Sixth and final chapter of the story. The mascots will now do a third visit, but this visit they will not return

I do not own Zootopia or the mascots in this story

-"Hello Mss. Brown"-said Zabivaka who wasn't planning on making an excuse

-"Um… hello… I did not expect to see Fuleco and Zakumi, what are they doing here?"

-"We're just… visiting"-said Zakumi but got interrupted by Zabivaka

-"No. Look Mss. Brown, I kicked a ball, revealing a portal which led us to another city full of animal that look like us, and we liked that city so much, that… that… we're planning to go there… to live, 'cause maybe there we can finally be football stars. And I wanted to ask you the permission to do it… Can we?"

Rachel stood there quietly leaving the food on a table

-"You've already told me this before…"

-"Ya Know what? Mss. Brown"-started to say Zakumi-"I didn't believe him either when he first told me the story. But think, why would we be so happy to go to a "fake" city? Think about it"

-"If this city was real, and you said that you accessed via a ball, why it didn't worked when Zabivaka showed it to me?"-she said

-"We are starting to think that maybe it doesn't work when humans are present or that it can't be done on a spot it was already done"-said Fuleco

-"In that case, try it on another spot, I'll follow you and I don't know, I'll hide so there aren't any humans around"

-"Is that true Mss. Brown"-said Zabivaka excited

-"Yes it is, but now, where are you planning to "make a portal"?"

-"On… the screen"-said Zabi

-"What?! You know that everything you do I have to pay it right?! No, no, no, just try it on another stadium, I will take you there. Geez"

They all cheered.

Rachel took the three mascots to the nearer stadium still doubting that a city like that could exist, but she knew she wasn't to lose anything and that it was going to be a weird moment.

When they arrived at the stadium, Zabivaka put Footix's ball on the penalty point again while Rachel leaved a few meters, and when he shooted –not that hard- and once again it revealed a portal which they all were happy about. And Rachel got closer

-"So I see now"-she said-"It is real, and if you're leaving, I may say Goodbye"

-"Don't worry Mss. Brown"-said Zabivaka-"I'm pretty sure we will be fine, is just that… We feel that there's the place we should live in"

-"Yeah I believe is right, hope you feel… comfortable"

-"One last thing… Take this ball back to Footix"

Just before they were about to enter the called Rachel called

-"Wait Zabi! Can I…? Can you… give me something so I can remember you?"

-"Of course!"-he said while giving him his glasses

-"Are you sure you want to give me this?"

-"Yeah, I can buy another one… Are you sure you will be alright without me?"

-"Of course, we have the tiger and cat somewhere so they can appear when the tournament ends"

-"Alright goodbye Rachel, thanks for everything"

And they entered

-"Goodbye Zabivaka the Wolf. I will miss him so much, what a nice wolfie"

When they entered the portal they appeared inside a building, but they knew it was the ZPD and that Nick and Judy were around but they did not take long on find them 'cause the cops also saw them when they arrived

-"Fuleco, Zakumi, Zabivaka! You came back!"-said Judy

-"Yes we are"-said Zakumi-"But when we were about to leave you told Fuleco and me that we could stay so we came to… live here"

-"If you say that this is the city where you should live, then yes I can help you, the three of you"

She then added

-"Oh and Zabi, on your first visit you lost something, and we've found it"-she said while giving Zabivaka, his ball

-"Whoa, thank you so much Judy!"

What Judy did to help the mascots was first she lodged them in his house for a few months, which it wasn't that big but it was comfy.

Zabivaka missed one big thing which it was obviously the World Cup however, they decide to make a massive poll online which it was if the idea of making a "World Cup" was good, and it wasn't good 'cause it was great with a lot of people liking the idea (The format was the same but instead of 32 teams it was 32 species).

And in that same year the Zootopia World Cup 1st edition started which of course just as ours it was a massive hit. Even that it wasn't same as our world, Zabivaka, Fuleco and Zakumi enjoyed the city, like if it was one of ours.



Guaki –the Venezuelan macaw from the 2007 American cup who Zabi called while he was punished- had come to a Russia hotel however something saw a bit off 'cause the world cup had ended, until someone knocked his door.

-"Hello, Guaki, I'm Footix, and I'm sad to tell you that you're kinda late"

-"Oh it ended right?"

-"Yes, and happily our country won, but don't worry we're here to take you to the Female World Cup in France next year or we can take you to your home again"

-"Excuse me "We're"?"

-"Oh I'm sorry, let me introduce to my daughter, come on Ettie!"

A yellow chicken appeared and waved Guaki's hand, where Guaki got astonished by her look

-"Hello Guaki"-she said-"Nice to meet you, I'm Ettie and I'm the mascot for the Female world cup in France, next year"

-"So"-continued Footix-"Are you coming?"

Guaki thought for a minute and going to France with that chicken was a brilliant idea

-"Yes"-he decided-"I'm going"

And this story ended, hope you had fun reading because I had fun writing it. Tell me what you thought about this, I'm planning on a sequel with a pretty favorite mascot. However I have other projects in mind first, and I will do the sequel if this story is successful. Thanks for reading and Goodbye!