The Awaited Rebirth


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"Who exactly am I?"

Some say that a school is where you spend your "youth". Such a thing is pretty much stupid to me. How about spending your "youth" relatively alone? Like that guy over the-

"Oi, what you lookin' at, huh?"


Looks like I stared at him too much.

"Nothing." I replied and proceeded to walk away from that guy.

Not like I want to look for a fight. I'm not a troublesome kid and I intent to stay away from troubles. Walking through the hallway, I heard some yelling….particularly, a girl's yelling. Wait, rather, girls' yelling. I know what it's about.

"Come back here, you perverts!"

"No way in the hell I would do that!" A boy yelled back.

I looked further in front of the hallway and saw a brown-haired boy running towards my direction. Damn, and here, like, I said about not getting into troubles. Said boy saw me and his face showed relieved expression.

"He's not going to learn, is he?" I let out a sigh as the brown-haired boy arrived and hid behind me. "First, Kendo Club. Now, Tennis Club? Really Issei?"

"H-Hey! Like you can blame me for seeing the Heaven of Boobs!" Issei replied, still cowering behind me as the Teenis Club's girls arrived and stopped, glaring at the perverted brunette behind me. "Shit, here they come…"

"You coward! Hiding behind Tsukasa-kun!" One of the Tennis girls said, giving a death glare at Issei.

"Yeah, you coward." I whispered at Issei.

"Give me a break!" He said back with his eyes trailed around the girls of Tennis Club, their clothes are inappropriately worn due to the rush of chasing down the Perverted Trio, showing some curves and skins.

"Yeah, I'll give you a break." I moved away from Issei and gestured my hands at him, which left him to be flabbergasted. "Girls, he's all yours."

"W-What!?" The girls smiled at me and gave a sinister smile at Issei as he immediately made a run for it. "Kuro, you traitor!" He yelled at a distance and the Tennis Club chased for him.

A girl was left behind and she gave me a bow. "Thanks, Tsukasa-kun! You are my Hero!" She said to me before she followed her companions.

Hero, huh?

I don't like heroes. I'm not some brat and hero is not my thing. If I were to save people, it's because that it was a right thing to do. Not because I want to be a hero and a spotlight that all people knows, no. I prefer to have peace and silence over fame any time. I prefer to do the best thing over the right and the wrong. Wait…

Why the hell am I saying these things?

Ugh, whatever.

Walking over a board filled with ads like joining clubs and food promotions, I arrived at my class. Class 2-B, a relatively normal class unlike the others. The class filled with normal peoples, no celebrity or outstanding individuals. However, the one that made this class a bit special is….me. I do not know why, but I'm sure it's because of my appearance. On top of it, I'm good at Mathematics, Science, English Language and Japanese Literature for some reason.

Though, in return to have those qualities, I have some kind of….disorder. Sometimes, I see people before me brutally killed and hear screams, painful, suffering and agony screams. I hear the sounds of chains and sounds of ripping meat and fleshes which made me cringed. However, during the years of hearing and experiencing it, I became used to it and not bothered by anything. In fact, the screams and visions disappeared. It was at the time when I met Hyoudou Issei and Shidou Irina, my childhood friends when I was 10.

Heh, dense Issei didn't realized Irina's feelings towards him. I found it amusing, though.

I sat on my seat beside the windows to my left and feel the nice wind blowing in. My classmates are doing their usual own things, chatting, typing and laughing. Issei probably got his ass handed by the Tennis Club already. I don't know what happened to him during the years I've left him alone, but it certainly changed him drastically. Believe me, Issei was an innocent, cute little boy when I got to meet him during our childhood days and Irina took a liking to that.

It was probably his perverted friends' influence that brought him like this. I look outside, seeing some students scatter around the fields, and the infamous Mascot of the Kuoh Academy, Toujou Koneko sitting on the grass while nibbling away her lunch like a cat. I found her actions to be cute since I have a tendencies for cats.

Yup, Neko-chan Kawaii!

Hmm….I think I should call her Shironeko.


That would result in getting my ass kicked.

Oh, yeah. I forgot. Issei got a girlfriend, didn't he? Amano Yuuma, was it? I think that's her name. But I got to say, she's quite beautiful and astounding. I heard from Issei that she was in Art Club and that she was good at it. I was really surprised when I saw such a girl was standing beside Issei, laughing. Issei proudly showed his girlfriend at his perverted buddies and they cursed him, calling him a traitor to which Issei didn't care and gave a smug.

While Issei getting a girlfriend is good and all….but I can't shake the feeling that Amano-san was…..different than everyone thinks she is. I felt this cold malice that made me….want to kill her? It's really stupid and dangerous for me to think of that but…I don't know. It's just…this feeling is completely foreign to me and yet…it feels familiar.

"Hey, Kuro."

Shaking my head off the thoughts, I heard someone tapping my table. Turning away from the window, I was greeted with a beautiful violet hair tied in pony tail with two red-brown eyes. Ah, the class representative.

"Hm? Is something wrong, Kirika?" I asked and got a smile from her.

Ueno Kirika is a classmate that has been with me since my second year in middle school. We've been together, helping each other and while it's a bit embarrassing for me to say this, but we established a good friendship. Well, we're best friends to put it simply. We know each other's lives, we know our favorites and preferences, we know each other's addresses and many more. Also, we call each other in a first name basis.

So, yes. We're really close.

Though, we did fought and argued with each other but we made up. A good friendship must have hard times and we must stood still, bracing for the impact together.

Ah, we also always test our skills in cooking with me winning every time.

She always make a big deal with it, though.

"Here for another 'Food Fight'?" I asked as I took out my lunchbox.

It's a little bit late because I went to toilet earlier but we still got lots of time. She smirked and placed down her lunchbox. I snap my finger and then two people came at my table.

"Let's do it!" Kirika said with confidence.

"What's this, what's this? Another battle?" A short yellow -haired girl asked with excitement. Her name is Sukarotaba Ayase.

"It seems so." A boy with brown hair came. His name is Kyoutaro Tobe. "You two always does."

"I don't know if I win this time. I was rushing since I woke up late and quickly making breakfast for Nee-san." Kirika smirked and her eyes gestured "chance!".

"It seems this'll be my advantage!"

How can she be so confident?

"Kuro wins!" Tobe said as he raised my hand.

"H-How can this be…?" Kirika was on her knees, her hands supporting her as she stared at the ground dejectedly. "I lost….again…"

What's with her and this food contest…?

"You're just making a big deal of it." I replied with a shrug, although really confused on how even when I clearly had no time to make something exquisite could win this food contest.

"You were rushing and yet, you made this amazing lunch!" She said, taking a bite of my lunch. "To think that you used steamed chicken in a rolled rice with mayonnaise….looks like I have more to learn."

There she goes again. After this, I'm sure she'll challenge me again.

"Kuro! Tomorrow, I will defeat you!" Kirika declared as she took her lunchbox and went back to her seat. But, not before taking another bite of my lunch.

I sweat-dropped at her action before proceeding in eating my lunch. Though, the two taster are still with me, giving me mischievous smiles. Seems like Ayase and Tobe would like another taste of my lunch. Meh, sharing is caring. Plus, I'm not really hungry anyway.

The school went by faster than some lazy and unmotivated students had expected. That goes to me too. I felt like something big is going to happen but I shrugged it off. What kind of big event is going to happen to a peace and silent-loving guy like me? Oh, shit…

Hope I didn't jinx that.

Packing my things, I went to the "Go-Home Club", which literally means I'm going home. Don't wanna waste my time on something that doesn't benefit me and cliché things like clubs. Gotta go home and cook something for Nee-san. I hope that she satisfied with the lunch I made…

I went out of my class, through the hallways, then to the shoe lockers. Changing my shoes, I continued my journey and went to the gates. Just as I was out of the school, someone called me.

"Wait! Kuro!"

I turned around and see….something or someone that made me cringed. Issei's face was beaten to pulp, literal pulp. Damn, the Kendo girls must've passed their anger and rage to the Tennis Club for all the time I defended Issei from being beaten. Guess you reap what you sow. Good thing that it doesn't came to me.

"Whoa, Issei. You okay?" I asked, concern.

The Tennis Club should've hold back and this beating he got will surely make him a masochist someday….wait, no. I mean, this may take him to hospital someday.

"Huh? Oh! Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm okay."

W-Wait! Did he just forgot about his injuries?

"Anyways, let's walk together!" He asked, grinning can be seen although barely due to the lumps on his face.

I feel bad now…

"Okay." I nodded in agreement without hesitation. "Wait, didn't your girlfriend should be the one to walk with you?"

"Oh, Yuuma-chan has some club activities to do so she can't come."

That makes sense.

"Alright, let's go." I replied, gesturing my hands for him to follow.

The journey was filled with our talks about the school, Issei being beating up and our childhood days. He laughed loudly when I mentioned about him sliding his face on the sands when me and Irina played tag with him. Though, I'm not telling him about Irina's feelings. If she still have her feelings for him, she should do confess if she's ever coming back to Kuoh City. But, she would have a contest with Amano-san and it sure won't be easy now that Issei is her boyfriend.

We parted ways as he gone to cross the bridge while I use the roadside down to the stairs on the left. Walking, the roadside was quiet as usual sans the cars passing by. Just as I was humming on my way back, I saw a girl with long blonde hair and emerald eyes coming towards me. She looked like a foreigner. She wore different school uniform indicating that she was not in Kuoh Academy as me. Paying no mind, I continued to walk but was stopped in my tracks once the girl blocked my way.

Oi, you're in my way, is what I would've said if the girl didn't looked scared.

"Something wrong?" I asked.

"Ah…..e-eto….you are Tsukasa Kuro-kun...right?"


Someone out of my school knows me?

Is this some kind of prank or dare from her friends?

"Yes, I'm Tsukasa Kuro." I replied with a surprised expression

"M-My name is….Y-Y-Yuuki Jun!"

"Okay…?" What's the point of introducing yourself? "Is there something you need from me?" I asked.

"N-N-No! I-I…..uhh…" She faced away from my direction in embarrassment, trying to regain her composure. "Tsukasa-kun!" She suddenly raises her voice in panic which I just sweat-dropped at. "W-Will you…w-will you-"

"Will you help me in this homework I got?" I blurted out unconsciously which surprises even me. I think I blurted that out to wish that her words wasn't what I expected it to be. I….don't know what to do in this situation. "Oh…sorry about that. What was it that you said?"

"S-Sono….will you….go out with m-me!?"


"What do you mean by 'go out'? We already are outside." I pointed out.

I mean, that's what she means right? Going outside. I was really nervous if she's asking me to be her boyfriend but this is something I never expected.

"N-No! What I meant was going out, going out! Like, dating, having fun, holding hands, kissing…" Oh, boy. Her face is beet red right now and what's worse is that her head was giving out steam.

Is she okay?

Wait, did she just asked me to be her boyfriend?

"You mean boyfriend…?" She nodded, hiding her face from me.

Whoa, wait there.

Is she serious?

"Are you serious?" She nodded once again which prompted me to enter deep in my thoughts.

Hmm….having a girlfriend seems out of my league. Plus, will she even come to like, like, like me? I never saw myself in a good light and there're bound to be wrong about me. I looked at her and observe. Her eyes was glowing….red for a second? Meh, damn you imagination-sama. But, what is this feeling? The feeling of wariness, like something is wrong…? And…the feeling of pleasure? Tch, seems like my body is telling me to simply agree with being her boyfriend.

What's with me today?

Something is clearly wrong.

"The date is on this Saturday, alright?" She suddenly said which snaps me out of my thoughts.

Wait, what happened?

"Bye-bye, Kuro-kun!" She gave a wave as she run.


Did I agreed to her confession? Did me entering my thoughts somehow made my body autopilot? She said that the date is on Saturday….which means two days from now. Issei said that he'll be on date with Yuuma on this Saturday too….so that means there's a chance we'll meet each other!

Ha! I get to see that look in his face once he hears the news about me having a girlfriend.

But, I can't shake the feeling I got earlier….

What was that...?

"Tadaima!" A voice sounded through the hallways of my house.

Ah, here she is. 8:40 PM as usual.

"Okairi (Welcome back), Nee-san." I greeted her as she took off her shoes and her coat. "I cooked some dinner as usual."

"Arigato (Thanks), as usual." She smiled, raising her head before her cheeks started to burnt up all of the sudden.


Oh, it's the apron I'm wearing.

"Yeah, I was home late so I had to rush. Guess I forgot to take off the apron." I explained, taking off the apron much to her disappointment and took her to the table.

We ate together and enjoyed it. Despite me rushing, the food was still good for some reason. I'm beginning to wonder now. No use in thinking this.

Nee-san, Gabari Ellie, she was supposedly my guardian since I have no parents and was in an orphanage. However, she was young when she took me in. Therefore, instead of becoming a parent, she became a sister figure to me. Ah, she is a half-Japanese too and she had jobs that took her overseas. Thankfully, her job was able to sustain our financial support and we don't have any hard time getting what we needed. She was a kind, gentle and graceful woman. Although she hasn't married, she was really beautiful.

There was this time where a truck driver got into accident when he stared at her too much that he forgot the traffic lights were red at that time. She was… her 30s? But she looked like she was still 21, which any women would be jealous if they were to find out. Heh, looks like her "youth" hasn't faded. Though, not only did she looked younger, her personality was quite childish too. She had been urging me to call her "Onee-chan" or "Nee-san" until I agreed to call her the latter.

Our lives wasn't really what I expected it to be. Happy, smiling and laughing….it was just…unexpected. I don't know why I expected for the worse, but I'm thankful that our lives didn't go the way I expected it to be.

"Did something out of ordinary happened to school today, Kuro-kun?" Nee-san asked.

"Huh?" I thought for a second….oh, yeah…Jun. "Yes…"

"There is?"

"Yeah. I got asked out."



What's with the awkward silence? Did….I tell something wrong…?

"W-What did you reply?" Nee-san asked, her body is shaking for some reason.

"Uh, well. I just simply gave a 'yes'?" I replied, unsure.

"O-Oh…" Did that news really surprises Nee-san?

"Nee-san, are you okay?" I'm really concern right now. "Do you need water?"

"N-N-No!" She instantly raises her voice, surprising me before realizing my surprised face and coughed to relax her nerves. "Ahem. What's her name?"

"Yuuki Jun." I replied, giving my "girlfriend"-'s name. "I guess she's beautiful and cute…?"

"Why are so unsure giving information about your girlfriend?"

Well, duh!

"It happened so fast that I didn't even know why I accepted her confession." Yeah, I really don't know why since I happened to be…autopilot? "So, you can say that I'm just blindly dating her….." Was it really autopilot? I'm starting to doubt myself. Or is something was making me do it?

"Is that so? Anyway…"

I felt this intent that made me feel weird…

Something like, the urge to make someone scream.


Hearing the imagination scream somehow drowns me in pleasure. The feeling of wanting more, the obsession to make someone suffer, the wish to kill.


This is the same feeling I got when I saw Amano-san, Issei's girlfriend. Ripping out their guts, the intestines, the lungs, hearing them crying out in agony, scream, scream, scream, scream!

I want-


I snapped from my thoughts, feeling a bead of sweat rolling down from my cheeks, I shook my face. "Uh…yes?"

What the hell did I thought earlier? Why is it so dark?

"Mou~! You spaced out!" Nee-san said while puffing her cheeks. "I've been calling you for five times already!

See? She has a childish personality.

"Sorry." I apologized. "What was it that you said?"

She stopped puffing her cheeks and smiled. "I was asking what you will do now that you have a girlfriend."


Somehow, that question is something I never realized. What should I do? I looked at my hands, thinking. Wait, is that numbers written at my left hand? I took a look at the number, which appears to be a phone number. Is it Jun's?

"Well, I think I should message her about it." I replied which Nee-san nodded.

After finishing the dinner, me and Nee-san washed the plates together. After that, we go to our respective room to do our privacy things (nothing perverted, you perverts) before watching TV together for our favorite series. I started messaging Jun, planning in asking her where he school is after a few topics of our conversation. She seems happy when I texted her how her days go and how she was right now.

TsuRo: "Jun, where is your school at?"

Jun-Koibito: "It's on the east of Kuoh Academy. It's an all-girls school. Why do you want to know? (?_?)"

What the-is that what they call emojis? What the heck does it even mean? Is that….a questioning face? I only saw this in, like, movies and animes but I never thought they existed in real world too! Does animes based in real life?

No, anime have magic and shit.

But still…

Nani kore!?

TsuRo: "I was thinking of walking together to school. Sending you to your school and continue to walk to my school is a perfect idea, don't you think?"

Yeah, pretty much cliché in animes though….

Jun-Koibito: "E-Eh? You want to walk me to school…?"

TsuRo: "Yeah. You don't want to walk with me?"

Jun-Koibito: "No, no, no! I want to! In fact, I love to!"

TsuRo: "Good, let's meet on the roadside where you confess to me."

Jun-Koibito: "You don't have to point that out! (#_#)"

What the heck, again? Is that an emoji for a blushing face?

Damn, I fall behind these modern social things. Probably because of how I have few friends. In my contact list, I only have Nee-san's number, Kirika's number and….Jun's number. Wow, no wonder I was such a newbie when it comes to texting. Plus, Nee-san and Kirika never do things like emoji during texting and used formal, mainly Kirika since she's the class representative. So, appropriate means everything to her. Speaking of Kirika, I remembered that she didn't make it to becoming Student Council President.

She wasn't angry or jealous by the one who beat her. After all, it is Shitori Souna she went up against. Shitori-san was known to be the top student in the third year. Technically, she's the smartest student there is in Kuoh Academy. All the seats in the Student Council had already been booked so Kirika has to only accept her lost. Luckily, due to her grades and attempt, she became the class representative for class 2-B. As a friend, I'm happy and proud for her.

I continued to text Jun with various topics before saying good bye. I look at the time and it's 9:25 PM, just five more minutes before our favorite series starts.

I should call for Ne-

"Kuro-kun! [1] Middleschool DxD Hero is going to start in five minutes! Be down by then!" Nee-san's voice sounded through the hallway into my room.

Never mind…

After the episode 8 ended, we were left unsatisfied. This is why I hate cliffhangers. Because they leave it at the best part.


Goddamit, tell me why!?

We decided to call it a day and go to our bedroom since it's already 10 PM. My eyes are still wide open because I'm still worked up about the series. Thinking of many possibilities, my eyes started to feel heavy before fully closing down, drifting away to my Dreamland…

Currently, it was break period.

"Kuh! I lost again…"

And as usual, Kirika and me were having a food contest which….I won, again…

The day gone passed by with me already being known to Jun's school, which was an all-girls' school as she said. Many of the girls are eyeing on us, or preferably, on me. The staring was a bit too much for me to handle. It didn't help when I felt someone was staring at my ass that time. Thankfully, no one from Kuoh Academy know about me having Jun as a girlfriend. A good day today since Issei hadn't peek at the girls for some reason. Probably thinking really hard on his date plans.

Not that I worried about mine.

How was I so accepting to the fact that Jun is my girlfriend, I don't know. Something tells me that there'll be…..something not too big and good happen. I absolutely don't know what it is, I'm just assuming it. I just found out today that "going out" with someone was another term used that means having someone as a girlfriend or a boyfriend. So, Jun asked me out was meant that she wanted me to be her boyfriend. How could I be so clueless about this things?

Maybe, it's because I have a very limited social interaction that I don't know what it is or that I just probably don't care. I mean, as far as I know, Kirika, Issei, Irina, Tobe and Ayase are the only ones I have been friendly interacted with. Others are only because of school works, homework and other school-related stuffs. I think that is the reason. I just sigh at these thoughts. Am I an anti-social person? Or I just want to have quiet and peaceful life.

But quiet, doesn't mean literal quiet. Quiet, as in something not too big happened in my life and not too small either.

Looking out of the window, I saw Issei's perverted buddies, Matsuda and Motohama, being chased by the Kendo Club. Damn, they're going to get their own asses kicked. The girls seemed to have not hold back either and brought bokken just to beat those two up. I'm sure they won't get away with a few bruises and lumps. How can they still have that much will in peeking girls when they got beaten up badly for more than a few times? Just the thought of it making me shudder.

Tomorrow is probably a big day for me, since it's my first date with my first girlfriend. I don't feel excited or do I am feeling bored. I just feel….neutral about it.

"Kuro, you got something to do tomorrow?" Kirika suddenly asked me a question after enough time despairing over her lost.

"Yeah." I simply replied.

"Oh? That's rare for you." Kirika claimed with a surprised expression. "What are you going to do?"

"Buying things with Nee-san."

In no way in the hell I'm going to tell them that I was going out with Jun. That's….something important to hide from them. Especially Kirika since she has a crush on me for some reasons. Well, it's probably because of the time we spend time together for the past three years knowing each other and became best friends.


Oh, did you think I'm dense like some anime protagonist?

Don't judge me.

"Well, that's okay…" Now, she's making that sad face.

Damn it, Kirika! You're making me feel bad!

"Hey, I was thinking of hanging out this Sunday. You up for it?" I asked.

Yeah, I know. It sucks that I tried to spend my time on another girl other than Jun, but this is a friendly relationship. Nothing too lovey-dovey, so it's okay. If it caused a misunderstanding, I can fix it using the "innocent" card and the "friends" card. I don't know what will happen if Kirika were to find out that I was going out with Jun. I fear the worse if she began the rivalry with Jun.

I do like triangle-love and harem animes, but that is only for anime.

Not real life.

I've seen what happened to the protagonist and I'm not dumb to let that happen to me.

"Yeah!" She said, excitingly before realizing it and blushed. She coughed into her hands to regain her composure. "I mean, alright. If you want to, then I guess I will."

No, this is what YOU want, my dear friend.

"Good. I'll message you later on where we'll meet since I don't have any place in my mind right now." You know, hanging out with a close friend ought to be fun. Plus, this is Kirika. What reactions will I see once I do something nice to her will be fun to watch.

"Okay." She smiled.

Right now, Tobe and Ayase are eyeing us in teasing motion. Damn it, I forgot they were still here. I can guess what they think, a boy and a girl going out together would mean that they are in a really deep relationship. But, Kirika and I are only best friends, for now. I don't know that maybe, I'll broke up with Jun and be with Kirika. There are possibilities, but I sure hope something much, much, much better will happen and it won't involve any despair and sadness.

Suddenly, after I thought of that monologue, my body shuddered. W-What the…? I have a really bad feeling.

"What's this, what's this? Roku-kun and Kirika-chan are going out together?" Ayase said with a big smile on her face before squealing in excitement.

"You two sure are going fast!" Tobe head locked me with a big grin. "I'm jealous!"

"Unthinkable." Kirika denied in her "Class Rep" mode.

Oi, oi! Even though that was an act to cover up the embarrassment thoughts you had in mind, it doesn't change the fact that it hurts me, you know?

"We are just hanging out as friends, right, Kuro?" She turned to me with a smile.

I smiled back. "Yeah. But, who knows? Probably, we're going out after that."

I laughed as Kirika, the hard class representative, blushed really hard and started to stammer as she lose her cool composure. Tobe and Ayase joined me but not before shocked at hearing my statement.

Maybe, just maybe, harem might be a good idea…



Okay, seems like I'm two minutes early. Walking over to the Kuoh Mall Square, I saw Jun, patiently waiting for me.


Did my watch betray me or did she came earlier than me?

"Sorry for the wait." I said to Jun, alerting her as I jogged towards her. "Did you wait long?"

"N-No! I just came!" She replied, blushing.

Aha, lies. I bet she came five minute early than our designated meeting time. Though, I only got this from animes but most anime girls tend to come five minutes early before the protagonist came. Quite cliché if you asked me. Well, not the one where [2] Origami came in…was it an hour early? Before Shido came in asking if she waited long with Origami replying "I just came" when there were a lot of birds and pigeons around her including on her shoulders and her head.

"Oh, okay." I smiled, before observing her clothes.

She was wearing a white blouse that has frills along the buttons, black skirts down on top of her knees and simple shoes that go perfectly well with her clothes. Plus, her hair was tied in twin-tail with black ribbons but her hair still flows back to her knees and she wore a cross neckless around her neck. I think this is where the cliché starts, where the protagonist compliments or the anime girl asked him what he thinks of her clothes.

"The outfit suits you perfectly. You look cute." I complimented honestly.

Her face gone beet red. "I-I-I-I….uh…you…too…" She said, before continuing. "You look g-good in your outfit. Did….someone picked that outfit for you?"

Say what now?

You think I don't know fashion sense?

"No. I picked it myself." Really now, I'm not some kind of anime protagonist alright? "Anyways, since you looked famished and so am I, let's go and eat first."

She doesn't looked hungry, but I know a girl like Jun will clear up their stomach saving up some spaces just so that they can eat properly with their date mate or boyfriend. In honesty, I found this quite admirable.

The date goes on in a peaceful way, or rather, pretty much well. We were having a good time and I sincerely surprised that such a thing as date could be so fun. We don't get into trouble, although there were some low-lives trying to persuade Jun into joining them and have a "more fun" but that was solved when I sent them a simple glare. Don't know what they saw, but it scared them and they cower away for good. She thanked me for that and we decided to end our first date in the park.

We were walking to the park, when Jun's phone rang.

"Ah, s-sorry about this…" She said, smiling but for some reason, I can see that she's frightened and sad.

Is the person calling her have some kind of conflict with her? She took a look at her phone, and for a split second, her face showed horror which made me worried.

She breathe in and out. "Hello?" She said in a quiet voice. "Yes….yes…..alright, as you wish…"

"as you wish"?

What the heck?

"K-K-Kuro…kun…." She called me which prompted me to face her with a questioning expression.

"Is something wrong?" I asked, clearly concern.

Although I just met her two days ago, I felt that we were more than acquaintance even though we were officially "going out".

"Kuro-kun…" She looked at my eyes, her eyes showed regret, pain and despair.

Now she made me really worried.

"I'm….I'm really, really, really sorry…" She said in a low tone, her eyes teared up.

I just showed a confused face, before she quickly turned her body away from me. I reached out to grab her shoulders, which triggered something else.

"Jun, what are yo-"


A pain coursed through my stomach.


"Buhaggg!" I spit out an enormous amount of blood.

I look below on my belly, where the unbearable pain can be felt. Is that….a spear…? Why is it so bright like a light?

"Good job, good job!" A voice of a woman can be heard.

My face cringed when the spear was pulled out. I drop on my knees, before fully dropping flat on the grounds of Kuoh Park. I feel my body becoming wet because of the blood that was pooling me. My eyes feels….lifeless. Why can't I feel the pain? Why is it so numb? Why does all of what is happening to me feels nostalgic?

I stared at the back of Jun, seeing that sparkling of what seemed to be her tears. I smiled, she doesn't want this. She was forced to by someone else.

Black feathers started to fall from the sky and a woman, with some kind of sexy dress, dropped down and held Jun shoulders from the front. She had black wings, wings of that of an angel. She smiled in pleasure but it was sickening to see.

"For fully completing your very first mission without any flaws is something worth complimenting. As an Exiled Exorcist, you were born to do what we Fallen Angels asked you to." The woman hugged Jun. "The Sacred Gear wielder, is now dead…"

I closed my eyes, trying to accept my fate. But my eyes open wide when I heard a familiar voice yelling.

"Get away from him! Kurokawa Karen!"

Suddenly, black whips were coming towards Jun and the woman. The woman clicked her tongue in annoyance before pushing Jun aside from a harm's way and got herself whipped. The woman flew crashing through trees before stuck on the fifth tree. The owner of the voice step in front of me, her violet pony-tailed hair flows through the wind. Wait…


"Kuro, you okay!?" She faced me, her red-brown eyes becoming burning red when she sees my state.

At that, I just smiled and gave a thumbs up, although I didn't raise my hand. "I'm…okay…I think."

She sighed in relieve, smiling at me. "Unthinkable. How can you be okay when you have a hole through your stomach?"

I don't know. Somehow, the pain wasn't there and yet, it was. This pain feels really familiar for some reason. What the heck…?

"Hehehe…" I tried to stand, but feel down. "Augh!"

"Baka! Don't move yet!" She yelled, gritting her teeth and faced the woman and Jun. "I won't forgive you for what you've done to Kuro….especially you." Kirika glared Jun, who was frightened.

Suddenly, a spear was thrown at Kirika and she flung it away easily.

"How dare you? How dare you touched me, Selphina, you worthless Human!?" the woman yelled, coming out from the woods with a few bruises. "You will pay for that!"

"Then come and get it." Kirika said, a hint of venom was in her tone.

The woman, Selphina, threw many spears at Kirika in many directions. Kirika just simply held up her hand.

"Kurokawa Karen!"

Just as she finished saying that, the same black whips spiraled all around her, spinning really fast and protecting her from the spears. The spears dissipated into light particles upon contact with Kirika's whips.

"I'm not done!" Selphina yelled as she made a great axe and started to dash at Kirika.

Kirika let go of the whips around her and took out whips from each hand. Selphina go for an overhead slash with her great axe but Kirika defended herself with blocking. However, the great axe was sharp and strong so it bursts through Kirika's defenses. She quickly reacted to it and avoided from being halved. Kirika used her whips to tie Selphina's hands and bind her from moving. Kirika used her other hand to gather her whips.

"Let me go, you bitch!" Selphina yelled, trying to break free from Kirika's bind but to no avail.

The whips were becoming a large fist which made Selphina panic.

I was just staring at the scene, clearly helpless. I can't move, I didn't lost my consciousness although I lost a large amount of blood and I feel so worthless. A girl fight for me? Damn it, I need to wipe my own ass. Just as Kirika was about to send her big fist, when something made my eyes widen. In an instinct, I quickly stood up and dashed. I feel something on my grasp and without caring it, I swipe away the same spear away from Kirika. Kirika just realized this and immediately sent her big fist at Selphina, sending her away from us.

"You okay, Kirika?" I asked.

"What are you talking about!? Look at your state!"

I look at my stomach area, seeing a hole. Wait, why can't I feel any pain?

"Yeah, I know. But somehow, I can't feel anything." I replied honestly.

"What is that you're holding?" Kirika asked which made me inspect what I'm holding.

What the-!?

It's a freakin' large drill!

I mean, what the fuck!?



"It's a Man-Perforator." I simply replied. On my other hand, there was some kind of metallic cube. "For some reasons, what I'm holding right now is the sole reason why they were trying to kill me."

"Why are you so calm about this!? Aren't you shocked?" Kirika asked, my calmness in this situation was making her uncomfortable.

"I don't know. At the very least, I'm surprised. Probably, beca-"

Just as I was about to finish my words, it was cut short when another spear came in towards me but I reacted fast enough and with a thrust, my Man-Perforator easily dissipated it. I looked at the one who threw it, which was a man in some kind of detective outfit.

"Have a trouble with some Humans, Selphina?" He asked, his voice doesn't sound friendly, that's for sure. "But, that Sacred Gear sure is a trouble. And now, there are two of them."

"Nothing to worry about, Dohnasheek." Selphina came out, her body was severely injured. "Is Raynare done on the other side too?"

"Yes. She's done with that kid."


Wait, me getting a girlfriend suddenly….Issei getting a girlfriend suddenly too….today was his supposed date with Amano-san….no….no, no, no, no!

"Oi, what happened to Issei!?" I yelled.

The man, Dohnasheek, turned to me. "Despite your….injuries, you can still walk?" He looked at Selphina. "Are you sure he's a Human?" Selphina sighed and nodded. "Okay. So, Issei, huh? Oh, that's right. Raynare is already done with him."

"Damn it….you bastard." I cursed through my gritted teeth.

"Know your place, Human." Dohnasheek said before forming that spear on his hands.

Tch, he's one cocky bastard.

"Try to."

I readied my Man-Perforator with Kirika and we dashed towards the two of them together. I gave a fast thrust towards Dohnasheek but he evaded it by flying with his black wings. Damn it, I forgot that they have wings. Wasting no time, I was surprised when I jumped really high and was above Dohnasheek, making him shocked. I thrusts my Man-Perforator at him, which he returned it by thrusting his spear. We locked in a stalemate, the forces between us were sending gusts of winds.

He was fighting back, but my strength heightened once I heard him scream in struggle.

"Haha….hahaha…..hahahahahaha! Scream! Scream, scream, scream, scream, scream, scream, scream!"

Scream, you son of a bitch!


"Emulation Start!" My hands griping the metallic cube and started to press various buttons on it swiftly. "Eighth mechanism: Smashing Circle Type….Breaking by Wheel at Francs!"

The drill transformed into a large wheel and started to spin at a really faster speed. Dohnasheek was driven back and the stalemate was no more….

You'll scream beautifully, bitch!


"Kuro, you idiot!"



General P.O.V

"Kiri…..ka?" Kuro said, slowly.

He snapped from the crazy state he was in, seeing Kirika pushing him aside. The time went slow motion when he saw Kirika being cut in half by someone else. The blade slowly slashed through her abdomen as the intestines, blood and other guts came out. Kuro dropped down on his butt, his eyes widened at seeing the death of his best friend before him. Despite the gruesome that was happening to her, she still smiled. She smiled sweetly at him.

Her body dropped down on the ground like a useless limb. Her eyes were lifeless.

"Kirika!" Kuro yelled as tears beginning to produce in his eyes.

The person who cut Kirika down was a girl. She was wearing some kind of nun outfit but it didn't fitted her due to her sadistic smile. She was walking in with some kind of blade with Arthurian designs.

"It seems that these pests need to be taught a lesson…" The nun girl said.


Kuro's fists were shaking, his eyes were feeling really hot, every muscle in his body reacted and the air around was tensed. The emotions, mainly rage and anger started to will up inside of him. The feeling of being the one at fault because of a person's death. The Fallen Angels and an Exiled Exorcist rounded him as he stared at the ground. Selphina, Dohnasheek and the nun girl readied their weapons to go on and gang him up. They were going to do that, until something happens.

"Don't forget to smile….hehehe…" Kuro muttered, his hair was dripping with blood before losing its color. "Don't forget to smile!"

The blood that was dripping from his hair levitated and entered his right eye. His left eye was changing from black to dark purple. He used his hands to comb back his hair, revealing his eyes. While smiling, his teeth was sharper than it was supposed to. Seeing this, the Fallen Angels and the Exiled Exorcist was intimidated. However, it turned into horror as the enormous dark power washed over the whole of Earth. The difference in power was just too much.

And that is when all Hell break lose…

Ugh….my head…

I opened my eyes, seeing the ceiling of my room. What the…?

"What happened!? Where is Kirika!? Why am I here!? How am I-"

"Relax, you idiot." An unfamiliar voice rings in my ears.

Turning my head, my eyes were seeing blue with tinges of green, which was the hair color of the voice's owner. She grin at me, her purple eyes shining in excitement. She was wearing a school uniform which I don't know where school it was from.

Who…the heck…?

"Who are you? Where am I?" I asked.

"My name is Fear Kubrik, the one that gave you the power of Fear-in-Cube." She pointed at me. "And you are in your own dream scape."

"Oh….so, what happened?"

"To put it in a simple way, you killed the nun-cow udders and the black-winged cow udders. The man ran away as soon as you killed those two." She said, before her face showed serious face. "I don't what you are, but the one inside of you is clearly dangerous. Your body is not normal by any means, which is why I chose you instead of others."

"What? What do you mean?" I thought for a second before realizing something. "Wait…that Selphina said something about 'Sacred Gear Wielder'. Are you a Sacred Gear?"

There was silence when I asked her that. She suddenly burst into laugh. What the fu-I just asked a serious question and she laughed!?

"Is something funny, flat chest?" I said in an irritated tone while throwing an insult.

She stopped laughing and gave me a glare. "What did you said!? I'll curse you!"

"Go on ahead. In the end of the day, you will only see a smile, washboard-san." I throw yet another insult.

"I-I'll curse you!"

"Now, I won't call you that if you kindly answer my question." I claimed. "Otherwise, flat chest will be flat chest."

"Agh!" She puffed her cheeks, before reluctantly nodding, agreeing to my proposal. "Fine…."

"Good, Fear." I said, walking towards her and pat her head. "Now, give me information."

"Don't treat me like a kid!" She yelled, slapping my hand away with a blush. Heh, bet she liked it. "Anyway, Sacred Gears are powers bestowed by the Biblical God placed in certain Humans. Some Humans were born with it." I nodded in understatement before she continued. "But, I'm not a Sacred Gear. Unlike them, I am something opposite of it."


"Yes, opposite. I am a Cursed Gear, a special weapon that were placed in a Human of my choice. I have my own intention whether I want you to use my power or not, so don't be surprise if you can't summon Fear-in-Cube in days where I am in a bad mood." She explained with a smile. "I'm also cursed, which is why I were called that. Now, we can easily make our wielders to be out of control. Especially when the wielder had a strong emotion willed up, whether it is anger or desperate. The ones who cursed us are the people we've killed…."

"Alright, alright." I stopped her from further talking about despairing topics with a gentle chop on the head. "That's enough talk."


"Just so you know, I don't judge people by their appearance, their personality or what they've done. What I care is….what you feel." I smiled. "So, what do you think of me?"

"Hmph!" She puffed her cheeks. "You're annoying, rude, disrespectful and a pervert."

"Is that so? Well, I, for one, think that inside of the shell you use in covering yourself, is a cute, nice, gentle and a kind girl. I found it when I first talk to you." I smiled.

I know this, because…

Her character is like some girl in animes I've been watching.


Hey, don't judge me.

"N-Na-!?" She immediately blushes and I laughed out loud.

After laughing, a person came to my mind. Her sweet smile, her seriousness in Class Rep mode, what she'd done for me….why can't I save her? She was my best friend, one that had been with me for the past three years. One that I was really close with compare to my other friends…

"Also….Kirika died, huh?" I look at the ground, feeling at fault since she was protecting me.

"Oh, her? No, she's still alive."

Say what?

"I'm sorry? What did you said?"

"She's alive. Kirika is the one who has purple hair, right?" She repeated.

This is more than just a miracle….but, how can she survive that horrible slash? I saw her died before my very eyes in such a gruesome death. No one would be able to survive having their lower body separated with the upper body. They should die instantly…

"But how?" I asked, clearly something like this is just too much of a miracle.

"Ah, she also has a Cursed Gear. One that also made her heal from any external injuries no matter how fatal. She's technically immortal."

Oh. That explains why she has those whips that she magically control. Somehow, things like magic and supernatural things doesn't even begin to surprise me even when I first encountered them. Though, it feels like I've already encountered it. Same goes to near-death injuries. Sighing in relieve, I stared at Fear.

"Fear, what are the other side effects of having a Cursed Gear?"

I want to know this, since this is a pretty big deal. I never thought I would be involved in supernatural realms filled with unknown creatures. Especially one where Fear was the reason for those black winged-humans tried killing me.

"Well, there is one…" She stopped for a second, making me confused. "I can project myself into the real world so that I can accompany you."

Okay, now that's messed up. What would I do if Nee-san found out that I have some kid sleeping on my bed with me? What would I DO if the whole school found that out?

I'm not a lolicon for god's sake!

"I think that may be a trouble…" I said, thinking for a solution to this. "Can't you just stay in, like, your cube form? You can, right?"

"I can, but I don't wanna!" She replied, refusing my idea. "I hate that form!"

"Hm….let me think what action should I take."

My eyes darted over to my clothes. I wore a long black coat, dark grey undershirt, light brown trousers, black boots with shoe laces mixing color of red, white and black and I also had a pair of fingerless gloves. I look at myself, confused. Why do I wore this? Why do I feel taller? Then, I noticed that I had some kind of neckless on my neck. I looked at the neckless, which was a black-framed dog tag with a name imprint on it.

"Sakura…?" I read the name out loud, which made Fear to look at me in curiosity.

Just when I thought of that name, a pain shot through my head and I immediately clutched it in pain. I drop on my knees, making Fear to flinch in shock.

"Arrrghh!" I yelled out in pain as Fear ran towards me and held my shoulders.

"Oi! Shikarishirou! (Get a grip of yourself!)" Fear said as the pain endlessly becoming more intense.






How….could I forget about her?

The pain stopped, my vision became white before a shadow figure appeared. And from that figure, there was a smile that warmed me. My breathing went back to normal and the pain was no more.

"I-I'm fine…" I sat down on my room's tile. "Just some….memories."

"As I thought." Fear said as she stood up, seriousness enveloped her entire (petite) figure. "You've lived for a very long time, far longer than anything. You weren't born into this world, you were rebirth in some way." She claimed, making me confused. "Fussing it now is not going to help. There will be a time where you regain all of your memories."

"What do yo-"

Just as I was about to ask her, a light suddenly shone and blinded me.

As I opened my eyes, I was staring at my room's ceiling, again. Just to make sure, I quickly sat up and looked around, only to find Kirika sitting on a chair beside my bed. Wait, did she brought me here?

"Kuro! Don't move yet!" She said, holding my shoulders and put me down back on the bed. "I found you on the park, laying down unconscious. It seems that you collapsed for some reason."

Wha…? What happened!?

'Ah, don't worry about this…'

Who's talking!?

'Just the remains of your memories, Kuro, or should I call you Drazu?' The voice said and chuckled.

So….Drazu Azule, huh?

'Yes. Earlier, the real Kuro inside of you, just killed the two females and ate them.'

What the-I ate them!?

'Wrong, he ate them. This Kuro is not you, it's a split personality that Drazu Azule has. After he ate them, Drazu Azule, as in you with all of your memories, came in and used a powerful spell to make the things that happened today to be forgotten to anyone who knows it. Everything will be reverted back to normal but some may not. Higher beings, gods and many will forgot about the immense power that Drazu Azule or you emitted earlier. For now, calm down and listen to your dear friend.'


I'll calm down.

I look at Kirika, smiling. "Did you brought me here?"

"I won't be here if I don't." She replied, sadly smiling. "So, what happened?"

I turn my face to stare at the ceiling. "I didn't know though. I came in after a bit of shopping and when I came to the park, I blacked out." I smiled at her, lying through my teeth.

"Is that so?" I nodded in response. "Then, that's okay…"

I sighed, I know what she's thinking. "Fine…" She faced me with confused expression. "I wasn't shopping with Nee-san. I was shopping with my….girlfriend."

She look down on the ground, she knew this but held up her mouth as to not make me uncomfortable for invading my personal life. "It is true then…"

"Yeah. Unfortunately, her relationship with me won't work so we broke up." I said, and sat up and motioned the worried Kirika with a gesture that tells her "I'm okay". I placed my right hand on her left cheeks, making her blushed really hard. "Tomorrow is the hangout, remember?" Her eyes widened when I mention that which made me giggle. "You forgotten about it, didn't you?"

"I-I…uh….." She sighed, before smiling. "You got me." She gave up.

"That's okay. Just don't forget this time, okay?" She nodded and suddenly, her phone rang.

Kirika looked at her phone, before she quietly clicked her tongue in annoyance. "Kuro, sorry. I got to go."

Looks like it's something important.

"No worries and no apologies. If it's important, you have to go. So, go." I encouraged her with the best smile I could muster. "And don't forgot about tomorrow, alright?"

"You don't need to remind me the second time!" She said after she got out from my room.

My face turned serious after she's gone.

Drazu Azule and Reimson Sotalez Sakura.

Right now, I have my emotions back to me. I can lie perfectly, act excellently and kill quietly. All of the memories of Drazu Azule haven't resurfaced yet, but I can see that this endless suffering that Drazu got doesn't end with him sleeping on that Hibernation Pod. There is a continuation…

Tsukasa Kuro….Drazu Azule…..

Who exactly am I?

"Puhaa! I almost drown!" Someone sprouted from my blankets, which was Fear without any clothes except for the undies.


End of the Chapter

"Who exactly am I?"


[1] Haha! Look at me, doing a reference of an anime which I made a fanfic of! Middleschool DxD Hero is a clear parody of Highschool DxD Hero.

[2] Date A Live, one of my favorite series. Kuro was talking about where Itsuka Shido was having three dates at once and one of them is with Tobiichi Origami. If I remembered it correctly, she came an hour early and waited on the fountain, sitting and doing nothing to the point even birds and pigeon thought that she was a statue. Now, that's a hardworking girl.

Author's Note: End of the prologue!

This jumps in my mind when me and a sibling talked about C3 after we re-watched it together. She searched a fanfic about it, and she found a crossover instead. A crossover with High School DxD. I found it quite….illogical to call Fear Kubrik, the Fear-in-Cube, a Sacred Gear. To me, I preferred to call something like Fear a Cursed Gear.

Now, did that sound suitable?

Yea, to me it is. Quite a nice ring to it.

Now, while I don't want to touch Issei's harem (mainly Rias, Akeno, Asia and Irina. I'll probably change my mind about the others), I'm going to pair or give a harem to my OC. Well, some of you may think that Drazu or Kuro is some kind of Mary Sue/Gary Stue character but he's not. He'll kill when it's needed or when it is the best options. While he's good at Science, Mathematics, English Language and Japanese Literature, he sucks at others. He isn't all kind and can be self-centered sometimes.

What did we learn here, folks?

Yes, there're two kinds of power bestowed in Humans, the Sacred Gear which is Biblical God's and Cursed Gear which is Human's. Cursed Gear are powerful than a Sacred Gear which is why Kirika and Kuro (Fear-in-Cube) can fought off the Fallen Angels. While it is not as powerful as the Thirteen Longinus, they are quite noteworthy for Humans to have. Especially when almost no one knows about it.

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