Phoenix Wright Turnabout Guest

One day Phoenix was in bed Then he was waken up by Maya

"Nick get out of bed were having guests today" so Nick got out of bed and brushed his teeth and put his tie on and went downstairs Maya was dead in the kitchen Phoenix ran to her side and tried to get air into her mouth but he was too late She was dead

"Who is responsible for this" Phoenix glared and then Gumshoe came and Larry was arrested who was in the back yard Phoenix decided to defend Larry even though he didnt believe him but he wanted to find the truth

"Court is in session" said the judge

"I am ready" said Edgeworth "Larry killed Maya with a knife this was a premeditated murder"

"Objection" shouted Phoenix "How can it be premeditated if the knife belonged to me which means Larry didnt bring a knife Ladies and gentleman of the court if you are planning to murder someone you dont forget the weapon"

"Phoenix you idiot use logic you inferior minded scum" said Edgeworth "Larry didnt bring a knife because he knew there would be knives at the crime scene because the crime scene was a kitchen"

Phoenix was defeated so Edgeworth called his witness The witness was the guest they were having that day

"I was seated at the kitchen table ready to eat when Larry came and stabbed Maya It pierced her immediately"

"Objection" Phoenix pointed "The murder weapon was a butter knife"

The witness was shocked and confused

"This must mean that the murder weapon was something else Something sharp enough to pierce Maya quickly so it had to have been Guests knife in his pocket"

Edgeworth was confused so Phoenix told him that Guest was the killer and he stabbed Maya quickly and thats why he said Maya was stabbed easily because the murder weapon wasnt actually the butter knife it was the bread knife Guest brought with him to murder Maya

Guest got angry and asked for proof Phoenix said that they could just test the bread knife for blood so Guest passed out and was defeated

When the police questioned him later Phoenix found out the motive It turns out Guest wrote terrible reviews on Mayas fanfiction and he wanted to kill her for her bad writing

After the trial:

Phoenix was with Maya who was being channeled by Pearl and she was sad

"You really think I might be a bad writer"

"No Maya" smiled Phoenix and he said "Take that Maya your not a bad writer look at all these stories youve written Youll be a great writer some day"

"Thanks Nick" Maya stopped crying "Lets get burgers"

So Maya and Phoenix went out to eat burgers

The End