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We lay on my sofa after all our 'fun activities'; the bed had been freshly made again with new clean sheets and after a cleansing shower, I had clean panties on and a new bed shirt… Raph had protested at any clothes- so pants were out of the equation. I had bargained a top and underwear, and he seemed happy with that as long as he could still see my cleavage and ass shape.

I lay on his chest as he lay softly underneath me; looking up at me adoringly as I drew circles on his plastron. The only noise was that of my little washer and dryer, which was still drying our clothes and washing my bed sheets, and the heavy rain pour from outside.

I sighed as I looked to him deeply.

He grinned up at me and would kiss my lips, my cheek or my face every few minutes.

"So…what are we now?" I pressed lightly as he grinned as me and kissed my temple for the longest time- breathing in my scent.

"yer mine an' I'm yours- end of" he said with a little grin. I smiled back at him and captured his lips with mine lovingly.

"Better cancel that date then" I mumbled out with a smirk. Raph growled to me; his face shifted into an annoyed wisp. I muffled down my smile.

His fingers travelled up and down my thigh which was hitched up his side.

"A wouldna let ya go…even if dis didn't 'appen" he told me honestly and softly as I turned to look at him. I rested my chin down on his plastron as I looked up to his face; his bright amber-green eyes shone down to me in the soft glowing of the candle lit-room.

"How would you have stopped me?" I asked gently. He shrugged.

"Probably gone wid ya an' beat da guy up…or locked ya in 'ere" he said with a small chuckle.

"You're laughing, but you're really serious aren't you?" I pressed raising my eyebrow. He leaned down to kiss my nose and grinned.

"Course I am doll"

I rolled my eyes at him, but my insides glowed- I was filled with a warmth as I lay looking at him- everything all out in the open, everything finally discussed…but I did have a few burning questions left.

I bit my lip.

"What ya need ta ask?" he pressed softly. I looked up at him in shock.

"Ya do dat when ya curious" he told me as I giggled out.

"Stalker" I accused with a smile.

He smirked.

"dis time tho…if a say somethin' an it makes ya sad or upset- ya need ta tell me, ya my girl…I'll be honest, but a need you to be too"

I swooned at him as I leant forward to kiss him hard. He smiled against my mouth as I pulled back, unable to stop my own grin.

"Okay" I whispered.

"Alright- shoot" he told me as I sighed.

"Well…first thing is kinda obvious…you seem to know what you were doing back there…" I told him loosely. He sighed a little in a short frustrated tone.

"Thought ya might be curious bout dat" he muttered. "Well part of it's porn- I seen my fare share- videos an' shit…research an' stuff…a kinda know what bits ta go for" His answer made me giggle.

"You certainly do"

In return he smiled at me. He shuffled us a little bit, sitting further up to lean on my sofa's arm- giving him a better viewing angle of me as I snuggled closer up on him too.

"I take it that goes for all four of you?" I asked he nodded.

"Yeah…Mike's da worst for it…kinda shit when ya have ta share a room wid 'im an 'e thinks ya sleepin'" he grimaced as I muffled a laugh again.

"Now I get why you didn't want me sleeping on his bed" I laughed.

"A think 'e knows 'ow a feel for ya…'e wouldn't a done nothin' …its more a primal thing fer me-ya bein' round them…I need to get used ta it"

I nodded to him understandingly.

"But the otha part of it…why a wasn't nervous or anything…" he clicked his teeth together and groaned nervously. I put a hand on his cheek and rubbed his face gently.

"What is it?" I pressed.

I had to push this and Raph knew this; I could tell from the look in his eyes, the reluctance, the worry. He swallowed. But things needed to be said- the air needed to clear.

"If am honest wid ya; promise me ya won't judge" he said as my soft eyes met his, vowing to him instantly with a nod.

He rubbed his face down. He shook his head and pulled on his bandana tails.

"We might not have 'ad girls around…but dat don't mean we ain't seen em before...or ain't eva…been wid one" he added slowly as I carefully evaluated every word he said to me.

He sighed out a huge huff as he looked down and back up to me, he paced a little.

"Y-you mean-" The words caught in my throat tight as he gritted his teeth. His eyes met mine for a second again, the green in his amber orbs seemed brighter now.

He sighed and swallowed.

"Sometimes we go up on 'alloween, we kept to tha shadows but…not as strict- Me an' Mike like ta hang out some of da club gates, dey have fancy dress parties, we jus' stay in tha dark tho..." he added his eyes prying on me to try and work it all out.

I stayed still, taking in this new information as he relayed it to me evenly; nervously.

"Sometimes girls get drunk an'…dey would come ova"

My eyebrows lifted in surprise.

"Oh" was all I could get out.

I understood immediately; and I was bombarded with images in my brain of him entangled with some drunk girl- she was blonde and pretty and in some kind of sexy costume that made my skin crawl and my blood boil.

I paled a little. He noticed and began stammering.

"Y-You gotta rememba- W-we don't get ta speak ta new girls any otha time of tha year a-and when dey start talkin' to ya and flirtin' wid ya and they jus offer them selves up so easy den-" he rambled out, his face now panicked.

My hands found his biceps instantly as he nervously spouted out to me.

"I-I mean we don't jus take em either if dat's what ya thinkin'-dey always start anythin' if dey wanna! dey-"

My lips found his in a second, just a small supple kiss to settle him.

I understood, of course I did- how could I not?

He seemed to quiet, but his face stayed alarmed.

"I get it; I understand completely, I do" I told him, my eyes now locked on his. Nodding under his gaze securely. He seemed to latch on in an instant as I kept nodding, not sure why or how. Hurt spilled into my mind over the idea of him with some beautiful blonde skinny woman…

But I pushed it down, I still had more questions to ask.

"How many?" I muttered biting my lip again, cursing that the words had flown out of my mouth.

He looked up and swallowed.

"Jus' two..." he said evenly as I nodded again.

"And did erm…did you check after…you know in case…jus' in case of any transmitted-"

"Yeah…spoke ta Donnie bout it…'e tests us" he said smoothly. I kept nodding, finding it the easiest action to do.

"So its just you and Mikey?" I asked a little softer. He sighed and looked to my face gently.

"Donnie's more a online guy…an' none of us are exactly sure what Leo is…'e- jus seems ta cope betta" he shrugged.

I nodded thinking it over.

"Everyone's different" I commented.

"How dya feel bout it?" he asked gritting his teeth. "About my side of it?"

I twitched my lips to the side; jealousy surged through me, but it was his past- I had one, everyone has one. And for all I knew none of what had just happened with us would have happened if he didn't have that experience.

"I'm really jealous…the idea of you with another woman is hard for me…" I told him honestly. He nodded his eyes filled with encouragement as he kept a hold on me, softly rubbing my thigh in comfort.

"Trust me doll, it ain't like ya t'ink- I didn't even care…didn't even know their name…one didn't even speak ta me dat much…jus' seen me…it was just…a need…an' trust me it was shit"

I looked down and tried to hide my amused smirk.

"Wow Raph- What a player" I mumbled out

He shrugged, smirking.

"it was few years back- a was young"

I giggled and settled into him, a soft relaxed expression on my face.

"So…you're not… thinking… of going this year are you?" I asked nervously. My heart wobbling in my chest. Raph looked down and smirked to me reassuringly.

"Not a fuckin' chance…Ya stuck wid me" he said as I blew out a nervous breath and blushed.

"Good" I leaned down to kiss him again hard as he mumbled a chuckle out from his lips. "I don't like the idea of you with anyone else…"

"Why d'ya think I was gonna lock ya up if ya were goin' on ya date?"

I giggled.

"I just wanted to know about your past, that's all; Its not like we're all so innocent" I blushed as I sighed.

That got Raph's attention. His eyes flew back to watched me and twitched his lips. A silence fell over us in a short minute before Raph spoke again.

"Can I ask you anythin'?" he pressed as I looked to him with wide eyes and nodded slowly.

"Ow many guys…'ow many…urgh have you-" he growled looking up to the ceiling. I smiled at him; but it didn't touch my eyes. I kissed the edge of his chin, bringing his eyes down to my face.

"Two" I answered clearly, feeling the rise in my throat as he kept an unreadable gaze on me. I expected him to answer but he didn't; he waited, obviously wanting an explanation like he had done.

"My first boyfriend was in high school and he was an ass- the second; we dated for a couple of months- it didn't go anywhere…he was more a…booty call than a boyfriend a guess" I shrugged it off.

"ya slept wid 'em?" he asked. I stayed relaxed.

"Yes…that okay?" I asked him with knowing eyes, he tensed below me, his teeth gritted as the idea sprung over him.

"Nope" he cringed as I giggled and kissed him again, pulling the cringing grimace away from his face.

"I'm all yours now big guy- forever right?" I told him as he nodded and opened his eyes back up to see me as I sat a little further back to keep his eyes on me.

"Besides…it was nothing like this…I have never felt like this before" I told him softly. He pressed his beak to my head once again- a click and purr on his tongue.

"So dat it?"

I huffed a laugh out.

"Yeah why?"

"jus' expected more is all"

I looked to him with an amused alarmed expression. He seemed to realise what he had said and his eyes slammed open wide and alarmed.

"I d-don't mean dat a thought ya were a slut or nothin-"

I giggled and shook my head.

"I know, don't worry" I told him.

"I get what ya mean tho…tha idea of you wid anyone else…Leo told me ya might start datin'…an…fuck a was soo mad about it" he muttered. "broke like five dun-bells"

"Leo talked to you about us?" I pressed with a tilt of my head. "And you didn't kill him?" I joked.

"Yeah…'e kinda guessed what was happenin' between us…came ta speak ta me about it"

I nodded looking down.

"He spoke to me too" I said with a small relaxed smile. Raph seemed to drop his calm exterior as a flash of anger crossed his face.

"What 'e say to ya? Was 'e a ass? I'll kill 'em"

I leaned in again to kiss his cheek. He calmed instantly.

"No he wasn't- he was nice…I think he could see how much I loved you…he asked me not to hurt you- I thought it was sweet" I told him with a shrug.

Raph huffed and pouted like a child as I smiled to him, letting him know everything was fine. My hand ran across his cheek and down his neck to his chest again as he watched me lovingly.

I grinned to him softly. He grinned back.

"So we good?" I asked again and he nodded, his arms wrapping around my waist as I pulled my self further up to be inches from his face again.

"Totally doll"

"and I'm yours?…" I breathed to him in a low tone. He nodded, his mouth falling open gently as his eyes became hooded again.

"Yer mine.." he answered quietly.

I leant in breathing onto his lips. "...And you're mine...".

His lips captured mine in a devastatingly beautiful kiss; the passion alive again in the softness of the glowing room. His lips moved softer than before, really feeling my own against his as he dragged his bottom lip up and over mine and across my top lips. I sighed into his mouth as slowly and beautifully, his tongue swept across my lips and down into my mouth as he caressed my tongue slowly. A lengthy moan fell out of him as his hands gripped at my back then moved down to hold and squeeze my ass cheeks.

I sighed happily into his mouth, tilting my head further into him as I cupped his face and rubbed down his shoulders.

Then a crack of lightening and a crash of thunder hit the air making me jump out of my skin as I sat up to look at the sky, only falling as I scurried and landing on the floor with a bump.

My top fell down off my shoulder as I landed.

Raph turned and laughed at me, snickering as I raised an eyebrow at him. He chuckled again and sat up himself.

His eyes caught onto my shoulder where I had scraped it on the floor.

His face turned a little grave. I noticed his look immediately.

"Its fine, I hit it when I fell on the rooftop" I told him, kneeling up in between his legs as he moved my t-shirt out of the way to look closer at it.

His jaw locked.

"Its over- were not thinking about that anymore" I told him strongly with a shake of my head.

"But if a didn't run ya wouldna…if a didn't-" his teeth gritted as they locked back down onto my wrist tightly.

The bruising coming out more now- turning a little darker in places. His face seemed to drop.

I grabbed his chin and kissed him again; harder, forcing his lips to push back onto mine as I pulled back harshly.

"it's over; please- it hurts to think about how I lost you" my whole face cringed in pain "I thought you were never coming back…I-I thought-" my eyes pricked at the memory coming back. His arms were round me in an instant and he nodded.

"Please for me...it hurts me…please" I breathed feeling the pain seeping back in. Raph noticed instantly ad he gripped me tighter.

"Alright…alright- anyth'in ya want- anythin'" he said shaking his head as he pulled me back into his lap.

I curled up on his chest. My head against his heart.

"I love ya so much doll" he breathed as I smiled weakly closing my eyes as I breathed in his scent.

"I love you, stalker…always will"

We stayed quiet- just holding each other, and it wasn't long until my tired spent body was lulling my self off to sleep.

I vaguely felt my body being lifted, and then the softness of my bed and pillows came back to me. I immediately wrapped my arms tight around Raph, who's lips were the last thing I could feel on my head before sleep over took me.

Raph's POV

She wrapped herself around me. Her head buried into my chest as she slept soundly. My eyes raked down her- I couldn't resist.

My bandaged arms held her close and tight. I kissed her forehead multiple times, too afraid to go to sleep in case all of this was a dream. My hands drifted down her sides, stroking her body gently. My fingers brushed against her skin, up to her shoulders and across her collar bone. She was so soft to touch. So fucking precious.

Her mouth fell open in her sleep as she breathed evenly. She nuzzled deeply into my side sighing out as she slept.

I was completely whipped.

I watched her for the longest time, forgetting about anything else and everyone else in the world; just laying there admiring her- loving her.

Then I looked down to her wrist- it was blue and bruising around the join near her thumb. I cringed.

I hated myself so fucking much.

I just remember the heat- the burning and intensity of her yelling, believing she didn't want me- that everything she told me was true. That I was going to loose everything…

I had only meant to spin her around.

Red shaded over my eyes as she ranted at me in such deep pain. I had only wanted her to stop- so I could tell her that none of what she thought was true- that I shouldn't have said what I did and definitely didn't mean it how she took it…

Her eyes when she spun…it reminded me of the night she was thinking about her father- the darkness in her eyes and the fear…

I had made her feel that. Made her feel that pain again.

I gritted my teeth.

I had promised her I wouldn't think about it anymore- because it hurt her.

And I had already done enough of that.

I stroked down her side again and back up; lazily lifting her top up a little to see her panties a little better. I growled down deeply. She was mine; I would do anything I could to keep her safe- anything.

Another pang of guilt slashed through me.

I hadn't done that so far.

I wiggled out of her grip gently and silently. Laying her hand out flat on the pillows as I wandered down her hall way to switch off her kitchen appliances.

Our clothes were dry and it gave me so much pleasure to see both mine and her clothing mangled together in a little dryer. Beside them down at the floor my Sai's sat. Lazily thrown down there when she had reached for them to cause herself pain like I had done.

I gritted my teeth thinking back to the trauma of the night…

As soon as I sprinted away my hands shook, I was at least three roof tops away as I roared to myself scraping my vocal chords in horror at my own actions…my hands could physically still feel her gentle skin under my powerful grip as I grabbed at her…

I screamed, roared, bellowed out viciously as my entire body shook- I needed to feel pain. I needed to be hurt for what I had done.

Mentally it wasn't enough.

I flicked my sais round in my hands and dug them down deep into my own skin, not feeling anything- just slashing as a red vail seeped over my eyes.

I tore into my monstrous' arms; my green horrible scaled skin, I growled and roared as my own blood flashed over my body.

I turned and pounded the concrete wall behind me with my fists over and over as I beat it down and clawed my vocal chords out in anger.

How could I do that to her?

After I promised her?

I turned and fell back against the wall; my arms bleeding freely, my knuckles tarnished in bruises and cuts as I sat panting, shaking…

Feeling the pain, I needed to feel…

Feeling dead inside…

And then there they arrived and I knew it was a sign from a higher calling- that I should be killed for hurting her, that I should be murdered for laying a finger on her.

I waited for the gun to go- but it never did.

Instead she came to my rescue, handling a pipe like a bat, beating the shit out of those two guards until she took hold of my face in her injured hands.

"What did you do Raph?"

She was crying heavily, sobbing into my lap as she tried to pull me up…and it made me feel worse…why did she love me when I had brought her so much pain?

I picked the Sai's up from the floor and looked to my bandaged arms. My sliced cuts throbbed painfully telling me I was healing as I growled and sighed.

She had taken such good care of me, she had wrapped me up countless times and told me she loved me.

And I had just hurt her constantly.

I cringed.

Not anymore.

I blew out a breath as I looked to the top of the fridge and grabbed the little first aid kit.

I headed back to the bedroom anxious to see her sleeping as I moved as silent as the ninja I was and kneeled beside her bed.

She lay on her side now- her injured arm lay out flat on the bed as she breathed evenly. I leant over and kissed her temple twice softly; just needing to keep touching her, to keep kissing her smoothly-to check she was still real.

I flicked open the little box and rolled out the remaining supplies- She would need to refill this.


I would need to. Because she was mine to take care of now.

It was up to me.

I found the cooling sticky patch I knew I could put on her wrist to help ease pressure. I slowly took her slender wrist in my own giant hands as I lifted it up gently and smoothed the patch down over the bruising.

Her face cringed a little in discomfort in her sleep as her eyes screwed up and her teeth gritted tightly.

A loose angry tear rolled down my face.

No more- I reminded my self.

Its all for her now…

When the patch was on I lifted her arm and wrapped it up in a bandage securely, not tight as to cause anymore discomfort, but just to keep it protected and secure.

I laid it back down on the pillow as I kissed her arm three more times softly.

I would never hurt her like this again; on my life.

If I did- I would kill my self for sure next time.

Slowly- painfully.

I moved to her shoulder where she had scraped it after throwing her self over buildings to get to me. I applied a larger gauze patch knowing I had cleaned it carefully in the shower without her realising and smoothed the Band-Aid around and over her shoulder.

Her damp hair was now mostly dry and curling again into those soft waves and curls I loved so damn much.

I kissed her shoulder again as she breathed deeply in her sleep, but twitched once and whimpered.

I looked down to see if I had touched her- but I didn't. I flew away and leant against her bedroom wall in horror.


She whimpered.

I broke inside.

She was frightened of me. In her sleep she was terrified of me, because of what I had done- because of how I had grabbed her.

My head buried into my hands.

I was such a fucking monster- I didn't deserve her, I didn't-

"Please…not my Raphael!" she breathed a little quicker… "not my Raph…please no…" she mumbled out as her breathing quickened again.

Shock fell out of me as my head lifted from my hands- my body shook as realisation flashed over me.

"Please don't…. hurt my Raph…" she mumbled out her eyes still firmly shut.

Her Raph…

I was her Raph…

She wasn't scared of me.

She was scared of loosing me…

My shoulders slumped. My face dropped all emotion until awe floated over me.

How could I deserve this creature?

I crawled to her bedside and my hands flew onto her body again as she breathed deeper.

"am not goin' anywhere. Am… 'ere" I told her gently as she breathed smoothly. My fingers threading into her hair again soothing her as she rolled closer to me, her deep breathes soothing out as a small smile covered her face and her mumbling stopped.

I watched her for what felt like a good hour, her perfect body rising and falling gently with each soft breath she took.

My mouth fell open softly, my eyes stayed glued on her form as she slept soundly. A hurricane couldn't have shifted me in that moment- nothing could have.

She was perfect; Was this what it was like? To be so desperately slit-your-throat in love? everything was suddenly intensified, just a little smell of her hair and I was brought to my knees, my body shuddered as I leaned forward to intake her fresh scent, my eyes rolling back into my head at the thought of it…

I remembered it wrapped up in her curdling desire as well, the way she smelled when she was filled with lust and want…all for me.

I growled internally, remembering her laying underneath me- perfect big tits, perfect wide hips, thick strong legs…

I didn't have to imagine it now- it was a memory. The best memory I would repeat over and over and over to make fresh memories of us constantly.

I couldn't wait for that again.

I collected back up all her medical supplies and put them back into the little make shift box she had, turning to carry them back down the corridor towards the kitchen. I placed her little box back up on the top of the fridge and turned to look at the little clock above it.

3am; It was so much later than I had originally thought. I wiped my face down feeling my body weaken from its tired state as I turned to grab my Sai's and wash them in the sink.

I cleaned her kitchen as best as I could to rid any evidence of my blood and mud that I had lazily sulked into her kitchen as I threw most things into the trash.

I needed to do this.

I had to take care of her. This was my job now. She was mine.

My mind spiralled back over the past day in detail as I cleaned. How everything had changed.

How I needed to do anything I could now to keep her happy and safe.

Donnie- he needed to get that lock sorted and I would need to get more supplies from him for her med box.

Mikey- he needed to fuck off flirting with her but keep being nice to her.

Leo-I wasn't exactly sure what he needed to do but I was sure there would be something. He was the oldest- he needed to do something.

It took me another hour to rid her house of any evidence of my blood and any other substance I had dragged into her little apartment. My hands needing to keep busy and alert to make sure it was alright for her when she woke up.

It needed to be.

Then there was a little creak from down the hall as I froze and spun around.

She stood in the doorway pushing her hair up on her face as she looked to me through a tired drunken eyes.

"Raph?…Baby?" she breathed to me, still half asleep as my tail curled in.

She hadn't ever called me that before…

I loved it.

Fuck, I loved it.

Yeah- I was her baby.

I'll be her baby Forever.

"What are you doing?" she slurred with another yawn as her body stretched and cracked gently.

It was obvious she wasn't fully awake yet.

"Jus' cleanin' sweetheart…go ta bed gorgeous" I told her moving over to her half conscious form as she yawned a little more and reached for me.

Her arms wrapped around me lovingly as she breathed in my scent deeply.

"Come back to bed with me" she slurred out her eyes closing against my plastron again as her face rubbed into the side of it nuzzling me like I would to her.

She blew out a deep breath and rested fully against me.

My hands swept up her body under my arms as I began moving her and carrying her across the hallway again- the rest of the room needed to wait.

She had asked for me and I wasn't denying her anything ever again.

I curled her into my chest as she lay down on top of me; asleep before I even reached her bedroom door.

She curled up and pulled me in tighter into her grip, a soft deep sigh leaving her as she breathed gently and began snoring softly. Her head against my chest as she curled up in between my legs.

I lay back with her, holding her and brushing down her body as I let my own eyes close too…

Fucking Heaven.

There were no other words for it; everything was total fucking heaven, her body locking down mine, her soft breaths filling the room, my fingers dancing up and down her back as I felt myself being lulled away to sleep gently, the light rain still beating on the windows.



Nothing could ever be better than this…


A phone rang and I growled. I lifted my head up away from Bonnie, who stayed sleeping as I looked down; our positions hadn't changed since I carried her back to bed- My neck ached slightly but I cracked it quickly- not daring to try to shuffle her too much.

The Cell phone rang out through the hall way from the kitchen as I grumbled and growled for it to stop internally. My eyes watched my sleeping girl who only carried on doing that; only breathing softly and deeply.

I kissed her forehead longingly; three times.

The Cell stopped making its stupid ringing sound and I closed my eyes and leant back on her pillows again…

Another phone started up.

I looked to the ceiling grumbling as Bonnie shifted underneath me. I froze stopping my vocal chords harshly as I tried to detect where the new noise was coming from.

Down the hall way in the kitchen.

I tutted; I had left both our Cell's on the table last night after speaking with Leo- I knew it would almost certainly be him again.


I sighed sharply, and kissed Bonnie again once on her side of her temple, before lifting her and shuffling her down into the sheets.

She whimpered a little from loss of contact as I felt my self smirk at her neediness. I smiled to her and quickly hurried down the corridor, before turning into the kitchen.

My fucking phone started up again.

Blue flashing light.

I growled as I answered it.

"Fucking hell Leo- What?!"

"Morning to you too sleeping beauty" he commented in a low mocking tone slyly as I growled.

"Ya wanna wake up da whole fuckin' apartment building wid ya ringin' jeeze!"

"Well I wouldn't need to wake everyone up if you two would just answer your phones- where's Bonnie's? she didn't answer hers either"

"She's sleepin' Leo…we both were till ya fuckin decided ta ruin it!"

"Its nearly 9 Raph- you're usually up at 6…" he commented loosely.

I rolled and felt my cheeks heat up- thanking fuck he could see me; I sighed out heavily and cleared my throat.

"We 'ad a late night…. talked bout stuff…sorted things out" I shrugged my head heading straight back to the adventures of our late night…

"Oh Raph…"

"Oh Raphael…oh!"


My head and heart boiled.

Leo stayed quiet for a minute and I could hear him move away from what sounded like a busy area.

"…Everything good now?" he asked lowly as I licked my top lip.

"Everythin's fine" I told him softly. He in took a sharp breath and I could hear him swallow.

"And Bonnie?"

"She's good…"

"Are you two alright now?" he trailed off. I coughed and looked down to the bedroom door; her ripped up panties lay in the middle of the bedroom floor.

"Yep. We're good… "

Silence on the other end.

"Okay then" he said sounding like he was speaking to himself. "That's good" he added clearly. I could only nod feeling stupid for doing so, knowing that he couldn't see me.

"I'll guess I'll let the others know your friends again" he breathed.

"Yeah sure, sure…dats cool" I breathed out rubbing the side of my face down.

I wanted to tell him everything for the first time in my life; I really did. I knew what I wanted to tell him, and on some level I think he understood too- he clicked once into the phone and breathed gently.

"You should know April and Casey stayed last night- their both a little curious…Casey's worried- think he might sprint to Bonnie's as soon as we open the lair doors" I gritted my teeth.

He would kill me if he knew what we did.

"I'll get 'er to call 'im" I breathed to him.

"Alright- That's all I needed. As long as you're both alright after last night"

"We were till you rang" I mumbled groaningly.

"Raphael" he warned as I sighed.

"Anythin' else fearless or is dat everything?"

A moment passed as I waited for his last question.

"Were you safe?" he asked quietly as I scrunched my face up in confusion.

"Safe? what the-"

But his words hit me as my eyes widened and my mouth slammed shut.

"We didn't! fuckin' 'ell Leo!"

"I gotta ask Raph!"

"Yeah well it weren't like dat!"

Oh it was.

It was exactly like that.

"Alright! Alright! Just if you weren't safe Donnie's usually the one you-"

"Am hangin' up Leo"

"I'm jus' sayin' that to be-"

I cut him off and growled out rolling my eyes. I put the phone down onto the table and rubbed my face down with my hand.

I sighed.

No, we didn't have sex; it wasn't about a raw animal desire last night-

It was a need- a need to touch her, to feel her body out and all over…

To kiss her…

To lick her all over…

To touch her so intimately…

To mark her…

And lord knows I marked her good…

I looked around the little kitchen again and yawned shaking myself down. My stomach growled on cue.

It was nearly 9am after all…


I looked to her little kitchen tilting my head and bit my lip. It was my job to take care of her now; she was mine.

But I needed to learn.

I looked down to the phone on the table again…

I pushed the little orange button.

It rang out once until energetically my little brothers voice bounced down the line.

"Yo Bro! How's tricks?" he asked excitedly "I got a new sister yet orrrr….?" He asked melodically as I growled.

"Mikey- ya tell anyone bout what am gonna ask ya- I'll rip ya head off ya shoulders the second a get back 'ome- got it?"

"Ouch your mistrust in me bro is harsh man- but what's up?" He called cheerily

My shoulders flopped my face bright red as I growled and gritted my teeth.

Its for her. Just do it.

"'Ow do ya make Pancakes?"

So what do we think of the aftermath? Yay? Nay?

Like the last chapter I had to totally think about this carefully and plan their feelings and motions.

I hoped you like it!

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