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Drazu Azule Files

Original Character Information:

First Name: Kuro/Drazu

Last Name: Tsukasa/Azule

Nicknames: S.S (Special Subject) Experiment DR-47U, Ultra-Monster, Crimson-Devourer, Red Saviour, Humans' Destruction, The Walking Apocalypse, Indescribable Monstrous Human, Celestial Hero, The Fall of Gods, Champion of Terraria, The Alternate Universes' Strongest, Weapon God, Strongest of Versions

Race: Ultra-Human, Celestial Terrarian

Gender: Male

Age: 3781

Family Members:

Akame Tsukasa (foster younger sister)
Sukane Tsukasa (foster older sister)
Akane Tsukasa (foster mother)
Subaru Tsukasa (foster father)
Unnamed blood father
Unnamed blood mother

Hair Color: Red (Drazu), Pale White (Kuro)

Eye Color: Black/Green (Drazu), (right) Crimson Red, (Left) Dark Purple (Kuro)

Height: Slightly above average

Body Build: Well-built

Occupation: Student, JSDAF (Japan Self-defense Air Force) Pilot, Azure Section's Lab Rats, Graduated Terrene Protectorate

Affiliation: Unknown High School, JSDAF, Quantemela Labatory,

Talents: Killing, Assassinations, Stealing, Sneaking, Infiltrations, Cooking, Cleaning, Fighting, Strategizing, Drawing

Forbidden Items:

Flasks of Ichor
Solar Fragments
Nebula Fragments
Stardust Fragments
Vortex Fragments
Terra Blade
True Excalibur
True Night's Edge


Solar Flare Set


Hades Flamed Loki's set hidden under normal clothes


"He stood at the top peak of beings, alone and unconquered. What is his fate, that is for him to decide; either destroy or create, either kill or save, either devour or be devoured. An endless choices bestowed upon him and he is the one to decide it on his own, he writes his own fate…"

-Goddess of the Oracle, Ferika to Dracula, Vladina

Drazu is a collected and calm person. He talked in calm demeanor even if it was really serious. Sometimes, he talked like he doesn't care anything. He likes to tease curious people by making a fake, yet good and real-like stories. His stories will always be filled with heavy morals that reflected on emotions and reality. He can act really well and does it to his advantage in certain situation. He also has a good sense of humor according to some people.

Drazu was supposed to be a pure and kind-hearted person, but Kuro won't have it another way. He will kill when he needs to and does it without hesitation. However, Drazu can be kind at times and helps people who needed it. Kuro's love for killing and seeing flesh and blood made Drazu to enjoy killing brutally, but Drazu came to despised it. Although he accepted that he was a monster, he won't accept that he was similar to Kuro.

During battle, Drazu would not underestimate his opponent even though he knew that his opponent is weaker. He would try to act like he was underestimating his opponent so that the opponent can show their powers. Also, he like to taunt his opponents.

Kuro is another personality from which was before Drazu even existed as the main personality. The body that both Drazu and Kuro used is actually Kuro's. At first, Kuro was a normal boy that has a few problems. He has emotions but his face doesn't make facial expressions except for certain times. However, judged by his appearance, he was used to be thought as an expressionless boy by everyone except for his family and childhood friend, Reimson Sotalez Sakura, who had fallen for him since they were kids.

After he lost his sisters in a black hole at the Quantemela Laboratory, Kuro blacked out and his body unconsciously moved in its own and started to cause chaos around many countries. When he awoken up from his rage, Kuro was traumatized by a sight that lead his mind to be broken and became crazy. In further arc, Kuro became the most evil and darkest being that ever existed in the alternate universes. Kuro will eat anything that seems "edible" and "delicious". Kuro does not think of anything other than eating and killing.

Kuro's phrase is the "Don't forget to smile" as a sign that his mind was broken by Akame and Sukane's death.


"Has a look of an unimportant person, but he's more important than he wants us to know. But well, I'm pretty sure that he's a lady killer especially with that red hair and his calm demeanor. Xylia even has interest in him! Kuh! I'm so jealous!"

-Arms Dealer, Dante to the Clothier, James

Kuro usually wore a black hoodie, purple undershirt, a pair of black jeans and sneakers with a skull mask that made him looked really intimidating before the death of Akame and Sukane. He has the same facial features as Drazu before Drazu defeated Moon Lord. After Drazu defeated Moon Lord, Kuro has pale white hair combed back, his right eye is crimson-red and his left eye is dark-purple. His teeth are sharper and longer than Drazu.

In Apocalypse Arc, Drazu is safe to say that he has attractive features. He has a pair of black-onyx eyes, long, red and smooth hair that covered his left eye. After his sisters' death, he wore a black leather jacket, dark blue jeans and black boots.

In the New Earth Arc and Starbound Arc, he was more than 20 years old. He wore black unbuttoned jacket, dark grey shirt with Sakura's dog tag around his neck and simple black converse shoes. When getting out to battle, Drazu wore Apex armor uniform with white scarf.

In Terraria Arc, Tournament of Weapons Arc and War of Versions Arc, he looked younger, similar to when he was 18. Drazu wore black leather fingerless gloves, black cloak, dark grey undershirt, light brown trousers and black boots with red, white and black shoe laces and the dog tag Sakura gave around his neck. He also has the ring he bought for Sakura on his ring finger at his right hand hidden under the fingerless glove. When he was in full power, his clothes will be changed into blue-flamed armors with his right eyes glowed red and has wings that flaps like waving water. When Drazu is at peace, his eyes turned into leafy-green.

In the alternate after story; A Saiyan's Journey in a Dungeon, he looked like he was in his 20s same like he was back in Starbound Arc. His voice sounded a bit rough and matured. He is a bit taller than he was I Terraria and wore chromed-silver light armor with long black coat, chainmail with dark grey undershirt under it, black jean-like pants and black boots with some metal attached in certain parts. There is the dog tag Sakura gave strapped onto his right side of his waist.

In the alternate story to Starbound Arc; The Weapon of the Black Blood, he looked younger like he was in his 19 years old. His hair is a bit longer. He wore a scarf in a Shinobi fashion. He wore black fingerless gloves, black leather jacket left unzip, revealing Sakura's black-framed dog tag, his right arm has light armors, dark blue jeans with metal belt and boots with metal strap at certain parts. He had the chained-great sword he used in Apocalypse Arc strapped on his back.

In Hebijo Academy, he wore the male uniform consist of black blazer with red trims and black pants. He unbuttoned his blazer and like his usual outfit style, he reveal Sakura's black-framed dog tag.


He likes sweet & spicy and cats.


Needless wars, deaths and kill.

The History


Drazu Azule & Tsukasa Kuro

Before he was named Drazu Azule, he was actually a four-year old half-Japanese boy that was adopted into a Japanese family and was named Tsukasa Kuro. Kuro was not normal unlike any other normal boys, he cannot create facial expression, has no interest in female bodies, doesn't understand lust and had physical capabilities far beyond human. In truth, Kuro broken his Human Limiter and was stronger and far different than any humans existed in his real universe. However, at the age of 21, when he was going on in a trip to Panneibru in New Asia with his family to see a launching of a vehicle that allows Space Travel, a terrible accident happened.

Panneibru was struck by an unknown virus that turns humans into undead that had Super Human capabilities. His father, Subaru and his mother, Akane was bitten due to the undead horde despite saving them from it. His sisters, Akame and Sukane, didn't know what to do until Kuro came into a conclusion. He must kill both of his parents and his parents didn't against it as they instead encouraged him. He promised them that he'll take care both Akame and Sukane. Akame and Sukane was disgusted and depressed by his decision, but came to understand it as they don't want to see their parents turning into a monster.

After the terrible accident, the virus spread throughout Earth, killing millions of lives. Kuro, Akame and Sukane had to shelter in Panneibru since they had no flight to get into back to their home. They sheltered under a large bridge, completely safe from the undead because under the bridge was surrounded by water. Kuro was the one to get the foods and drinks for Akame and Sukane. Kuro had to go out at night to hunt for intelligent undead that only lurks around the darkness, Night Crawlers. These undead are not the normal undead, they're more intelligent and had quite keen senses.

Kuro had to dispose of those that are near the place he and his sisters are sheltered in. In return, he always was injured in the morning. That concludes Kuro to find any flight vehicles to get out of Panneibru and headed in an empty island. After months passed by, Kuro found a jet in a military base. Kuro had visited many safe heavens, places that are protected from the Night Crawlers and the undead. He collected this information from a former soldier in Panneibru. He told his sisters and they all decided to leave Panneibru for good. Kuro had to lead them safely across the streets and the city to a private military base.

Kuro, Akame and Sukane arrived at the military base hidden deep within a thick forest. However, someone called for their help through a radio. Kuro and his sisters came to their aid as quick as possible, but what called for help wasn't calling for help at all. It was bunch of smugglers, trying to take their things and tried to rape both Akame and Sukane. To both of his sisters' shock, Kuro killed the smugglers without any mercy and brutally rip their bodies apart while laughing manically even though they were dead. The most shocking is that he has expression made on his face.

Kuro was snapped back from his intense violence and lead both of his sisters, who were frightened, to the military base. After getting in a jet, Kuro, with his experience in JSAF (Japan Special Air Force) training and his knowledge, he fly away with his sisters away from Panneibru. Unfortunately, the jet was shot down by a homing missiles from an anti-aircraft cannon and crashed down. Kuro was heavily injured from protecting Akame and Sukane, but thankfully, his sisters wasn't injured. They were caught by a group of people as they used Akame and Sukane as a hostage to force a weakened Kuro to follow them.

They were brought to a laboratory for nasty experiments. Kuro protected both Akame and Sukane by being the only experiment. In doing so, Kuro was discovered to have immune to the virus. His white blood cells can engulf the virus cleanly without any side effects and his red blood cells has nucleus, which means he can recover from blood loss. However, his blood cannot be transferred to another person as the high chances of the exhilaration and shock from it can instantly kill the person.

His feats are shown to be really high, his durability was the same as he survived from a hard-core plane crash with no metal scraps impaling him. Kuro was then was deducted to be an Ultra-Human. A human with capabilities far and far beyond even the Super Humans. He was used to further experiment in creating Ultra-Soldiers that obey any commands given without giving a thought of it. Therefore, he was named S.S (special subject) DR-47U.

He was placed in Azure Section, where he met many other immunes. However, unlike him, they have a limit to how much they can intake the virus. In result, Kuro lived in days with killing kids or teenagers when they turned almost every month. But thanks to being an experiment, Akame and Sukane were safe from being an experiment. But he was wrong. One day, when they were having a gravitational field test, Akame and Sukane were used as experiments. Kuro was enraged and tried to save them, but they used his sisters as a shield, threatening him that they'll kill them if he protests.

During the process, everything went fine and his sisters was alright. But, an accident occurred. They created a black hole smaller than a speck of a dust and it was sucking both Akame and Sukane in it. Kuro came to their aid and held on to them. But if he won't let go, he'll be pulled in too. Akame and Sukane let themselves go but not before they say their goodbyes to him and telling him to not forget to smile. After they got sucked in, the black hole disappeared after one of the scientists deactivated it through any scientific means.

Traumatized by the death of his sisters, Kuro killed all the people in the laboratory, including the immunes. Not just he killed them, he also ate them alive. Kuro became insane and the only thing he knows is kill and eat. His killing and acts of cannibalism was spread through many cities to countries. That resulted him to turn even stronger than Ultra-Humans. Many militaries had tried to stop him, but he was too powerful to stop. After more than two years, Kuro finally woke up from his craziness and was traumatized again by a sight.

He was grabbing intestines, babies' intestines and ate them like an animal. Kuro then, went blackout. He had gone into coma for months before a new personality was created from his bits of his memories and his traumas. This new personality called himself as Drazu Azule. Drazu came from his name as an S.S, DR-47U and Azule came from the section he was chose to stay in, Azure but he pronounced it in Japanese-style. The Tsukasa Kuro was still inside, but it was no more other than a monster that ate its own kind.

Drazu ventured across the world, helping people that needed aid. After a year and more than six months later, Drazu met a half German, half Mexican and half Japanese woman, Reimson Sotalez Sakura. She was actually Kuro's childhood friend and had fallen in love with him ever since they were kids. She followed him wherever he goes. While following, they encountered a thug-looking survivor that tried to get his hands on their food rations. Sakura denied it and Drazu told her to kill him or not, he'll come back again and try to steal other people's ration.

Sakura did what she was told as she thought that there was a high chance of him killing or injured people. However, after she killed the person, Drazu simply chuckled at her action. Drazu told her to be ready to embrace and accept reality. Drazu checked the person's pockets on his trousers and jackets and found a picture. He smiled and threw the picture to Sakura was she took a look at it. It was a picture of family with the man hugging his wife and son. Drazu smiled and said that the one she killed was a father that tried to find foods and drinks for his family to survive.

Sakura was traumatized at what she'd done and always panicked when she grabbed a knife. Despite that, she still followed Drazu. While she was mad and angry at what Drazu had done, she came to accept him and loved Drazu than she was as she understood what Drazu was actually doing. As days, months and years goes by, Drazu came to appreciate her company and presence. Even though he showed many cruel, harsh and hurtful truths of reality, she still loved him. Despite many good men that loved her, she choose Drazu over all of them.

Drazu, during passed months, came to fall for her and wanted to ask her for marriage. However, her father, Askovoc Jierta Felix, took her back to their home before he can even ask her. Drazu pursued her and tried to take her back. However, he discovered that her father was one of the scientist that are trying to create a space vehicle and one of the scientists that experimented Kuro. He left before the gravitational field test and one of the cruelest people he had ever met. Injecting the virus into a girl and see her turn which Kuro had to kill.

Drazu took Sakura back but was stopped by an army. Felix needed her daughter's brain to develop technologies and that made Drazu sick. Drazu and Kuro fought in their consciousness. Kuro kept telling that Drazu can't protect Sakura and she'll be killed like how Akame and Sukane was killed. Kuro encouraged him to kill and becoming more like him, but Drazu denied it. He only disabled the army and did not killed them. He was aiming to kill Felix by thrusting his blade into his heart.

However, Sakura stepped in and protected her father. Drazu's blade killed Sakura and he fell into another trauma. Before Sakura released her last breath, she told Drazu to continue living and gave him her dog tag she always kept. She finally released her last breath and Drazu pinned all the blame to Felix and tried to kill him. However, Felix proposed an offer, letting him sleep inside a Hibernation Pod created by the Forward Corps.

Drazu asked him where it was and Felix blindly told him where. Drazu killed Felix brutally without any mercy. He dug a grave for Sakura and buried her. After that, he headed towards the Hibernation Pod. He slept for many, many and many years before waking up to find that human race survived the Virus. Apparently, he sleep in that Hibernation Pod for more than 3000 years making him 3739 years old. He was awoke by four women; Eliza Dwellworth, Diane Cerkas, Sugubashi Mako and Hakase Jubei.

During his sleep, people of Forward Corps was still making the Space Travel possible as it could save humanity from extinction. For years they've worked in it, they finally able to create a space vehicle without much of a problem to use. They've created one in Panneibru, but that one was trapped and perhaps was destroyed there. They created a big space ship, carrying good people in it. They left Earth and headed towards another Earth-like planet. Unbeknownst to them, they were also carrying a Hibernation Pod where Drazu was in because Felix was used to working with them.

All the people who were carried, then were put in Hibernation Pods as the trip to the new Earth will take a really, really, really long time. The human's advancement and evolution took for a better, they started to explore the universe, finding intelligent races much like them. Many decades passed by and humans become a really positive and optimistic creatures of all beings in the universe, having known for their discovery of other races and united them together.

However, there are still humans that are opposed to unite together with other races, claiming that humans are far better than any beings. Eventually, some of the humans were up to no good. They stole space ships and are planning a revolution, as well as showing superiority among the races. For after 1500 years, humans learnt the secret of the universe; The Cultivator and the Ruins. Both of these beings have their own roles in this universe with Cultivator being the balancer and the Ruins being the destruction.

Humans who are oppose to the humans that tried to unite various races together, had planned many bad things. The even had to experiment to create a living weapon. Another 500 years had passed and the four women, Eliza, Diane, Mako and Jubei were given a mission to lead armies to comprehend the humans that are opposing or destroy them if they somehow did not give up. The battle between humans have caused destruction through some planets as it took about 4 years to finish things up.

While some of the humans had escaped, the humans who aren't oppose to unite all captured their base and most of their associates. The four women was asked to check the living weapon base and see if there's anything dangerous. However, to their horror, many of the experiments died and dispose like a useless trash. It crushed their hopes of finding survivors until they came into one, special room. The room was dubbed "Humans' Destruction" and there was a hibernation pod.

Inside it, was a red-head man named Drazu Azule. He was taken by the humans since he was undiscovered and was still in his hibernation pod unlike other humans. They experimented on him, or at least tried to. Drazu was already a living weapon, having a raw strength to obliterate planets. All they can do right now, is implemented a mind control device. But it was all proved useless as he can't be dissect or pierce through since his skin was too thick and hard than he was when he was an Ultra-Human.

Drazu then became one of the students in Terrene Protectorate Academy in the New Earth. After 3 years' worth, Drazu graduated from it and became a Terrene Protectorate. Mako and Eliza was attending the graduation to see Drazu graduate since he was like a brother figure to them. But nothing was ever that easy. The Earth was attacked by the Ruins. Drazu took one of the Matter Manipulator, as per request from the Apex that gave a speech. Mako, Eliza and Drazu met with Diane and Jubei somewhere on their way to the spacecraft station. They successfully escaped the Ruins but the new Earth was destroyed.

Drazu set his goal to destroy Ruins for what it did to Earth. Drazu collected the Ancient Pieces from each race and united all the seven races with the help of Eliza, Diane, Mako and Jubei. Ancient Pieces was bestowed by the Cultivator to each races. On his way to destroy Ruins, he encountered many troubles. One of them is that Felix's descendant was one of the people that are also oppose to unite. Drazu still drove himself harder to collect all the Ancient Pieces. Once he did, he went through the Ancient Gate of Ruins.

Drazu was heavily injured on his way to the heart of the Ruins. After he arrived, he fought against Felix's descendant and won. He fought Ruins and destroyed the heart. However, the Ruins was intelligent creature so it won't die without bringing anything with him. It self-destruct and Drazu used his Matter Manipulator to estimate the explosion. The self-destruct can explode a galaxy and Drazu couldn't risk more lives. Drazu used up all of his energy inside of him to minimize the destructive capability and caught up in the explosion, dying in the process.

His death, while causing a devastation to the four women he travelled with, had also became a legend to the Terrene Protectorate and was named "Red Saviour". After his sacrifice, Eliza became a teacher at the Terrene Protectorate Academy, Diane became a martial artist that travelled around the universe to fight, Mako retired and lived her life as an unmarried women like the rest and Jubei taught spacecraft anatomy with Eliza. Eventually, Drazu became statues that can be seen almost everywhere. But the most special statue was where he was fighting Ruins with Cultivator beside him.

His life ended with him becoming a legend.

However, his job hasn't finish at all. Once he died, he met with the Cultivator. He discuss with the Cultivator about something really important. The alternate universes were under the rule of an ultimately powerful being. The Celestial God, Moon Lord. The alternate universes' Celestial Lords wasn't able to even hurt it let alone beat it. Thus, it was called the Celestial God. Drazu was transported to an alternate universe where Moon Lord currently resides in using the every last bits of Cultivator's power.

Drazu was reborn as a Terrarian, a special Earthling. He woke up in what seemed to be planet Earth, but it was called Terraria for certain reasons. Terraria was the biggest planet and had the size to dwarf galaxies across the alternate universes, making him being powerful than Super-human on that planet due to gravity. He met two people, Marianna and Andrew. Marianna was also a Terrarian that drifted off to the island they was in because of a storm when she used her small paddle boat to travel. She had almost the same facial features as Sakura, only with her hair being purple and her eyes being pink. Andrew was bit different, he claimed that he was a Guide and was already on the island like Drazu. Drazu, Marianna and Andrew survive on the island alone.

The first night didn't went smooth as hordes of Zombies and Demon Eyes attacked them. Drazu had died because of it. Thankfully, he can be revived. However, unlike S-core Terrarians, a Terrarian that can revive by using money, he was what called to be a Celestial Terrarian. Celestial Terrarian was a prophecy predicted by the one of the gods of Terraria, Goddess of the Oracle, Ferika. The prophecy had foretold about a Terrarian that have the ability to change themselves into anything if they drink the beings' blood.

However, Celestial Terrarian is only one and no other Celestial Terrarian can be born. In result, Drazu is the only kind left on Terraria. Being a Celestial Terrarian also carried an enormous power that will bring the gods to fall in horrible fate if angered. It is also born to be the most evil creature existed in the alternate universes. They happened to talk about the long lost Tsukasa Kuro, who wasn't himself anymore. Kuro had tried to take over his body back from Drazu but proved to be futile.

The Celestial Terrarian is also a being that can bring apocalypse anywhere he goes and anytime it wants. He was dubbed "The Walking Apocalypse". However, Kuro was trapped in his body having locked up inside. Drazu survived and dig through the surface into caves, from granite to marble. He had also gain many beings inside of his body and can transform into anything he has. He successfully killed the Eye of Cthulhu but died twice against it. He walked through the lands of Crimson and Corrupt to battle against their conquerors, Brain of Cthulhu and Eater of Worlds.

Having defeated both, Drazu went to the Forbidden Dungeons of Gods and challenged Skeletron. Barely survived against the Skeletron, Drazu entered deep into the Forbidden Dungeons of Gods and found weapons and other useful equipment. He had also found Muramasa, a blade forged with a Demon and a powerful magical ore made by a Japanese woman. After that, Drazu didn't know what to do and just dig down deeper into the surface.

As the temperature was getting hotter, Drazu slipped down and avoid a death by swimming in a pool of magma. He found himself in the Underworld, or in other words, Hell. Drazu mined the Hellstone Ores and got himself some Obsidians. He crafted a full armor and a large blade named Fiery Greatsword using pure Hellstone and Obsidians. He then created another two blades, Blade of Grass and the Light's Bane. He combined the four blades, Muramasa, Fiery Greatsword, Blade of Grass and Light's Bane into one ultimate weapon; the Night's Edge.

Drazu was questioned by one of the Demons inside the Underworld about his power and that he can't defeat the Demon Lords and Satans. He eventually challenged all of the Demon Lords and Satans, resulting him dying more than 5 times. After killing all of the Demon Lords and Satans, he was faced by a powerful being that was called Demon God. Drazu took in for the worse and died 12 times before finally killing the Demon God and receive the power of Demon God, Gates of Torture.

He came back into his home only to receive a news about something. He was told about the Wall of Flesh, a being that acts as a barrier to the souls of Light and Dark. Marianna was out and get some materials to get stronger like Drazu while he was making houses for other people that happened to drift into the island. Andrew told him that he must first get the Guide Voodoo Doll from Voodoo Demons. However, Andrew have to sacrifice himself to summon the Wall of Flesh which Drazu quickly disagree.

But, someone else had gotten the Guide Voodoo Doll and thrown it into the magma of Hell.

Drazu quickly fought against the Wall of Flesh and died couple of times before killing it. In doing so, Drazu had released the Souls of Light and the Souls of Night. The world had taken in for the worse as Crimson and Corruption are starting to spread, along with the Hollow. Drazu protected his home and Marianna from becoming evil. Marianna heard the news about Andrew killed by someone and was really depressed, as well as enraged. She drove herself into great length. However, a new guide came to the land but was a woman named Andie, a twin of Andrew's.

Drazu had also did his best to become really strong. He defeated the Destroyer, the Twins and the Skeletron Prime. He went to the seas to actually fish using a Truffle Worm and accidentally defeated the monster of 666, Duke Fishron. He destroyed Betsy the Dragon that came from an alternate universe and obliterate the Old One's Army as they had never stood a chance. Drazu conquered both Pumpkin Moon and the Frost Moon. He ventured through the jungles and fought against Plantera, a powerful God-eating Monster that dwells in the jungle.

Killing it made Drazu wanted to go to the Forbidden Dungeon of Gods for a visit, only to find some skeletons was stronger and was heavily armed. He got many weapons including the Paladin's Hammer, a hammer that can only be wield by something that conquered it. Drazu killed millions of goblins that are trying to conquer his home. After what happened, Drazu doesn't know what to do. However, when he killed Plantera and receive a key, he felt that there's something not complete about the jungle and decided to venture it. Before he can, he bumped into Marianna, who was also doing her own thing.

She asked what Drazu was going to do and she wanted to follow. They decided to go for a hunt together. After many days of searching, they stumbled into what seemed to be a temple. The Lihzahrd Temple, a temple where creatures known as Lihzahrd had reside. The Lihzahrds are highly intelligent creatures. They are also vicious. Drazu remembered the key he got from killing Plantera and used it to unlock the gates to the Lihzahrd. It opened up and they ventured deep inside.

Drazu and Marianna raided the temple and found some stuff, a fragment of a tablet and Lihzahrd Power Cells. Marianna accidently put the Lihzahrd Power Cell into the Lihzahrd Altar. It summoned the Artificial God the Lihzahrd created, the Golem. Both Drazu and Marianna worked together to defeat it and they won. Marianna, who fell for him a long time ago, confessed her feelings to Drazu, much to his shock. However, Drazu didn't want reply. They've gone back before Drazu was disturbed by a weird feeling.

Nothing to do after months, Drazu walked through the island. To his surprise, Drazu met people in blue hood bowing to a tablet as if it was all-powerful and godly-like outside of the Forbidden Dungeons of Gods. Drazu ignored it and went back. The next day, Solar Eclipse was happening and many creatures from legends such as Vampires and the Frankenstein came as armies and attacked Drazu's home. Drazu and Marinna fend them off, killing every last one of them. Drazu found Broken Hero Swords and grabbed the Death Scythe.

Drazu forged his Night's Edge that became useless after fighting against the Wall of Flesh and it became far powerful. The True Night's Edge. Drazu also created the Excalibur and use it occasionally. He came across a Dracula and they fought with Drazu winning. The Dracula happens to be a woman named Vladina Tepes. Instead of becoming enemies, they became friends. Vladina had fallen for Drazu after he defeated her and decided to make Drazu her groom.

Constantly, Vladina always fought with Marianna for Drazu's attention.

After another day of hearing arguments through his home's hallway, Drazu gone outside to get some air. However, Drazu was detected by an object that came from outer space. Before he can catch it, the object went outside with flickering red lights. To his shock, Terraria was invaded by Martians and Drazu fought them off. The Terraria was safe and Drazu had scared the Martians back to their planets. Drazu decided to take a stroll to the Forbidden Dungeon of Gods and messed with the cultists that was praising their so-called gods.

However, they fought back aggressively, aiming to kill him. Drazu had to kill them all. An Ancient Cultist appeared, took the tablet's power and use it against him. Drazu was struggling against the Ancient Cultist and barely won. It reminded him of a nostalgia. Killing the Ancient Cultist had made the four kinds of Celestial Creatures to invade Earth. Drazu and Marianna destroyed each Celestial Pillar and they won. As they celebrated, Drazu was getting dizzier as the seconds passed. After Marianna left, the objective he was tasked appeared before his eyes.

The Moon Lord was his next opponent.

Drazu had to fly out to the space to avoid any damages to the Terraria. The battle was astonishing, many planets and galaxies had destroyed because of their battle. The battle even tore through dimensions and alternate universes. Drazu died almost 15 times but he kept fighting. Drazu killed the Moon Lord by plunging his True Night's Edge into its heart more than a few hundred times. After killing the Moon Lord, Drazu absorbed all the Crimson and Corruption of Terraria and became a powerful abomination, thus getting the name of both "Celestial Hero" and "Indescribable Monstrous Human".

Kuro had absorbed the Crimson and Corruption so that he was powerful enough to take his body. However, he can only take his body if Drazu died. Years gone passed by and youth of all Drazu, Marianna and Vladina hadn't faded. Drazu decided to travel all around the world, seeing its wonders. He forged his Excalibur with the Broken Hero Sword. He combined both True Excalibur and True Night's Edge into an ultimate blade, Terra Blade.

He travelled into a land where many races gone, the Heaves.

A miracle happened, he found both his sisters, Akame and Sukane, worked as hostess in a bar.

They also had become Terrarians and their youth hasn't faded too. The black hole that sucked them happens to take them to Terraria. Drazu took them home, he tried to. They still wanted to work here because they owe their lives to the owner of the bar. Drazu build a private portal for them to teleport to his home if they ever wanted to. Vladina had taken a liking towards Akame and she invited her to her flying mechanical castle. However, an army of priests invaded the castle and took Akame as a prisoner. They founded out the Akame can use magic and that she was acquainted with the Dracula.

They condemned her and killed her by burning her.

Drazu heard the news from Vladina. Enraged and outraged, he set out to kill all of those who decided to burn Akame alive. As all the people were killed, the last was the leader of the priests who protested Drazu that he didn't killed her just because she was a witch, but it was the Christian God's orders. Drazu's emotion took for the worst as he devoured the priest and hunted for the gods. He killed many gods from mythologies and fulfilled the prophecy that the Goddess of the Oracle, Ferika had predicted. He also gained the title "The Fall of the Gods".

Drazu revived Akame back by kissing her. The power he got, "True Love Kiss" was a kiss that has healing and reviving properties. After the unfortunate prophecy, he continued to go on in a journey of travelling around the world. When he finished the journey, Drazu had relaxed back in his home, sitting on a chair while drinking coffee. The peace is what Drazu had always wanted all along. A reward for his sufferings and the things he had lost in the past, was peace. Drazu didn't retired from fighting ever, but he simply wanted peace for once in a while. Marianna asked him what he was going to do next.

Drazu replied that he was going to visit the other alternate universes and see if he has another chance at getting a normal life.

In the "Weapon of the Black Blood" an alternate timeline to Starbound Arc, Drazu was thrown into a portal before Eliza, Diane, Mako and Jubei can find him and was transported into a different universe. He became the only male student of Hebijo Clandestine Academy and was the one to instruct the Neo-Hebijo Elites, Miyabi, Imu, Murasaki, Ryobi and Ryona. He sets as someone that wasn't supposed to "exist" in that universe and thus, creating an alternate timeline.

This timeline was created when Drazu (War of Versions Arc) used the Chrowno Time.

In the "A Saiyan's Journey in a Dungeon" an alternate continuation of the story, Drazu gone to an alternate universe in Earth that was completely different that he had expected. Instead of having a modern day, this one was completely focus on old day. He arrived in a continent called Orario and he started to collect more information and traveled around this Earth-like planet. He had also find out that the gravity here was really weak compared to Terraria. He had ventured across many lands, collecting information and help people who needed it.

After having known to this Earth, Drazu decided to have his normal life by living in the woods at the Zompiti, a continent known for its heavy nature growth. There were only villages on the continent because people there conserve the environment. A few months passed by and Drazu enjoyed his normal life in peace. However, something crash landed near his small house. Drazu found a boy at the age of five with some familiar clothes that he'd seen in Japan at his very old Earth.

The boy, whom he called himself as Son Goku, doesn't remembered anything other than his name and his grandfather, Son Gohan. Drazu raised Son Goku as his son and referred to him as "Musuko" means son in Japanese since Goku spoke Japanese language. After more than eight years, Drazu was called by a friend from the continent where he first arrived, Orario. Another adventure begins with Goku following Drazu.

In the canon continuation story, Drazu was trying to open a portal to another alternate universe, only to be called upon in a really weird tournament. The tournament was for the title of being a Weapon Master amongst people in all of alternate universes. The tournament was called the Tournament of Weapons. Drazu joined as many warriors from all alternate universes came and fought with their mastery in weapons. Albeit, he was holding back a lot as he want to have fun.

Drazu fought with many contestants using weapons from the selections due to the rule of do not use weapons from respective universes and won against all of them. Eventually, he was in the finals against a woman named Kirsha. Like him, she was using many kinds of weapons but Drazu's knowledge about weapons lets him dodge all of her attacks. However, she had also dodge many of his attacks which led him to use his first and the last weapon. His great sword that has chains helping him to fix range problem.

Although Kirsha was hit many times, she was able to analyze the weapon and successfully flung the weapon away. As she thought she was winning, Drazu used his last resort weapon, his fists. Kirsha was shocked and confused by his mastery in martial arts and got hit every time. She lost to him when Drazu shot his Sixth Bud Palm at her midsection. Although winning, he didn't won the title of being a Weapon Master. Instead, all the contestants that entered was the one to have gained the title.

Drazu, on the other hand, earned the title of "Weapon God". The one who have set up this tournament revealed that Drazu was the one to have defeated the alternate universes threat, Celestial God Moon Lord. The contestants including Kirsha came to conclusion that Drazu will win the tournament no matter what. Drazu was uncomfortable by that statement and just went back to his universe.

After a few weeks after the tournament, while he was setting up the near-complete portal, he was forcefully teleported from his universe into the Center of Time. Here, he was called because a threat to all timelines, alternate timelines and dimensions was awakened. Drazu meet many versions of himself here, including his opposite counterpart, Drazuka. Although she was far weaker, she had weapons not far different from his. While Drazu noticed that Drazuka had a sudden affection for him, but he chooses to ignore it.

The threat was unrevealed and was still mysterious to all of Drazu's version. Draz Von Scwartz, a version of Drazu that was a legend of being a Knight Mage, tried to challenge for the strongest of all of them. Many had seen Draz's display of speed and strength beforehand and had doubts whether they can defeat him or not. However, Lady Drazile Hampton, a Witch version of Drazu, came and fought him. She lost against him easily due to Draz's magic resistance and magic mastery.

Drazuka, annoyed that Draz was being arrogant and egoistical, tried to stop him from further challenging and fought him. She was almost win but Draz used his trump card of summoning an Excalibur and defeated her. Drazu stepped in and told Draz to stop doing something that is not worth in such a crucial time, but instead, Draz attacked him. Drazu only showed his Ki flare and Mana burst which scared Draz and made him asked whether Drazu was a Human or not.

Drazu replied that if he were to make his timeline to be in peace, he had to become a monster. This caused many versions of Drazu show their respect and followed his lead. Drazu split versions of himself in quarters and started to search for threat. After searching for so long, Drazile found the threat. They were defeated easily and many reinforcements came but also defeated, including Draz. Drazu came, only to see that the threat to them, was Tsukasa Kuro.

All of his version was confused on how he knows it and Kuro revealed that he was in a timeline where Drazu was defeated and taken his body including all of his powers. Drazu fought against Kuro in an equal footing and the battle wasn't going anywhere. All of Drazu's version used their Magic, Jutsu and Ki to attack Kuro at the same time, but Drazu used this opportunity to use the Chrowno Time Ability to summon a future version of him.

However, in doing so, his timeline is now altered. The Future Drazu revealed his power and defeated Kuro. After seeing Future Drazu's power, the present Drazu learnt it and became the strongest of many versions of himself thus, earning the title "Strongest of Versions". Future Drazu told Drazu that he had an adoptive son named Son Goku. Drazu was confused but ignores it and instead ask Future Drazu if there was a timeline where Sakura still lived.

Even before Drazu can finish his words, Future Drazu continued his words and smiled, saying that they thought of the same thing. Future Drazu replied by saying that it is entirely possible, before returning back into his timeline. After the threat was gone, Drazu and all the versions of himself went back to their respective timelines and dimensions. However, Drazuka managed to use a powerful spell she learnt from seeing Drazu's Chrowno Time Ability and visit Drazu frequently.

It was revealed that her sudden affection for Drazu was because she had a little brother that looked like Drazu a lot but died because of the monsters in her universe. Drazu granted her the permission to visit him frequently.

After the fiasco he had involved in, Drazu finishes his portal to alternate universes and thought for a second. Marianna, Vladina, Akame, Sukane, Andie and Drazu asked what he was doing. He simply gave a smile and placed a chair beside his portal to relax, saying that he was just readying himself before he travel.

-The End-

The History


Drazu Azule & Tsukasa Kuro


Kuro was a half-Japanese and other half remains unknown.

He was an orphan, before he was adopted to the Tsukasas.

His sisters, both Akame and Sukane loved Kuro more than just a sibling and that lead them having a case of bro-con (Brother Complex).

Kuro and Drazu are two different people with Drazu being neutral and Kuro being the evil. But both have the same memories only with different feelings towards whom they know.

Drazu's name came from his code when he was a special subject; DR-47U and Azule came from the section he was placed in, the Azure Section and he changed it into Azule for unknown reasons.

Drazu is good at three subjects: Mathematics, Science and English.

When Kuro was 7 years old, cats always went and purr to him whenever he is close to them and eventually, both Drazu and Kuro developed a liking to cats.

He likes sweet and spicy because he read that girls are made out of sweet, spice and everything nice.

Kuro had gone insane and crazy as far as killing and eating is the only thing he knows and "Don't forget to smile" was the words he kept repeating during his slaughter due to Akame and Sukane kept reminding him of that even when they said their goodbyes.

Kuro was a bit intelligent when Drazu absorbed all the Crimson and Corruption on all of Terraria.

Drazu can speak three languages, English, Japanese and Russian but he always used English as his main in the Old Earth, New Earth and Terraria.

Drazu, unlike other protagonists, he wasn't dense as he can realize someone else's feelings just by observation.

He is actually older than 3000 years old despite his appearance.

Drazu actually wanted peace for a while as he want to take a bit long break to relax having hearing no troubles coming.

Drazu wanted to feel a normal life as his and Kuro's was taken away.

Drazu love to preserve the greenery of nature as him absorbing all the Crimson and Corruption to keep Terraria clean and used Clentaminator to clear out the Hollows.

Drazu was a pure and kind hearted person but Kuro's negative emotions made him neutral.

Drazu gained many nicknames, the famous ones are; The Walking Apocalypse, The Fall of the Gods, Celestial Hero and Indescribable Monstrous.

Drazu also gained many passive abilities and the True Love's Kiss is one of them.

Even though Kuro saw that both Akame and Sukane are still alive, he didn't change and just became the monster he always was.

Drazu actually was married before, to all Eliza Dwellworth, Diane Cerkas, Sugubashi Mako and Hakase Jubei because of how "bond" is important in teamwork as he and the other women didn't actually care.

Drazu became the most powerful being in the alternate universes ever since he defeated Moon Lord, the Celestial God.

Drazu loved Sakura and he admitted that she was his first love. Even though he realizes the obvious feelings from the females and the confession from Marianna and Vladina, he refused to answer as he didn't want what happened to Sakura happen to them too.

He still kept the dog tag Sakura gave him and wore it as a good luck accessory.

Drazu was planning on getting a normal life when the Terraria Arc ends.

He was dubbed "Weapon God" after the Tournament of Weapon Arc ends.

After Future Drazu destroyed alternate timeline's Tsukasa Kuro, Drazu's course of timeline is now altered.

Drazu became the strongest of many of his versions.

Drazu was frequently visited by Drazuka, an opposite version of himself.

Drazu's other alternate dimension counterpart was also Drazuka's little brother, Ruzam.

He successfully opens a portal to alternate universes and only sit on a chair to relax as a preparation.


Drazu had strength prowess, having enough strength to carry over 10000 Stars and have a striking feat that destroyed many galaxies during his fight against Moon Lord. He can move and react to massively-faster-than-light movements as he was over trillions of times faster than light. Drazu also had a really great durability, surviving Moon Lord's punches that had the force of multi-galaxy striking feat. Having training for more than just decades, he learnt several of powers.

Strength weight lifting-Base: Can lift more than 10000 Stars

Striking Strength-Base: Multi-galaxy level

Durability: Multi-galaxy level

Travel Speed-Base: Massively Faster than light

Combat Speed-Base: Massively Faster than light

Destructive Capability-Base: Multi-galaxy level ++

Power Level: 50,000,000,000,000

Most Use Weapons: True Night's Edge & True Excalibur, Terra Blade

Last Resort Weapons: Starwrath and Meowmere

Intelligent: Above Average


Drazu had many kinds of power depending on what beings he possess. His fate as a Celestial Terrarian, is making him able to become anything just by drinking the blood of other creatures and beings. The ones he always used, is Medusa, Midas's Touch and Vampires. He combined both Medusa's Penetrating gaze and Midas's Golden Touch which enables him to turn anything into pure gold by staring their eyes. Vampires had the ability to use blood as their powers and Drazu used this power to regain his health back by drinking blood.

Drazu can use magic and had many spells learnt.

As a last resort, he will use Chrowno Time Ability to completely control time and use it, either stop and more to defeat his enemy.


Super Regeneration: Can heal his injuries almost instantly and grew his lost limbs almost immediately.

Quadruple Jump: Gives the ability to jump on the air for four times.

Teleportation: Able to teleport him at a certain distance.

True Love Kiss: A kiss that can heal and revive someone of opposite gender.

Flight: He can fly and travel at high speeds. He uses wings or any type of flying mechanics.

Ki Manipulation: He can use Ki (his life force) and use it in battles. Learnt this when he was visiting the Hyoltl, one of the Seven Races that has a fond of Japanese Culture.

Blood Move: Drazu can use his blood to reattach his lost limbs. Used this when he became a Vampire.

Mastery of Weapons: He can use any types of weapon without problems.

Mastery of Combats: An ability to see through movements with weapons or hand-to hand and acts that often gave him quite the advantage against other opponents.

Arsenal Pocket Dimension: The ability to keep his things in his spacious pockets without getting weighted. This is the advantages of becoming a Terrarian.

CCG (Calculating-Chances-Gaze): This was used to calculate the chances of his moves being able to lend hits or the opponents' move of being able to dodge or evade it. He always had this even before the apocalypse in Old Earth.

Gates of Torture: Drazu can open his version of Hell using a special short sword that acts as a key and dragged people who deemed worthy of being its victim. He created this when he killed the Demon God in Underworld.

Chrowno Time: The ability to control time. However, this has a great price and can cause imbalance between many timelines and alter them. He use this as a last resort.


Ultimate Builder: Enables him to create anything that can't be affect by the normal law of physics.

Ultimate Senses: This will allow him to sense almost anything, danger, presence, lives and more.

Intimidating aura: This lowers his opponents' attack though only work to certain people.

Ankh's Good Will: This grants the ultimate immunity to many de-buffs.

Reflecto Char: The passive to deflect charms and seducing actions.

Immortal: He cannot die of age.

Unlimited Reincarnations: He can die, but he'll get reincarnated into a new and same body but will lose money as a side effect.

All Seeing Eye: This lets him see through solid blocks, ores, treasures and more.