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Four days had passed and I had thought about him everyday. I wondered if he was safe; if Casey had seen him. I knew better than to ask; he had told me he needed to be kept a secret and I respected that- he had enough respect to keep my end of the bargain in tact.

It was actually a lot easier than I had thought it was going to be.

It had turned Friday in the shop, Casey and I had put the last of my moving boxes into his car.

"So you feelin' like a New Yorker yet?" he asked as I smiled to him.

Oh yeah totally Casey, got attacked met a turtle, found out you asked him to keep me safe; totally New York…

"Yeah completely; its a lot busier here than home" I added and he grinned.

"Oh yeah- you could say that"

I understood the hint he was making. I grinned to him trying to be oblivious.

"Anyway; you comin' round for dinner tonight?" he asked as I grinned.

"Yeah, always" I told him as he nudged my shoulder with his fist.

We got to their apartment before it had turned dark. April looked relaxed in her sweats as she greeted us.

Casey and April shared a kiss as I passed them putting down the beer Casey had gotten on the way home, on top of her kitchen worktop.

"busy day?" April asked me as I smiled.

"I had a three-hour lecture on welcoming new students into the university- it dragged by. At least I'm not back there till Tuesday" I told her as she laughed.

"And you finally get rid of the last of your boxes."

"Officially, I am now moved in" I told her as she popped the bottle tops off her drink.

"Well, I'll drink to that" she told me clinking her bottle with mine…

The night carried on steadily as we settled in to watch some kind of action film. I had zoned out about an hour in. My mind heading straight to Raphael again, wondering if he still remembered my face or if he had saved another girl from my predicament.

I looked to the floor.

I was too easily forgotten; he wouldn't care.

Didn't seem like the type to stick around anyway.

Just then Casey's phone buzzed. He looked down at it and then back up to April who eyed him nervously.

"Its just Raph" he shrugged to her, and turned away from the sofa, standing up before going to answer the phone.

"Hey man, whats goin' on?"

Then he disappeared into their bedroom, putting the door on a slant as his voice disappeared. I couldn't concentrate on anything else.

He was speaking to him. On that phone; inches away from me.

I got up and stretched.

"just goin to the bathroom Ap" I told her and she nodded unsuspecting and turned her head back to the movie.

I tip toed down the corridor, slowly, letting my feet disappear from April's ears. I found myself perched by the bedroom door as Casey's voice got louder.

"Bonnie? Yeah she's here with us…yeah sorry shoulda said...nah its cool bro thanks for checkin...huh? yeah, yeah tomorrow night…alright bro"

Then the phone clicked and Casey went silent. Was he checking up on me? Was he near my home again?

I turned on my heels as I heard Casey scuttle close to the door as I closed the bathroom a few more inches, closing me in. I leaned my head against the frame listening as Casey entered back in to the living room, turning to talk to April.

I quietly opened the door and stuck my head through. Both their faces were watching the TV; Casey's arm lazily hung around her as she kissed his cheek once.

"Who was that?" she asked in a murmur.

"Just Raph…he was in Bonnie's neighbourhood, was concerned because all the lights were off at her place…just being a good help" he shrugged as April nodded.

"That's good, is he patrolling?" she asked.

Wait did April know him too?!

A part of me wanted to march over to them and discuss our mutual friend in detail. To open up the can of worms and spill it all out in the open. But I knew it was better to not; Casey would find out about my attack, and I wouldn't have kept my promise to him.

I sighed silently.

"Yeah, he's covering her area now- swapped with Donnie, think there's been a lot of foot activity near"

So Raphael was stalking me. Well at least I knew for definite he was now stalking me. And I was unsure how I felt about it; I expected myself to be a lot angrier than I was, but at the same time, I wondered what it would take to get him to reveal himself to me again. I crossed my eyebrows together. And tutted at myself.

I was acting like some damsel in distress. I hated that. Surely I could take care of myself; I knew I could, even if my track record wasn't exactly upholding my opinion. I bit my lip…maybe I would see this Raphael again some how…

Maybe I was being an idiot.

This guy didn't have a lot of time, if he was some kind of superhero then he was far too busy to have me bothering him…

I watched again as April looked to him worried.

"Maybe she should come stay with us for a while…until it clears"

"We could ask…I don't wanna worry her though, it's a new life an all, and Raph's keeping it clear- I think he's doing patrol till late tonight anyway; just hanging near the building."

I swallowed, wondering if he would be checking in my windows again. I should have left a beer out for him- as a thank you for keeping it safe. Or even better, left my balcony door open to annoy him and amuse me. I cursed myself for not doing so.

Then I realised how ridiculous I was being, hiding in the bathroom hoping to steal more information about my secret rescuer.

I rolled my eyes and headed back out to pick up on the rest of the movie. They continued to murmur as I reappeared, finding me harmless as I curled up on the large armchair, watching the characters on the screen flit by.

But slowly, I found myself zoning out, focusing on something- or someone else entirely…

I thought back to Raphael again; my curiosity far too peaked to even consider slowing down. I wondered if he was lurking around my apartment again

if he was fighting someone…

If he was being safe…

Didn't Casey say he was going to be near my building tonight?

Then my feet were moving.

"Hey guys…I think I'm gonna shoot home; I'm feeling a headache coming on- just wanna get to bed."

"Why don't you stay here?" Casey asked protectively but I shook my head.

"Its totally fine and tomorrow I got like a shit ton of work to do for college so I'll probably be there all day and all night" I shrugged grabbing my coat.

"Want me to take you?" Casey pushed and this time, instead of refusing the help. I took it with a welcoming grin on my face.

"That would great, thanks Case." I smiled. He turned to grab his coat as I looked to April.

"You sure you're okay? you look a little green"

I burst into a small laugh at the irony of it.

"Yeah- I'll be fine April, I just want to get home" I told her honestly. She nodded to me softly with a smile and I thanked her for dinner.

"You making any drop in's on the way home?" April asked in a secretive tone.

Casey shook his head.

"Naww- I'm up early tomorrow- on the second shift; Raph will manage on his own"

I wanted to be cheeky and ask who Raph was, but I felt like I would be starting something I couldn't dig out of so I let it go.

"Night April" I called as we left together, she waved happily before turning back to the TV and snuggling down.

Casey drove quietly as he went, thoughtful. I didn't mind; the drive gave me something to think over as I looked out the window to the sky line.

He was out there, somewhere…

Maybe on my building again.

Who knew?

I sighed as Casey turned to look at me.

"That sure was a long one" he said with a small chuckle. I looked to him biting my tongue.

"Just tired Casey…I'm good" I told him with a small smile. He nudged me with his shoulder as he pulled up outside my building.

"Well…take it easy girl, you know where were at if you need anything"

"I know Case- you guys have been really accommodating"

"Yeah- well, here's hoping you'll take care of us when your big and rich in your new job as a psychologist"

I laughed at his cheek.

"You know it" I grinned and opened the car door, waving to him as I got out.

He watched me as I entered my apartment building, and as I flitted up the stairs to the top of my floor. I made sure to wave to him out of the hallway window so that he could see I was inside safe.

I opened my flat door, excitedly. Switching on all the lights I could, feeling curious and explorative. I opened my balcony and stepped out onto the little black metal structure.

The night again was amazing from up here, the city lights blew heavily across the small silhouette I could see against blacked out buildings; I was hidden well- trapped between two buildings that were as close as adjoining rooms and with a brick wall to my right and left- it sandwiched me in perfectly. Probably why Raphael felt safe enough to swing down onto my balcony to seal my door.

I pulled my round chair into a more central position and curled up with a blanket.

I wasn't sure what I was waiting for, I wasn't sure what my mind had thought of as I watched the skyline but as I sat there, waiting for something I couldn't even put my finger on, for the first time in a long time, I had felt completely secure and happy.

I just didn't know why I was getting my hopes up.

I headed back inside my fingers looking for my copy of 'Edgar Allen Poe' Stories as I found it and headed back out onto my balcony.

I settled in reading the first chapter of a 'tell tale heart' when I heard a thud. My eyes lifted from my book as a smile filled my face.

I was like a child waiting for Santa clause to arrive. Only if Santa clause was green and could kill you with one swipe of his hand. Slowly and quietly, I put my book down on my coffee table and using my rounded chair. I stood up on it- stretching and reaching the very edge of my apartment roof. My eyes could just peer above the concrete as I looked around curiously, eyeing its empty space.


I grumbled feeling a childish pout come to my face. I sighed feeling silly as I rubbed down one side of my face shaking my head with an unamused laugh.

I was about to let go and crouch back down, when I felt a breath on the back of my neck.

My body froze. Hairs stood alert on my arms.

"Ya really makin' this job so hard for me…"

I yelped, turning round twisting. And then I was falling as hands grabbed and pulled on me, steadying me as I registered my weight being lifted and moved.

I sat in arms bridal style.

My eyes fell on his.

My mouth fell open.

My face now inches from his.

"Yo gotta death wish?" he growled out as I eyed him widely. "Ya can't be climbin' like dat!" He sighed and placed me back down on the ground.

"You came back" it was the only words I could muster up, he breathed evenly, unsure himself of what to say or do. I didn't quite understand it either. I had looked for him, with wanting and he had come to me willingly. But here we were.

"Sorry…I heard a noise above me…couldn't help it" my excuse was lame and he saw right through me. But didn't call me out on it. He shook his head and raised an eyebrow; his lip pouted naturally.

"Yeah yeah…you're like yer Cousin; way too curious an' always lookin' for trouble"

"I guess I found it tonight" I said with a point to his chest. He smirked playfully as I giggled, way, way to happily. He smiled to me breezily; the first open smile with no other emotion attached to it. He looked me up and down once, probably scanning me doing his job.

"Thought ya were at Casey's" he said with an accused tone.

"Thought you weren't stalking me" I added with a playful raised expression. He grumbled again as I laughed. He turned his back to me and sulkily turned around.

"Oh come on Raphael… what's a girl gotta do to make you smile huh?" I said confidently. He smirked mischievously to me.

"You got any more beer?"…

I chuckled holding my balcony door open for him.

"Come on in stalker" I laughed smiling at him. He ate into it, moving quickly and happily into my flat as I shut the door… only slightly…

He turned to look at me with wide annoyed eyes. I giggled in delight at my plan.

"You're so easy to wind up" I told him as I clicked the door shut waiting for the lock…

And thats how everything began...

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