Episode 4: Some Assembly Required

Bruce Wayne had just exited Rand Enterprises after he had finished his meeting with Danny Rand when he noticed a man-sized baboon wearing a strange costume exit a building through a window a few stories up. He thought for a second on if he should go deal with it, but eventually, his heroic self decided for him. He quickly ran to an alley and entered it as he began undoing his white button-down shirt revealing a bat symbol.

"Freeze!" yelled a policewoman as she aimed a sidearm at the baboon which was crouched on the ground with a duffle bag full of money inside of it. She then prepared to fire, but before she could the baboon turned around and did the Dracula pose as he used hypnotic abilities on her. He then exhaled some sort of fume causing her to fall unconscious as he hurried away. He headed straight towards a sewer manhole and began pulling on the lid. Suddenly, he was zapped in the rear end by yellow energy which caused him to turn around as he searched for the attacker.

"Mandril right?" Wasp asked out of his line of sight, "Baboon guy? Pheromone powers?"

He then looked down and saw her standing next to some fallen dollar bills.

"I'm gonna have to ask you to put down the money and surrender," Wasp said with her fists on her hips, "Or else you WILL get beat up."

Mandril then laughed before he said while leaning down, "Wasp? You think I'm scared of you?"

"I'll tear those wings off and-" began Mandril before something penetrated his arm causing him to cry out in pain. The next second later he was pulled through the air and then clotheslined by someone behind him who quickly swung down at him knocking him to the floor.

"Stay down," Batman said wearing a lighter version of his bat-suit which was purely cloth. His cape didn't even allow him to glide or float down safely. This outfit was the same one from BTAS Vol 4.

"I think you broke my back man!" Mandril cried out in pain.

"Guess you won't be committing any more crimes for a while," Batman said before he kicked down on Mandril's face knocking him out.

Batman then noticed that Iron Man and Thor had arrived, and felt some rumbling which meant that Hank was nearby as well. He looked up to his right and saw Hank in his giant form. He also saw the Hulk who had somehow arrived without him noticing. He was surprised and a little freaked out at how stealthy the Hulk could be.

"Nice suit," Wasp commented as her eyes centered on his outside underwear, "doesn't seem that useful though…"

It was all she could do to hold back her laughter.

"It has its uses," Batman said before he turned around and headed towards an alleyway.

"You may have promised to help us should we call," Iron Man spoke up, "but I don't think that'll be enough in the long run."

"I told you before," Batman said over his shoulder, "I don't do teams anymore. Relying on others makes you weak. Vulnerable to attack when you least expect it."

"True," Iron Man countered, "But it can make you stronger than you ever could be as a solo act as well."

Batman didn't even reply as he continued walking into the shadows of the alleyway and vanished into the shadows leaving the Avengers disappointed and Hulk bored.

"Man of Bats is very strange," Thor commented.

"You're one to talk," Iron Man countered, "You carry a hammer into battle."

"This is no mere hammer!" Thor said defensively, "This is Mjolnir! Mjolnir has been used in several-"

"Yeah yeah," Iron Man interrupted, "Save it. Why don't you take the poo-flinger to Shield or something?"

At night, at the docks…

Some crew members of a cargo ship were standing around on break while above them a shadowy figure in a trenchcoat leaped from container to container. The figure's luck ran out, however, as one of the workers saw him walking away from the area.

"Hey!" a man cried out, "Stop that guy!"

"Looks like we got ourselves a stowaway, boys," said one of the crew.

"Grab him!" he finished as he allowed a chain to hang from his hands.

The figure turned around as a guy ran at him, but suddenly the coat was all that was left as the figure was in the air. As soon as the figure landed he tripped one man that came at him causing him to fly into another and then swiped at another sending him to the floor. He jumped over another and kicked him in the back before delivering a knockout punch to a final guy. He then exited the ship quickly before they could come to.

Later, the next day…

A ginger-haired woman with her hair tied into a ponytail sat on a bench with a clipboard in one hand and looking at a watch which was her wrist. The place she was at currently was what was going to be the Avenger's new home. It was called Avengers Mansion and she was impatient for them to arrive.

"Well," she said nervously as she looked at the Hulk, "thank you for actually being on time."

"Unlike the others," she finished as a woman and her dog stared at the Hulk while walking by. A big guy with a strange mustache walked by alongside a blonde woman that had a suspicious look to them, but for some reason, Hulk didn't even notice them. Especially, Thor who was flying to the ground.

"Ho!" Thor called out as he landed on the ground, "Miss Potts."

"And Hulk," Thor said while walking towards him when he saw the not so jolly green giant, "It is good to see you again."

"Are you ready for the upcoming battles?" Thor asked as he placed his hand on Hulk's shoulder.

"You ready to get a watch?" Hulk asked angrily as he swatted Thor's hand away.

"We're here," Wasp said as she flew in between Thor and Hulk, "Sorry we're late. I had to tear Hank away from his lab."

They then watched as Hank grew to his normal height, and Hank decided he had to defend himself.

"It was an important experiment," Hank said.

"Friend Pym," Thor said while Wasp landed on his helmet, "I did not see you there."

"I expected you to be…" Thor continued as Hank turned to look at him while opening his helmet, "giant."

"Really?" Hank asked curiously, "Why?"

"Thy giant self seems more useful," Thor explained. As they talked Hulk got annoyed as Iron Man still hadn't arrived.

"Well," Hank began to explain, "actually-"

"Where's Stark?!" Hulk practically yelled.

"Sorry," Tony said as he arrived in the air and began his descent to the ground, "Sorry everyone. I got caught up in a meeting."

At a look from Pepper, he amended his explanation as he removed his helmet, "Uh… actually, I missed that meeting too."

"Anyway," Tony said changing the subject, "Thanks for coming, and welcome to…"

"Avengers Mansion," Tony finished as he gestured to the building.

"This was my-" began Tony as Hulk smashed the gates open angrily before walking in.

"You know that…" Tony said in annoyance, "was really rude."

Later, inside the mansion…

"Greetings," said a robotic voice with a British accent, "Thor Odinson."

Thor then leaned back from a panel on the wall and looked over his shoulder with confusion etched on his face. The room he stood was very big, had what looked like a white marble staircase, white columns, and on the floor was the Avengers symbol.

"What manner of palace is this?" Thor asked.

"This was a museum for the Maria Stark Foundation," Tony replied, "My mother's home. I had it upgraded since the breakout. I thought this could be our headquarters."

"Swanky," Wasp commented as she flew upward.

"The Mansion is run by Jarvis," Tony explained, "My personal artificial intelligence. Anything you need, Jarvis will provide. Say hi Jarvis."

"Indeed," Jarvis said.

Meanwhile, in another part of town…

Bruce Wayne was back in his business suit as he and Danny Rand stepped out of a limo and stared at the house he had chosen. Danny then led him to the house and through it as he showed Bruce everything the house had. The kitchen was bare but fairly big, it had a walk-in freezer, and a pantry big enough to hide three display cases for his bat-suits. It had around five bedrooms which were as bare as the rest of the house. Only one of them was directly connected to one of the three bathrooms. There was an indoor pool that took up a big portion of the left of the mansion which was also empty. There was an empty library, a living room with space for a giant flat screen tv, a dining room with a long table, and a basement that opened up into an underground garage. Bruce had found that out on his own since Danny had no clue it was there. Especially, since Danny had never really lived in this mansion his whole life. When the tour was over, they stopped at a balcony that overlooked the property which was actually quite big.

"So," Danny said, "How do you like it?"

"I'll take it," Bruce decided, "At least till I have enough money to construct another one for myself."

"That reminds me," Danny said as he pulled out a business card, "This is a subsidiary of my company. If you want a job, then you can start there. I have a feeling you're no stranger to business work."

"I'll take a look at it," Bruce said as he accepted the card, "As soon as the paperwork is done, I'll go get my possessions."

"Sounds good," Danny said as he began heading back through the mansion.

Back at the Avengers Mansion…

Tony had stopped his tour after he showed them the living room, and Hank Pym wasn't very impressed… no matter how impressive certain rooms were.

"Are you serious Stark?" Hank asked in disappointment, "This is what you spent a week preparing?"

"Uh, no," Tony assured, "I haven't gotten to the good stuff yet."

"You're gonna need these," Tony continued as Pepper began handing out communication cards to each of the Avengers, "These ID cards are linked to the Stark industries satellite network. It will keep us in audio and video communication anywhere in the world."

"They also give you full access and control of the mansion," Tony added.

"I can show you how it-" Pepper offered as Hulk swiped the ID card out of her hands, "Oh."

"You think I can't figure it?!" Hulk accused angrily causing Thor to frown.

"I'm sure you can," Pepper reassured as Thor walked towards Hulk with an unhappy expression.

"It would be wise to treat the lady with respect," Thor warned Hulk.

"Which lady do you mean blondie?" Hulk asked insultingly as he leaned towards Thor while a doorway began rising from the floor and Tony cleared his throat.

"Nifty," Wasp said as she flew over.

Tony then led them into an elevator which took them down underground.

"And voila," Tony said with a gesture, "the sublevels."

Once the elevator stopped they got out into an enormous room that had machinery lining the walls.

"The mansions got a beyond state of the art science lab," Tony explained as he began the second tour, "Space for Hank's modular labs as well as my armory."

Hank was the only one to pause to look at a machine, and when he resumed walking with the rest he had a smile on his face. He was now impressed with what Tony had done.

"Wow," Wasp said once the stopped at an area over some water, "big pool."

"Actually," Tony corrected, "The pool's on the roof."

"This is a fully functional hangar," Tony explained as the water split in half revealing a jet that was rising out of its storage area underneath, "with two prototype high-speed aerial shuttles."

"The Quinjets," Tony continued as the jet began showing off, "Weapons, shields, and airspeed of Mach eight."

"For those of us who can't fly," Tony added smugly attracting Hank and Hulk's attention.

"They can go into space too," Tony continued quickly to hurry them along, "then there's the training room."

"What?" Wasp asked as she followed behind him, "Like a gym?"

"Oh," Tony said as he stopped and looked at her, "kind of."

Later, in the training room…

Wasp cried out with a little fear as some rockets chased her while she flew away to keep from exploding. However, two rockets managed to make contact with her which sent her flying into a wall which rose out of the ground. As soon as she landed on the ground she looked up to see the rest of the rockets heading her way. Suddenly, they were blasted out of the sky by orange repulser blasts from Iron Man who landed in front of Wasp. Iron Man then held his arm out with his hand opened and fired at the last rocket causing it to explode. The smoke didn't even clear out before turrets on the walls emerged and fired more rockets at them. Iron Man then flew up into the air with Wasp now hovering before she too flew up to avoid a rocket. As they did evasive maneuvers the rockets began exploding on walls,

Meanwhile, at Bruce's new home…

Bruce drove his bat gadgets, suits, and whatnot into the hidden garage from the abandoned warehouse he had borrowed. As soon as the Batmobile was parked, he exited and began setting up the area to be used as a temporary Batcave. When he was done, he stood back and stared at the setup. All of his bat-suits were now in random chests along the walls till he could get some display cases, and he labeled the chests for each suit. The Batmobile was where he parked it, the chests for his gadgets lay along the wall opposite to his suits, and a homemade Batcomputer was in the back of the garage. The Batcomputer was made of random machinery he had found while he lived in the warehouse. It wasn't ideal and definitely wouldn't last forever. However, once he had enough money he'll start reconstructing an actual Batcomputer, get display cases for his suits and gadgets, and whatnot. However, that'd be after he finds a place for himself. Bruce then walked over to the Batcomputer and hacked into the Stark network to see what Tony was up to, and to keep an eye on the Hulk.

"Interesting," Bruce said as he leaned back in his chair and watched everything that was going on, "I think I should check this out for myself."

Later, at the Avengers Mansion…

After their small training session, Tony resumed their tour and led them to the final room. Once they reached a couple of double doors, Pepper used her ID card on a panel. The doors slid open revealing a room with a table.

"Ooh," Wasp said.

"And this is the Assembly Hall," Tony said.

"All the money you have thrown into this is very impressive Tony," Hank said as Janet walked into the Assembly Hall, "Were you bored, or are we your new pet project? Why are we here?"

"That's a good question," Tony said as he followed Hank into the room, "albeit angry, but that's okay."

"Jarvis," Tony said once they reached the table, "Bring up the most wanted list."

The next second, a pillar of holographic images appeared showing all of the criminals that were still out there.

"73 supervillains escaped the day of the breakout," Tony explained, "Graviton and the sphinx creature called Griffin or whatever its title is are currently being held by SHIELD. We got Mandril today with the help of captain spooky, but we got more work to do."

Hulk watched with a bored angry expression with his arms crossed, and then suddenly heard Banner speaking.

"They don't trust you," Banner said as Hulk's reflection in a reflective surface flickered into Banner, "These Avengers, once they're done with you, they'll lock you up too."

"This was your idea," Hulk reminded Banner.

"Things have changed," Banner smirked. Banner quickly flickered back to Hulk, as Hulk saw Wasp looking at him and waved.

"I know many of these villains," Thor said, "The Wrecker and his crew are formidable. His weapon is above Earthly might."

"If we do recapture them all," Hank asked, "where do we put them? The big house is destroyed, the vault is destroyed, we haven't heard anything about the cube."

"I don't know yet," Tony admitted, "But I have time to figure it out."

"No you don't," said a voice from the shadows causing them to jump.

"Reveal thyself, intruder!" Thor commanded as he held up his hammer, "Lest you desire to feel the wrath of Mjolnir!"

Batman then walked out of the shadows back in the outfit they first met him in.

"How did you get in here?" Tony frowned, "and why didn't Jarvis detect you?"

Batman merely smirked in response which irked Tony.

"What did you mean by 'no you don't'?" Hank asked Batman.

"Each day more and more criminals are being apprehended," Batman explained, "Pretty soon the prisons that are currently holding the supervillains will be full. At that point, there'll be nowhere to put any of the criminals you capture."

"You don't know that," Tony said.

"Actually," Batman said as he brought up a chart created recently by SHIELD, "I do."

"Oh," Tony said, "So, any ideas?"

"An old friend of mine had his own personal prison," Batman explained, "It wasn't an island or a pipeline. It was another dimension entirely. He reserved it for the worst of the worst since there is literally no way out of there except for the projector. It is also a barren wasteland where the only rule is 'survive.'"

"Another dimension," Tony said quietly before he perked up, "Oh. I gotta go make a call."

"Who are you gonna call?" Hank asked, "and don't say Ghostbusters!"

"Aw man," Wasp complained, "I was just about to say that."

However, Tony didn't hear them as he had left the room.

"Too much talking," Hulk said angrily as he put a fist in his hand, "We should go get these guys."

"We don't even know what caused the breakout in the first place," Hank said as Wasp yawned, "what's to stop it from happening in that other dimension Batman suggested?"

"Ya know," Wasp spoke up, "Maybe we should call it a day, and then concentrate on beating up some bad guys tomorrow."

"At least one of you knows what they're doing," Hulk grumbled as he walked off.

"I have had enough of you creature!" Thor said angrily as he walked towards Hulk.

"Your insults end here!" Thor commanded as Hulk stopped to glare at him before he could exit.

"You wanna go goldilocks?" Hulk said angrily, "Let's go!"

"Enough!" Batman yelled attracting their attention, "You are teammates, so start acting like it. I advise you to work out your issues in a way that won't kill anyone or damage anything important."

"Tell him that," Hulk grunted before he turned around and walked off.

"Wow," Wasp said, "He's gonna be fine."

At night, in Hulk's room…

Hulk was laying in his bed which was too small for him as he stared at the wall since he couldn't sleep at all.

"This is what you wanted Hulk," Banner said suddenly. That caused Hulk to sit up in the bed and look into the mirror across from him.

"This is your prison now," Banner said, "Get used to it."

"No!" Banner cried out from deep inside of Hulk's mind as he was chained up, "No! Don't listen to him! Hulk! It's not me! Tell the other Avengers! It's not me! Hulk!"

Hulk then got up from his bed and walked off with a furious expression and his eyes glowing a mystical green while, the image of Banner continued sitting. Banner then vanished as a green swirl surrounded him revealing the blonde woman from before. This time she wore a green outfit and a crown of some sort. She smiled happily since her plan was working.

With Hank and Janet…

Hank was busy working on the wirings inside of one of his Ultron robots' heads wearing his Ant-Man outfit minus the helmet and a lab coat over that. He also wore welding goggles on his face as what he was doing was flaring brightly.

"You never listen to me," Janet said as she flew up in front of his face wearing her full Wasp outfit and in her shrunken form, "I can't believe you don't think this is cool."

"Wait…" Hank said in confusion before he realized what she was talking about, "What?"

"I do think this is cool," Hank assured her as he removed the goggles and turned the Ultron head to look at him, "The modifications I've made to the A.I. are very exciting."

"No," Wasp said in annoyance as she landed on the head, "Not stupid Ultron! The Avengers! We're superheroes now!"

"I'm a scientist," Hank reminded her no longer giddy.

"With superpowers," Wasp reminded him in return as she hovered a bit while pointing at him, "on a superhero team!"

"Look," Hank said tiredly as he stood up with the head in his hand, "I applaud the idea, but just because Iron Man says we're a team doesn't make it so. We're five strangers. It takes time to form a team. It takes trust."

"I wonder where Thor slept before now," Wasp said changing the subject as she sat down on the rim of a coffee mug, "Does he even sleep? The Hulk probably slept wherever he wanted to."

She then perked up as an idea sparked in her mind.

"I'm moving into the mansion!" Wasp blurted out.

"What?!" Hank asked in shock as he whirled to look at her, "y-you have a penthouse apartment in the city. Y-you, don't have to move…"

"Firemen sleep in the firehouse," Wasp interrupted as she flew up to his face before flying off. As she flew off Hank exhaled before he smiled at the Ultron head.

"She's very excited," Hank told the head.

Meanwhile, at Stark Tower…

Tony sat in his office chair behind his desk staring out of a window with Pepper right next to him, and in his office was Nick Fury.

"I don't remember him on the schedule," Tony said to Pepper as he looked towards Nick who was staring at what looked like it could be a Jackson Pollock painting.

"He's Nick Fury," Pepper shrugged as she walked off, "He wanted a meeting. What was I supposed to do?"

Tony smirked before he turned his attention to Nick Fury.

"Let me guess," Tony said sarcastically, "Shield needs weapons, you want to recruit Iron Man, and you need my help."

"Not this time," Nick said as he turned to look at Tony, "This time I came to help you. You see, believe it or not, I want your little Avengers project to succeed."

At that Tony widened his eyes in surprise and dropped his hands onto his desk.

Back at Avengers Mansion…

The woman in green walked down a hallway completely invisible before she used magic to disable one of Jarvis' security camera panel things before becoming visible again as she transformed back into Bruce Banner.

With Thor…

Thor sat in the lounge on a comfy chair in front of a fireplace which had what looked like a Jackson Pollock painting above it. Said painting also concealed a tv that could be revealed at a push of a button with a remote.

"Pardon me, sir," Jarvis suddenly said, "There would appear to be something… wrong."

"What be thy concern aetherial voice?" Thor asked as he looked up to the ceiling.

"I have no physical evidence of this," Jarvis replied, "but I believe the mansion's systems are being tampered with. I believe there is an intruder."

Suddenly, some heavy footsteps could be heard to Thor's right in the hallway which caught his attention.

"Come Hulk," Thor said with a smile as he picked up Mjolnir, "Let us patrol the grounds. The house believes we have an infiltrator here."

"Perhaps if we are lucky," Thor continued as he whirled his hammer, "we will find battle this night."

Hulk then snarled as he walked towards Thor.

"I do battle. I smash," Hulk threatened, "and if you talk to me again hammer face, I'll smash you!"

"If you wish to test your mettle against an Asgardian," Thor said with narrowed eyes as he took a step toward Hulk, "I am happy to oblige."

Hulk's eye twitched a few seconds as Thor tightened his grip on Mjolnir, but then Hulk calmed down a bit.

"I don't need this," Hulk snarled as he turned around and walked away, "I don't need anyone. Tell the others I quit!"

"Good riddance," Thor said as he watched Hulk leave.

"Incoming call from Pepper Potts," Jarvis spoke up causing Thor to turn towards the painting.

"Jarvis just told me that Hulk left," Pepper said in a bit of a concerned tone, "Thor, you have to bring him back."

"Why would I do that?" Thor asked not very pleased at the command.

"Because he's our responsibility," Pepper reminded him, "and in the mood, he's in, he's liable to tear down this entire city."

"Please go get him," Pepper finished as she leaned forward before the call ended.

With that, Thor left to go catch up to Hulk.

Five minutes later, At Bruce's temporary home…

Bruce Wayne was working on the Tumbler inside of the temporary Batcave when the Batcomputer began flashing his bat symbol and an alarm began blaring. He hurried over to the Batcomputer and saw news footage being played.

"This is Whitney Chang for the Daily Bugle," said an Asian woman with a fairly attractive figure, "and I am reporting a fight between two powerhouses. One being the Almighty Thor and the other is the infamous Incredible Hulk. I don't know what sparked this fight, but if it goes on for much longer the city may not last the night."

Behind her, Thor swung his hammer at Hulk and accidentally sent the grumpy green giant flying in her direction. The feed cut out just as the Hulk reached them. With that, Bruce hurried over to his suits and put on his power suit 2.0 over his main bat suit. Once the suit was on he walked over to his chest of gadgets and picked up a grenade launcher that used gas grenades. The grenades he chose to use were anesthetic gas grenades. He then pulled out his grapnel gun and clipped it onto his belt before he walked over to the Tumbler and pressed a button on his gauntlet. A minute later he was driving out of the garage and speeding to the battleground.

In the park…

Thor ran at Hulk and bashed him three times which sent Hulk flying into a statue of a bear behind him. As soon as Hulk got back up, he charged at Thor. Thor was unable to do anything as Hulk tackled him sending them crashing through several trees before they landed on the ground. Hulk then grabbed him and raised his right fist to punch down before he was suddenly stopped by Wasp getting in between them.

"Hulk!" Wasp tried to reason with Hulk, "Stop! Why are you doing this? You need to calm down, we're not attacking you."

Thor took that as his moment to deliver a right hook into Hulk's face which sent the green monster flying through the air before skidding on the ground to a stop.

"Well, I guess Thor is," Wasp said as she looked at Hulk and then Thor.

Hulk walked towards Thor with a furious expression on his face as Iron Man arrived and pressed his hands onto Hulk's chest as he tried to slow the beast down.

"Hulk," Iron Man ordered, "Hulk! Stop this. You have to listen."

"Alert," Jarvis said inside of Tony's helmet, "Unknown energy detected."

"Hulk," Iron Man began, "Wait. There's something-"

Suddenly, Hulk grabbed him by his head and hoisted Tony up into the air. Hulk then slammed Tony into the ground head first. A second later the batmobile rammed into him knocking Hulk back. As Tony looked up he saw Batman standing on the ground and the Hulk picking up the Batmobile.

"There's some kind of weird energy around the Hulk," Tony said before he looked towards Thor.

"Thor," Tony said as he scanned Mjolnir, "it's similar to what your hammer gives off."

"Tis dark magic, "Thor said with narrowed eyes, "The Hulk has been enchanted."

Suddenly, the Hulk threw the batmobile at Batman who quickly rolled out of the way. As soon as Batman was on his feet again he pulled out his grenade launcher and fired it at the Hulk. The Hulk merely batted it away as he charged towards Batman.

"Hulk smash puny Bat!" Hulk roared.

However, before he could reach Batman a giant hand grabbed him.

"I'm guessing this isn't a trust-building exercise," Hank said before Hulk flipped Hank over his head and onto his back.

As soon as Hank sat up, Hulk landed on his head and prepared to bash down on Hanks's head with both fists entwined. Before, Hulk could strike Thor came flying at him with the intent to bash down on Hulk. Unfortunately, Thor missed so he spun in the air which allowed Hulk to grab Thor's cape and throw him away. That, however, allowed Batman to deliver a glide kick to Hulk's head which knocked him off of Hank. As Hulk fell towards the ground Batman landed on Hulk with enough force to hasten his descent. Before they reached the ground, Batman fired his grapnel gun towards a tree and swung down to safety. Just as Batman landed on the ground and did a roll Hulk landed on the ground with a thud.

However, Hulk was back up in a few seconds and had just climbed out of the crater when Iron Man came flying in. Unfortunately, Hulk dodged Iron Man and then grabbed his leg before throwing him in a random direction. Hulk then jumped up toward Hank and delivered an uppercut that knocked the size-changing hero out.

"Get away from him!" Wasp yelled angrily as she fired blasts from her stingers. Every time Hulk grabbed at her she flew out of the way, but she couldn't do that for long as he clapped his hands together sending out a shockwave knocking her out of the air and into his hand. He looked into his hand to see the unconscious form of Wasp before he raised his right fist. Suddenly, he began lowering his arm as he returned to his right mind.

Batman didn't see the look of regret in Hulk's eyes as he tackled the green giant causing him to drop Wasp. Batman punched Hulk again and again till Hulk roared and punched Batman into the air. Batman glided back down to hulk intending to kick him in the head again, but this time the Hulk grabbed Batman's leg. Hulk then began swinging Batman into the ground again and again and again. When Hulk was done he threw Batman onto the ground. As Batman lay there dazed Hulk calmed down before turning around and leaping off into the distance. He didn't even notice as Wasp sat up to watch him go.

"That went well," Iron Man said as he walked up while Thor landed on the ground, "Is everyone o-"

His sentences turned into a cry of pain as an ax sliced into him causing electricity to spark about. Thor whirled around as Tony fell onto his back to see Enchantress and Skurge the Executioner.

"The Avengers…" Enchantress sneered, "How… unimpressive. You better hope someone more capable chooses to avenge you."

She then blasted Thor back causing him to lose his grip on Mjolnir. She quickly surrounded it in a green magical aura just before Thor grabbed it. The green aura burned his hand causing him to wrench his hand away from his weapon.

Batman slowly opened his eyes to see an armored man with a double-sided war ax and a blonde woman in green now in the park. He slowly pressed a button on his gauntlet which activated something in the Tumbler.

"How dare you attack us, Enchantress!" Thor yelled.

"Wait wait wait," Iron Man said now that he was awake, "you know these people Thor?"

"Aye," Thor confirmed, "The Enchantress and her executioner. They are Asgardians."

"Why have you come here, Amora?" Thor demanded.

"Oh," Amora lied, "You love Midgard so much, Thunderer. We thought we would come and see what all the fuss is about."

Suddenly, she fired a green magical beam at Thor.

Meanwhile, with Hulk…

Hulk landed in an alley and sat down against the wall hating himself for his actions.

"You have to go back," Banner said inside of his mind, "someone is manipulating you. They wanted you to fight the Avengers. You have to go back and make sure they're okay."

"Everything you said was true," Hulk said sadly, "I am a monster."

"It's only true if you let it be," Banner reasoned, "Walk away now, and it will be."

Hulk looked up for a second seeing that Banner was gone again before lowering his head.

At the Park…

"Oh this is gonna hurt," Tony groaned as Skurge raised his ax intending to chop Tony's head off.

Suddenly, Wasp came flying in blasting with her stingers. As she did that, the batmobile arrived and stopped next to Batman. Batman slowly pulled himself up and leaned on the car before he pulled out an Nth metal Batarang and threw it at Amora. She saw it coming and smirked before raising a hand and blasted a magical bolt at it. Her smile vanished after she saw the bolt of magic fizz out as the Batarang canceled out the magic. She couldn't do anything as the Batarang impaled itself in her hand. That caused the magical rope surrounding Thor to vanish. Thor took that as his moment to call Mjolnir to him as he punched Amora onto the ground. Skurge prepared to slash down at Hank's neck but was stopped when something big and green landed on him. Amora looked up to see Hulk glaring at Skurge who was smiling. Her attention was redirected elsewhere as Thor summoned a bolt of lightning down from the sky onto the ground.

"I do not fear your lightning Odinson," Enchantress sneered, "Your magic is nothing against mine."

"You are not my target witch," Thor said a second before Iron Man stood up behind him. Skurge ran at Iron Man, but since Iron Man had been charged up he blasted into the sky. Batman quickly ran at Skurge and tackled into him causing them to roll on the ground.

As they stood onto their feet Skurge swiped at Batman but missed as Batman leaped into the air and over Skurge to the back. As soon as Skurge turned around he was blasted in the face by Iron Man which sent him back. Iron Man then landed on the ground next to Batman, Thor, Hulk, and Wasp.

"Take them down!" Iron Man ordered as he pointed towards the enemy.

Wasp fired blasts from her stingers at Enchantress who blocked them with magic right before having to dodge Thor's attack with Mjolnir. Hulk punched at Skurge who blocked the attack with his ax. However, Hulk was still able to force Skurge back a bit. Wasp fired at blasts Skurge who blocked it with his ax before swinging the ax down into the earth sending a line of jagged ice at them freezing Hulk in his tracks.

He swung at Wasp, but missed and continued running passed to swing at Hulk. The attack sent Hulk flying. Thor swung his hammer down on enchantress, but she blocked it with magic. Batman pulled out another Nth metal Batarang and threw it causing her to stumble back as her magical shield vanished. But she quickly leaped backward as Thor swung again. She ripped the Batarang from her person as she landed on the ground. She then fired two blasts of magic at both Thor and Batman which caused them to go flying backward into Hank who had just woken up. Their flight ended as they landed in the water. Iron Man flew up and fired blasts upon blasts of repulsor energy at Enchantress who merely dodged them via teleporting. She then used magic to force Iron Man into the ground in front of a statue.

With Hulk…

He charged at Skurge just after Wasp flew out of the way and punched him hard which sent him far away. He took a step in the direction he sent Skurge but stopped when Enchantress began using her mind-control spell on him again.

"Destroy them all," Enchantress commanded as she held up a magical shield that was blocking off Iron Man's continuous repulsor beams, "my creature."

Hulk took a step towards them before he stopped as he grabbed his head.

"No one controls the Hulk!" Hulk roared angrily before he slammed his fists into the ground which send a line of destruction towards her. She leaped out of the way as Iron Man and Hulk flew into the sky. Iron Man blasted two repulsor beams as Thor threw down his hammer at her. When they impacted dust flew into the air as a sound of explosions happened. When the dust settled Enchantress was unconscious on the ground as Iron Man and Thor walked up to her. They looked to the side to see Wasp half walking half-carrying Hank just in time to see Skurge coming into the attack.

"Watch out!" Wasp warned them too late. Skurge sent Thor flying back and Iron Man to the side before he picked up Enchantress. He then sliced a hole in reality which he walked into. Thor and Hulk tried to get to him before the hole closed, but it was too late.

"Ahhh," Hank groaned acquiring their attention, "Does somebody want to explain what that was all about?"

"Old enemies from Asgard," Thor explained as he raised Mjolnir, "The Enchantress has ever found joy in causing me pain."

Thor then turned his attention to Hulk.

"You have won the day friend Hulk," Thor said as he walked up to Hulk.

"Truly thou art a warrior to be reckoned with," Thor smiled as he placed his hand on Hulk's shoulder, "For few can resist the Enchantress' charms."

"Nothing's changed," Hulk growled as he leaned down towards Thor, "You all thought I was a savage monster. You were going to take me down. You're no different than Ross and S.H.I.E.L.D."

"Except they're honest about it," Hulk added as he walked off.

"Hulk, come on," Wasp tried, "It's not like that."

"I'm done," Hulk said his mind made up.

"If you cause anymore danger for anyone," Batman warned, "I will find you."

Hulk only grunted in response before he leaped up into the sky. The Avengers and Batman stared after him in silence for a few minutes before Iron Man broke the silence.

"Okay," Iron Man said, "So, not the most promising day two."

Later, at Avengers Mansion…

Iron Man, Wasp, Thor, and Ant-Man all flew down to the front door and unknown to them a person wearing a black outfit without a cape watched them from where he was perched.

Somewhere, in a snowy location…

Hulk looked over a frozen ocean as he began getting angry. When he couldn't hold it in any longer he roared which caused the ice to crack all around him. He then leaped away before he could be swallowing by the frozen water. Unknown to him, he had revealed the shield of the First Avenger.

Back at Avengers Mansion…

Iron Man was busy repairing his Mark VII armor when he felt his hairs stand on end. He looked around behind him but didn't see anything. He turned back to his armor and since the lights were on he saw a figure in the reflection behind him. He whirled around and saw Batman standing there wearing his main bat-suit. He let out a sigh of relief as he slowed his heart rate to a normal pace.

"So," Tony said, "what brings you back to my home away from home?"

"I have thought a great deal over the offer you made," Batman said, "and…"

"And what?" Tony asked.

"And I have decided to join your little project," Batman said, "You have enemies on this Earth that I have never faced before, and I have faced a lot of dangerous ones in my reality. I practically am already a member anyway. Especially, since I keep showing up."

"I thought you'd accept," Tony said as he walked over to a table and picked something up.

"What's that?" Batman asked as Tony brought over a card that showed his face on it.

"This is a special kind of ID," Tony said as he handed it to Batman, "It has video, audio, and if you press the A, it'll assemble the whole team."

Batman took it and looked at it before he put it into his utility belt. He turned to leave, but before he could leave Tony spoke up.

"You know that you can stay here right?" Tony asked, "It has room for all your gadgets, workspaces to build more gadgets, a training room, and plenty of rooms."

"I prefer to keep my personal and hero life separate," Batman said, "There are fewer chances of people finding out who I am."

With that, Batman left the room leaving Tony standing there thinking. He then turned back to his suit of armor and resumed repairing it.

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