Last time

Goku and the Saiyans train their hardest with Vegeta himself ascending,but sadly for him his body can't take the power and now young Krillin seeks power to prove himself

Krillin is flying as fast as he can to Master Roshi.

Krillin found Master Roshi's house.

"Master Roshi, I come here to train more from you"Krillin

"Hm,what don't you see I have some reading to do,and don't you have Goku to help train you"Master Roshi

"Yeah,but i wont get syrong without his help and i heard Goku talked about y9u having a form that helps boost your battle power and I want to learn it"Krillin

"hm,but still didn't Goku teach you a technique called Kaio-something"Master Roshi

"True,but I wonder if your technique can be combine with the kaioken to help boost my power, so please Master Roshi teach me "Krillin

"hm,okay ,but you must bring me a girl here ever since Launch left I have lost some eye candy"Master Roshi

"Sure, I'll ask if Maron wants to train here with me"Krillin

The next following days.

"Daddy why are you leaving again"Gohan/Gine ask tearfully

"I need to train hard to make sure you guys are safe and the place I'm going can let me train really hard with the smallest amount of time,but don't worry once I gain a certain level of power,then we can play and train all we want"Goku

"But why can't we go with you"Gohan/Gine

"Simple this training area has strict requirements that you guys don't have just yet ,but in the future you guys will,and now make sure you take care of mommy for me"Goku

"we will, daddy pls get strong soon so we can play"Gohan/Gine

Goku looks at Chichi and waves,since the tension is still to fresh on her mind unlike Goku's ,since he has been using the time chamber non-stop.

Goku, the Saiyans and Jr fly off to the Lookout.

at the Lookout

"so are you guys ready for the next round of training"Goku

"Yeah,so lets go already"Vegeta

everyone goes into the chamber

Kami and Jr begins sparring immediately.

The Saiyans ganged up against Goku to see more power from the Saiyan.

"Hm,so you want to see more I'll show you"Goku

Goku transforms into a supersaiyan 2.

"what, Kakarot show us the form you used on the namekians when they fused"Vegeta

"Ah, I haven't gotten enough training to properly used that form yet"Goku

"hm, really Kakarot,since you helped me ascend,so I will show you that power Kakarot"Vegeta

Vegeta transforms into a supersaiyan 2,but his control of the form is still on basics ,so he is unable to control the waves of energy it creates which blows away the other weaker Saiyans.

"Now Kakarot feel my power"Vegeta

Vegeta lunges an attack at Goku,but Goku easily blocks the attack and tosses Vegeta away.

"Kakarot I'm just getting started"Vegeta

Vegeta launches a barrage of ki attacks. Goku easily blocks and neutralize the attacks.

"what,how are you even doing this Kakarot"Vegeta

"I'm just stronger then you Vegeta"Goku

Goku comes close and knocks Vegeta out.

"Nappa,Raditz you guys should spar with each as supersaiyan as long as possible,while that I'll do my on training"Goku

Outside near Kame House

"Hm,you're doing okay Krillin,but don't push yourself too hard ,since I don't have up to state Regen tech Goku has"Master Roshi

"Sure,Master Roshi,but I feel that I'm close to getting it"Krillin

Back in the chamber

"Boss,is there a way for me to grow stronger and faster then just fusing with Kami"Jr

"um, I don't think there is ,since I don't know if you're race has a transformation similar to supersaiyan that can give a boost of power to the user or you can simply try to over use Kaioken again and again to increase your level in it and just use one of the healing tanks we brought in,like what Vegeta is doing right now"Goku

"Thank you boost,but do you want me and Kami to fuse to spare with you in the long-haired form of yours or no"Jr

"no need, base on both you and Kami's power if you guys fuse again I might not be a match and plus you guys need to grow stronger individually"Goku

"thank you boss and I'll return back to my training"Jr

'Now it's time to see if I can tap back into supersaiyan 3"Goku

Goku starts meditating to sense the power deep inside himself waiting to be unleash,but sadly he can't bring out the form currently on control alone.

"huh,by the looks of it I actually need to force myself again into the form,this way harder to do then trying to be supersaiyan 1 and 2,since by now I would have gotten used to the form"Goku

Goku takes a deep breath, transforms to supersaiyan 2 and pushes his ki to his max power and beyond, which causes him to transform to supersaiyan 3.

"Huh,that's tiring but it seems I can get into the form at least now,but still me requiring to prepare to transform really shows how hard to master supersaiyan 3 is I might actually be force to completely focus on training myself on using the form for the time I'm in the chamber."Goku

Kami and the others looked at the direction where Goku transformed to gaze and feel the power of Supersaiyan 3.

"Damn you Kakarot I'll surpass you and everyone else here fuse or not"Vegeta

Vegeta and the others resume their training.

Nappa is getting used to supersaiyan,but he is still lagging behind the other saiyans.

The namekians are getting better at pushing kaioken to 30 times with Jr pushing to 40 times,but only in quick burst.

Jr is just finishing his spar with Kami in using kaioken 30 times as long as possible when he sense one of the Saiyans power as a supersaiyan is close to his own when he uses kaioken.

Jr walks towards the Saiyans

"Nappa,I wished to fight you"Jr

"Look Raditz one of the nameks sees he thinks he is worthy of a challenge for a saiyan"Nappa

"Doesn't matter just give him the fight and return back here after the fight Nappa"Raditz

"so let's start this namek"Nappa

Nappa lunges one of his attacks ,but Jr is way more nimble compared to Nappa so he dodge and counter with a throw mouth blast combo.

"hahaha,it seems you more of a challenge then I thought namek"Nappa

Nappa starts firing ki blast at Jr with Jr dodging each of the blast with him coming closer and closer to Nappa

Nappa sees that Jr is coming closer so he starts increasing the rate of firing. Jr starts pushing his kaioken to 40 to match it.

Nappa sense the ki coming from the namek has increase ,so now he is preparing to counter when the namek comes close to him while he is still sending ki blast after ki blast.

'huh the Saiyans is proving to be harder to beat then anticipated,but even so my power is only a few degrees lower then his own power, so with my techniques I can overcome the gap in power' Jr

Jr and Nappa both clashed with their fist.

"Namek it seems you're stronger then I thought,so it's time for me to show you my true power"Nappa

Nappa pushes the supersaiyan power to grade 2 increasing his power tremendously.

'What, I thought I can handle the saiyan's power as a super Saiyan with my Kaioken,but it looks like it isn't enough,then I'll just push my Kaioken even higher then before'Jr

"Kaioken times 50!"Jr

"so now you're talking namek, let's do this"Nappa

Jr and Nappa both clashed again holding each other's hands trying overwhelmed the other by sheer power.

Kami while meditating sense the clash of power between Jr and Nappa.

"amazing,Jr is going toe to toe with a supersaiyan without needing to fuse by the looks of it I need to increase my power and control even higher then before to match him"Kami

"Hmph,Nappa stop playing and just finish this already"Raditz

"huh,by the looks of it Namek , I need to finish this quick and by the looks of it you're tiring yourself out by keeping up with a supersaiyan,so take a rest"Nappa

Nappa powers up to supersaiyan grade 3 right when Jr lunges himself for another attack after the taunt Nappa gave,then Nappa's supersaiyan grade 3 fist connects with Jr knocking out the super namekian.

"That's fun hope you can keep getting even stronger Namek"Nappa

Nappa carries Jr to the healing tanks for him to heal ,then meets up with Raditz to continue their training.

"hm Jr is getting stronger ,maybe it's time to bring the nameks and everyone to Guru's to see if the boost of power given to them will make them stronger,but then again their pride as warriors won't take it,so I should better focus on making supersaiyan 3 more useful,then I will be able to truly surpass the original Goku as he didn't even do that in canon"Goku

Out in space

"King Cold what would happen if the thing that cause Lord Freeza to disappear happens to Lord Cooler as well"Random soldier

"hmm,that's a good point so tell how long til cooler reaches Earth and how long it will take us to reach Earth"King Cold

"it seems that both you my grace and Lord Cooler are of similar distance from Earth as it will take a year or so to reach the planet"Random soldier

"hm, perfect send Cooler a message that I, King Cold will accompany him to see the thing that cause Freeza to disappear and to see with my own if my other son is worthy for my throne"King Cold

"yes sir"Random soldier

Out with Cooler

"My Lord your father send a message do you want to play it"Salza


message plays

"so it seems my father is coming with me to face whatever killed my brother,no matter I'll just show father who is true power in the universe"Cooler

"yes sir"soldiers

back on Earth

"Mommy are you and Daddy okay"Gine/Gohan

"Yes,why my babies"Chichi

"cause we haven't see you daddy talk much anymore"Gohan/Gine

"oh, we're just having a tiny disagreement right now,but don't worry once he comes back he and I will talk it out"Chichi

"Okay good night mommy"Gohan/Gine

"Good night my babies"Chichi

Chichi leaves their room and goes to the phone to call Bulma if she wants to talk/drink


I really wanted to write more about Krillin training,but to do that I need to do months worth of time skips which mean I would either have to skim the drama I created a year ago or write his training later on another Chapter.