Fairy Prince

A/N: A one-shot for KyokoRen Week 2018. Prompt: Cry.

. . .

The rustling of the leaves and the quiet murmur of the stream was all that broke the silence in the clearing. A young woman sat near the stream, a glittering rock held between her hands as tears silently rolls down her cheeks. Taking a deep breath, the woman wipes at her tears and carefully stores her precious keepsake away. It had been hard coming back here, even after so long. So many memories lived in this city for her. Some good, some bad. It had been the bad that had sent her out here, searching for her childhood place of solace. It was not the same after so many years, but it still had enough familiarity to prompt fond reminiscences of days with her secret childhood friend. It also helped stop the bad memories from filling her head.

Standing up, the woman looks around, drinking in the serenity of her surroundings. Gradually, the she becomes aware someone else was in the clearing with her. Glancing up, the woman smiles. Just like so long ago, he had found her in the woods. The man comes over and pulls her into his arms. Cupping her cheek, he gently wipes away the last of her tears. After a few minutes the man quietly asks, "Alright Kyoko-chan?"

Nodding, the woman smiles at the emphasis on the honorifics. "You won't let me live that down, will you? I was six!"

Pulling back slightly, the woman continues, "I'm okay to return to the house now. Everything just came crashing back for a moment there." Noting the darkening sky, "We should hurry back before Father eats all of the dinner."

"Must we?" The man asks, reluctantly letting her go.

"Yes! And I insist you eat everything he gives you." The woman teases as she grabs his hand and starts walking out of the clearing. Her heart felt lighter now, no longer oppressed by the bad memories. Just like when she was a child, the magic of this place helped to brighten her mood. All thanks to the serenity of the clearing, her keepsake and this man, her very own fairy prince.