Episode 1: Breakout Part 1

A man in a black outfit with a cape that had the skeletal structure of a bat's wings stood on a roof in the rain with rage on his face. He was searching for someone, and when he found him… it wasn't going to be pleasant. He listened intently to the communication lines he had hacked a while ago. He didn't do anything but listen till… he found what he was looking for.

"This is Commissioner Gordon," said a voice on one of the police scanners, "Suspect heading down 1st avenue in a stolen car."

The man then dove off of the building for a while and then grabbed his cape as he extended his arms allowing him to glide. He stayed in the air as long as he could, and thankfully he noticed the car speeding down the road. He promptly dive-bombed, and when he landed on the hood of the car it crunched beneath his feet. Inside the car, the suspect watched with terror as the man in black stood up from his crouched position. He quickly unbuckled and opened the door, but when he got out of the car he tripped and fell. That didn't stop him however as he got up to his feet quickly and ran off as fast as he could. However, something penetrated his back and popped out of his left shoulder between the shoulder bone and the collarbone. The next second he was pulled back into his car.

"You killed Selena Wayne and Helena Wayne," his attacker growled.

"It wasn't me!" the suspect objected.

"Then why were you running?!" his attacker demanded as he yanked the grapnel gun claw out of the guy's shoulder.

"I knew it would look bad if I stayed," the suspect said.

"You're nothing but a lying son of a bitch!" his attacker yelled as he punched the suspect in the nose breaking it.

"Nothing I say will ever appease you," the suspect said with a nasal tone while he held his broken nose.

"You've got that right," his attacker said as he pulled out what looked like a brass knuckle except it had the image of a Bat on it which was red hot.

"No," the suspect said as he began to panic, "Nononononono! No!"

His attacker then punched at the suspect in the side and pressed hard as the sound of flesh sizzling could be heard. His attacker stepped back and on his chest was the bat symbol. Before the police could arrive the Batman fired his grapnel gun into the sky and zipped upwards.


As Batman was returning to the Batcave in his black Tumbler aka the Batmobile he was thinking of how close he was to killing that criminal. Batman wasn't even thinking when he went after the criminal, but after Batman had caught him he was able to stop himself from going over the line. Suddenly, some sort of energy wave rammed into the Batmobile causing it to flip over and over and over. When the flipping had concluded the batmobile crashed into a tree on the side of a road and slid to the ground on its side.

"The hell was that?" Batman thought out loud as the batmobile righted itself with a press of a button. He then pressed another button on the dashboard and said, "Batman to Watchtower. Respond."

However, nothing but static could be heard and when he tried again, the same result happened. Suddenly, the batmobile was surrounded by what looked like jets.

"Whoever you are," said one of the jets via a P.A system, "Get out of that tank and put your hands on your knees."

"I don't think so," Batman said before pressing a button targeting all the jets. He then pressed another button which blasted an EMP wave at them causing them to fall to the ground which was fortunately not very far away from them. As they did so the Batmobile sped away from the area.

Meanwhile, in another location...

"Talk to me Jarvis," said a voice as a man in a red and gold armor floated above the Earth. Inside the armor, the man stared at a head's up display which was targeting a specific region of the Earth

"Indeed," JARVIS responded, "Tracking signal located. Location. The Gherlact Mountain Range, Slovakia."

"Switch to infrared," the man responded causing the HUD to become red.

"Got them," he said when he saw what he was looking for. On the ground, men that looked like they wore beekeeper outfits walked around carrying futuristic rifles. Some robots just stood around and tents all over the place. At one tent a man wearing a different looking beekeeper outfit walked out of the open flap.

"Just tell us Latveria's need," said the head beekeeper, "Miss Bardis, and AIM can supply you with anything you desire. With any one of our weapons, you'll crush an army."

That caused Ms. Bardis to smile evilly before it soured as a newcomer spoke.

"Well," said the newcomer, "good thing I didn't bring an army then."

At that point, the armored man landed on the ground behind them as they turned around to see him.

"Wow," the man continued, "quite a sale you've got going on here. A lot of neat stuff."

"Unfortunately," the man finished angrily, "some of it has my name on it."

At that point, everyone fired their laser pistols at him as the armored man formed an energy bubble around himself.

"Ya know," the man said, "Calling yourself Advanced Idea Mechanics… that was a really bad idea."

He then stood up straight and fired some sort of sonic blast from a circle in the middle of his chest. The sonic blast destroyed all of the firearms and knocked the AIM soldiers out. The only ones left standing were the robots and Miss Bardis.

"Give your master a message for me," the armored man said, "Buyer beware. You steal my tech, you answer to me. Even him."

The lady narrowed her eyes before she turned around and walked off with her two robot bodyguards. Behind her, the armored man's faceplate opened revealing his face.

"Jarvis," the man said as he looked at the downed AIM soldiers, "Contact the vault. Let them know they're about to get a few new guests."

"Very well sir," JARVIS replied, "Also, Miss Potts called? She wished to know if you were still out playing superhero or if you wanted to come do some actual work."

The man then shut his faceplate before he blasted off into the sky.

Meanwhile, at The Cube…

A green outfitted man with a purple ski mask on punched at a wall damaging it as a man with brown hair walked by his cell. As he walked by two more cells one of the prisoners yelled at him.

"Sampson!" the prisoner yelled, "Sampson! You can't do this to me! Do you hear?!"

However, Sampson just ignored the prisoner as he stared at a clipboard on the way to a specific cell.

"And how are we today Bruce?" Sampson asked as he walked into a cell, "No episodes in the last 36 hours I see."

Sampson now stood in front of a man that was shackled to both the floor and roof with no room to relax his limbs.

"This is a disaster waiting to happen, Leonard," Bruce said.

"I've told you again and again Bruce," Leonard said as he turned to look at some x-ray photos, "We'll find a cure for the Hulk. The Cube is the most advanced gamma radiation research facility on the planet."

"The work we've done with Stern Blonsky is-" Leonard continued before he was interrupted.

"You're wrong," Bruce said, "Shield and Ross are lying to you. They don't want cures. They want to know how to control these monsters. Trust me, I've seen it happen. They'll twist everything you do. You want to know what the Cube is, really? It's a gamma bomb waiting to go off!"

In New York…

A man wearing a silver winged helmet on his head, long hair, a flowing red cape, and what looked like Norse armor stood on a gargoyle looking over the city. In his left hand was a big cement looking mallet as his cape flapped in the breeze. Behind him, a pillar of rainbow light shot down and landed on the roof. Out stepped a man wearing blue and silver armor with a smile on his face.

"Hail Thor Odinson," the man said.

"Hail Balder the Brave," Thor said as he turned to look at him before heading to him and placing his hand on Balder's shoulder, "What brings Asgard's shining light to Midgard?"

At that Balder looked down in sadness which caused Thor's mood to sour.

"Or is the better question, who sent you?" Thor asked in suspicion.

"Your father has entered the Odinsleep," Balder explained, "but before he faded to dream, he asked me to bring you home. To defend Asgard while Odin replenishes his power."

"Nay," Thor said as he walked to the edge of the rooftop.

"Thor," Balder tried, "you are like a brother to me. We have fought wars together, but I do not understand your connection to this place."

"Here," Thor explained, "I can make a difference. In Asgard, the endless cycle of fighting, it is meaningless. On Earth, everything matters. I am needed here, Balder."

"Troll?" Balder asked as he looked down at the street below upon hearing a loud noise.

On the street…

"Good news is you're gonna live," a female EMT said as she lightly pressed a damp cloth onto a man's scrapes, "Bad news? Better Get used to taking the subway."

Suddenly, a car flipped and was sent flying towards her position which caused her to panic a bit. However, before it could reach her, something blasted it out of the air with some kind of net. A second later a black vehicle of some kind sped to them and fired a tow line to a rooftop. Just before it could ram into any civilians or vehicles it sped into the air as it was pulled by the tow line. Not long after that Thor landed on the ground next to her.

"Are you alright Jane Foster?" Thor asked in concern as he stared at the EMT.

"Yeah," Jane replied, "Thanks for the concern, but I'm fine. Maybe a little bit unnerved, but that's to be expected."

"Hey," Jane asked as she smiled, "Have you been following me?"

Thor quickly looked away in embarrassment before glancing down at her as he said, "Perhaps. You intrigue me. Mortal lives, they're so fragile. Yet you do not seem to accept that."

"Would you?" Jane asked.

"Nay," Thor said with a smile.

At the Vault…

"Iron man," a voice said over the comm, "This is Jimmy Wu with Vault Security. You are clear for landing."

Some shield agents ran to grab AIM soldiers out of the yellow contraption Iron Man brought them in as he landed in front of a shield agent.

"Thanks," the agent said, "AIM's been a thorn in shield's side for a long time."

"Yeah," Iron man said as he turned to watch the shield agents bring the head beekeeper, "Helping shield's not on my to-do list. These guys are dangerous. Had my tech. I took them down, end of story."

"Right," the agent said, "Well while you're here I wanted to talk vault security with you."

"We had an incident last week," the agent said as the AIM soldier was escorted past them.

"Did Fury put you up to this?" Iron Man asked in skepticism.

"No," the agent answered, "this isn't about weapons. This is about containment. It's about keeping people safe."

"Okay," Iron Man said as he hovered up into the air, "Schedule something with Pepper. Whatever it is, I'm sure it can wait a day."

He then flew off into the sky.

Meanwhile, in New York…

Inside the SHIELD Helicarrier flew over a river as Doctor Hank Pym was talking to a criminal inside of The Big House. The Big House was an ironic name cause that prison was literally the smallest prison in the world. It was so small the criminals had to be shrunken down before they could be placed inside.

"I wanted to ask you a question," Hank said, "Mister…"

"Mad Thinker will suffice," the criminal said.

"Okay," Hank continued, "Shield monitored a conversation you had with Whirlwind. You said something was going to happen? I would like to know what."

"Can you not feel it Ant-Man?" Mad Thinker said, "The better question is not what, but when."

Outside of The Big House…

Agent Maria Hill and The Wasp were walking down a corridor as they conversed with each other.

"Director Fury's offer was very serious wasp," Maria said to Wasp.

"Hank… uh… Ant-Man is against it," Wasp said sadly.

"And you?" Maria asked.

"I want to help," Wasp said honestly, "I wanna do more."

"Shield would let you do more," Maria said.

Walking towards them was a very attractive redhead wearing a tight black shield uniform and bracelet weapons around her wrists.

"Who was that?" Wasp asked as the redhead walked past them.

"That's classified," Maria said, but before she could say anything further an agent hurried to her.

"Ma'am," the agent said with a salute.

"At ease agent…" Maria trailed off.

"Coulson," the agent said as he lowered his hand, "Agent Phil Coulson."

"Okay Agent Coulson," Maria said, "What is it?"

"I have found something you and Director Fury need to know Ma'am," Agent Coulson replied.

"Let me guess," Wasp said with narrowed eyes, "Classified."

"For now I'd say it is," Maria said, "At least till I know for sure."

"On second thought," Wasp said sourly, "Shield might be a little too dramatic for me, and it's always so serious."

Suddenly, the lights went out and the emergency lighting began flashing on and off.

"Kind of like that," Wasp said in annoyance.

Back in The Big house…

Hank was writing some notes down on a clipboard when the power went off and the cell doors deactivated. He looked along the halls and saw that several of the prisoners were exiting their cells.

"No," Hank said quietly.

"Boom," Mad Thinker said. Suddenly, the Pym Particles which had shrunken the prison down to the size of a model activated causing the prison to grow alongside everyone in it. The Helicarrier began exploding as pieces of the big house penetrated the hull of the Helicarrier. On the streets of New York, one could see a purely black vehicle speeding in the direction of the river before something in black popped out of the vehicle and flew at the Helicarrier. Suddenly, it appeared to grow wings. If one had binoculars one would see that it was a man dressed like a bat using his cape to glide to the Helicarrier. The Helicarrier was heading towards the river, and inside alarms were going off while shield agents rushed about.

"Someone!" A man with an eyepatch yelled, "Get to engineering! Tell them to keep us in the air, and shut off that alarm!"

"Director Fury," an agent said as he ran up to Fury, "a report just came in from The Vault."

"Do I look like I have time for this Quartermain?" Fury asked in annoyance.

"Listen to me!" Quartermain said as he grabbed Fury's arm which attracted Fury's attention.

"Sir," Quartermain continued, "automated reports are coming in from The Vault and The Cube. Their systems have gone offline, and no one is responding from down in The Big House. Something is seriously wrong."

Before fury could say anything and agent gasped out in surprise and a little fear as a shadow that looked like a bat flew at them.

"The hell is…" Fury said, "shoot whatever that is out of the sky! I don't have time or the patience to be dealing with attacks from outside as my Helicarrier goes crashing down."

Outside the Helicarrier…

Batman headed towards an area he could land on the Helicarrier, but before he could the guns began firing randomly. That forced him to dive-bomb toward the Helicarrier before extending his cape again and gliding to a flat surface of the Helicarrier. As soon as he made touched the surface, he rolled. He activated his detective vision and looked around for an entrance he could use. However, he didn't find any so he settled with making his own. He pulled out a thing full of gel and drew a bat symbol on the floor and stood up. When he pressed a button on the device it exploded and he fell through the floor. When he landed he saw that he was in a hallway that had unconscious men everywhere and it was dark. He then ran through the hallways till he saw some soldiers firing at a creature that looked like it was part-hawk, part-lion, and full beast. He ran towards them and jumped over them before leaping at the beast which immediately grabbed him. Before it could bite him he maneuvered himself so he'd be on top of it and covered its eyes as he pulled up. Eventually, it flew right at a wall and he jumped off before it could collide. He turned around and saw some guy wearing an orange and blue-green suit with some sort of wires coming from his forearms as he held up the three shield agents.

"Hahahaha," the man said insanely, "Payback time."

He then grew a serious expression as he saw something flying towards him. As soon as it hit him smoke exploded out and then someone tackled into him. That someone punched him in the stomach, the face, and then rammed his head against a wall before hitting him in the spine with what felt like an elbow. As he fell to the ground he saw a foot stomp down on his face rendering him unconscious. As Batman turned around he saw the three agents were still tied up by the mechanical tendrils. Before he could take a step forward to help them he was zapped by some yellow energy which sent him onto his back.

"I'll take him," said a new agent as a female agent, and a small flying woman went past, "You go on."

"I'm not your enemy," Batman said as he stood up.

"Really?" Agent Coulson said skeptically, "then why did you tie up these agents?"

"That wasn't me," Batman said bluntly. Coulson then prepared to attack him, but one of the agents spoke up.

"Coulson wait!" said an agent, "He helped us."

"Yeah," agreed another, "he took out that sphinx creature, and saved us from tentacle boy over there."

Coulson then looked at the downed villain and noticed the sparking tendrils and then back at the agents which were wrapped by the same tendrils.

"Okay," Agent Coulson said, "Why are you helping us?"

"It's the right thing to do," Batman said, "Now I'm going to continue doing so, or do you have a problem with that?"

"No no," Coulson said hurriedly, "please do. I'll free these guys."

Batman then took off in the direction Maria Hill and The Wasp rushed down.

With The Wasp…

"This is crazy!" Wasp exclaimed as she and Maria hurried down the corridor, "How did this happen?!"

"It doesn't matter," Maria responded, "Right now we have to get to the bridge."

"No!" Wasp said suddenly as she stopped moving, "Ant-Man was in the big house when the explosion happened. He was with all the supervillains. We have to help him! Now!"

Before anyone could say anything further footsteps could be heard coming from the darkness, and they tensed up. Wasp allowed yellow energy to glow around her hands while Maria pulled out a sidearm.

"It sounds like you need some help," Batman said as he walked out of the shadows and dodged a yellow energy blast.

"Who are you?!" Maria Hill demanded.

"I'm Batman," Batman said, "And I am the best chance you have of saving this Helicarrier."

Meanwhile, in the sky…

Iron Man flew through the air as he was on his way to New York when JARVIS spoke up.

"Incoming call," JARVIS said, "Potts, Pepper."

"Pepper," Iron Man said when he answered the call, "Guess who I ticked off this morning? Here's a hint. His name rhymes with boom."

"Tony," Pepper said all business-like, "Something's happened at the shield Helicarrier. Some kind of explosion. Tony, it's bad."

"Sir," JARVIS added, "There appears to be a problem at the vault. They've stopped transmitting data."

"Alright," Tony decided as he changed directions, "Keep monitoring the Helicarrier situation. I'm gonna check on something here."

With Thor…

Thor and Jane Foster were currently on a "date" as Thor explained aspects of his life to Jane. They currently sat at an outside table at a restaurant called Ciro's.

"So your dad," Jane said slowly as she tried to understand, "He sleeps for a week?"

"The Odinsleep," Thor confirmed as he picked up a drink, "Once a year he replenishes his power which in turn gives life to Asgard."

"Wow," Jane said as she fiddled with a small umbrella, "Must be some sleep."

"Indeed," Thor agreed as he placed his undrunk drink down on the table, "But during this time, Asgard is vulnerable to attack."

"So," Jane asked pointing at him with the umbrella, "Why aren't you there?"

"This seems to be a popular question," Thor said slightly irritated, "It is… complicated."

"Really?" Jane asked as she cocked her head to the side, "Because it sounds like you're just mad at your dad. There's nothing less complicated than that."

"The mortals, you," Thor said as he crossed his arms, "I am needed here."

That caused Jane to narrow her eyes a bit before she spoke up.

"You know," Jane said calmly, "We have managed to survive okay. We've got police, firemen, paramedics. Even a few superheroes of our own. Take a week off. Help the family. Earth will still be here when you get back."

Just as he lowered his eyes to think about it, an explosion happened attracted his attention. He watched a pillar of smoke rising into the sky and then came to a decision.

"What were you saying about the Earth still being here?" Thor asked as Jane got up and looked at what he was staring at.

"Touche," Jane said as Thor walked forward so he could spin his hammer without hurting anyone. He then flew up into the sky so he could respond to whatever caused that explosion.

At the Cube…

A man slowly walked through the rubble of the destroyed room towards Bruce who was trapped under some debris. That man was Leonard and something was different about him. It wasn't just the fact that his clothing had been shredded, but it was the fact that some of his hair had gone green.

"Leonard," said Bruce from his position as he watched Leonard walk towards him, "What's…"

"Oh no," Bruce said when he saw his condition, "No! Leonard, you've gotta listen to me! You've been exposed to gamma radiation. We have to get you to a hospital!"

Leonard wasn't even paying attention as he knelt in front of Bruce with his eyes closed.

"You were right," Leonard said with obvious discomfort as he opened his newly green eyes, "The prisoners… they're all free. It's a disaster!"

"Listen to me Leonard," Bruce said in a serious tone, "You have to help me because right now the Hulk is the only hope we've got."

Leonard Sampson looked like he was going to object, but he realized that Bruce was right. With that thought, he stood back up and walked over to the big rock that had pinned Bruce. He used all his strength to pick up the rock, but he wasn't strong enough. The most he could do was lift it a few inches. Suddenly, his eyes glowed green and he began morphing till he acquired some muscles and his hair had grown. As that went on he managed to pick up the rock and hold it over his head before throwing it towards a wall shattering the boulder. He then looked down at his hands as he panted before crying out in pain and fell. Bruce's eyes followed Leonard in concern.

"Zaxx," Bruce practically growled when he looked up. The energy being held up its arms and roared.

Meanwhile, at The Vault…

A laser beam cut a circle in the door causing it to fall, and in the doorway stood three beings. One had been glowing, but when he ceased glowing his outfit was clearly a black skin-tight full body and mask suit with yellow accents. The room he had removed the door from held loads of weapons and suits on shelves and hangers. The other two were normal humans in orange jumpsuits. To his right was a redheaded woman and to his left was an African American man with a small goatee.

"Come on in boys," the figure said as he thrust his arms to the side, "Store's open."

The other two then ran into the room to put on their gear. The woman put on a revealing black outfit. The top had a circular hole in the chest area and only had a black strip that covered her belly button and connected with her black pants. Her mask covered her entire face except for her jaw, nose, and upper jaw. Her hair was up in a ponytail. The mask connected to the neck of the shirt. On her hands were gloves that had pointed ends near her elbows. She then walked to a hook where a hi-tech looking whip lay coiled and picked it up. The other man was now in a strange-looking outfit which was colored, white, red, black, and yellow. He walked down an aisle until he found something on a shelf. He then picked up a shield, but as soon as he did that an archer wearing purple knocked him out with a right hook.

"I don't think so dirtbag," said the archer.

Back at the Helicarrier…

The SHIELD helicarrier was still careening towards the river below and still had pieces of The Big House protruding from it. Inside, Wasp was flying down a corridor as Batman ran alongside her. As soon as they went through a hole they stopped moving.

"Oh, nuts!" Wasp said as she looked at the wreckage of The Big House.

"I've seen crazier," Batman said bluntly as he activated his detective vision and began looking around. However, Wasp didn't even hear him as she saw a light flash from one of the small windows. She then flew as fast as she could towards the building.

"Wasp!" Batman called, "Wait!"

"Hank could be in trouble!" Wasp called back before she continued her way. Batman only narrowed his eyes but didn't say anything as he hurried after her.

Inside The Big House's wreckage…

Hank stared at the man-sized bipedal baboon right before he was punched and sent off of the giant cement block. He was lucky enough to grab onto the edge and stop himself from falling but was unable to do anything else. Hank still wore his doctor's coat over his Ant-Man suit which looked like the suit from the first Ant-Man MCU movie. He didn't have his helmet on though, so he was unable to shrink down and pull himself back up. However, even though he had lost his grip with one hand he was able to pull himself back up onto the block. Suddenly, behind him, a giant snake transformed into a humanoid being which acquired his attention. As soon as he looked towards the snake-man some sort of tiny missiles launched from its chest and flew at him. Hank managed to jump out of the way before they exploded. Somewhere else in the rubble an old man with a bald head, sideburns, and a mullet walked on a giant pipe. He wore a red outfit with white fur sewn into the collar and had a black shirt underneath. Suddenly, two silver robots appeared in front of him.

"This course of action is ill-advised," the robots said as they held up their right arms and aimed some sort of laser guns which popped out of their arms. At the same time, a third robot appeared behind the old man.

"I hope you will be subdued now," the third robot said as he walked closer to the man.

The first two then fired their lasers, but the man merely went intangible which allowed the blasts to hit the third robot behind him destroying it. Suddenly, red energy surrounded one of the two robots and hoisted it into the air before being thrown against a wall. Apparently, the Big House held a telekinetic brown gorilla with red eyes. As well as a black gorilla that jumped down on the other robot destroying it as well. It proceeded to bash its fists down onto the robot in an animalistic fury.

Meanwhile, with Hank…

Hank walked out of some floating dust with his eyes closed, but as soon as he opened them the snake-man wrapped itself around him and began to squeeze him.

"This is really disappointing Mandril," Hank tried as he saw the baboon drop down onto the ground in front of him, "and you've come so far in counseling."

The baboon then moved about before it leaped at him while roaring.

"Disappointing," Hank said as he swung his feet up and kangaroo kicked the baboon away. However, that was all he could do as his suit was unable to shrink without his helmet. The snake-man began to squeeze him but was stopped as something hit him in the back and produced an electrical current.

"Let him go serpent," said Batman with a taser he built himself, "If you don't I'll pile on the electricity, and nothing can survive that much electricity."

The snake-man hissed angrily but complied allowing Hank to hurry away from him. Suddenly, the snake-man spun itself around pulling Batman towards it and fired the missiles from its chest again. Thankfully, the missiles were blasted out of the air as Wasp came in. Batman used his momentum to deliver a flying kick to the snake-man which sent him into a wall. Batman then landed on his feet as the snake-man dropped to the floor. As it began to stand up Wasp zapped it in the face rendering it unconscious.

"Who are you?" Hank asked as he stared at Batman who was busy retracting the taser cord into his taser.

"That is unimportant right now," Batman said, "right now we need to focus on subduing the criminals."

"Let's start with him!" Wasp yelled as she pointed to the sphinx that Batman had taken down earlier.

"Right," Batman said, "I was able to take him down easily the first time because it was a narrow corridor, but now he has room to fly. Any ideas?"

"I have one…" Hank said as he pulled out a small metal disk with a red dot in the center, "but I don't know how to get it to work."

"What will that do?" Batman asked.

"It'll shrink the sphinx," Hank replied.

"In that case," Batman said as he pulled out a Batarang, "give that here."

Hank reluctantly did so, and when he did Batman grabbed it and carefully inserted it into the middle of his Batarang. He then raised his hand and prepared to throw it, but waited till the sphinx had gotten a foot and a half near to them as to prevent the sphinx from dodging it easily. He then threw his Batarang, and as soon as it hit the sphinx a flash of light emanated. The next second later the sphinx had shrunken down to size and when it reached Batman, he merely grabbed it by the wings and held onto it.

"Nice throw," Wasp said with a surprised look.

Before anyone else could speak the helicarrier shook as it crash-landed into the river and then settled as it floated.

At The Vault…

Criminals ran in the main area as they made their attempts to escape. The woman with the whip was running as the purple archer aimed an arrow at her. However, before he could fire the wall exploded which acquired his attention. As the dust cleared Iron Man became visible to everyone that was still in the area.

"Whiplash," Iron Man said, "Arrow guy. Say goodnight."

Iron Man then fired repulsor blasts at the purple archer and whiplash.

"Hey wait!" violet archer tried, "I'm-"

However, he had to cut his sentence short as he leaped out of the way of the repulsor blasts which exploded behind him. Whiplash wasn't so lucky as she was rendered unconscious by the attack. Suddenly, Iron Man was slammed against the wall by a wall of ice that shattered. As soon as he landed on the ground a piece of the shattered ice fell on top of him causing him to cry out in pain. A man wearing a blue and white winter coat lowered his hand and walked up. Whiplash stood back up and turned towards him as the laser guy from before appeared in front of Iron Man.

"Come on Stark," laser guy said as Iron Man looked up while Whiplash walked around him, "We're not done."

"Alright guys," Tony said as he stood up as they surrounded him in a triangle formation, "We all know how this is going to end. Supervillain team-up or not."

Suddenly, the laser guy glowed and fired laser lines towards him. Tony was lucky enough not to be sliced and diced, but his suit was grazed. That for some reason caused him pain as he knelt while grabbing the area that was open to the world.

"Not… quite…" Tony said, "how I saw it ending. Actually…"

Suddenly, a giant red hand grabbed his head.

"Iron Man," said a Russian voice while Tony protested, "Long has the Crimson Dynamo waited for this!"

"Okay," Tony said without using his external speakers, "This is a problem. Jarvis, hack into the shield frequency. Give the evac order… AHHH… I want all shield agents out of the vault right now."

Back at the helicarrier…

The helicarrier was now slowly sinking into the river and it wasn't looking good.

"Director fury!" said Maria Hill as she pulled her way to Nick Fury, "The big house is wide open sir. Prisoners are reported on all levels. Our agents are engaging, but… sir, containment is at zero percent. And another thing. The Wasp his being aided by a new player that calls himself Batman."

"Forget about the big house and the new player," Fury ordered as he looked over to a garbage ship, "Our priority is the raft!"

"The fourth prison," Maria Hill realized.

In the Raft…

Extremely dangerous criminals ran amok, but even further below that a man with long black hair with some of it grey was held restrained by some sort of technology. He wore a blue suit with some straps on it. Suddenly, the technology deactivated and things began floating around him. The devices that had shackled him formed themselves around his hands and feet and his eyes glowed a light blue and white color.

Back at the Cube…

Bruce was being shocked by Zaxx's power relentlessly, and when Zaxx finally stopped the Hulk woke up. Bruce's eyes went green and then he began morphing and changing his skin color to green as he grew in size. When he was done the Hulk was awake and furious with Zaxx. In another room full of monitors a green man with a tall skull watched emotionlessly as the Hulk pummeled on Zaxx. Behind him stood the Absorbing Man and a gigantic tan beast with spikes protruding from his back and elbows. That was the Abomination, and that title fits what he was.

"What occurred here at the cube," the man explained, "seems to have occurred at the vault and at the big house as well. Intriguing."

"Yeah," Absorbing Man said, "It's a mystery, so how about we just get the heck out of here."

"Leave?" the man said, "Why would we ever leave here? This is where I'm going to change… the world."

"Our old friend," the man said with a smile when he heard the Hulk roar. He then looked back at Absorbing Man and Abomination and said, "Go. Deal with the Hulk… once and for all."

Meanwhile, at the Vault…

SHIELD agents were evacuating the prison as fast as they could.

"Agent Wu to Iron Man," said one of the agents inside of a helicopter, "All shield personnel are clear. I repeat, we are clear. Now get out of there Tony."

"Gah!" Tony said as he slammed onto the ground, "Yeah, I'm working on that Jimmy."

"I remember when you put me away here Iron Man," said the ice guy, "I remember what I told myself I'd do if I ever saw you again!"

"Let me guess," Tony grunted, "bore me to death?"

As a response ice guy touched Tony's mask and ice began covering him causing him to cry out in pain. Suddenly, three arrows struck Crimson Dynamo's back and exploded sending Whiplash and ice guy flying to the ground unconscious. Tony took that time to fly into Crimson Dynamo and force him across the room till he slammed Dynamo into the wall.

"Jarvis," Tony said quickly, "Initiate takeover of all vault systems,"

As he waited, Iron Man looked up to see the purple archer who then made his way to freedom. However, he looked back at Crimson Dynamo as Jarvis spoke up.

"Done," JARVIS said, "Your command sir?"

"Begin self destruct sequence," Tony said before he took off into the air and flew towards the roof.

"Beginning countdown," JARVIS said, "10… 9…"

"Just skip to the end!" Tony hollered as JARVIS continued counting down while he got closer to the roof.

"Wait!" Crimson Dynamo panicked when he saw Iron Man flying off once he was back on his feet next to Whiplash, ice guy, and laser guy, "Where is he going?!"

Suddenly, the building exploded and Iron Man managed to get out of the building before he was caught up in the explosion. However, he wasn't able to avoid it entirely. The explosion damaged his boot repulsors and he promptly went falling to the mountain below.

"Give me an update Jarvis," Tony said in exhaustion as he pulled himself out of the crater he made.

"According to shield communications," JARVIS responded, "There is a breakout event happening at the Cube as well and the Helicarrier has crashed in New York Bay and is currently sinking."

"I'm gonna need a… fresh suit of armor," Tony said after he tried to straighten his back.

Back at the Helicarrier…

Batman, Wasp, and Hank were suddenly assaulted by a tiny aquamarine tornado and Hank was knocked onto his back. Wasp managed to shrink back down and fly away while Batman backflipped onto his feet when the tornado sent him flying backward.

"Whirlwind," Wasp and Hank said in unison. Before anything more could be said Whirlwind stopped using his mutant powers and walked towards Hank as he forgot entirely about Batman and didn't see Wasp since she had shrunken down.

"And then," Whirlwind said insanely, "I'm gonna find the bug girl and tear her apart."

"I'd let you tell the Wasp yourself," Hank said when he saw Batman sneaking behind Whirlwind.

As Whirlwind picked him up he continued, "but you're about to get knocked out."

Suddenly, Batman stood up and grabbed whirlwind in a chokehold. Batman squeezed hard and forced his breathing to slow until he faded from consciousness. Batman stopped squeezing when Whirlwind was unconscious as to keep from killing him. He then lowered Whirlwind down onto the ground gently before standing back up.

"You alright?" Batman asked as he stared at Hank.

"Yeah," Hank replied as he stood up, "thanks."

"Let's get out of here and hurry to the bridge unless it's impossible to get to now," Wasp said as she pulled out a shrunken helmet that was what completed Hank's suit, "and next time you should hold onto this yourself Hank."

"Okay then," Hank said as he put on his helmet and then shrunk with a press of a button on one of his gloves. Wasp then caught him after he jumped into the air.

"Good Luck," Batman said, "I'm sure there are still more criminals on the loose. I'm not going to let them leave this helicarrier with their freedom intact. If you can't get to the bridge then focus on getting the soldiers out and containing any escapees."

He then pulled out his grapnel gun and fired it up to the ceiling which pulled up him very fast.

Back at the Cube…

Hulk was wandering through the Gamma irradiated corridors of the prison with Leonard Sampson slung over his right shoulder. He kept looking for the way out, but he didn't find it. He then saw a wall and decided to make a brand new exit so he placed Sampson down gently before walking over to the wall and bashing a big hole in it. As he turned back around the giant zombie-like Abomination grabbed his face and then smiled in only a way a creature with no lips could smile. Abomination then picked him up and threw him away from the hole back down the corridor. Hulk stood back up with a furious expression as Abomination charged at him and punched him in the face with a right hook.

Hulk retaliated with two punches of his own before getting backhanded away by Abomination and sent flying into a metal wall where he created a Hulk-sized dent. As soon as Hulk got back to his feet arms appeared from the metal wall and wrapped themselves around the Hulk. Absorbing Man laughed in glee as Hulk struggled and Abomination charged. However, Hulk managed to leap free before Abomination's right fist rammed into Absorbing Man creating a large dent. Abomination wrenched his fist free as Hulk landed a ways behind him and roared angrily. He was about to charge at them when Sampson groaned. That caused him to look between Sampson and them as he decided on what to do. As soon as he came to a decision Absorbing Man and Abomination came charging at him. Hulk quickly tore down a support beam which caused a portion of the roof to collapse on them. Hulk picked up Sampson and then leaped out of the Cube through the dust. Abomination and Absorbing Man picked themselves out of the rubble and stared after him.

"Come on Blonsky," Absorbing Man said, "Let's go-"

He was unable to finish his thought as the tall headed man from earlier spoke.

"No," the man said, "Abomination, Absorbing Man do not follow him. Let the Hulk go. We have work to do."

Back at the sinking Helicarrier…

Helicopters surrounded the helicarrier as it continued sinking. A specific helicopter flew away from the helicarrier and on it was Nick Fury who was speaking into a wrist device.

"You're Acting Director until I get back hill," Fury said, "Save who you can. Contain any escapees you see. I'll update you from the Raft."

"And if the Raft prisoners are free?" Maria Hill asked.

"Then you should enjoy being Acting Director while you can," Fury replied as he headed towards a helicopter.

Once at the helicopter...

Suddenly something attached itself to the landing rung of the helicopter and Fury leaned out. What he saw astonished him. It was a man in a bat outfit.

"Coulson!" Fury yelled, "Take this man out now! I will NOT have to deal with threats from above and below at the same time!"

"I'm sorry sir," Coulson said uncomfortably, "but I'm not going to do that."

"What did you say?" Fury growled with a narrowed eye.

"He's on our side sir," Coulson explained, "At least I think he is. He helped us down on the Helicarrier."

Fury stared at him for a few minutes before he reluctantly held out his hand to Batman who grabbed it. Fury then pulled him in but didn't let go as he glared at Batman.

"Try anything funny and I'll have you shot," Fury said coldly.

"I'm not your enemy," Batman said, "besides I have a feeling you're going to need all the help you can get."

"Hmpf," Fury said, "I'll be the judge on if you're the enemy or not, but I can't disagree with your last statement."

Later, at the Raft…

When the helicopter landed Fury and the rest of the SHIELD agents ran out with laser rifles in their hands. Batman stayed with them as Fury didn't want him out of his sight.

"Look, alive boys," Fury said to all of his agents, "Shoot first, ask questions later. Coulson, the bat guy is your-"

Suddenly, the raft began shaking cutting off Fury. It then rose out of the water and into the air. Everyone in New York watched in surprise at what was going on. Fury walked over to the ledge and then looked down before looking back up. In the sky above them was the man in the blue outfit from before.

"Evac now!" Fury ordered, "Abort the mission! Everyone off this barge!"

He then began running away but stopped as he suddenly lifted into the sky towards the floating man. He pulled out his handgun and attempted to shoot at him, but the floating man merely lifted a finger which caused the gun to go flying off.

"Graviton," Fury said angrily as he looked back at the man now known as Graviton.


this is the beginning of my Batman/Avengers: EMH crossover. as you can tell, I am using various aspects of Batman. The bat brand from BvS, the tumbler from TDK Trilogy, and the Batman suit from TDK. going to give it the strength of the one from Batman Begins though. Also going to give him the spike things from Batman Begins. The Tumbler/Batmobile will have some of the aspects from the Arkham Knight Batmobile as well. The EMP is one of them. Batman had managed to hack into the shield frequency which let him hear about the Raft, and since he knew that some secrets are dangerous he figured he better tag along to ensure that whatever was in the Raft didn't get out. I brought Coulson into the story because I wanted to bring aspects of the MCU into this. such as the MCU Abomination which I prefer over the swamp monster like version and the MCU Ant-Man suit from the first Ant-Man movie for the same reason as Abomination. if you like it, please leave a kudos. if you want to be up to date, I advise you to follow the story. and please do leave some reviews. constructive criticism, please. none of that hateful dren.