Kimi's eyes flickered over. "All Might," she croaked out.

Recovery Girl hummed disapprovingly from the side. "So it seems I have to fix you up again, Midoriya."

"Yeah… sorry 'bout that."

She didn't smile. "Your injuries are rather severe this time. Multiple third-degree burns. Extensive nerve damage."

"I mean, it could've been worse."

All Might flinched.

Worried, Kimi looked at him, then back at Recovery Girl. "I mean, it's nothing you can't fix, right?"

"That's not the problem," the healer said sharply. "I didn't notice it before, but this uncontrolled force of One for All takes something from you every time you use it. It—"

"I know," Kimi said softly. Aizawa had figured it out while she was training for the Sports Festival, and then there'd been that one monumental day on the Dagobah Municipal Beach.

"—It frays your nerves. Literally. It amplifies your emotions which fuel your quirk, but it's also dangerous and unsustainable. I've never seen anything like this, so I don't know how it'll affect your psyche in the long run, but it can't be good."

She and Aizawa-sensei had found out exactly what it would take for Kimiko Midoriya to be ready. To be strong.

One for All amplified her emotions to fuel her quirk, yes, but everytime she'd used it thus far, it had swiftly drained her mentally. But that had only been applying a small fraction of its power. As she increased the percentage used, there was a certain point in which it became self-sustaining; the emotions gave her power, and the thrill of the power brought with it stronger emotions. And such, it could quickly snowball out of control until she became a slave to her own desires.

Out of control.

That was exactly what she'd been, that day on Dagobah Municipal Beach Park.

Kimiko had stopped listening to Recovery Girl, but she didn't need the exact scientific analysis anyways. The only thing that mattered was, "How much more can I take?"

"No." The sharp response startled her, and Kimi glanced up. Recovery Girl stared down at her sternly. "What you've already lost is never coming back, and that goes for everything else that you foolishly decide to give. I'm a doctor, not a psychologist, and the boundaries for the human mind are never going to be clear cut."

All Might was quiet beside her.

Recovery Girl's voice was quiet but firm. "If you continue to do this to yourself, Midoriya, I will no longer heal the injuries caused by your quirk."


Understandable. No one really knew the effects of her quirk combined with One for All; it made her dangerous and unreliable. If the effects and attention grew more extreme, it would hinder her career in becoming a hero.

Kimiko stiffened then relaxed slowly. "…Okay. I understand."

"That's all I need to hear," she said, voice softening. "Now lie back, dear. I'll be done in a moment."

She did, closing her eyes and letting the warmth of her healing wash over her. "Where's Todoroki?"

Recovery Girl clicked her tongue. "Oh I'll be with him in a moment."

"What happened?"

"Nothing as serious as you," she told her. "Now stop fidgeting."


Finishing up, Recovery Girl bid them farewell and closed the door behind her. Kimiko was left behind with All Might, and suddenly felt guilt overwhelm her. But she couldn't put it into words.

Instead, All Might said sorrowfully, "Oh Kimiko."

She winced. "All Might, I'm sorry. I won't do it again. I just wanted… I just wanted to make you proud."

"You have," he told her quickly. "I couldn't be prouder."

Despite herself, Kimi smiled, warmth blooming within her at his words. "Thanks."

"We don't have much time. Are you ready for your next match?"

Her… her next match. That's right; she'd won. She'd beat Todoroki and was advancing to the finals. "Remind me who I'm facing?"

Quietly, All Might said, "Young Bakugo will be your next opponent."


Bakugo. She had to face him, had to take on his wrath and do her damn best to come out victorious. But she felt so empty inside. So sore, so tired, and so empty. She'd figure something out, probably. She had to.

"Kimiko, you've done well. Remember that no matter what happens."

She bristled. "You don't think I can win?"

"I didn't say that," said All Might. "But what I say is true."

"I did just as you said," Kimiko murmured, her temporary burst of displeasure fading. "I stood before the world and said I am here."

All Might clapped a hand on her shoulder, smiling warmly. "That you did."


"Kimiko!" sang Momo. The moment her friend spotted her, she leapt up to embrace her in a hug. "That was so awesome! You were great."

"Oh," said Kimi, a little startled. "Thanks."

Momo released her, only for Kirishima to give her a hearty slap on the back. "Fuck yea, Midoriya. That was awesome!"

The praise was unexpected, but not unwelcome. Kimiko smiled, relaxing. "Thanks guys. Where… where's Todoroki?" She glanced around, because they were missing a little more than a single person. "And… Uraraka and Iida?"

Momo winced. "Bakugo beat up Uraraka-chan quite badly, and Iida had some urgent business to attend to. I haven't seen Todoroki since your match though, sorry. I thought he was with Recovery Girl?"

Kimi shook her head. "It shouldn't have taken that long. He should be out by now."

"Eh." Kirishima waved her off. "He's probably fine. That was the first time I've seen him use his fire though— I thought you were done for!" He paused. "Actually, I thought you were kind of done for the moment the match was announced."

"Wow. Thanks."

Momo glared at him. "Don't worry, Kimi. I had complete faith in you the whole time."

She laughed "Thanks Momo. I gotta go now, see you in a bit."

"You're up against Bakugo, right?" said Kirishima. "Go kick his ass for me, alright?"

"Gotcha." Kimi managed to flash him a grin, before turning to head up the stairs. Bakugo had just cleaned up his battle with Tokoyami, taking a nearly effortless victory with a frightening ferocity. He wouldn't have much time to recover before his next match, and she would use his fatigue to her advantage.

But secretly, Kimi doubted he would be lacking in strength anytime soon.

Her reserves were still relatively empty, and she wasn't about to use One for All. This fight would be won with trickery and strategy, and by doing her best to not be shredded by Bakugo's explosivity. She made her way into the waiting room, searching frantically for a path to victory, but didn't get a chance to find one.

She was just so… tired.

Present Mic's voice boomed through the stadium. It was time for the final battle.

Kimiko walked down the stairs.

"Our finalists for this year's Sports Festival are Katsuki Bakugo from U.A. High School, and Kimiko Midoriya— also from U.A!"

Kimiko took a shaky breath. Bakugo was glaring murder at her from across the field.

"Bskugo has just taken a stunning victory against Fumikage Tokoyami, and Midoriya has fought a devastating match with Shoto Todoroki. Both are nearing the end of their strength, but they'll have to give it everything they've got to come out on top!"

Bakugo certainly didn't look at the end of his strength. There was murder blazing in his eyes.

"Without further ado, let the finals begin!"

Kimiko teleported away without a second's thought. And it was a good thing she did, because Bakugo pounced with a ferocious swiftness and the ground she'd been standing on was blown to smithereens.

She flashed behind him, but Bakugo had already turned. "So predictable," he spat, slamming a fist into her head.

Kimiko reeled, but was immediately thrown backwards by another explosion. She skidded against the ground, skin scraped raw, but managed to clamber to her feet and dodge the next blast.

"Always running," he snarled. "Fuckin' coward."

The tranquilizer. That was her only choice, but she didn't have enough power to sustain it for long. She'd have to summon it only when the time was right.

But Bakugo didn't give her an opening. He ruthlessly tore into her, alternating between an explosive punch and a normal one. He was wickedly clever, Kimi realized. She'd predict an explosion and dodge, only to run into the true explosion from his other hand. And when she predicted the punch, she'd raise her arm to block not a fist, but a skin-shredding blast of power.

Those furious eyes saw everything- saw every twitch and tracked every pattern. Bakugo really was a combat genius despite his brazen personality. Kimiko attempted a feint, but her true jab was easily parried and punished. A crushing hook into the side of her skull had Kimi seeing stars, and she was easily swept off her feet and pummelled into the ground.

She needed to save her reserves for that final tranquilizer gun, so she couldn't just flash away. But then light sparked in the center of Bakugo's palm, and a wave of sheer panic seized her body. Her newfound control prevented her from twitching into teleportation, and Kimi braced herself, letting the force of the explosion tear into her body.

It also blew Bakugo away from her allowing Kimiko to stagger to her feet. Barely clinging to consciousness, she managed to stumble away from his next lightning-fast swipe.

It's now or never, she thought, the darkness already tugging at the edges of her mind. The tranquilizer gun appeared in her hand, and she fired blindly.

It's better than nothing.

Bakugo jerked away from the dart with a snarl.

Her body aching, damaged skin burning, Kimi felt her vision grow hazy. Apathy won. She stood limply in place, staring dully at Katsuki Bakugo. The tranquilizer blew to dust in her hands. Exhaustion devoured her whole.

She was so tired.

Kimiko felt her legs crumple from beneath her, and she collapsed to the ground.


Bakugo had been… strange, since their match.

Kimiko would've expected him to be positively frothing at the mouth, considering how her mediocre performance would likely be a blow to his pride. That, she didn't doubt.

What was concerning was how quiet he was.

Even as they walked out to greet the world, the roar of the audience sending her heart aflutter, she couldn't help but notice the stone-cold silence in which he greeted the applause. His icy expression didn't so much as twitch. All Might gave his speech, but Kimiko was too busy warily eyeing the boy beside her.

With a declaration of the two third-place winners, All Might awarded medals to both Tokoyami and Todoroki, both who accepted with quiet thanks. Todoroki too, was strange. The difference was less prominent, but there was an air of… offness about him.

Kimiko accepted her own medal with a smile.

All Might moved on to Bakugo. He stared in frosty silence even as the medal was placed around his neck. First Place. For someone who won the Sports Festival, he looked anything but thrilled. All Might took his silence in stride, loudly declaring them the winners in the Sports Festival to the rest of the world.

A little hesitantly, Kimiko glanced at Bakugo.

His eyes flicked over to her like razor blades. There was cold anger simmering in them, and when he spoke, his voice was deadly soft.

"That was pathetic, Midoriya. Even for you."

"I'm… I'm sorry."

Her apology only seemed to irritate him further. "I saw your face at the end. You didn't even care."

How was she to explain that the cost of her quirk was emotional? "I'm sorry," she repeated.

"Next time, I'll rip you to shreds."

That wasn't said like his usual angry, bellowed threats. There was a weight to his words, and the softness of his voice made Kimiko shiver. She looked away. It didn't matter; she'd just have to keep getting stronger. And it wasn't as if she planned to lose to him ever again.

For the time being, Kimi was content to cradle her second-place medal, basking in her glory in front of the rest of the world.


What had he done?

What have I done?

"What have you done," his father whispered in wonder.

And with those words, his everything went silent. There was a distant ringing in his ears, drowning out the rest of the world. Because every time he saw that man, something in him burned. The tongues of flame lashed beneath his skin, the roar of the fire deafening. Blood pounded between his ears.

Shoto Todoroki stared at Endeavor's mouth move but heard nothing. The pride that glowed so brightly on his face was sickening. The condescending approval in his eyes made him see red.

He'd given in.

He'd lost.

His stomach twisting, Shoto took a step back. His father's eyes narrowed ever so slightly. He was sure his own eyes were wide.

What have I done. What have I done. What have I done what have I done what have I done—

His eyes snapped frantically to his father's approaching hand, intending to rest itself on his shoulder. No. No. His mind screamed a panicked 'don't touch me!' and Shoto jerked away. His breaths came short and rapid. Carefully, his gaze rose to meet his father's.

Shoto spun on his heel and fled.

He walked out and away. Far, far away from the prying eyes and pricked ears. He walked into the forest, seeing nothing, feeling everything. He was a traitor to his own body, and the lingering feeling of the fire — his fire — made him retch. The flames squirmed from his skin like maggots, writhing and twisting, seeping through the pores of his flesh.

Bright. Brilliant. Disgusting.

A sheet of frost swept over him, crushing the flames. The feeling of watching them go up in a sigh of steam—it was addicting. Mesmerizing. And then the dam had been broken. He couldn't hold back the ice; it was unstoppable and unrelenting, exploding outwards into the world before rising and twisting to encompass him in a jagged, ravaged spire.

There he lay, curled up in the prison of his own creation- hating himself, burning, freezing, clutching at his right eye.

Then he heard footsteps.

Shoto looked up. Kimiko Midoriya walked through an entrance of vanished ice, stopped, and offered a hand.

He stared at it for a single eternal moment, all the soul within him burning. Then he looked at her, scarred and broken and full of hope. Looking completely unaffected by the sheer, oppressive cold, she cocked her head. Well?

And Shoto thought that if this was the temptation that drew him to his fire, then…

He took her hand, and Kimiko pulled him up.

"Let's go home," she murmured.


Life at U.A. was unnaturally normal in the wake of the excitement from the Sports Festival. Or it would've been, if not for Midnight's announcement.

They'd be getting mentors. Who were pro heroes.

The very idea was unfathomable yet wonderful, and Kimiko waited with baited breath as Midnight announced the requests they'd all received.

Todoroki was revealed to have, by far, the most. That wasn't surprising, even though Bakugo had been the one to win the tournament overall. Kimi hoped to whatever omnipresent force was watching that she had at least a couple requests. What would they do for people who didn't receive any?

Bakugo was revealed to have a whopping total of over three-thousand requests, coming in second by a huge margin. Next was Tokoyami with 360, and then—

"Kimiko Midoriya."

She sat up straight in her chair. "Yes!"

"Three hundred."

She put her hands over her chest. "W-what?"

Midnight skillfully ignored her. "Tenya Iida, 250. Momo Yaoyorozu, 210…"

Feeling rather lightheaded, Kimiko felt a stupid little grin tugging at her lips. She'd been requested! And by three hundred of the pro heroes which she adored. God, she would have to whip out all of her notebooks and think about this very carefully, and probably do more research. A lot more research.

Blushing slightly, Kimiko received her files with slightly shaky hands. On the first page was Mt. Lady, the picture of her face in the left corner nearly causing Kimi to faint. Mt. Lady had requested her. And on the second page was the hero Ultrasonic- oh she'd written so many pages about him.

Each hero was one Kimiko would've died to get an autograph from. With this many choices, how the hell was she supposed to pick? Kimi started frantically thumbing through files, thinking of a way to catalogue them, when Midnight started speaking again.

"…a second matter to discuss," she was saying. "Each one of you will get to choose your very own hero names! Isn't that lovely? But choose wisely, 'cause it might very well stick."

Kimi gasped comically, along with the majority of the class. Kaminari cried, "Awesome!", his enthusiasm verbally parroted by some of her other classmates.

Momo passed around some whiteboards and markers, and the class fell quiet in thought. Kimi herself had no idea what to write. It wouldn't be a bad idea to see what her fellow classmates would choose first…

A little shyly, Asui presented her whiteboard first. Kimi squinted from the back row. Froppy. That was adorable and fit perfectly.

And such, Kirishima became "the Red Riot", Uraraka "Uravity", and Jiro "Headphone Jack".

Bakugo slammed his whiteboard on the table, barking, "King Explosion Murder!"

Midnight frowned. "Too aggressive. And too… murder-y."

"That was the point." Nevertheless, Bakugo trudged back to his seat.

The class had mostly settled on their hero names, and no one else moved for the podium. After a brief silence, a couple heads turned to glance at her.

She thought of lying flat on her back on the clean sands of the Dagobah Municipal Beach— not the second time, when she was ravenous for the strength to win the Sports Festival, but the first time in the very, very beginning when she was training for the strength to hold One for All. She remembered the searing pain in her body and wanting to give up for a single, treacherous second, until she saw the stars.

Slowly, Kimi scrawled the kanji onto the whiteboard, the squeak of the marker loud in the silence.

She took a deep breath and walked to the front of the class.

"The Hero of Hope," she said quietly. "Starlight."

Almost despite herself, her eyes flicked over to where Todoroki sat, his face a mask of impassivity. She smiled softly at him.

Todoroki smiled back.



Kimiko glanced up at Aizawa-sensei, then waved off her friends. "Go on without me. I'll see you tomorrow."

She approached Aizawa's desk a little hesitantly. His eyes were as unreadable as ever, twin chips of glittering obsidian. Aizawa paused, looked her over, and said, "You did it again."

"I… did?"

"Your emotions," he hissed. "Did I not make it clear to you what would happen and what the risks were? We've been over this, Midoriya—"

"It was a spur-of-the-moment decision!" she blurted out. "I didn't mean to. I just… I just wanted to win."

Aizawa's voice went cold. "Do you remember the Beach, Midoriya?"

"This time was different! I was in control both times, and I managed to shut it off once the matches were over."

"It's a slippery slope. A single factor could send it spiralling out of control."

"This time—"

"Was different?" he scoffed. "Then tell me, Midoriya. What if Momo Yaoyorozu had gotten over her surprise and put up a fight? What if Shoto Todoroki hadn't been knocked unconscious? How far would you have taken it? How far would you have gone?"


"You can't control it. Not yet. So let me tell you, then; in a moment of passion, you would've drawn more of your power. You would have escalated, further and further, until you did something you'd regret. There's nothing holding you back except yourself, and that's not something you're capable of yet."

Kimi tried to recall how she'd felt those days, remembering the thrill through her veins and the pounding in her ears. And in that battle with Todoroki, she wondered if she'd even thought. It had been a purely instinctual dance at the end.

"…I understand."

"Do you?" said Aizawa-sensei. "I agreed to keep teaching you on the bounds that you never did that again, on any scale." He pinned her to the spot with the ferocity of his gaze; his quirk didn't even need to be activated for Kimi's own to die within her.

"I'm sorry—"

"You're not."

Kimiko cut herself off, pausing. "…No, I'm not. It didn't really affect me, and I got to fight Todoroki and Bakugo and take second place in the Sports Festival. Once a year, three times in a lifetime." She threw his own words back at him. "So no, I don't really regret it, sensei."

Calculating black eyes studied her carefully. "I called you a dangerous risk to U.A. from the very beginning. Do you remember?"

Kimiko bowed her head. "Yes, sensei."

"That applies now, more than ever. The Hero Agencies have no use for one whose emotions control them and put others in danger. You're a double edged sword."

The harsh words made her flinch. "I see. I'll train to control it."

"Naturally." There was nothing pleasant in his smile now. "That's why I'm forbidding you from working with the Pro Heroes."

Her eyes snapped up to his. "What?"

"What were you expecting? The way you are now, you're more of a risk than a boon. But there, you'll be out in the real world working with real people, and your actions have the potential to change lives. You're too much of a loose cannon."

She felt her heart stop. "I… I don't understand…"

"I'm afraid you'll have to reject all of your nominations."

"No," she said breathlessly. "No, you can't do that."

Aizawa's eyes blazed dangerously. "Yes I very well can. During this time, you'll be staying here with me to train your control. Due to the nature of my quirk, I'm the only one qualified to do so, and this will be as close to a controlled environment as you'll get."

"Sensei," she pleaded.

He sighed, the intense air about him fading. "Don't be petulant, Midoriya."

His words snapped her from her despair, and her mind began to race. "O-okay, it's just so I can have more control, right? If I master my quirk before it's over, does that mean I can still go?"

"You won't be able to do so in such a short period of time," Aizawa said flatly. "And even if you did, the remaining time would be so short that the hassle of reaching out to a hero, travelling, and getting settled in wouldn't be worth it." As an afterthought, he added, "I'm sorry."

Her lips quirked. "You're not."

"…No, I don't suppose I am," he said, amusement glittering coldly in his eyes. "It's not all bad, Midoriya. You won't have as much fun as your classmates, but I will make you strong."

Kimiko smiled. "I'll hold you to that, sensei."


A/N. Aaaand that's the Sports Festival done! I only realized this after I finished writing this chapter, but the emotional volatility of Kimi's quirk gives me some serious Naruto-jinchuuriki vibes. Ah well, it was about time for some power creep anyways.