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On board the Atlas Ship

"Phssss ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Doctor grey laughed as she fell from her seat. After Zoey and Winter figured out what happened the night before they quickly raced to the one person who records everything aboard the airship. As luck happens she did but actually hearing it from Winters own mouth she couldn't help but practically die from laughter.

"Yes yes all to humorous." Winter said as she rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"Oh heh heh heh, it's (phsss ha ha) that ha ha ha, it's." Dr Grey couldn't even finish her line with out laughing even more.

After a few minutes of madly laughing she finally calmed down and got back up onto her seat.

"Heh heh So, What can I do for you?" Dr Gray asked.

"For starters can you delete that footage?" Zoey asked blushing slightly.

"Of course I can silly, question is should I?" Dr Grey asked as she typed on her keyboard pulling up last nights security feed of Winters room. The clock on the top corner shows it to have started around midnight when the two had entered. At first they were kissing then they spend the next six hours doing Every, single, sexual act... Every single one.

"Because if you don't I'll personally skewer you with my sabor." Winter said in her most intimadating tone.

"You mean the one you used on Zoey?" Dr Grey asked with a chuckle as she rolls back the tape to four thirty five in the morning where Winter had placed a... toy on the end of her blade before using it on Zoey. "In all my years of prostate exams I have never known how much an anus can withstand without tearing.

"... Well that explains some things... how about we ask you nicely to delete them and you do it cause we are such good... friends." Zoeys said with a forced smile while also holding back the urge to vomit in embarrassment and discuss.

"Aw well since you put it that way, sure I'll do it. As tempting as it is to may millions of lein by selling it to private Tucker I rather not have to constantly look over my shoulder for Winter." Dr Grey said as she click on the video file and moved it to her trash file deleting the file.

"See Ice Queen. Being a tad bit nice can go a long way." Zoey jokes.

"Yes, well in any case I'll escort you back to Beacon. I'm sure your friends are missing you." Winter said before giving a polite nod to Dr grey before leaving.

"It was nice seeing you again Dr Grey." Zoey said before following Winter.

"It was nice seeing you again as well!" Dr Grey shouts as she waves goodbye to them. Once gone she reaches under her desk and pulls out a hard drive.

"Hmm now on one hand Zoey asked me nicely to delete the video, on the other hand I could see if the virus is transmitted by sexual orientation... also in case Winter threatens you." Dr Grey pounders as she looked at the device in her hand.

On Beacon property

Back at Beacon Francis just received a text from Zoey. She hasn't picked up her phone all morning and just received a message from her saying she will be back on property. As he sat their with shades over his eyes Louis moans in pain as he hid from the sun like a vampire.

"Ugh, Francis I'm never gonna drink again." Louis moans in pain from the hangover.

"Yes you said that already, and no ever keeps that Promise." Francis gruff in annoyance. While waiting for her a orange hair girl was looking for her friends when Louis offered to help. He agrees to help to which she grabbed the back of his shoulders and crushed him in a death hug of friendship. Francis of course made the stupid mistake of calling her friend from a compliment on her strength to which she nearly killed him as well. Now with a shattered spine a small hangover and now Ozpin Calling him to his office on his day off followed by Louis moaning in pain he was not in a good mood.

Soon Winters personal Airship flew down from the sky and made contact with the ground. To Francis surprise it was Zoey who stepped out first. She had a quick chat with Specialist Schnee before walking down the ramp towards Francis. She quickly walked past them but stoped for a second before turning around.

"Ozpin wanted to see us right. So let's go." She said before storming off.

Francis and Louis looked at each other with complete confusion on their face before they quickly jogged over to her. As the three walked towards Beacon tower a question formed in both of their minds. After a small while Francis was the only one brave enough to ask. "Um so why were you with..."

"NOTHING HAPPENED!" Zoey shouts in a panic causing the both staff and student to stare in confusion. Realizing all eyes were on her she straitens herself quickly. "Nothing happened, all we did his have a girls night out."

"... um ok." Francis said quitely as he looked at Louis frantically. Zoey then quickly walks over to the elevator and calls for the ride.

As she taps her hand impatiently. Francis quickly gave a look of worried to Louis who responds with a shrug of confusion. The two then walked over to Zoey as the door opens. The three enter the elevator before ascending upwards.

"... (sigh) look Guys I know you guy worry about me but I rather talk about it." Zoey apologizes.

"Yea it's alright, we can talk about something else." Louis said in a positive tone.

"Yea like what?" Francis ask with chuckle.

"Well, how about banning scrolls from the classrooms. I know that's a bit low tech but I'm sure students will learn better from a chalkboard instead of looking at their phones." Louis suggested.

"Yea no, I hate chalkboards. To many of my teachers have used their nails on it and I ain't gonna allow my students to suffer. Plus I really hate chalkboards." Francis said firmly.

"Oh come on Francis how can you hate something that isn't even in your class?" Louis asked.

"Actually I'm with Francis on this, their was this one girl in college who would get everyone's attention when no one was paying attention to her." Zoey remarks.

"Didn't you drop out of college?" Louis asked.

"And yet here I am a teacher who dropped out of college." Zoey remarks smugly.

The three had a good chuckle as the elevator then stops with a ding. "But I'm telling ya I hate chalkboard there just a waist of time when we could send it out on our scroll's."

"Francis you can't just send the students paper work through there scroll's they'll just slack off if you ... do ... that." Louis couldn't even finish his sentence before he noticed Bill and his world just stoped.

"Louis, Francis, Zoey. Um hay I'm ah back." Bill said nervously. A full minute pass as the three survivors stared at the soldier till one of them walked forward.

"Bill?" Zoey asked wide eyed not believing what she is seeing.

"Wait the professor's know Bill?" Jaune asked in confusion.

Francis then tackled Bill to the ground and started crying many tears.

"I hate it when you did that stupid thing, you old geezer." Francis sob's.

"I take that as a yes." Ren said as Louis and Zoey then joined Francis in hugging Bill.

"Don't ever do something so stupid again." Zoey said crying as well.

"I miss you, Well not as much as Francis but it's good to have you back." Louis said while crying.

"Shut (sob) up Louis." Francis cried.

"Ugh get off me before you ... ah screw it I missed all of you." Bill said hugging them back as tears of joy fell from the veteran face.


At the mall

In the mall a pet hunter Padgett was going on and the winner of the Padgett will win Jimmy gibs JR car along with a plate of still warm and fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies. A Chibi Spitter was walking through the store with a notepad. She walks up to the first Chibi infected zombie who had a normal Chibi Hunter. She then walks down to the next one why'll writing notes of interest. The next one was a Chibi smoker with a version two Chibi Hunter. The Chibi spitter wrote down her thoughts before walking over to the third contest which was Chibi Elise wearing a poor zombie disguise with Chibi Ruby wearing her hood over her head to disguise herself as a hunter, she gives a cute growl attempting to sound like a hunter. The Chibi spitter walked over to the last contestant to see a boomer and a hunter Weeabo but stop midway. She quickly turn around looking at Ruby more closely.

As time slowed down Chibi Elise and Ruby began to sweat prefusly as dramatic music plays overhead as the screen flash in between their faces. It then turn to the Chibi Spitter who's eyes were now squinted to a degree before her eyes flash open. The screen pulls away for the three contestants were clapping for the Chibi boomer who was crying in happiness and Weeabo Hunter who was face down in the plate of cookies. Meanwhile in the crowd both Chibi Elise and Chibi Ruby was furious of their lost and after a bit more clapping Elise finally looses his temper.

"HogWhash we should have won this contest!" Chibi Elise shouts inrage as he tossed his zombie hat disguise onto the ground revealing he was human. He soon realized what he did and turn around with a small smile on his nervous face as all the zombies began to snarl.

"Ummm... hi." He said with a nervous chuckle.

The Spitter lets out a hoard scream before the hoard of hunters pounced him and the rest ran over and starts beating down on poor Elise. As a dust cloud forms around the fight and screams can be heard underneath the cloud Chibi Ruby quietly snuck off but not before grabbing the last cookie.

Hello everybody Wombag1786 here.

So next week should be the beginning of the annual zombie v Human week for schools around the country and in honor of that the next two weeks are gonna be dedicated to the zombie stories. So this weekend theirs gonna be two stories to kick off the event... that and I seriously won't have the time to write cause my own personal hell is calling me... no seriously if I die by a heart attack before my thirties it's because my family doesn't understand the term keeping people out of your own business, but enough about that. Shout out to the people participating and to those who is enjoying the season of fear.

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