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So it's been a while but since I finished up my Deadrising story, but now that I have some breathing room I decided to write a spinoff of my left4Dead story. So the plot of this story is to fill in the gaps of what happened to Zoey, Francis, Louis, and later on Bill while team RWBY was with Coach, Nick, Rochelle, and Elise. This will all lead up to a sneak preview of season 2 of LRWBY4D. Now then, please enjoy the story, I'll try and post these things weekly during the weekend but in this case I'm leaving for vacation soon so this is an exception, now then enjoy.

Narrator POV

Somewhere in savanna four girls from an alternate world appeared out of nowhere. This wasn't as bad as most people would think... unless you landed in the beginning stages of a zombie apocalypse in Savanna. In that case yea it was pretty bad, but luck happens to be they met up with different survivors in town. The man named Coach a football player that would have gone pro if it wasn't for his bum knee. Nick a northern con artist who was town drinking his problem's away. Rochelle a news woman from Cleveland who used the apocalypse as a chance to get promoted. Finally a mechanic named Elise who won't stop talking about his buddy Keith.

With the help of the survivors they managed to escape the Savanna mall in Jimmy Gibs stock car. On their way out of town and to New Orleans they came to a road block in a small town in Georgia. The only bridge for miles was raised and they had not enough gas to go around, lucky their were three survivors on top of the bridge. With their directions and later help they managed to lower the bridge. But you already know this, so the question remains what the he'll happen to those three.

Rayman George


"Oh god more tanks incoming!" Nick shouts as he reloads his gun. As he did so a hunter screams before jumping Nick only for a well placed shot from a girl in a red hoddie holding a hunting rifle.

"Come on the bridge is down!" Ruby shouts as she ran across.

"Don't have to tell me twice youngling!" Couch shouts as he uses his shotgun as a bat since it ran out of ammo. He then tossed it before running.

"Hey thanks for the hand y'all!" Elise shouts to the people on top of the platform covering them.

"Come on Elise we got to get back to Jimmy Gibs unless you want me to drive." Yang joked as she threw a charger into the river.

"Oh no you don't Yang. Baby I'm coming!" Elise said as he sprinted down the bridge back to the car.

"Oh lord those two are talking about who drives the car when there are zombies attacking us, Oum they are complete dolt's." Weiss says as she drops her gun and makes a sprint to the car.

"Yea well at least Elise isn't thinking about the girl." Rochelle said as she ran by.

"Agreed." Blake said as she ran by the two as a bunch of tanks in tuxedos and witches in wedding dresses chased after them.

They soon got to the car and with a whooo shout of excitement from Elise the car drove past and over the hoard and down the road heading for New Orleans.

"Heh you know they were alright." Francis said watching as the stock car races away to New Orleans from the top of the railing.

"Do you think we will be seeing more of these guys?" Louis asked.

"Heh well that would be nice but no, we are on our own." Zoey said in a now series tone.

The two nod their heads and walked inside to prepare for the trip to the Florida Keys. After a few hours of packing they finally got onboard the sailboat and head straight for the keys. A day later they and with in sight a serious of island's with a decaying bridge crossing over some.

"Well we are here." Louis said looking onwards at the island.

"Yeah, guess we are... wonder what Bill would have picked." Zoey said while looking at Island with the sunrise coming up.

"(Sigh) He would have probably said take the one with out the bridge and has a fresh source of water and plenty banana's so Francis doesn't starve us out." Louis said in a pretty bad Bill impersonation causing Zoey to chuckle a bit.

"Yea I guess he would say something like that." Zoey said hummering him before returning to her mopping self.

As the two survivors looked onwards reminiscing about their friend and savior Bill the ship did a sudden drop, causing them to shuffle a bit. They didn't pay it much attention chucking it up to be some weird wave, but stoped presuming when the boat made another sudden drop that almost send them almost flying off the ship.

"Ugh guys what are you doing up there?" Francis shouts up as he pops out his head through a hole leading to the ships undbelly with a Black cowboy hat that had seen better days on his head.

"I don't know, I think we hit a reef or somet... um Francis, why are you wearing a Stetson?" Louis asked.

"I couldn't find one of them straw hats you see in those tropical phoster cards." Francis explains as he climbs up and onto the deck.

"I'm pretty sure there isn't any reefs out here. Maybe it's a sunken ship or something." Zoey said with her answer.

This was proven wrong once again as the ship pulls down again but this time in a more circular rotation. The three looked overboard to see to their horror a whirlpool has somehow appears. As Zoey ran over to the helm and try to stear the ship away the boat began to get closer and closer to the middle. With all her might Zoey couldn't tug on the wheel and it soon snapped off sending her flying backwards with her hands covering her face trying to prevent the splinters from hitting her. The ship then makes a hard turn causing it to go straight for the center. As the ship goes down Louis and Francis hold on to each other and Zoey screams out as the ship is brought down. The scene changes as pieces of the ship floated up along with a black cowboy hat that had seen better days. The piece and the hat began to float northwest towards Mississippi.

On Remnant in the Emerald forest

The forest was quite and tranquil. Not even the Grimm would disrupt these peace an quite. Then from out a blue a sail bloat suddenly appeared above the forest without a trace of what ever force that brought it forward to begin with. After a single second the sail boat dropped from the sky with a few screams coming from onboard as the the boat crashed into the forest floor with a loud thud.

The ship was in splitters as different pieces of the ship laid scattered among the wreckage three individuals started to pull themselves from the wreckage.

"Ugh you know what... I think I hate boats even more." Francis complains as he pulls himself from below a pile of wood.

"You know what Francis... I have to agree." Louis said as he pulls himself from the wreckage.

"Ugh oh god... is everyone ok?" Zoey said as she gets up from underneath the sail.

"I'm good, still got all my libs and my positivity." Louis said with a painful thumbs up.

"Ugh I was good till Louis started to be positive. What about you Zoey are you alright? ." Francis asked as he looked around him to see the woods.

"I'm good, just a few splinters but I'm good." Zoey answers as she got down to ground floor and steps on her M1911 pistol by accident.

"Well... this isn't the Keys, so where the hell are we?" Zoey asked as she picks up her gun and checks to see if it's good.

"By the calculations of the sun the trees and the destroyed ship... somewhere that I hate." Francis said looking at the woods.

"I only seen trees in the northern part of the country. So maybe we're near Canada." Louis suggested as he started looking through the wreckage for his weapon.

"See I told you that we are near some place I hate, goddamn Canada." Francis complains as he reaches inside and grabs his hunting shotgun.

"Ok then we are near Canada, but how in the hell did we got here? Whirlpools don't cause teleportation to Canada." Zoey said as she pick up and slung her hunting rifle over he chest while picking up the glock making her have akimbo pistols.

"Oh maybe the vampire teamed up with some aliens to send us to goddamn Canada just to finish the job." Francis suggested as he picks up a bat.

"Ugh for the last time Francis they are zombies not vampires." Zoey said irritated as she rubs her eyes.

"Phs what ever... I gonna take a piss." Francis said as he walked over to the woods.

"(Sigh) I just don't know if he's an idiot or he just refuse to listen." Zoey said irritated."

"Oh hey come on Zoey, we got this far with him no point in leaving him behind." Louis said as he pulls out an uzi and his own set of akimbo pistol's including a P226 and a Glock 18.

"Yea I guess so but he's still an idiot. Now the question is where do we go from he...Bang (Francis Girly scream) Bang..." Zoey said before interrupted by Francis screaming and the sound of his shotgun going off.

"Francis!" Both Zoey and Louis shouts as they ran over to him.

They then found him on the ground with his pants down and his shotgun smoking.

"Francis what happened?" Zoey asked as he began to stand up and pulls up his pants.

"Guys I was just attacked by a werewolf!" Francis shouts as he buckled up his pants.

"... you were attacked... by a werewolf?" Zoey asked with a non-believing look on her face.

"Yes exactly! I was doing my business by that tree when a pair of glowing red eyes came from the bush I was pissing on. Then a werewolf jumped out and almost tears me to pieces before I shoved my twelve gage down its throat and unloaded it." Francis explains.

"... You pissed on a... werewolf?" Zoey said with the same look on her face.

"Francis... are you sure you didn't just urinated on a wolf?" Louis said as he punch his fingers on the bridge of his nose.

"I'm absolutely positive that I pissed on it. The body is right over there." Francis said pointing to the bush he peed on.

Zoey and Louis looked at each other with a annoyed look on their faces. They both sighed loudly in disappointment before they walked over to the bush to see nothing.

"There nothing here." Louis said causing Francis to quickly run over.

"But but... it was just HERE!" Francis said in disbelief.

"Uh hu sure Francis." Zoey said while rolling her eyes.

"No I'm serious it was right her a moment ago." Francis said standing on the exact spot.

"Um ok sure, how about you describe it to us then." Louis said humoring Francis.

As Francis began to describe it a Grimm Beowulf walked out from behind the bush and standing up tall over Francis.

"It was big and black." Francis describes

"Um Francis." Zoey said trying to get his attention

"Let me finish Zoey, it also had a weird white mask with streaks of red on it." Francis described failing to notice the Beowulf behind him.

"Francis." Louis said trying his luck in getting his attention.

"Not now Louis, it also looked like a pure form of evil I had to use up my entire shotgun shells just to put it down..."

"FRANCIS!" Both Louis and Francis shouts!

"What?" Francis answers only for something shadow to appear over him.

"Wait don't tell me... it's friend is behind me isn't it?" Francis asked as the two slowly nod their heads as they got their guns in a defensive position.

Francis slowly turns around to see not one Beowulf but an entire pack of them. It then howls off to the rest of the pack of the Beowulf's of their pray before charging at Francis who screams out his iconic scream.

With Winter and Qrow

The two were dropped off near the a strange energy signal, that was similar to the one that was presented at Team RWBY's disappearsence. They soon walked into a clearing to see to their surprise a sail boat.

"Ok now I have seen everything." Qrow jokes as he looked at the ship.

"I concur. Why would a sail boat of all things be here?" Winter said as she looks at the wreckage.

As the two looked at the sailboat when they hear the sound of screaming coming from the woods. Both pulled their weapons as they got into a defensive stance. They began to slowly move forward before the bushes began to move. After a few seconds of the bushes moving a strange man in a leather vest was tossed from the bush screaming.

"Ahh haaaa ahhh!" He screams as he misses Winter and Qrow and hits the ground hard.

"What in the..." before Qrow could finish his sentence as a woman in a track outfit fell to the ground as a Beowulf tried to munch down her if it wasn't for her feet stopping it.

"Ugh get off me!" She spat as she aims her akimbo pistol's at it's head and began to put as many holes into it as possible.

The Beowulf was stunned for now but it regained its Focas and the woman ran out of bullets. The Beowulf charges forward only to have itself impaled through the skull by a fast acting Winter. She pulls here sabor from the dead Beowulf and turn to the woman before offering her a hand.

"Thanks for that." The woman said as she reloaded her pistol.

"Not a problem." Winter said with a nod.

She then hears another growl coming from behind her only for the sound of rapid fire to silence it as a man in a ruin office clothes walked out.

"Phf I think I got the last of them guys. Oh um hello there." The man said friendly.

"Salutations." Winter replies with her cold exterior.

"Hello, So are you the people who was bad at sailing?" Qrow said pointing to the ship.

"Well it was in the water just a few minutes ago then some crazy stuff happen's and now we are here." The woman said as she walked over the biker.

"Ugh am I dead?" The biker asked as the woman helped her up.

"No not yet." The woman replies.

"Right So um oh where are my manners. I'm Louis, that's Zoey and that is Francis." Louis said as he walks over.

"I am specialist Winter and this is Qrow. We got a report of strange signals coming from this location." Winter said.

"Ugh more military. Ugh now you can see why I hate Canada." Francis said causing both Winter and Qrow to look at each other in confusion.

"Sorry about my friend here, he's an idiot." Zoey explains.

"Hey!" Francis said in his defense.

"That's... understandable. I have to bring this Dolt with me." Winter said pointing to Qrow.

"What ever ice queen." Qrow said as he took a sip from his flask. Strangely enough once Qrow called Winter an ice queen this caused Louis to chuckle a bit.

"Heh heh, sorry but it's just funny how coincidental you sound Winter." Louis chuckles.

"How so?" Winter asked with an eye brow raised.

"Well you see yesterday we were on a bridge taking a break when this car drove up. Out steps eight people. Four of them happen to be these teenage girl and one of them with the same hair color of you would constantly call everyone a dolt. They would respond by calling her an ice queen." Louis explains causing both Qrow and Winter eyes to widen.

"Those four girls. They wouldn't happen to have the name Yang, Blake, Weiss, or Ruby by chance?" Qrow asked.

"Um yea all four of those girls had that name... why do you ask?" Zoey asked with a bit of curiosity.

"They went missing a few days ago from Beacon. All that was left was a strange energy signal, that is admitting from this spot." Qrow explains.

"Can you please tell me where you seen my younger sister and her friends last." Winter asked sounding a bit desperate.

"Ok sure we last saw them in George trying to make their way to New Orleans." Zoey explains only to get shot a weird look by the two of them.

Ok so this is the end of the chapter. So the chapters from here on out will probably be shorter then this one, so for the sake of keeping these stories long and beacouse I kinda want to do something like this in the first place I'm gonna place a mini Chibi episode at the end of each chapter to prolong it. So enjoy this little bit.


Inside tattoo parlor

Chibi Elise, Nick and Ruby were all in the parlor, Elise was sitting in the chair with his arm outstretched. Ruby seemed to be waiting in anticipation while Nick was tattooing something to his arm.

"Their all done." Chibi Nick said as he steps back showing a heart tattoo with the name Zoey written in cursive in the middle.

"Oh man this is awesome man, can't wait till I ask Zoey out on our first date." Chibi Elise chirped as he got from his chair and literally skipped out the door in happiness.

"Uh hu, Good luck with that Elise." Chibi Nick said. As he placed down the ink pen he turns to see Ruby in the seat with her sleeve rolled up.

"Um I don't think your sister will allow me to give you a tattoo." Chibi Nick said with a deadpan tone.

"Wha oh come on Nick. It's the zombie apocalypse, I'm totally legal to get a tattoo by now." Chibi Ruby pleaded her case.

Chibi Nick just crossed his arms and tapped his foot in annoyance as she gave him the puppy dog eyes till he finally cracked.

"(Sigh) fine kid, but don't tell your sister." Chibi Nick sighs as he picks up the ink pen.

"Trust me I won't, oh and here I made my own design that I want." Chibi Ruby said as she pulls out a crude child like drawing of two crescent rose forming an x with a cookie in the background.

"Um ok I guess I'll try." Chibi Nick said as he started the pen and lowers it to her arm. Before the ink pen can touch her Chibi Yang came running in and gave a powerful right cross that send Nick flying into the wall off screen.

"Ruby don't do it." Chibi Yang said defensively.

"But Yang I always wanted a tattoo. Why can't I get one there so cool." Chibi Ruby complains.

"Ruby getting a tattoo is possible one of the most painful experiences of your life. They stick needle's into you you could get infected, and if dad finds out he will have it removed and that is even more painful." Chibi Yang explains as she pulls Ruby off the seat.

"But sis they look so cool." Chibi Ruby complains as she kicks the dust on the floor in disappointment.

"I know they are but when you are older then you can get a tattoo." Chibi Yang said with her hand on Ruby shoulder.

"(Sigh) alright I'll wait." Chibi Ruby sighs in defeat as she walks out the door.

Once she left Nick had crawled back onto screen. He was covered in old brick dust and barely had the strength to pull himself. At the same time Yang looked around making sure no one was around.

"So um Nick... are you still up for the tattooing thing cause I like to get this as a tramp stamp." Chibi Yang said as she pulls out a very detailed picture of a Blake wearing a scantily dressed ninja clothes while posing sexily on Yang's motorcycle the Bumblebee.

Nick didn't answered. All he did was look up before fainting from the pain.

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