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Bonnie's POV

Light streamed in from my little window as I stirred in my sleep, rubbing my head into my pillows. I sighed. My arm extended out as I pushed myself to sit up.

I yawned and looked around the room; no Raph anywhere. I sat up and stretched feeling my bones creak and crack as I looked up to my arms; white catching my eye.

My wrist was now bandaged carefully and securely, as I took it into my hands and inspected the fine woven protection.


I felt my body down- my shoulder patched up too- the little scraped and cuts covered over with a huge bandage.

I looked down at my sheets and sighed wondering where he was.

That was until a large growl and crash came from my kitchen.


I was up on my feet and down the corridor quicker than ever before, my legs like Bambi as I stumbled down to see what was going on.

I raced to my kitchen doorway and my mouth fell open in shock.

My heart swooned instantly.

Raphael was stood over my oven- a frying pan in one hand as he balanced a phone between his shoulder and head. He had put his now clean and dry mask back on- and the shorts he wore last night.

Nothing else.

My insides melted like butter as everything else flew away from me.

A high pitched voice mumbled on the other end of the phone line- but I was too far away to hear exactly what was said.

I breathed out in awe as I took in my now spotless kitchen- no blood anywhere, plates out on the table and a line of ingredient's lay on the work bench Raph was facing.

Flour, eggs, milk…

A bowl of what looked to be beige batter sat in front of him as he turned a little letting me view him better.

"I dunno if she likes dem…course it's for 'er ya idiot!" he growled into the phone as the high pitched voice answered him.

For her…

He noticed my presence instantly as he turned to look at me from the door way, freezing with wide eyes and an open mouth.

He was making us breakfast.

He had cleaned my kitchen…

He had patched me up…

Last night he had…

We had…

And then I was moving towards him instantly as my hands found his cheeks and my lips found his desperately.

I kissed him in appreciation and in love and in need.

He could feel it instantly. As his eyes fell shut and his lips responded to mine.

Our kiss was long and drawn. I blew out a long breathy sigh as I kissed him deeply and hard.

His hands seemed to forget what they had in them as he turned to drop everything and clutched at my body.

The little phone wedged between his head and shoulder fell to the floor.

The voice I now recognised as Mikey's called for him as it lay down beside our feet.

I pulled his head round further to kiss him deeper, my tongue swirling around his as he pulled me in tighter, his hands going down passed my hips to my ass again, squeezing both cheeks and he growled to me playfully.

Raph kicked the little phone with his foot away until it hit the side wall and flew shut. Silencing Mikey's high pitched voice.

I moaned then, openly and loudly for the first time this morning as I leaned more into him. He spun me and picked me up sitting me on the kitchen counter, parting my legs forcefully to get in between them as he kissed me quicker; his tongue winning the battle we were having as I mewled out for him.

After another minute or so he pulled back breathless.

"What's all dis for?" he breathed out to me- our foreheads touching.

"Because your perfect, doing all of this for me…" I told him leaning in to peck his lips quickly and peppering, covering his mouth in little kisses as he grinned against me. My arms locked around his shell as my legs locked him in too, my fingers tapped lightly on the top of his shell as he squirmed. I giggled and ceased my finger movements quickly, not wanting him to pull away as I kissed his face everywhere my lips could reach.

"'ow dyna know all dis was for you?" he added cheekily with a smug look. I grinned to him and bit my lip, my fingers running down to the waist band of his shorts teasingly.

"Well if it's not then I can't show you how thankful I am then can I?" I said, my hands flying back up to his chest as he growled deeply.

"Little tease" he commented gruffly as I giggled pulling back a little to lean against the tiles.

"I mean it" I told him. "You're perfect" I told him my hands running back up and down his chest as I sighed and watched him dreamily.

His huge hands came up to my shoulder to inspect the bandages he twitched his lips as he looked to it; then gravely down at my wrist.

I quickly hid it behind his neck using my bandaged arm to pull him in tighter.

"We agreed" I told him sharply. He nodded looking away for a minute before reconstructing himself.

I leaned in to kiss him deeply, desperately as I felt his tensions slowly slope away; his shoulders relaxed and his hard face fell soft onto mine.

"So perfect…" I whispered against his lips, my eyes raking over him as my other arm did the same.

"So big and buff…" I breathed to him... "So handsome…" I said touching his face. He gritted his teeth unbelieving my words. I kissed softly as his harsh bite he displayed.

"So fiery and protective" I breathed out to him "So caring and loving…" I told him as his eyes finally met me in a new hold; a vulnerable look crossed his face again.

"I love everything about you Raphael…even your flourless pancakes" I told him with a small smirk.

He leant in this time; his lips crashing into mine almost violently as he growled and picked me up from the counter pulling me tighter to him as I kissed him hard. He nuzzled his head down as I smiled against his lips, pulling back gently to I rubbed down his chest.

Once I reached his stomach, it growled as he pouted and pulled back frustrated.

I smiled at him and giggled, kissing his chest once.

"you hungry, stalker?" I asked with a raise of my eyebrow. He huffed and looked to me pointedly.

"I can do dis" he muttered pulling away from me and back to his little work bench as he picked up the large wooden spoon again.

I threw one of my legs over the other to cross them and leant back against the tiled walls watching him fuss.

He looked to the bag of flour and grimaced as his eyes scanned the instructions.

I bit back a giggle as he shot me a look.

I remained quiet waiting for him to give up as I drummed my fingers by the sink. He huffed and growled out looking for the little phone.

"Its two cups" I told him leaning my head against the tile. He looked at me again and scowled. Still not getting it.

I giggled again loudly.

"Look if ya didn't come in an' make out wid me all ova tha place den Mikey woulda told me ma instructions an' we would be eaten righ' now…"

I nodded amused.

"Okay- dually noted - no making out until you've made breakfast from now on" I told him with a positive nod.

He looked to me flatly as I giggled again. He huffed and moved back round towards the cooker.

My hands found his shoulders as I pulled him back to face me, rubbing them gently to try to ease his frustration.

"Raph; why don't you sit and I'll make you breakfast?" I told him but he shook his head.

"A can do it doll, I…a need ta learn" he said rubbing the side of his neck as he looked to me gently.

I eyed him up softly, confused as I tilted my head at him.

He huffed and shook his head, he tried to pull away as I kept a tight hold on his shoulder, my bruised wrist hurt a little as I pulled him back around, but I didn't want to show him at all; he didn't need to see my pain- he had dealt with all of that last night.

"Why?" I asked again softly. He looked down away from me, then returned to my face with a tut.

"Coz I'm yer…you know…" he said with a shrug.

A smile spread across my face as I looked down to bite my lip. My eyes glowed as I looked at him deeply, a red blush had spread across his cheeks.

"My what Raph?" I asked him softly, my hands smoothing over his scales as he gritted his teeth and tensed beneath me.

I grinned waiting for him to call himself it; my insides glowing.

"Yer…yer…boyfriend now right?" he said with a rub of his neck. "It don't feel like enough when a say dat" he breathed to himself. "An-an'…if am gonna be dat den am gonna take care o' ya…things like makin' ya breakfast…cleanin' up and shit…" he shrugged it off like it was nothing. "I gotta learn dis stuff…I ain't gonna make ya do everythin'"

And everything inside me swelled.

Hearing him say it, made my heart flutter and my eyes glow out to him. I stared at him as my mouth fell open in awe; my body breathless instantly.

"I-I mean…am only dat if its what ya want I jus'-"

I leaned in again and kissed him hard. His face fell back in surprise as I kissed him deeply as he placed his hands on my thighs. I wrapped my arms tight around his neck and sighed heavily onto him.

Every time I kissed him my entire body lit up like fireworks, and I wondered if I would ever get used to the feeling.

He pulled back in confusion; breathless and needy again.

"Wh-what…" he breathed out deeply as his tongue flicked out across his bottom lip.

"Yes you are…you are my boyfriend…" I breathed to him the biggest grin on my face possible. I brang his lips back to mine. Another needy kiss as I groaned into him. He chuckled against my lips.

"Wow…that easy to turn you on huh? Jus' tha one word?" he muffled out as I growled out. I pulled back to look at his head full on.

"Just shut up and kiss your girlfriend. Please?"

That did it; his eyes glazed over like mine had done. He gripped me tighter. And with a smirk on my face, I knew he felt what I had. His lips tumbled onto mine almost instantly.

He kissed me back just as hard as before, stepping in a little closer to bridge any body contact as I pulled back and layered peppering kisses all over his face.

He breathed deeply underneath my hold on him as I continued to kiss at his scaled face. His eyes hooded as he drew back a little and blew a breath out deeply.

"So…" I said in between kisses, my legs curling in around his shell as he grumbled and purred beneath me.

"Do you need to eat now or can it wait?" I breathed out as I rested my forehead against his. He smirked and leaned in towards me, inhaling my new curling lust that swam around us as he moved to kiss the side of my neck.

"Why don't a jus' eat ya up instead?" he breathed back, his voice so damn appealing hitting every inch of my core as I agreed in some sort of desperate sigh/moan…

My panties were torn and thrown again, my legs spread as he kneeled down and pushed them over his shoulders and over his shell.

His mouth buried deep into me instantly as my head and eyes rolled back and up to the ceiling of my kitchen. A gasp fell out my lips at the intense pleasure that raked threw me.

How had I forgotten how good he was at this?

How had I not immediately jumped on him again after last night?

He buried his mouth into me deeply, his tongue thrusting in and out of me as I growled out a moan. He purred against me and I rocked everywhere; violently.

"R-Raph" I breathed as he responded to my moans moving quicker and sharper as I shuddered under his touch. My body fizzing and bubbling with each thrust of his tongue.

His hand was down on his member again as he groaned at the feel of it. I tilted my breathless head to the side to watch him doing so; his strong hands pumping his long hard purple member up and down smoothly as it glistened when he groaned.

I bit my lip. My entire body getting higher and higher quickly with its intense pleasure.

I gasped a little more desperately, my vocal chords forming a whine and groan.

together as my shoulders flew forward. My hips bucked out into his mouth as he ground down into me further.

"How can ya taste so fuckin' good baby…" he said pulling back a little as he shuddered and closed his eyes delighted by his own pleasure.

My body seemed to drop a little as he pulled back sustaining my orgasm for a little longer until he breathed out on my opening again. Kissing my thighs and entrance.

I needed more; I wanted it. I needed to touch him too.

"Raph…l-let me…I want to-" I breathed out struggling to word my sentence as he was stood instantly and leaned in to kiss me.

I could taste myself on his mouth, but I didn't care; his tongue swirled with mine warming me as I moaned brokenly.

My fingers found my sweet spot in between my folds as I circled my bud of pleasure eagerly. My thighs tightening and curling in the pleasure there as I kissed him deeply.

My other hand reached out for him as we pulled apart and looked down between us. He growled seeing my spare hand play with myself as he instantly replaced it with his.

I bit my lip hard possibly drawing blood as I watched my other hand wrap around his member. His eyes flew closed; his hips bent forward towards me as he gripped the edge of the counter. His mouth falling open as his shoulders rolled back with a deep sigh that blew out of him.

His body shuddered and growled as I pushed him up and down, my insides climbing higher and higher as he rubbed me, sending me tighter.

I still needed more.


"Doll...?" he pushed back, stilling his movements as I stilled mine.

I looked down between us; our parts only inches away as we both eyed each other up. I bit my lip in needing.

I wanted it; so bad- all of it, right now.

It was an urgent need; like a raw animalistic need that I could see in his eyes and new it was reflected in mine.

"Here? Now?" he asked with a look as my hand pulled him closer. He groaned at the feel, shuffling closer a few more steps.

Instantly my top was torn in two pieces and dangled down off my arms as Raph looked down to my body in total lust.

"I'm yours…." I told him; feeling incredibly needy. His hands stroked down my back slowly feeling my muscles and spine until his hands slipped under my ass cheeks to raise me into his palms as he breathed to me.

Then he leaned back a little, separating our bodies slightly.

"Wait" he told me with a deep distrusting breath.

My body froze.

He cringed. "No" he breathed, struggling to look up. He took another tiny step back and breathed out softly. "Not like dis…ya ain't some cheap fuck in an alleyway…I wanna do this bit right- like last night…candles and shit…I wanna do it right wid ya…" he nodded to himself unable to meet my gaze as my shoulders fell.

I couldn't be disappointed. I couldn't be upset- because he was perfect.

How did I not see this before?

How much of a gentleman he was- how caring and devoted he was to me…

And it then occurred to me so quickly, the thoughts passing like falling dominoes;

He hadn't ever gotten that- he hadn't known what it would be like to be treated like that.

And he wanted to do those intimate romantic moments with me.

And I was being totally selfish just needing it to stoke a fire. Raph needed this to be perfect; he needed it to be like he'd seen in movies.

To feel loved.

It pulled on my heart strings so tightly as I looked to his gruff face. Underneath all that muscle and rage; there was someone so anxious and insecure.

I would make sure he never felt like that again.

My hands ran up and over his shoulders as I pulled his face back to look at me.

"if that's what you want Raph…then we can do it that way, when the times right" I told him securely. He nodded strongly with gritted teeth.

"Ya have no idea how much it's takin for me not ta tear ya in two right now…" he strained out trying not to breath.

I smiled to him softly.

"I love you Raphael" I told him deeply as I breathed him in resting his head to mine. He loosened at my words, relaxing physically as he grinned through his dilemma with closed eyes.

I shuffled back out of his grip and jumped down off the counter, my naked body instantly dropping to my knees.

"Why don't you let me take care of you?" I looked up at him as he blew out a sigh and through hooded eyes, watched me take him into my mouth again.

He leant against the counter and groaned, I kissed him and sucked him in a lot quicker than last night as his hands wound into my hair and along my cheek, they were padded and soft as he stayed solid and throbbing in my mouth.

My hand found my own spot again as I moaned against him.

He growled a little, trying to push himself further down as I pulled back at took hold of his eyes, halting his movements as well.

"Just watch me…it's okay, I wanna do this for you"

And he did watch. His eyes glued down my body between his legs as I pleasured myself in front of him; his mouth fell open. His eyes hooded and drunk as he watched me build up higher and higher.

Our built up foreplay had made us both needy and ready as he shuddered and gripped my counter for support as he came in long wispy strings a few moments later. And I followed too at the same time he did; calling his name over and over just the way he liked me to.

He breathed deeply as blood pulsed under my hands.

I licked his seed from off my lips and leant forward to kiss his hard chest.

"Lemme go get dressed; then I'll teach you how to make breakfast…"

He sighed smirking as he swatted my ass when he watched me go. I smiled over my shoulder at him as I hurried to get ready for the day…

"Den ya do dat?"

"That's right, you're doing really good" I told him as he poured the batter into the pan.

We cooked together, constantly touching each other in some way or form, my arms around one of his arms, his hand on my waist or butt as we worked over my little stove.

I was hugging at his arm as he picked up the spatula in his hand and poked at the round batter in the pan.

"Wait like the last one" I told him softly as he grumbled; his stomach grumbled too.

I giggled. He looked to me harshly as I turned to kiss his arm.

"Am starvin'- its nearly eleven doll"

"Well next time you'll be prepared to make me breakfast earlier" I giggled.

The rain outside was still pouring, so I settled for a black t-shirt that clung to my waist and chest and had a low V that I knew Raph would appreciate, and some loose grey jogging bottoms with comfortable oversized socks.

Raph stayed in his shorts and mask; both of us relaxed and plating up as I moved in front of him.

"Doll…" he groaned out desperately as I moved in front of him and his hands wrapped around my waist, he pulled me in, my ass pressing into his legs as I took hold of the cooking utensils.

"Alright- alright, I get it" I told him nuzzling him a little, I patted the spatula and flipped the pancakes round in the pan.

I leaned down to put another frying pan on the hob and poured the batter in when it had quickly heated up.

He watched me; happily holding me and hugging me from behind instead of cooking as the smell of batter filled the air.

He inhaled deeply as he hummed out and licked the side of his lips, he bent down to nuzzle my shoulder once too, placing a soft kiss there as he groaned

"Pancakes an' a blow job…" he groaned happily "best morning eva" he grumbled as I turned to whack him with my spatula.

"Wow, I think that's the most American and sexist morning routine I've ever heard" I told him with a nod.

"I 'avent even 'ad ma 'good workout' yet" he winked at me as my mouth fell open in mock horror.

"Will your muscles deflate or will you have to order new ones?"

He chuckled at me as I grinned back at him and flipped over the pancakes.

"Ya love my forty inch biceps princess" he growled out playfully with a smile. I bit my lip and smiled to him

"Forty inches?" I chuckled to myself repeating his words in a mocking tone, leaning up for a kiss as my eyes fluttered shut. He raised an eyebrow at me in challenge but kept leaning in towards me…

"Bonnie!? Bon!?"

Casey's voice flooded my little apartment as hurried steps flew rapidly and erratically round the apartment.

"BONNIE!?" he yelled again.

"Casey- just slow down!" April was with him.

Raph met my eyes in alarm as we both froze.

"Shit" he breathed.

Then his hands were off me and he was sat in the seat the furthest away from me. Casey stumbled into the kitchen as we both turned to look at him.

"Good Morning Cousin" I spoke normally, watching him with alarmed eyes. Casey slammed into the kitchen- his hockey stick in hand as he held both sides of my door way, his eyes looked to me as he looked me up and down, checking I was in one piece.

He looked to Raph who now had found an old magazine from god knows where and had placed it down on the table; he looked up from it like he had been reading it this whole time.

April hurried in over his shoulder, looking around the room searchingly. Her disappointed eyes fell on me and then to Raph.

She pouted sadly. I smiled to her; she really had been rooting for us.

"YOU!" Casey roared looking at Raph who crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows.

"S'up bro"

Casey looked away confused. April pushed in front of him and rolled her eyes.

"Told you everything was fine- You Should Listen to Leo more often you little dweeb" April shoved him into the kitchen as he stumbled in and moved a few paces to the side; eyeing us up as I kept my eyes on my cousin.

"Everything's fine Casey- Raph and I are friends again…everything's fine" I told him again turning back to my pancakes; my eyes focused on the frying pan as out the corner of my vision he swallowed and rubbed his forehead.

"Yeah…I-I knew that" he shrugged it off as he sat down next to Raph. April looked over to me with an amused smirk her eyes warmed as she looked me over.

Casey fist pumped Raph as he sat down; seeming to instantly calm down at the realisation that all was settled. On some level I wondered if he understood why Raph and I were fighting last night. But he didn't seem to mention it as he crossed his arms and they began a discussion on what his brothers got up to in the lair last night.

He seemed to stop short and look down at Raph's arms.

"Whoa, what happened to you last night?" he asked Raph, eyeing up his bandages on his arms. My heart sunk a little as Raph rolled his eyes.

"Scraped it down the side of the buildings, was windy wid da storm. No biggie- Ya cousin wrapped me up"

My sad eyes looked down to the pan in front of me as I turned over a few more pancakes.

He was an expert at lying about that.

I wondered how many times he had done the same thing.

I blew a breath out and turned to put a stack of pancakes down in the middle of the table. I swallowed back my lump as I used my good arm to put the plate down.

"I can make more if you guys are hungry?" I asked looking at them.

"Naww- we just ate down at the lair…Mikey made waffles" April shrugged as I nodded to her calmly. She seemed to search my eyes for something as I smiled to her warmly.

Casey ignored her comment and grabbed a plate from my side and forked two pancakes onto his plate.

We all rolled our eyes at him.

"What? your pancakes are always good Bon" he shrugged as I swatted the back of his head.

"Leave some for Raph- he's told me countless times this last hour just how starving he is" I said with a roll of my eyes. "wouldn't wanna see him waste away" I chuckled as Raph looked at me with those damn irresistible pouting lips. They glistened a little as he tilted his face in the light.

What I wouldn't give to lean across right now and kiss them again…

"Is this your first time eating today?" April asked him as my eyes lifted to hers in shock. I froze as I eyed her up. "Damn you must have gotten up late…"

"We had a late one…" I answered quickly in his place, my eyes nervously watching Casey, who carried on eating, seeming oblivious to the whole conversation.

"Was nice fer a change- didn't 'ave Leo pesterin' me ta get up" Raph shrugged lightly.

A comfortable quietness raked over. Until Casey looked up with scrunched up face.

"Where did you even sleep? This is only a one bed place" he asked. Raph seemed to freeze.

"The sofa" I nodded sharply. "It was his only option"

Casey grimaced.

"Shit that things insanely uncomfortable- shoulda kicked Bon on it- she's smaller than you…woulda been better"

"Hey!" I swatted Casey again with the spatula.

"Nah…was great" Raph's eyes danced on mine again, regaining my full attention. I turned back to him fully as his eyes swallowed me in his gaze.

"Best nigh' sleep I eva 'ad…" he trailed off; his eyes glowed into mine and I glowed back for a minute. I could feel my stomach pool, my legs burn and everything swell up again.

I bit the inside of my cheek to stop my self telling him how insanely in love I was with him.

Not in front of Casey…

"Yeah musta been kinda nice ta have a room on your own…sharin' with Mikey's full on" Casey nodded down to the table as I tried to hide my humour.

It was unbelievably funny how he still hadn't clicked on to mine and Raph's changed relationship.

I knew April was getting there- I could see her working it out slowly. Her eyes dancing delicately over the two of us:

Still a little unsure; possibly needing my confirmation, but getting there.

"Hey, are you alright cousin?" Casey questioned- his eyes caught my wrist as he looked at it.

I froze a little, doing my best not to look at Raph as I quickly regained composure and shook my head.

"Slipped in the rain last night when I ran home…its fine" I told him with a nod.

He watched me unsure with a nod as April looked at Raphael. He stared hard out into space. And I could tell his teeth were gritted behind his solidly locked paling lips.

I placed one hand under the table, hiding it away as I finished up my breakfast. My hand instantly found Raph's thigh, as it squeezed it reassuringly.

Only a little ache from the pressure reminding me of my injury.

It did the trick as Raph snapped out of it and listened into Casey again.

"-weathers gonna be clear tonight…. you up for it?"

Raph seemed confused; missing the first half of his conversation from our silent exchange.

"Wha?" he questioned with another small shake of his head.

"Tonight; we haven't gone out together in like two weeks- wanna pulverise some gangs tonight bro?" Casey grinned winningly at Raph who managed a weak smirk back.

You couldn't tell it was weak. Only I was fully aware after obsessively watching his smirks a thousand times over.

And my heart stammered at his efforts to hide his pain.

I squeezed his leg again; a little harder.


He breathed softly and relaxed instantly as I smiled to myself.

It was okay again.

"Maybe depends on what Leo's got goin' on- we all missed patrol las' night…e'll be on ma tail when I get back"

Raph groaned.

I laughed under my breath.

April watched.

Casey remained oblivious.

"What was it like bein' away from them for the first time?" April asked softly. Raph looked up at her and smiled gently. I could see her care there- and it was sweet, motherly.

"Was peaceful…was nice…Bon's a good host" He said with a drawn out breath as I looked down to the table.

Yes. It had been nice….

Insanely nice…

"Peaceful? You two nearly ripped each other's heads off yesterday" Casey snorted as I rolled my eyes at him.

"Well… our heads are still intact now" I told him with a shrug. "What did you expect from two hot heads really?" I added with a giggle.

Casey rolled his eyes as April smiled down at us.

Raph's smile floated down towards the table at my quick comment.

They stayed and chatted for a little while longer. Casey going back to his carefree happy attitude as he and Raph discussed where they would roam around tonight. I turned to clean our plates and dishes as April moved with me to stand by my side.

She turned to me with a glowing face.

"So" she asked quietly among the boisterous laughter. "Everything is good then?" she asked quietly. Her voice hovered over her words; laced with a hidden meaning

I nodded happily "completely fine" I smiled to her warmly.

"And…did anything…?" she asked quietly, keeping her eyes on Casey who seemed distracted enough.

"April!" I scolded almost silently.

She snickered.

"It's just that…well- your panties and the night shirt I bought you are in shreds on the floor…" she whispered knowingly as I spun around alarmed.

They lay in the open obvious and looking like I had gone at them with razors.

"Oh god!" I gasped out as I moved to gather them round in my arms. Casey spun in his seat looking to my shocked movement. Raph looked too- confused, but clicked on immediately.

His big eyes opened; his face stiff as he coughed.

"Sorry- got some washing to do, April wanna help?" I rushed out. I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the kitchen. I could hear Raph grabbing Casey's attention back on him as I pulled April into the bedroom and shut the door.

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