A hook digs into Adolin's flesh. A white, searing metal.

Adolin didn't scream.

He'd lose all will sometimes ago. There're worthless. Only making things seemed all the worse. It's better not to care, not to DO anything. Keep still, just let the fire consume you.

Someday it'll be gone. Surely, someday.

It has been days since they entered Damnation. Days since they all die. Kaladin, Shallan, Adolin. Dead. Only for a few days.

It could have been an eternity.

But they had promised to go back, together.

They will go back.

Shallan was the first to break, the constant hooks and flames proven too much for her. Adolin is the close second. Of course, at first he fought. But what point is there? None. Fight, and the pain still continues.

Better not to fight altogether, then.

That is not the case for Kaladin. Poor Kaladin. He blames himself for their deaths.

But, he still fights. Kaladin still fights.

Repeating that thought, somehow, somewhere, Adolin found his will again.