Cyrus died. The initial outrage of the devil Pokémon had slain him and his team in an instant, leaving a champion and a trainer face to face with the incarnation of evil.

Everything would be fine.

Whenever Cynthia sent out her Garchomp, there was no need to worry. This beastly dragon was unmatched in strength, the embodiment of power in Sinnoh, capable of feats most could only dream of achieving. She had seen it sweep through teams, crush its opposition with a brutality and efficiency worthy of the title of Champion. This Garchomp was this entire region's trump card, the final bastion to defend them.

Everything should've been fine.

When the dragon fell limply on the ground, scarred, bleeding and unconscious, without so much as having laid a dent on the enemy, what was a trainer to do but panic as they became the next target. Every trainer knew there was no shame in running. When faced with overwhelming adversity, run, gather your thoughts and try once more tomorrow. What were you to do when that dawn would never come?

A somber sleep awaited them. The bell had chimed.

Reina was terrified.

An adventure that had began in whimsy with a simple goal and simpler days, abruptly cut, torn to shreds just like Garchomp before.

The trainer scampered away, even in her doubts running would ever work. Her instincts guided her away, Cynthia not far behind. They had to get away. Away from the odds, away from their mistake, away from their roles as heroes.

Away from Giratina.

Nothing was fine.

A mere trainer, no matter their title, couldn't hope to compete against forces of nature, controllers of abstract designs, the very foundation of the world they lived. Such foolishness was merely rewarded by a swift death and yet the crazed leader of Team Galactic challenged this fact. Thrust into a world of nothing by a creature of nothing, he stared it in the eyes to his final breath thinking himself better. His legacy now nothing more than an angry deity with its sights set on the two who tried to stop him.

They couldn't do anything! They were going to die! A scream of terror came to her lips. Why had she ever wanted to go on such a journey? Her parents had warned her, they had worried for her and now their only reward for their stubborn daughter would be a coffin and no body to ever retrieve. She had just wanted to feel free, free of a life of routine and live every day without knowing what would come to pass in it. She wanted to face hardships she could learn from and move on from with better knowledge of herself, her strengths her weaknesses, everything!

Giratina roared.

Not this...

When Cynthia had talked about Team Galactic, they had just sounded like a bunch of harmless goofballs. She hadn't minded helping her deal with them in Eterna or even Veilstone as she continued her trek through Sinnoh for the badges... But before she knew it, Cynthia had extended a hand to ask for her help, she had saved the lake guardians and she came up to the embodiments of time and space themselves. All the while going with what the champion told her as her thoughts, a rush of adrenaline acting as her body. She couldn't say no to the other woman and this was the outcome.

Cynthia called out her Togekiss and extended a hand towards the other trainer. Reina took it without a second thought and the two flew around, desperately searching for a way out. Behind this wall, this waterfall, this pillar? Nothing. All the while Giratina chased after them relentlessly, its sole purpose to slay the intruders. Rocks floated around the mythical being, throwing themselves at the trainers one after another.

A scream resonated in Reina's ears. "Ultra..." Was it?

A boulder rammed mercilessly into Togekiss, making the Pokémon lose the rhythm of its wingbeats. The trio came crashing down to the ground. Togekiss, in a last-ditch effort, shielded the trainers with its body as they fell to the earth. The air was knocked out of Reina's lungs upon impact. She rolled on the floor alongside Cynthia, covering her head with her hands in an instinctual manner. She heard a crack, a bone. Her panic intensified even further. Which one was it? Her body ached all over, she couldn't tell. No matter. Now that they had lost another one of Cynthia's Pokémon, they had to run once more, a task Reina resumed immediately upon getting her bearings back, even a bit beforehand.

Another scream. "Distract..."

With its preys downed, Giratina approached them far too quickly for them to escape. The trainer's breaths became more ragged, the movement of her legs faster and faster. She was afraid of so much as looking back to see where everything was compared to her. She just had to get away, get away, get away!

She tripped.

The world stopped.

It was an eternity where Reina could do nothing but watch herself fall helplessly, her body paralysed. She could hear the champion's yelp at the event. Her very breath caught in her throat. Then, she came crashing down to the ground, her nose breaking on impact. A pain attempted to flare through her body to no avail. The adrenaline circulating through her veins quelled the suffering. Out of breath and out of a footing, the champion got behind the trainer and starting rummaging through Reina's bag.

When she found what she wanted, Cynthia threw it at Giratina. An ultra ball.

The screams from earlier now made sense.

Such a flimsy device had no hope of containing the mythical being for long but it did buy them some time.

During that second of respite, Reina found what bone had been broken. It was the other woman's right arm.

Reina got forcibly got put back onto her feet. Cynthia said something again but Reina proved too dazed to understand. Instead the blonde pointed in a direction which, in the distance, had the portal Giratina originally created to get to Spear Pillar.

The Pokémon broke free. Cynthia lost no time and immediately threw another ball at it with her left hand.


The order had the two resume their run. Now with a clear objective has to where she was going, Reina was starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Giratina broke free once more. This time, Reina knew what to do and tossed a Dusk Ball. As the light of the device surrounded the creator of Antimatter, an ear-piercing shriek of annoyance travelled all across the distortion world.

Only a little more!

The two ran up pillars, swam through waterfalls and leaped over ceilings, etching ever closer to this getaway. Giratina, however, had other intentions. The being stood high and mighty over the portal, preventing them access to it and slowly closing it. Immediately, Reina began foraging through her bag for another ball, any would do. Unfortunately, the Pokémon had caught on. It twisted its wicked body, its tail crashing into the trainer who lost her footing on the platform they were on, helplessly falling down into the abyss of eternal nothing, her only reaction a mere blink on a stunned face as she attempted to process what had just happened. She overheard another cry.


The following happened in the blink of an eye. The trainer had no time to understand. Her Pokémon, who she had kept tucked in his ball since the confrontation with Cyrus bursted out with a roar of might equal to Giratina.


The flying dragon swooped under his trainer, catching her in her fall. He saw her condition and grunted in anger. The flight to the platform was swift. The three-headed beast scanned the situation, his eyes first resting on Cynthia then Giratina who bore a hole in his brethren dragon with his eyes. That second was all he needed to understand.

Hydreigon dropped his trainer off with the champion, a head on her while the others started charging an attack at Giratina. A ball of dark energy went careening towards Giratina.

Who effortlessly knocked it away.

Hydreigon had no chance.

The portal was closing, it was protected by an enemy too powerful, the trainers were extremely injured and catching it was out of the equation.

It was under these factors the dragon made a split-second decision.

With two of his mouths, he snatched the humans' collars, lifting them into the air. Then he charged at the stronger being, their bodies colliding. Giratina charged its own ball of energy and threw it at the third head. Pain surged through the Pokemon but he ignored it. With the mythical so close, he now had a clear shot and that was precisely what he wanted.

He threw the two trainers into the portal and safely back at Spear Pillar.

The two rolled on the ground back into their own world.

It was then Reina finally understood everything that had happened. She got back on her feet and watched her Pokémon through the portal. The dragon gave her both a smirk and a smile, telling her everything would be fine.

"No... no, no, No, No, NO!"

She searched everywhere for the dragon's ball to call him back home but it had already been broken...

"You can't do this to me!"

Reina, in her panic, dropped her bad on the floor, its content spilling over on the floor. She tried to find another to use tip catch him once more but again, unfortunately, she had used them all on Giratina. Short on options, she weakly extended a hand outward.


The dragon closed his eyes

The portal closed.

Broken and battered, Reina let out a soul crushing scream. Her legs failed her and tears swelled up in her eyes. A person's left arm wrapped itself around her.

The trainer blacked out.