(A lab in Death Valley, CA).

Inside of the lab were ten experiments. Six Human-Avian hybrids, stuck in cages within another set of cages were other experiments. The eldest, who'd spent her life in the lab . She had long purple hair and Indigo eyes. She had the tail of a lion. The scientists gave her no name. Merely a series of numbers. The other experiments nicknamed her 'Nala.' After the lion king character.

Next to her cage, was a smaller cage. Containing a younger hybrid. This was Nala's sister, who was a human-bear hybrid (brown bear specifically). She had Bear fangs in her mouth, bear ears and a little bear tail just above her hindquarters. She had pink hair (that, due to her DNA, was brown in some areas) and Indigo eyes (the same as her sister's ). Her nickname was ' Euhpie.' It was her first word . Hence, since the scientists never named her, why they called her that.

Across from Euhpie, was one of the youngest (if not the youngest) experiments in the lab. She was their half-sister. She had long sandy brown hair, and the same violet eyes as her siblings. She was the world's first hybrid of human and Fruit Bat. She had bat ears on her head and bat wings on her back. As well, her teeth had been modified, to only chew fruit . Her nickname was 'Acer.' After one of the Fruit Bat's many Latin names.

Next to her cage, was the only male experiment among the four of them. Acer's full brother, and Nala and Euhpie's half-brother. He had short black hair and the same violet eyes as his sisters. He was also a bat hybrid. But, unlike his youngest sister. . He was the world's first hybrid of human. And Vampire Bat. As if the myth of Vampires.. Had been made a reality . He had bat ears on his head and bat wings on his back. he called himself.. Dracula. It seemed appropriate.

They suffered for years. the only friends they had. . Were six other experiments. Human-Avian hybrids, whose cages weren't far from theirs. Every day, they suffered. Only being taken out of their cages, to test their abilities. Cruel experiments preformed on them everyday.

One day, they were finally able to get out.

One of the scientists came to speak to them. She had long green hair and yellow eyes. She was pale and dressed in all white.

Dracula looked at her (which, with so many lights on, was difficult for a guy who's part bat). He said , hostile towards the woman, "Who are you?" Of all the other scientists he'd seen. . This one actually stood out from the others.

She said, looking at the four, "Call me CC. I'm the one who's going to get you out of here." She knew their parents, personally. She wanted to get them as far as possible, from the lab (but it would be some time, before she could escort them home).

Dracula simply scoffed, "Yeah. And I'm the Prince of Texas." He knew the other scientists would never let them leave. And, would more than likely, kill anyone who tried to let them out.

CC said, in a monotone voice, "You're right about one thing. You're a Prince." They all looked at her, "The four of you, are half siblings. You have different mothers, but the same father. Your father is the Emperor of Britannia."

The Holy Britannian Empire. Often called Canada. One of the Earth's biggest Empires. Just north of the USA. To know that their father was an Emperor.. would shock any child to the core.

CC continued, "I am sorry. I can't take you back to the Empire just yet. We have a stop to make first." She couldn't just take them back to Britannia. It would be the first place the enemy would look.

Acer asked the woman, worried, "What about.. Max and her Flock? " Max was the leader of the Human-Avian hybrids. They were friends. They couldn't just leave them there.

CC replied, "One of my associates is taking them out of here as well." She looked at the time, as she opened their cages. She said , "We have to hurry up and get out of here." She opened the last cage, "My associate should have your friends in the car by now." She picked up Acer, and Nala picked up Euhpie. They ran out of the building, meeting with the 'associate.'

Dracula looked in the car and saw his six friends, all accounted for, and ready to escape.

They ran off to another car (one CC had stolen) and got in. The two cars drove out of the lab in opposite directions (the car with the Avian hybrids going East, and the car driven by CC going West).

As the other three fell asleep, Nala asked, "We can't just go to the Empire. I know that. But, where will we go, till the hunt for us dies down? " She knew they'd never stop hunting them. But, they couldn't search forever. But, till the heat died down.. Where were they going?

CC replied, smirking, "The last place they would think to look for a Britannian Prince, and three Princesses." She had just the place in mind.

Nala asked, confused, "And just where would that be? "


(Yes. I wanted to do something different.

Here's who's whom:

Nala: Cornelia.

Euhpie: Euhpemia (kinda obvious).

Acer: Nunnally.

Dracula: Lelouch.

Till next time.)