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Bob has given the party a moment to assuage all their giggles, groans, and guts while he finalized his hastily-formed agenda in a nice package, with a bow for added emphasis of his confidence.

He was sure that a moment like the aftermath of "RWBY: The Silver-Eye Warrior" will never happen again.

"Ladies and gents, are we ready for the next viewing?" Bob announced before the audience.

"As long as it no longer humiliates the standing of my master," Cinder asserted, with sincerity as a precaution. " yes."

"Heh. No need to be concerned of, Firebender." He chuckled at the 'clever' alias he created for her. "Up next, we have a musical play! Just a snippet, though."

Despite his cheery response, the people were less looking forward to this one, particularly Yang. "Meh. Not so much of a musical play fan." she muttered.

Blake, however, was scooting herself to the edge of the seat. It's her turn to ask about the film, now. "What's it about?" she asked curiously.

"Blake, if I told you, I'd ruin it for you." The only lead Blake had was a smirk on Bob's face before he turned around to face the cinema screen, revived from the blank death in a fanciful light.

[Play Warframe Soundtrack - We All Lift Together]

It seems the clip was starting right into the midst of it. There was no transition to ease them in as whistles led the orchestration as chain rattles, in rhythmic tempo, followed close behind it.

"Chain gang, huh?" Blake pondered. "It's too rare to hear this genre of music in a musical environment like this. This has to be good."

"Already this has caught my interest," Weiss mentioned.

"I know, right?!" the cat-faunus exclaimed, jolly to hear that the ice-princess shares her thoughts.

The screen faded in from black to perceive the legs of a person, later revealed to be a human in construction clothing, walking towards a seat. Perched to the side of it was a large tool seemingly used for remote welding.

As the camera panned to the right, the setting was clearly captured in a greater FOV. The man seemed to be inside of a building under construction, lit in a gray, smoky light, and surrounded by more of his brethren.

Interestingly, it was a rather mixed race of human and faunus alike - conversing like common people in their break time.

Despite the clear evidence that vividly showed how flawed Adam's logic was about the relationship between human and faunus, he was still unmoved. Perhaps his time in the White Fang rendered him too stubborn and too late to be saved.

Illia, however, was amazed. Sure, this isn't really what occurring in her world, but the fact that there is a visual picture of the vision of the White Fang, the one great Ghira had planned from the very start, in view was undeniably enjoyable at the very least. It's like a dream briefly coming true.

The same could be said for Mister and Miss Belladonna, though at a lesser degree. "*Sigh* If only the White Fang was reformed to this mindset."

"We will get there, Ghira," Kali assured, with a comforting expression to mitigate the former White Fang leader's doubt. "One day. And Blake will be leading the charge."

The scene syncs with the melody as men, faunus included, were seen hammering and wrenching in nuts and bolts into the chassis of the structure. Each turn and thrust was all in rhythm, displaying the strong union they share in hard times.

For the general population of the white seats, listening to the synchronization of each slam, whizz, and crank rumbled their minds - it was providing cause to surrender to beating tempo. It was a tempter luring victims to join the unity of song.

Blake was especially enraptured in the music - she understood the purpose of the style of the song was to highlight the shared burden the Valeans bear; therefore, she'd even found herself even tapping her foot to it as a smile formed on her lips.

Cold: the air and water flowing

Hard: the land we call our home

Push to keep the dark from coming

Feel the weight of what we owe

"I like the wording of the song," Blake critiques. Already, she's engaged into critic-mode, analyzing the film as if it was a suspect of a crime scene… of good behavior. "Such analogies… so strong and passionate."

"Yeah, yeah," Yang bored. It suited her that she'd stray away from this type of film while Blake was magneted to the screen, eyes out in energetic attention. "Just… stick it to yourself."

Somewhere else in the vicinity, there was a stocked ram-faunus lending one of the tools he was carrying to, in assumption, his 7 year-old child. With similar looks, the young boy struggled at first to take the share of the burden, but honor took a stand by him as his stance steadied.

"Such a brave soul…" Ozpin dreamt in his mind as he slurped his coffee.

"... that is so foolish to follow his father's mistake." Salem finished. Of course they would continue synthesizing their thoughts independently by coincidence.

This: the song of sons and daughter

Hide the heart of who we are

Making peace to build our future

Strong united working 'till we fall

Father and son walked away as a barrel was hurdled towards the camera, acting as the scene transition. When lifted, is showed that outside in the alleyways work was being done, but not only by men.

As the female chorus joined in, there were female civilians in construction clothing helping the men lift materials and supplies out of wagons and vehicles, aside from the rest doing more hammering and welding of pieces.

"YES! Girl power!" Nora declared audibly with a great grin and jolly mood.

Cold: the air and water flowing

Hard: the land we call our home

Push to keep the dark from coming

Feel the weight of what we owe

More and more of the people were being captured in the setting, but as so certain features of the area began to grow all too familiar.

For example, there was the Ol' Dust Shop at the end of a road that someone knew too well being under renovations.

"That's Vale!" Ruby exclaimed. Her face lifted up as it was surely a gander to see how people back there are picking up the pieces.

"Hmmph," Raven muttered to herself grumpy. "As expected… everyone still clings to hope."

Cinder did not take this sight too well. To her, the scene meant that her efforts were not enough to choke the light of Vale, if this clip was anywhere close to their timeline.

This: the song of sons and daughter

Hide the heart of who we are

A Grimm Beowolf was seen preying on one of the unsuspicious workers from a rooftop, menacingly waiting from the right moment to strike.

But when it thought the coast was clear as it pounced a wolf-faunus, its body met shotgun dust pellets that were emitted by none other than Peter Port, smiling admirably down below.

Port sighed to himself in satisfaction. Taking on a great prey in defense of the public safety adds seasoning to his ideology of hunters and huntresses as he witness himself following the creed.

His friend, Oobleck, couldn't agree anymore as he formed a smile across his lips.

Making peace to build our future

Strong united working 'till we fall

He placed a hand towards the faunus, who took it gratefully, and aided him in picking up the dropped wooden box from the grim cobblestone ground.

Elsewhere, Glynda Goodwitch was levitating several beams of metal throughout the main road effortlessly, and Doctor Oobleck was coordinating with other hunters and huntress to control the rogue Grimm infestations.

"So Glynda, has recovery in Vale been swell as this timeline portrays?" Ozpin asked, raising his eyebrow.

Glynda felt the guilt pushing down her shoulders as she lowered her head. She felt disappointment possessing her body as she dully commented, "If only it was, Ozpin…"

"I see…" he droned as he fled back to the comfort of his seat. "At least we can enjoy this time of union while it lasts."

And we all lift

And we're all adrift together, together

Throughout Vale, the larger picture was being recorded as more than a thousands buildings were lit in warm yellow glows, indicating that people were at work to rebuild they had lost. It also recorded how someone else seemed to share their mindset from a bird eye's view.

Above the city, hundreds of Atlesian aircrafts were moving up and down exporting resources to the surface dwellers, helping then dig themselves from their miserable undergrounds.

For the general, it was a relief in amenable contrast. Ironwood simply was content with the image of Kingdoms willing to donate shares to one another, just was the dimension portrays…

...If only they weren't so divided after the Fall of Beacon.

Through the cold mist

Till we're lifeless together, together

As if God had existed, for the first time in months the gray smokes of Vale were finally penetrated. White light has punched a hole through the stratus clouds' defense and it's volume beam laid down on the road like told in a fairy tale - a twinkling light fallen on a sword stuck in stone.

Overlapping this light, a single word faded in out of order in terms of spelling with a transparent symbol behind it, contrasting the word it stands second to.


"Wow, I miss Vale. I miss Beacon," Ruby reflected as her generous smile traveled back into the past, revisiting old memories.

"Hey, something's coming from the light!" Neptune alerted.

But out of norm, there was someone falling from the hole, but not out of fright. Rather, it was of duty. Like an angel in its white cloak, it descended rapidly downwards with its gray skirt and blouse visibly shown fluttering.

The figure made a loud thud to the ground, but void of any broken bones cracking. It was godly, so unusual that the person caught the sight of a volunteer bat-faunus who just briefly stopped stacking barrels to take a good look at the newcomer.

Strangely, the only additional characteristic hinted other than the cloak and skirt were the traces of crimson-dipped hair fluttering to the side of the hood.

The scene cut to black shortly after.


The room remained silent for a prolonged period of time with most of them having a clear reason to stay mute. For a number of them, to see a glimpse of Summer Rose was to watch a ghost of a good memory fading memory flicker and to later rely on that sustenance.

Bob foresaw this prediction and knew he had to shut it down or it'll be all they'll dream about. "Note that this is still in a separate dimension, everyone. Everything that was and will further on be presented isn't current and perhaps even fictional.

Not to bring your hope up." He inspected the shade Miss Rose was currently in, administering that she'll recover from the vision. "Will you be alright?"

"I… I don't even know… w-what to say…" she muttered. Was that what my mom looked like? There was only so much she could go by besides the photos to recall her fond childhood memories… yet so blurred at the same time due to her youth.

She felt a light, reassuring tap on her shoulders. "Just don't dwell too hard on it… although hard it may be…" Bob replied. It was comforting, too, to know that his intention was taken well when he received a smile, though weak, from the rose just before it could wilt anymore.

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