died of old age, everyone's number comes up eventually as I have been told and I have retired from my job and my former boss that is one of my best friends told me that they will pay for my bills since I will be getting only food and won't be able to take care of myself. I have been watching a lot of Balto lately which was based on a true story, I thought it'd be nice to see them in my own time which is the winter time of 2017, I read a few Balto stories about what if Steele, Kodi, and Balto were female and all of the females were anthros as well. but I just chuckled saying: "if only that were to happen to me, but I doubt it will." before I went to sleep and little did I know that what I said: would come true, I woke up at 2am in the morning to see the anthro balto characters that I knew off the top of my head and one new character. but their breast size was a HHH-Cup and their breasts were producing milk, especially Aniu: who cuddled me up in her soft white fur that felt as soft as silk. she seemed the most interested in me when she got up in the bed with me and put my head on her soft breasts before I feel asleep, the others got in the bed with me and Aniu who is the most protective of me. morning came and I went to work on my old room right across from my new one so that the girls had a place to sleep, after night came my room was sweet smelling and I saw Aniu standing in front of me wagging her tail, madly blushing, and panting heavily which meant only one thing: heat. and I asked her: "are you sure that you want me Aniu? there's no turning back if you do." but she nodded, and I was pretty sure that she and the other girls can't get pregnant by me but I was not going rule it out. but after that, she couldn't wait any longer.

Lemon Begin

Aniu slowly walked over to me and got me and undressed me and then she got on her hands and knees before lifting up her tail revealing her soaking wet pussy, I gave her the warning that it's painful for her first time but she nodded, and motioned me to enter which I did and she yelped which caused me to stop, but she nodded for me to continue, after thrusting for a few minutes: I entered and began to thrust in her womb before I cummed. I then pulled out of Aniu's pussy and she rolled over on to her back revealing her milk filled breasts to me and she pulled me down to them before I began to suck on her breasts, I began sucking on her left breast and drink her breast milk which squirted inside my mouth at first and she nuzzled me and after a few minutes I switched over to and started to suck on her right breast which caused Aniu to howl in pleasure before I let her right breast go.

Lemon End

I got dressed back in my clothes and Aniu got back on my bed and stared at me lovingly and deeply, I hoped that she wouldn't leave me because I couldn't lose any more family that's for sure. and I told Aniu: "I've lost my family, I can't lose anyone else." and she shook her head as if saying: "you won't lose the girls, least of all me." and I hugged her deeply before I fell asleep in her fur, and my head on her breasts.

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