Banjo and Kazooie were enjoying a leisure walk through the cliff side of the Isle O' Hags, having paid off their dept using the golden jiggies and yellow musical notes they had collected.

"Cor... now that we don't have anything to do, what's say you and I head to the lagoon to relax?" Banjo asked while glancing at Kazooie, who was poking out of his blue backpack.

"Sounds good to me," Kazooie remarked as she nodded her head, glancing up as she noticed several colorful blocks slowly heading towards them. "Hey Banjo, what is that?"

"What's what, Kazooie?" Banjo remarked as he looked up, to see the vibrant blocks in the air slowly heading towards them, placing his hands on his hips. "Huh... that seems odd. Since when did the Cloud Cuckooland have a bunch of blocks?"

"...My sense are telling me never," Kazooie remarked, with a block in the shape of a square casting a shadow on them as she got onto her feet and got herself and Banjo out of there, the square smashing the ground and causing the area to shake from its impact.

"Whoa!" Banjo exclaimed as he watched more different shaped blocks heading towards them, with the duo being able to avoid being smashed by them as a result of Kazooie going fast. "Whoeever is dropping these sure is clumsy!"

"Not so much as a matter of who and a condition of what," Kazooie responded as she headed into the entrance that led to Jolly Rodger's lagoon, with them glancing back to see the cavernous tunnel get blocked off by more of the Tetris blocks falling right over its exit.