First time writing so be prepared for so many grammar and spelling errors (note I'm assuming people in the dragon ball world speaks in english here as there are english words in dbz)

Waking up to an old man who I don't recognize sitting beside me in a room that looks kind of old ,then suddenly he woke and said Goku are you all right and I just nodded,then some time pass as I am being fed and put back to rest in which I notice I have a tail I try to control it and my other limbs so I can gain better control of them and after doing so I started freaking out as to why I'm here in freaking anime world ,then I staterd thinking up random theories on why I am here and how, but before that I should try and check if this is real.

"ouch "!

I pinched myself to make sure that this was real and safe ,then I felt depress that I won't be able to read and watch the new materials of Dragon Ball and other Literature from my old world,but there is an upside I get to live in the Dragon Ball world the downside I get live in the freakin Dragon Ball world where people can casually blow planets and galaxies with ease.

Now I need to start training properly or else I'll be dead I'll start training tomorrow as I need to rest for today and regain my strength.

The next day I began practicing crawling and other basic movements in my weird baby saiyan body and by using the toys that Grampa Gohan gave as weird tools to train with I continued my routine til I yelled for breakfast, then after eating I resume my training which looks like a baby playing or practicing to stand and crawl til I was hungry for lunch.

After Lunch I notice I'm getting used to my new body ,so after taking a needed nap I suddenly woke up hungry for dinner. After Dinner was done Grampa Gohan tucked me into bed in which I try to begin meditating to try and discover and control my Ki which I failed as I fell asleep.

The next morning I repeated what I did yesterday with the exception of me getting closer to discovering my ki.

I still havent gotten it, yet which I was a bit fustrated ,but I push on and repeated the training, then suddenly before I knew it a week has pass by me just doing this routine for a week,then before the week was over I finally got control of my ki, thankfully Grampa Gohan was sleeping when I did.

The next day I began adding ki control base exercises, but only doing them when Grampa Gohan was away doing errands like getting food and baby clothes or materials to make clothes which he does a lot of.

The week came and went and I finally cracked the secret of flight and I was also able to crack the muscle movements so I can begin crawling to try and start the art of walking,then I remembered that as a saiyan I can transform into a giant great ape when I see the moon, so I began my mental training of gaining control by lucid dreaming as I believe that the state of the great ape transformation puts the mind into a state similar to sleeping ,so if I can master that ,then I can master the great ape transformation.

The weeks of me training when I sleep has begun and those weeks I was only able to gain control of my dreams only about 10 percent of the time,but I was not just focusing on training my mind. I also gain ability to run like a toddler the tail really helps keep one's balance,then it suddenly hit me that the tail of a saiyan was also a weak point that people can use against me so I needed to begin that training as well by playing with my tail as often as I could so I can make it less sensitive as soon as possible.

A month has pass and luckily I havent look at the moon to cause me to transform yet ,but my success to getting control of my dreams is only about 25% successful, so I guess base on this rate I'll get the hang of lucid dreaming by a month or so.

My level of ki control has been getting better and better and that the control of my tail and body has gotten better too now I can run around and climb trees like a monkey which gave Grampa Gohan a huge headache looking out for me,but seeing me doing that he felt happy to the point he plays tag with me.

I have gotten stronger,but not strong enough to tag along with him to get food so I began my training to get stronger and to start focusing on getting rid of my weakness which was when a person grabs my tail I becone super weak.

The months pass and I have gotten strong enough that Grampa Gohan has saw it fit for me to tag along with him to get some training in and as for my tail training it is almost complete and my control of lucid dreaming has a 50% chance of getting control.

The next following months I began joining Grampa Gohan at catching food to which it was fun ,but gross mostly cause I needed to know how to clean and prepare what we caught which were medium to large sizes of fish and mammals that look like weird animals from the ice age and others thing that look so weird that I can't even describe them. Thankfully when it's time to cooked it tasted good with that added to my routine which cause me to become stronger. I am now strong enough that Grampa Gohan has decided to train me in martail arts by sparring with me.

4 months of hellish training in my baby body later

I have finally mastered lucid dreaming now I can finally risk transforming.

Now cause of training with Grampa Gohan my power has grown a lot but I'm still no where close to Grampa Gohan's power.

Later that day the full moon was available.

The full moon was out so I will sneaking out when gohan is asleep,then I got naked and fly as far and as fast as I can without causing Grampa Gohan to wake up.I found a spot that was far enough.

I looked up,then I transform the feelings and sensations were extremely painful and exciting as my size and power grow and grow til my form exceeds the size that of a mountain.

The great ape began trashing and firing beams of energy all around non-stop,then suddenly the ape looked in it's hands and began calming down, then suddenly it roared.


I achieve what I desired which was gaining the ability to control my transformed state as a great ape,but sadly it took me too long as the mountains and trees were scared with my transformation's rampage, so now I need to start meditating in this form till the sun comes up or when the moon no longer shows itself.

The moon finally is no longer in view.

The transformation back to my base form is the same as to when I transform as a great painful,but instead of excitement I felt a calming sensation as the beast no longer controls me.

I immediately flew back to where I placed my clothes and hit the bed so I can get some amount of sleep.

The activity of sneaking out every full moon is now added to my routine to help me gain better control of the transformation, thankfully Grandpa Gohan is a heavy sleeper if not I would've been found out by him.

The first year after getting the new routine has shown me great power and control of my ki since the constant monthly gaining and losing my power as great ape helps my body began adapting to the power.

Now cause of that my spars with Grandpa Gohan began slowly shifting to my favor,but his experience and knowledge of different techniques keeps me from beating him.

The weeks and months followed with me and Grandpa Gohan sparring resting. teh fights between us are getting closer and closer to my favor,but still my lack truly understanding ki still keeps me from beating Grandpa Gohan.

The years follwed with me and Grandpa Gohan fighting again and again non-stop , til one fight.

"Grandpa Gohan ready to be taken down"Goku

"Hm,is that a way to talk to your Grandpa, Goku" Grandpa Gohan

"No,sorry Grandpa,but either way im going to show you I have improved compared to before"Goku

"Really now,so come at me Boy"Grandpa Gohan

"Gladly Grandpa"Goku

Goku launch a punch at Grandpa Gohan,with Gohan diverting the punch with his palm. so now with his attack being diverted Goku launch a nee kick to Grandpa Gohan, but Grandpa Gohand jump back before it connected. Grandpa Gohan then stood still and shouted

"Goku, I think its finally time for me t9 show you my Master's most powerful technique the Kamehameha wave,so better watch closely"Grandpa Gohan

"Ok,but I'll show you i can take"Goku

Grandpa Gohan began charging his attack

"KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAAA!"Grandpa Gohan shouted

Grandpa Gohan launched his attack,but Goku instead of dodging like a normal person he chose to blocked the attacked with his hands.

"OUCH!, I didn't think that would hurt that much"Goku

"My boy ,amazing you blocked the the attack,but it does not mean I'm done here so better get ready for round 2"Grandpa Gohan

Grandpa Gohan launched anothe Kamehameha wave , but this time he chose not to charge as long as his previous one so it's power was weaker,but its speed and frequency of the attack increase. Goku began blocking and finally dodging the waves and blasts.

Goku decided its time to finish the fight by running as fast as he can to get an upper hand in this fight.

Goku ran around , while Grandpa Gohan keeps firing wave after wave of Kamehamehas til he felt a little bit tired,but sadly for him Goku noticed it and attacked with flying kick hitting Grandpa Gohan off the make-shift ring.

"I finally won against you Grandpa"Goku said tiredly

"Yes,my boy so its time for me to past down this technique to you"Grandpa Gohan

"Thank you Grandpa"Goku

Grandpa Gohan began teaching Goku how to charge and properly find his ki and charge to perfom the attack.

Now knowing the proper methods of using my ki I began adding them with what I do as form of added training.

The months pass and my control of the Kamehameha has even surpass taht of Grampa Gohan which shock him on how much I have grown in power in such a small amount of time. The sparring matches continued and I have been winning them most of them now,but Grampa Gohan still wins with his greater fighting intinct and experience,but my saiyan blood wouldn't allow me to lose to the old man.

The next year pass and my power began to surpass Grampa Gohan's causing him to start training more furiously with me causing my own training to become even harsher compared to before.

The training mostly conatins me sparring with Grandpa gohan before breakfasts or lunch to show how far I can push my body on an empty stomach causing me to be a bit reckless giving Grandpa Gohan plenty of opportunities to grab my tail causing me to stop mid spar by shocking me that my training of my tail is still not done.

The follwing years my power and control over my body increase drastically to the point I've been beating Grandpa Goahn in all of our training matches. My weakness can no longer be exploited by Grandpa Gohan as those where one of the reasons as to why he kept beating me before.

The day that Grandpa Gohan died. The full moon was out,so I did what I normally do and transform and launch ki blast again and again from my mouth and hands to show my control fo the form,but sadly before I could notice Grandpa Gohan was hit by my attack,but I didn't noticed til the sun rose and the moon set,but when I did cried.

I saw the burned body of Grandpa Gohan looking distress as if he was looking for something even I can see it beyong his burned face. I then realize he was lookong for me. Maybe i should have told him one what I can do and what I can become ,then maybe this would not have happened.

The months pass and I returned back to my normal self again,maybe its the saiyan blood that keeps me from feeling sad for long or something that knew all a long I didn't really care for Grandpa Gohan as I should ,but either way I need to go back to training to gain more strength.

The next day while i was training i heard a car coming closer.


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