Wakeup Call

A Mutant X Brennan/Shalimar Fanfic

He looks boyish in sleep.

His dark hair is dishevelled, waving and standing on end in sections. Long eyelashes shadow his cheeks and his chest is bare, rising and falling with every breath. Their shared sheet lays like an afterthought just above his bellybutton. An arm is draped possessively across her hip, fingers grazing the dimples of her lower back.

Shalimar lounges facing him, head propped up by a bent elbow and idly strokes his hand. She pays special attention to the band on his fourth finger, the ring which replaced his com-link. She has a matching one.

When Brennan joined Mutant X, there had always been an almost immediate, underlying tension between them. Both had been aware of the attraction.

It took almost two years before they were willing to give voice to that initial, inescapable draw to one another; an interest that had deepened as they moved forward. Their bond strengthened and even bettered the team. Emma and Jesse still tease mercilessly and Adam doesn't waste an opportunity to take credit for their meeting in the first place...but despite the smirks, glib remarks and rolled eyes, there is a blanket joy in Sanctuary.

He grunts and the hand previously on her hip moves to absently rub an eyelid. He stretches slightly, unaware that it causes the sheet to slip downward further. She can feel the feral side of herself purr inwardly in appreciation. He's beautiful half-awake...and more open to suggestion.

He tugs playfully at her thigh and she rewards him by shifting closer. She'd press every inch of herself to him if it was physically possible.

Her fingers run down the plane of his chest, ghosting over his abs, marvelling at the stuttering breaths her actions produce, igniting his desire. When he pulls her in for a kiss, cradling her neck, she can feel the tiny jolts of energy pulsing from his fingertips; his power, like hers, awakened naturally by touch.

As he eases back, the dazed look of masculine approval instinctively causes her eyes to shift. She sees through a crimson-gold filter, feels the hurried beat of his heart. This time her deep growl is audible.

And rather than unnerving him, the catlike slits and wild sound bring his mouth to hers again. His thumbs graze her cheek. She hooks a leg at his waist, nipping at his jaw. Another possessive growl; he echoes with a long, satisfied sigh.

"Shal." His voice is breathy.

He captures her hand as it halts at the sheet and before she can react, he's manoeuvred them both so she's resting fully on top of him. "A guy could get used to wakeup calls like this."

Her chuckle is throaty. "With me around Bren, I promise... you'll never need an alarm clock."