Virgin Pregnancy ch. 12

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Harry, Ron and Hermione sat eating breakfast Sunday morning. Hermione hidden behind a huge tomb already, reading about magical pregnancies. Harry and Ron had decided not to argue her researching, since she had spent the afternoon and most of the evening without a book, just relaxing and laughing, like the old days.

Owls started flying in with letters and the newspapers. An edition of The Daily Prophet landed on Hermione's empty plate, startling her. She picked it up and started reading. As she found nothing newsworthy, she handed it to Ron and Harry to look through the Quidditch section. She had just gone back to her book when three owls, carrying a package between them, landed in front of her, knocking over her juice and getting feathers everywhere. The three owls were accompanied by four more owls, one huge and golden, each carrying a letter. Hermione, Harry, and Ron quickly relieved the owls from their burdens and let them fly away, leaving a feather-covered table. The huge golden owl managed to hit both Harry and Ron over the head with its wings, before it got enough momentum to fly away.

Drawn by the spectacle, Ginny, Luna, and Neville approached the trio to see what was going on. Harry sensing many eyes on the group, could just imagine the stories that would come out if someone got an idea what was happening. He quickly grabbed the package, indicated to Hermione to take the letters, and led the group quickly out of the great hall and up to the room of requirements.

Once settled on the usual sofas in the room, Hermione looked at the letters in her hand. One was from Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, one from Bill, one from Charlie and one from Percy.

"Wow, our family is really not very good at being subtle," Ron remarked with a small smile. Ginny snorted with laughter and the rest of the group chuckled. "Open the package first, Hermione! It might be sweets from home," Ron looked excited by this.

"No, letters first, maybe there is something I need to know before I open it," Hermione countered.

She opened the one from Mr. and Mrs. Weasley first. It read:

Dear Hermione

Welcome to the family! Arthur and I cannot express how happy we are that you are carrying Fred and George's children, despite the circumstances, we look forward to our grandchildren arriving.

We know it is not ideal, you have been put in a horrible and unfair position, and whoever did this will get to know why it is not a good idea to mess with the Weasley family and anyone they love. Expect the queue of revenge to get longer dear.

Enough of that now, Arthur went to the attic as soon as the news had sunk in. He found the old twin crib and several pieces of baby clothes. They are quite worn, after seven babies, however, if you should need them, you can have them! In the package I have included some of my old maternity wear from my time being pregnant with Bill and Charlie, I was much smaller and could not use them in my later pregnancies. If you want, I will be of assistance in any way I can, ask me questions etc.

I have also included chocolate which the twins send me, remind Ron it is not for him, you will need it my dear!

Loads of love Grandma and Grandpa.

Hermione opened the box and found loads of striped and flowered oversized maternity wear, they wear clearly from the 60s and 70s, she knew Bill was born in 1970.

"Ehhhm…," Hermione hesitated while holding up the clothes, "that is really nice of Molly, but I do not think this is for me."

Ginny and Ron laughed, while Harry and Neville tried to hold it back. Neville pulled out a bright yellow dress from the box.

"I like them, very colourful, you should consider it Hermione, they have a happy aura" Luna commented, carefully folding the yellow dress Neville had pulled up. Hermione decided to save them for a rainy day, where she would need colours in her life.

She put the box aside and opened the letters from Bill and Charlie, both congratulating her and promising to join the research. Bill was on a world trip and would include finding information on the potion to his trip, Charlie offered to set a dragon on whoever did it, which Hermione found very sweet.

"I thought Bill would be back from his travelling," Ginny wondered out loud, after Hermione had read the letters.

"Naah, he had to extend the trip, after getting holed up in South Korea, something about not being allowed to cross the border to North Korea," Ron explained. He was currently pouting at Luna who had managed to grab the box from Mrs. Weasley before he could find the chocolate.

"I see," Ginny mused. "What does Percy write?" Ginny asked Hermione.

Hermione opened the last letter, it looked very official, as usual with Percy.

Dear Hermione

I should call you my sister in law, as you basically are a part of the family now.

I will begin by offering you my deepest congratulations, though the circumstances are not ideal, I must admit I was happy when mum told the news to Audrey and myself.

I will offer my sympathies as well, imagine the shock of you having twins, with not just one, but two of my brothers, and the most irresponsible of them as well. Imagine the children they will produce… I wish you luck.

I of course, will offer my assistance to the research. As you are aware, I am a very skilled researcher, and my support and access to ministry files will no doubt lead to a breakthrough.

Do please let me know if you need anything, you are family now, officially.

The best wishes

Percy Weasley

"Soo, he is happy with the pregnancy but not the DNA? He does know he shares the same genes as the rest of us, right?" Ron sounded exasperated.

"Naah, Percy is part screech-owl, from Aunt Muriel, it escaped the rest of us" Ginny snickered. The rest joined her.

"Well, we have just added several people to our research team, I should continue looking for information as well." Hermione said.

"Where will you look, Hermione? You have not been able to find anything in the library" Harry asked.

"And we will not be able to do much more research before the Christmas holiday, anyway," Neville added.

"I don't know, but I need to do something, I need to keep going" Hermione said, looking pleadingly at the rest. She felt like she was giving up fighting for her children if she did not do something.

"Wow, easy Hermione, why not just wait for Neville and the Slytherins to get home to their libraries?" Ron asked in mild panic, Hermione was rarely emotional.

"Easy? EASY? How can I be easy when my babies might not be okay, I need to know, Ron, I. NEED. TO. KNOW!" Hermione was upset now, why could he not understand?

"Ehhh, but it will be okay, Hermione!" Ron tried

"Okay? Oh, is that right? Do you know that for sure? How? Do you feel it? Gee Ron, NOW I can stop being WORRIED!" Hermione was on her feet now, this was unfair, how difficult was it to understand why she could not stop? "would you like to be pregnant? And do it without your parents?" Hermione started crying now, Luna and Ginny hurrying to comfort her.

Ron was looking like a dear in headlights, he had edged slowly backwards until he was halfway behind both Harry and Neville who both looked unsurely at Hermione, her hair crackling with magic and her eyes leaking buckets of tears.

Ginny and Luna managed to sit Hermione down, with her leaning on Luna. Ginny then slowly opened the pregnancy book Hermione had read at breakfast, she found what she was looking for and started reading: "during the first trimester, it is not uncommon, for a witch, to experience sudden and sometimes drastic mood swings. These are common and will last between 1 minute and 15minutes. Show the witch understanding and agree with everything she says, for the best outcome. Never forget the story of the wizard Titus Gramti, who decided to argue with his pregnant wife and lost the ability to ever sire children again."

During the reading Hermione began to calm down, listening to the facts from the book, Ron, Harry, and Neville had all erected shields in front of them after the last part had been read, apprehension clear on all their faces. Luna had started poking Hermione's hair, she giggled as the magic sizzled with the movement. Hermione felt much calmer and accepted a piece of chocolate given to her by Ginny.

After several minutes of silence, during which the boys lowered their shields and Hermione's hair had stopped sizzling, Luna spoke.

"You could ask the ghosts or the paintings, they might know something about the potion."

Hermione's eyes rose in glee, "that's it, Luna! It is so logical, some of them are bound to know something, let's go" She started marching out of the room, only to be caught by Harry.

"Oh no you don't, it is almost lunch and you will not disappear somewhere in the castle, we both know you would be gone for hours."

"But…" Hermione tried, but Harry would not budge.

"No Hermione, let's go to lunch early, then Ron and I have Quidditch practice and you can go ask paintings with Luna, Ginny and Neville."

"Fine, I am a bit hungry, I guess," Hermione admitted, admitting defeat.

She did not need to say so twice, Harry took an arm and marched her out of the room to the great hall, Neville taking the box and heading for Gryffindor tower and Luna reading the pregnancy book, following Harry and Hermione. Ron was about to join when Ginny held him back.

"Wait Ron, I think we should do something for Hermione."

"What do you mean? Can we stop the mood swings because that was bloody scary!"

Ginny sighed and snickered, "no, but I think we should try and get Hermione's parents home, she needs them."

"And how are we supposed to do that? We cannot leave Hogwarts and travel to Australia, and we do not know how to reverse the memory charm."

"No, but you said Bill was held up in South Korea, right?"


"Well he told me his last stop was in Australia, I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before, but he could definitely reverse the spell." Ginny looked pleadingly at her brother.

"Brilliant! Ginny that is brilliant!" Ron exclaimed, "so we need to write Bill, it will need to be a fast owl, we need to catch him before he leaves Australia."

"And we need to write to Fred and George, and maybe Charlie as well to tell them oue plan, they might have ideas."

"Okay, so you borrow the fastest owl we know at school, and send it to Bill, I will write the rest and send them with normal owls. Oh, maybe we need a fast owl for Charlie as well, he is back in Romania." Ron had gone into planning mode.

"Good, so, who has the fastest owls?" Ginny asked, "none of the school owls will do."

"well, I can only think of a few people with truly magnificent owls….. you know, they don't come cheap." Ron said slowly, looking at Ginny meaningfully. Ginny groaned.

"You mean the Slytherins, don't you? Bloody hell, I need to ask Malfoy for a favour, don't I? He will lord it over me." Ginny put her face in her hands.

"Hey, that is my expression! Why does it have to be Malfoy? There are other Slytherins," Ron asked

"Who would have the biggest, fastest and most impressive owl at the school?"

"You have a point; well you can catch him at lunch" Ron said

"No, Hermione must not know, what if we cannot do it? She should not be stressed"

"Soo, you will go to the dungeon?" Ron asked

"No, we will go!" Ginny looked challenging at her brother. Ron sighed

"Fine! But if I die, you will answer to mom" Ginny just rolled her eyes.

Okay, let's go before lunch really begins"

"What, now?"

"Yes now! let's go!"

Ginny proceeded to drag a reluctant Ron out of the room of requirements and all the way to the dungeons.

Draco Malfoy was currently listening to his best friends discussing the news of Blaise's mother's new boyfriend. Blaise did not seem impressed.

"Honestly, it is getting old, I don't even know why she keeps telling me when she has found someone, we all know it will be over again in a few months, a year tops." Blaise was slumped in an armchair.

"Aww mate, at least she has stopped marrying them, it was getting difficult not believing she had nothing to do with them dying here and there," Theo snickered, and received a pillow in the face, curtesy of Blaise.

"Shut it you wanker!"

At that moment Pansy decided to intervene as she saw Theo opening his mouth again, a smile on his face which would most definitely lead to more things being thrown. "Why don't we go to lunch, it is almost time," she said.

Draco catching on her tactic pouted a bit, it was always fun watching a good throwing match between Theo and Blaise, but he also knew that it would take up half the lunch hour. He quickly backed her up, "yes, lunch, right, lets go idiots."

Draco managed to sidestep a pillow thrown by Theo and, a bit forcefully, guided Blaise to the entrance to the Slytherin Common room, laughing.

As Pansy opened the entrance way, the Slytherins were greeted by two arguing redheaded Gryffindors.

"I never told you I knew the password, why would I know?" Ginny argues, hands in the air and clearly frustrated.

"Well, you dragged me all the way down here, and you did not even have a plan, and I am getting hungry," Ron sulked, both hands in his trouser pockets.

"A plan? It was your idea to ask the Slytherins for help," Ginny countered.

"Yes, AT LUNCH, but nooooo, not fast enough for Ginerva" Ron mocked.

"Don't you dare, Ronald Weasley, I will..."

"Ahem, are you looking for us?" Theo interrupted, a huge grin on his face.

Ron and Ginny stopped mid argument and looked wide-eyed at the four Slytherins observing them smirking.

"Did I hear correctly Weasleys? You need help? This must be good!" Draco sounded way too pleased with the idea, which had Ginny turn her attention to her new adversary.

"Well Draco," she smirked, "we need to borrow a fast owl that can travel far, and we thought who would own such an owl, only a true Primadonna could possibly own such an owl, and guess whose name suddenly popped up in our minds?" Ginny looked with mock wonder at the Slytherin blonde.

Draco scowled a bit, ignoring the smirks of his fellow Slytherins now directed at him.

"I will let you know that my owl is the most impressive at this school, and if you want to borrow her, you might want to change your attitude Weaslett," Draco countered, happy to see Ginny frown a bit.

Before she could open her mouth to retort back, Ron butted in, "That's it, we need to get this done so I can go and get lunch!" Ron declared loudly.

Theo snickered, "okay follow me." He led them all to a smaller room, close to the entrance to their common room, he closed the door and turned to the Gryffindors, "now, please explain."

Ginny stepped forward, "We want to help Hermione, she needs her parents. She obliviated her parents before going on the run during the war, she sent them to Australia. Our oldest brother is travelling to Australia any day now, and we need to contact him to have him reverse the memory charm. If anyone can do it, he can. However, we need to reach him before he leaves Australia, and that means a very fast owl. We also need one to reach our brother Charlie in Romania. Can you help?"

There was silence for a few minutes then Draco stepped forward "You can borrow Gloria, she is out hunting now, but I will send her to you when she gets back."

Pansy stepped forward, "While Draco is, undoubtedly, the biggest Primadonna here," she smirked at the scowling Slytherin, "and therefore has the biggest owl, you may borrow Osiris who can fly almost as fast."

"YES! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Ginny was jumping up and down in front of the Slytherins, not quite ready to risk a hex by hugging them.

"Great, since they are out hunting, can we go eat now?" Ron asked.

Ginny stopped jumping, "No, we need to write the letters, come on!" She then proceeded to drag a miserable looking Ron behind her, "Thank you!" She yelled behind her while moving forward with determination, leaving four amused Slytherins behind.

"Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like growing up with siblings," Blaise commented as they observed the short redheaded girl dragging her much taller gangly brother, clear amusement in his eyes.

"Probably better than all those fathers you had," Theo commented and then quickly put up a shield charm to block the hex from the annoyed Zabini-heir, laughing.

Pansy sighed while Draco laughed, "Honestly, you two, show some class!" She then proceeded to strut past them heading towards the great hall, ignoring the calculated look of her friends neither of them wanting to have their backs unprotected while moving forward.

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