AO3 Blank Slate Stories : Was he... Jasper Jordan : by Kamishawe


He could die if one thing went wrong.

The ramp was a 90 degree curve.
He was doing a double back flip while moving sideways.
In the opposite direction was a 45 degree down slope for him to land.

Pulling down the visor, Skull revved the engine.

He wanted it, that split second.
Where time stopped and breath halted.
A flash to a life beyond memory.

A spear to the chest.
A dealer of death.
A love lost to choices.

People in ruins.
Kisses from the grave.
An air so toxic it burned.

A good bye to family.
Brothers and sisters alike.
To all the world on fire.

From the ashes they may rise.
For him, a split second.
Again they meet.

Jasper let go of the handlebars.

The stage lights scorched.
Adrenaline rich blood sizzled
He did not want to survive.

He wanted more.
Life at its fullest.
He did what they could not.

For every heart that no longer beat.
He lived for every breath.

For that split second, he remembered,
and forgot it again in the next.