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Joey's P.O.V: I woke up on Aleu's large milk filled breasts and she nuzzled me which made me happy, however I noticed that she is quite possessive as when I got close to Aniu: she yanked me back, put my head on her milk filled breasts, and snarled at Aniu. I asked her to calm down as I love all of them equally so she let me go, and I walked into what used to be my grandparent's room to find Jenna sitting on the bed pumping out her milk from her oversized and even more overly sensitive XXX-Cup breasts and she wagged her tail gently when she saw me, she then got up off the bed and walked over to me and pulled my head to her breasts. Jenna was the most womanly anthro other than Aleu and she blushed as I hugged her back, she knew that it was hard to live without a family so the anthros became my new one. I took a nap and Jenna held me against her soft fur, and she put my head on her soft milk filled breasts which felt like pillows. she let me breast feed if I wanted, I then told her: "your fur is so warm, and your breasts are so soft Jenna." which caused her to wag her tail and blush before nuzzling me and falling asleep with me. after a few hours: Jenna woke up and saw me on her chest listening to her heart beat, and she saw that the ceiling light was on so she got up and turned it off and the TV on before she put my head against her breasts and put her nipples in my mouth before squeezing them to get some of her breast milk in me and once that happened: she rubbed my throat and I began sucking on her breasts and drinking her milk before she went back to sleep as it was only 9:00am. while we were sleeping: Aleu came in the room and snuggled up to my back and pulled a blanket over the 3 of us and Jenna woke up temporarily and saw Aleu with us before she went back to sleep, I woke up sucking on Jenna's breasts and drinking her milk before I let go of her breasts and fell asleep on her chest while listening to her heart beat again. when dinner came we then woke up and ate some meatloaf which Jenna made, I sat between Jenna and Aleu which made both females put their milk filled breasts against my head though Aleu was more dominant than any of the girls period. I then entered my room to find it sweet smelling with Jenna sitting on my bed wagging her tail, I knew that she was in heat so I knew what she wanted.

Lemon Begin

I got undressed and Jenna slowly walked up to me before getting on her hands and knees, I then entered her pussy causing Jenna to moan in pure pleasure. I began thrusting in her pussy for a few minutes before I entered into her womb, then I began thrusting in her womb for a few more minutes before we both had cummed together though I had cummed first. Jenna then pulled my head down to her breasts for me to start breast feeding. I began sucking on her left breast for a few minutes which made her milk gush into my mouth and down my throat and into my stomach before I switched off of her left breast and onto her right breast and drink more of Jenna's breast milk for a few more minutes before I let go of her.

Lemon End

I got dressed back into my underwear and snuggled up to Jenna before I fell asleep with her, she put her arms and tail around me before pulling a comforter over us and put my head on her massive breasts before she too fell asleep.

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