The man felt the air shift as the bullet flew though past him, barely grazing his face along the way. Backing up, he studies the man across from him before rushing forward, shoulders hunched.

I'm not falling for that again, the other man grimaces as he watches the specter in front of him. Steadying his breath, he wills his hand to stop shaking as he takes aim. Closing his eyes briefly, he thinks, He's just a man, you can do this. Opening them again he looks ahead and blanches. Where is he?! He was just in front of me! A sound beside his ear has him turning, a rush of dread filling him as he looks into the man's soulless eyes. A scarred hand comes up and shoves a knife to his neck while the other rips the gun from his hand. Looking into the face of death, he notices a bit of blood on the other man's face. A fresh gash welling over the ripped and scarred flesh. So he can bleed, is his last thought before the blade flashes across his neck. Blood spurts over the killer before he pushes his prey away. The body slumping to the ground, slowly turning cold as the lifeless eyes stare unseeing into the distance.


The stage hands rush forward, towels in hand to help clean up the fake blood that had sprayed all over the set. Walking away from the chaos, Cain heads over to the cast rest area. The menacing aura of death and blood lust permeating from him scaring away all the other staff members. He settles into a chair before looking around slowly for a towel when he hears some one approach.

Cain looks up leisurely admiring the long legs and beautiful body of the woman in front of him, a mild expression of irritation flashing across his face at her short skirt, before looking into her eyes.
Settling into a crouch between his legs, she pulls his head down before starting to wipe his face. Her fingers stroke him as she unhurriedly removes the blood, pausing to make sure every so often that none was actually his blood.
"I have shivers all over. It's a pity you weren't allowed to drag the scene out any longer."
Cain grunts at her words as he grabs her waist and pulls her closer, up onto his lap. The torture of her hands moving across his face and the view of her placement between his legs becoming too much.

Steadying her with one hand at her waist, he uses the other to take the towel from her and places it on the chair beside them. Bringing his free hand back up, he caresses her face as he stares into her eyes. Leaning forward, he whispers into her ear, "Missed you."
The blush that steals across her face causes his hand at her waist to spasm, wishing to pull her even closer. To pull her fully onto his lap and fuse their bodies together. Get a grip, stay in character, he chants to himself as he continues to caress her. Watching her expressions he wills himself to keep his hands at her face and her waist, to not dip them lower to more… rounded areas. Twisted brother not amorous lover. Keep it together.

A while later she pulls back, standing up from his lap, the feel of him so close to her threatening her heart. Quick, think of something to say before you melt into a puddle of longing!
"Kouji dies?" The question coming out slow and considering as she pulls him up and starts to wipe at the drying blood on his clothes.
"Alternate endings." Is his response as he lets her fuss with the costume.
"…You are feeling better?" The real question of why are you here showing in his eyes. Setsuka wasn't supposed to show up during the reshoots in Tokyo.
She looks up and answers, "I'm feeling better, but had to find a new place to rest."
"…Our room was not comfortable enough for you?"
"Not without Nii-san there. Too many annoying flies."
His face lights up briefly in understanding, before concern takes over. How much did the reporters know? Were they just following Cain now that the premiere date was rolling closer or did they know about Tsuruga?
"Were you able to get rid of them?"
"None at the new place for now. I came to get you so you could check."
Nodding slightly, Cain pats Setsuka on the head.
"Wait here then. I'll finish soon and then we can see about dealing with those flies."

A/N: Uggh I hate naming chapters. Also, how does a bullet flying past your face even sound? I hope you enjoyed one of my first attempts at a fight scene for Skip Beat! I was going to write about the fight solely but couldn't stop myself from throwing in some Ren (Kuon?)/ Kyoko interactions as well... even if it's as the Heel siblings.