Banjo and Kazooie just got back from a long adventure, the bear and bird duo being quite exhausted as Banjo had his yellow shorts stuffed with blonde musical notes, while Kazooie stashed the golden jigsaw pieces in the blue backpack, the two walking through the populated Jinjo village as the Jinjos were calling out to them as thanks.

"Well that was another grand journey, wouldn't you say?" Banjo commented as he was in such a good mood that he pulled out his banjo instrument and began playing it.

"I'll say. Nothing beats beating up some bosses and getting all this stuff to go along with it!" Kazooie exclaimed as she attempted to pull out her kazoo, but eventually forgot about it due to it being crammed within the sea of jiggies inside the pack. "What I wouldn't do to have some relaxation after all that pecking!"

Things seemed to be good for them upon leaving the village of Jinjos. However, once they entered the massive cave and exited through the other side into their Spiral Mountain home... they were greeted with different colored, oddly shaped birds attacking green pigs, which proved to be an even more confusing site than the norm that they were used to.

"What the...?" Banjo and Kazooie said in unison as they were suddenly pushed into a catapult by some angry birds, chucking the duo into stacks carrying the green pigs as they went crashing through, causing them all to fall into the grassy ground and moat surrounding the actual Spiral Mountain.