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Back at Hogwarts after the war fic.

Snape and Fred are alive – because they are awesome characters!

Chapter 1:

It was finally finished. Hogwarts looked almost as it did before the war, though not all the signs of war could be removed from the old castle.

Everyone had helped put it back together, Harry taking the job very seriously, wanting to help rebuild his 'first real home' as he would say. Ron and Hermione had been equally as enthusiastic as had most of the surviving students and teachers who were not locked up in St. Mungo receiving treatment. Even many Slytherins participated in the clean-up, the trio had seen Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Theodore Nott, Gregory Goyle, Pansy Parkinson, Daphne Greengrass and many others doing their best to help. Though The Slytherins were keeping to themselves as many of their parents were facing charges which would begin soon and they were trying to adapt to society again. Rumours even had it that many anonymous donations, which had been given to help the school, had been donated by the Slytherins, though Ron could be heard shooting those rumours down disbelievingly.

Now that the work was finished, Harry, Ron and Hermione stood smiling proudly at the castle, it was a sign of a new beginning, a better and brighter future. Neville joined them, as did Ginny and Luna, admiring the finished castle.

"too bad they could not repair the Room of Requirement" Ginny sighed sadly

"Yes, I learned so much in that room" Neville reminiscent fondly nodding in agreement

Luna looked at the castle, smiling hugely, "Ohh, Hogwarts will be able to repair it herself, she just needs time to heal" she commented.

The others looked at her, Ron and Harry in confusion, Neville and Ginny smiling, but Hermione looked thoughtful, "Are you saying that Hogwarts is sentient, Luna?", she asked.

"Why, yes!" Luna answered, still not looking away from the castle, "How do you think the stairs always come when you need them?" She asked as though that was the logical conclusion.

"Ehh, magic" Harry answered perplexed.

"What do you mean they come when you need them? The stairs always seem to move when I arrive" Ron compalined, looking at Luna, now sceptically.

Luna turned to look at him now, her eyes huge and seeming to look into his soul, which made Ron shift a bit, he had never gotten use to Luna and her stares. "You must have made her annoyed with you Ron", she commented, and now looking stern added, "What did you do to her?"

"Do?, do? How can you DO something to a castle?, it is a castle!" Ron looked perplexed at the rest of his friends, all of whom looked as though they were enjoying themselves immensely.

"Did you say something to hurt her feelings?" Luna asked, still looking slightly annoyed with Ron.

"Hurt her feelings?" he asked incredulously

"Yes, she can hold a grudge, you might have insulted her on your fist day here and she still would not have forgotten" Luna smiled now, looking fondly back at the castle

"Wait, did you not complain about Hogwarts being a stupid castle with way too many staircases on our first trip to Gryffindor common room" Neville asked Ron, looking thoughtful.

"Yes you did! I remember that, we were waiting for a staircase to come back, you were a bit impatient" Harry recalled.

"If I insulted the castle, then how come we had to wait for the staircase to begin with? Ron asked, folding his arms over his chest.

"Oh, she likes showing off to the new students," Luna smiled.

Ron was annoyed with what sounded like logic and nonsense at the same time, then he remembered something, "Then why was Neville so often trapped in the trick step on the staircase, I cannot imagine him insulting Hogwarts." Ron smiled triumphantly, convinced he had now won the argument.

Luna smiled fondly at the castle, "Oh, she has her own sense of humour" she said, not elaborating.

Ron gave up, there was no point, he would never win. Harry gave his best mate a supporting clap on his shoulder, he understood.

The six friends decided to split up, Luna going home to her Father, Neville to his Grandmother and his greenhouses, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Harry returning to St. Mungo to visit Fred and George who had not yet been released after their serious injuries in the battle of Hogwarts.

George had seen a wall almost fall on his twin and had leapt up to save him, resulting in both twins being partially trapped under rubble. A frantic Percy and Ron cleared the rubble while Harry and Hermione had held off other death eaters. Percy was able to get them medical help double quick, Ron commented later that he had never seen Percy so efficient when helping others.

The twins had been in St. Mungo now for four weeks and the poor healers were almost at their wits end. When the twins had woken up, they had demanded to be taken to the other, they were with minimal fuss. What the healers had not realized was that a room with both Weasley twins, bored Weasley twins, was a stress factor they had not taken into account. Several healers had already had their hair turned all kinds of bright colours. One nurse, who had snapped at them when they argued with her, had had her uniform tightened and the words "nurse slut" written on her nametag without her knowledge. She had been the talking point of the day. When confronted with her sons' behaviour, Molly Weasley could not even get angry, she was so happy that her boys were alive, and took their pranking as a sign that they would not be changed too much by the war. Though to help the staff of St. Mungo, The Weasley family, Lee Jordon, Harry and Hermione, amongst others, made sure to visit often, to keep the twins occupied and let the healers and nurses go, mostly, prank free.

Another resident at the hospital was their former grumpy potions professor. Hermione had found a vial of antivenom in their professor's robe while in the Shrieking Shack, and had poured it down his throat before running with Harry and Ron back to the castle. Little did she know, when she returned after the battle with a healer, that Snape was still alive. He was brought to St. Mungo and after Harry had publicly announced his support to Snape, his memories had been viewed by the new minister and a few select others, and he had been pardoned. Though Harry proclaimed him a hero, he also proclaimed him a sulky bastard who needed to learn some manners, Hermione had kicked Harry behind the podium he spoke from while Ron had snickered. The effect was the best they could get, people accepted his role as a spy and therefore a hero, but still the general consensus was that he was not the most pleasant of men, which seemed to suite the man just fine, as he snapped at the healers, and made derogatory remarks of the quality of their potions. He had alter all only survived because he had had the foresight to brew antivenom against that blasted snake Nagini's poison. Conveniently forgetting that without Hermione giving him the first vial and McGonagall going to his quarters to find more, he would be dead.

Harry, Hermione and a reluctant Ron made sure to visit the grumpy mad, he would not say much, but they had made a sort of truce which certainly eased the atmosphere.

The trio was speaking to the man, who was currently looking at the selection of books Hermione had brought with her, for him to read, distracting him from terrorising the healers, honestly, he was as bad as the twins, just in a different way.

"Really, miss Granger, Jane Austen and a book on" … he looked at the titles, "muggle chemistry and space travel" he lifted an eyebrow at her. Hermione huffed and answered "Well you did not give me a list of topics you would enjoy, so I picked something a little different than what I imagine you would normally read," she defended herself.

"Very well, I will endeavour to make a list the next time I ask for books to be brought to my hospital bed" He had not even asked the bushy haired Gryffindor to bring him books, he had asked Minerva, apparently she decided to delegate that task. Bloody Gryffindors"

"Well, sir, we have decided to return to Hogwarts next year to finish our NEWTS, we were wondering whether you would be returning as well." Harry started a conversation awkwardly.

Snape looked like he had swallowed one of Dumbledore's lemon drops, he did not look happy "I will not have much of a choice," he said, putting aside the books and looking up at the ceiling.

"Why not," Ron asked, he was looking hungrily at some chocolate owls by Snape's bed, though he would never try to take one, not from this man.

Snape sighed deeply, a long suffering sigh. They all looked at him expectantly, curious as to what he would say.

Snape began speaking in his special 'I am speaking to idiots' voice, "Every year, without fail, you three have been in the middle of trouble. I have lost count of how often I have had to save your lives, especially you Mr. Potter." Harry flushed red. " If you are going back then something is bound to happen, and I would feel better if I was at the scene to minimize the damages you are bound to make."

Harry, Ron and Hermione looked at him in wonder, and then started laughing loudly, only partly hearing Snape's second deep sigh.

"Just one more year and I will start of my little potions shop, relaxing, and never having to worry about dunderheads anymore." Snape spoke quietly, but the trio still heard, and it resulted in a longer laughing fit.

Yes the Golden trio was going back to Hogwarts… what could possibly happen without Voldemort?