Jess could smell the scent of the hotel detergent on the pillowcase as she buried her face in it. Her bare stomach was pressed into the mattress underneath her as Nick thrust himself hard between her legs, causing her to bunch the pillow into her fists. Each roll of his hips sent a bolt of pleasure up through the centre of her body, and as much as she tried to drown the groans that fell from her mouth, there was little she could do to prevent herself from moaning loudly every time she felt him drive himself deeper inside her from behind.

"Oh, God...ohmygodddd..."

Jess felt Nick's lips attach themselves to her neck as he propped himself up with one arm at the side of her waist, the other gripped firm on her ass while holding her hip down in to the bed. He sucked hard at the spot midway between her shoulder and her earlobe, making Jess whine loudly and arch her back towards him as he continued his relentless pace. Nick opened his mouth to bite her - just hard enough to make her cry out in surprise, but not hard enough to make her tell him to stop.

"Fuck, you're so goddamn beautiful..." He gritted out, breath hot against the damp spot he had left on her skin before pulling back and thrusting into Jess one more time, making her climax explode through her body, fizzing itself all the way to the tips of her fingers in a delicious, continuous wave.

Jess came hard around Nick, muscles tightening involuntarily, feeling him release inside her immediately afterwards followed by a heavy weight pushing her down as he practically collapsed on top of her.

They stayed still for a few moments trying to catch their breath, slowly coming back to earth after their mind-blowing encounter.

"Well...Happy Birthday to me...!" panted Jess with a giggle, too exhausted to move as her body lay prone on the hotel bed. She turned her head just the slightest amount to try and feel the cool air blowing towards them from the A/C unit on the opposite side of the room.

"Uh-huh." Nick grunted, eyes closed as he desperately drew fast breaths into his lungs, head still swimming in a post orgasm haze, body lying on top of hers - his chest damp from exertion and sticking to the skin of her back. Conscious of the fact he was probably squashing her, and using the very last of any remaining energy he had, Nick rolled himself sideways, sprawling onto his back on the pillow next to Jess. His arms fell limply at his sides as he huffed out a satisfied, throaty chuckle, clearly proud of his performance. Jess just about found the strength to turn on to her back, letting her face flop to the right so she could rest her forehead on his shoulder, kissing a little trail across his salty skin and feeling her body positively humming with contentment.

"I guess we should probably go check out before they come searching for us..." Nick mumbled, reaching a hand up to twirl his fingers tenderly in her hair. A gesture at odds with the explosively passionate sex they'd just indulged in.

"I guess so..." Jess agreed with a sigh, wondering how she was even going to walk straight after the past 48 hours.



When Nick had surprised her with a trip away as her birthday gift, Jess hadn't quite known what to expect - but it certainly wasn't the 5-star penthouse suite in a hotel that was far too upmarket for Nick to be able to afford. She'd actually laughed when he pulled his car up outside the building, genuinely thinking it was a joke and fully expecting him to carry their bags to the suitably fine - but far less expensive - motel across the road. Her jaw nearly hit the floor when instead, Nick grinned at her and walked confidently into the hotel lobby, passing their luggage to the bellboy. Jess followed in shocked silence as he approached the concierge to check in.

"Reservation in the name of Nicholas Miller?"

Jess had to admit, seeing him stood there among the ornate decor and expensive furnishing using his full name and handing over his card like he belonged there was ridiculously arousing. As he turned to beckon her over, Nick let out an amused chuckle and quirked a brow at her - it was only then that Jess had realised she was stood biting hard on her lip as she watched him.

Nick was wearing a light grey button up and black dress pants - which now made total sense, given their surroundings. The material of his shirt was accentuating his shoulders and as Jess followed him out of the entrance lobby, she couldn't take her eyes off the way his scapula were moving beneath it. Her head tilted ever so slightly to the side as she allowed herself a moment to appreciate the view.

As they waited for the elevator, Jess leaned her weight into him and ran a hand up his back.

"This place is amazing..." She whispered "...and please don't take this the wrong way, but how can you afford it?"

"I have my methods." Nick smirked, tapping a finger to the side of his nose.

"Are you sure? Because honestly, I don't mind paying my half?"

"Don't insult me, Jessica - this is your birthday present."

"I know, but_"

"But nothing, it's all paid for."

There was a moment of silence before Jess turned her head towards him, her face deadly serious.

"You didn't rob a bank, did you Nick?"

"Don't be crazy...do you think I'd actually tell you if I did?" He countered, leaning down to cup her chin, his fingers gently stroking her jaw as he kissed her to stem the tide of questions "Now, would ya please stop interrogating me so we can enjoy our weekend?"

From the second the elevator doors closed, Jess found herself feeling frisky as hell having gotten all hot under the metaphorical collar while watching Nick finish up at the desk, not to mention the way he had kissed her just now which did little to lower her blood pressure. She loved it when he held her face, it made her insides flutter and her heart beat faster. Realising no other guests were in the elevator, she leant up close against his chest while reaching past him for the button to their floor, catching Nick off guard by pressing her lips to his throat where she could practically taste his cologne and letting her hand drop lazily to rest against his crotch - feeling him go hard under her touch and hearing him hiss in appreciation as she stroked idly up and down over his trousers. Nick's fingers traced up the outsides of her legs, coming round to rest on the back of her thighs, just under the hem of her skirt. Jess tilted her face to meet his, sighing into his mouth before kissing him hungrily.

By the time the doors pinged open again, they were barely able to make it to their suite before Nick immediately lifted her into his arms, carrying her to the bed as he proceeded to push her skirt up round her waist - which was pretty impressive considering that the whole time he was still kissing her with such an intense urgency that Jess could feel herself becoming more aroused by the second. His hands where everywhere and her mind couldn't keep track of all the places he was touching her. She gasped as he sucked on her earlobe and, leaning over her, Nick quickly moved her underwear to one side - brushing his knuckles across her and making Jess moan as he unbuckled his belt to free himself from his boxers in super quick time, not even bothering to step out of his pants before lining himself up between her legs. Her ankles wrapped together around his hips, digging her heels into his butt as she tilted her pelvis up to meet him - both of them sucking in a deep breath as he entered her with no pleasantries. It was fast and frantic - his hips slamming into hers until her whimpers became a continuous whine in his ear, and it wasn't long until Nick was covering her open mouth with his own to swallow the noises Jess made as she came in record time.

And so began the filthiest weekend of her entire life...

Nick had fucked her senseless since the moment they arrived, there was no other way to describe it. It was hot, passionate, loud sex and Jess had lost count of the number of times he'd made her orgasm.

Turned out sex away from the loft was even better than sex inside the loft - which was pretty darn great to begin with - plus there was the added bonus that they didn't even have to think about whether Schmidt was listening, or if they were going to wake Winston in the next room over.

And it felt pretty damn liberating