"Witchyworld is where they run, I'll give them something to make them done!" Gruntilda Winkybunion cackled as she used her magic to cause the game to transition into that of RollerCoaster Tycoon, with the graphics getting more primitive yet retaining its colorful lust.

"Guh huh? What just happened?" Banjo asked.

Kazooie shook her feathery head. "It appears a certain witch just got us transported into a different game."

"You got that right!" Mr. Patch exclaimed, emerging his big green balloon dinosaur head out of the white and blue circus tent for where he was fought, barfing out beach balls as they slowly headed towards the bear and bird.

Banjo was quick to run into a nearby coaster car as he rode up the rollercoaster, with Kazooie firing various different eggs at the balls in an attempt of destroying them, not realizing that it was Grunty who designed the roller coaster... and needless to say it was 1 experience they wished they never bothered with!