Quick note, I've been looking for sources on my next chapter but they're either vauge or providing the wrong type of stereotypes that I'm looking for.

Therefore; I'm turning to you to help me with this next releasement. In return for your help, I'm going to tell you half of what this next chapter is about in advance.

In case you didn't pick up on my sneak peak, I'm going to cover stereotypes on the RWBY characters; hence explains the difficulty of finding stereotypes for all of them. (Try it yourself, if you want.)

If you have a stereotype for someone, leave a review on this chapter listing what stereotype the particular person would have. For Example -

Jaune - Doesn't realize that chivalry is dead.

Ironwood - Military General asshole, always acts with aggression and pulls the defense clause for justification.

The reason I'm reaching out to you guys is beacuse stereotypes are decided collectively by a community. It wouldn't be fair nor accurate if I were to decide them by myself.

Thank you for your input and I'll hope to have enough information to make a new chapter in four weeks!