"Banjo, what are we going to do with these birds and pigs?" Kazooie asked as she and Banjo had to dodge all of the action going on between the angry birds and green pigs that was taking over the Spiral Mountain and leaving it in quite a mess. "They're running this place more than we did!"

"I don't know Kazooie," Banjo said as he activated the invulnerability provided by Kazooie's golden feathers as they headed straight home, "But maybe we can call our friends to solve this issue!"

"Are you kidding me?" Kazooie gawked as she shook her feathery head. "There's no way jumbo brains or Bottles are going to want to get involved in this! I think we could try with just ourselves!"

Banjo rubbed his chin as he managed to reach his home, quickly opening the yellow door just as a munch of birds slammed into the blue exterior of his house, going in and sealing up the windows so that they didn't break in, with Kazooie helping out as well.

"We're not gonna have a choice," Banjo said as he looked around for a nearby phone, sighing as he closed his eyes while tapping his bear feet. "Come on, pick up..."