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13/06/2018 5:48pm

On a soccer playground there was a young group of people playing, but they aren't the "people" you are thinking 'cause they were none other than the World Cup mascots, such as Fuleco, Footix, Zabivaka or even Ciao!

As most of the times, they decide to play an animal's vs. humanoids match; they were 2-2 and went to a golden goal, however. Rachel Brown was Zabivaka's assistant and she came to take him to his room in the Luzhniki Stadium, this was because tomorrow was the 2018 World Cup inauguration and she was the one in charge to make Zabivaka present in the inauguration

-C'mon Zabi, we gotta go now, you need to be ready for tomorrow- she said

-Oh, please Mss. Brown just let me finish this match we're both tied!-Said Zabivaka who though it wasn't that late

-I'm sorry, I was informed that we need to be in the stadium before 6:00pm

-But what we will do with the match? - Said Zakumi who was also sad that Zabivaka was leaving

-Just find another replacement, or wait until tomorrow to finish it- Replied Mss. Brown

-Guys it's okay-said Zabi- You can call Guaki to come here too, or you can wait until tomorrow

-Who's Guaki? – asked Willie

-Oh, you know, is that Venezuelan macaw, goodbye for now!

-Oh, ok… Does anyone have Guaki's number? - asked Willie

-Nah- they said

Luzhniki Stadium 6:10pm

-Finally, Zabivaka, we arrived, you should take a bath and prepare for tomorrow, your dinner will be ready in a few minutes

-Ok, thanks Mss. Brown-he stood quiet for a sec- Mss. Brown can I do one thing before tomorrow?

-What is it?

-Can I practice just a bit outside? On the field

-What? Right now?

-Yes, just a bit, to finish our match tomorrow

-Oh, I'm sorry but I think you can't, you see, we need the field to be alright for tomorrow, and I'm afraid that…

-Don't worry Mss. Brown I promise that I'll be careful. Please!

Rachel sighed

-It's ok then, go, but only before 7:00pm ok?

-Ok, thank you Mss. Brown

Zabivaka grabbed his ball and went outside to the Luzhniki field; the stadium still looked big even when he had visited it so many times

Finally the wait is over he thought

He then placed his ball in the starting point of the field, he looked around again, took a deep sigh, and he started playing

He went running through the field playing with "himself" as he was narrating what he was doing

And here comes Zabivaka against Saudi Arabia, he gets closer to the area, he's ready to shoot! And he shoots!

At this moment he kicked the ball so hard, that it ripped one section of the net,

-Wait what?!-He shouted loudly -Oh no! B-But I thought these nets were resistant?

He stood there shocked for a while

-Oh my god what am I going to do now?!

He went to check the ripped section, and tried to "put it together" again, then he grabbed his ball and when he was about to leave he saw something like a something shiny coming from the hole he made in the net

-Huh? What is that?

And that is the first chapter, kind of short I guess, but tell me what you think and how can I get improved bye and thanks for reading!