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The Six Fingered Pirate

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Brand New World!

Bill scowled… or as best as a one-eyed triangle could. Stanford Pines was on to him. However he looked into the future. He saw that Stanford would contact his brother to help him get rid of the Journals and it would go south resulting in the portal being briefly turned on and Stanford getting sucked in.

However he quickly saw something else… that his brother would spend year trying to turn it back on… which would result in a rift being formed.

He quickly realized he didn't need the whole portal. Just the rift. Plus he knew if Standard was sucked in he would become a thorn in his side. Then he realized that if he sent Stanford elsewhere, a location where he couldn't travel around then it would be perfect. He could set the return Portal home in on him when it was time and things would be in business.

He had had to wait 30 more years. And really what was 30 more years compared to how long he waited before.

He just had to find the perfect world. Then it hit him. That one world… he considered making that the world he would escape to, but he soon realized it wouldn't be fun conquering that world. That world was already extremely chaotic.

Just send him there for 30 years and just wait to him to be sent home and that' would be that.

He picked out an island somewhere in the weakest sea of that world and played the waiting game.

In said world…

Daisy Island was a peaceful island on the East Blue. It wasn't too big and wasn't too small. There were several towns. And it was ruled by a king who was a fair and just ruler. Who has raised his son with the same ideals.

However one day in the capitol of the island, in the middle of the day, bright blue light appeared in the sky. The people of the town watched curiously. That was a when a man came falling out of the portal. He was a young man in his late 20s with curly brown hair. They noticed on each hand was 6 fingers.

"Where did he come from!" yelled one of the people.

"I don't know!" yelled another.

"Someone call a doctor!" yelled one of the people.

"Why?" asked one of them.

"He fell from the sky! Seriously! It's just common decency!" said the one person who suggested a doctor.

Sometime later. The man who was indeed Stanford Pines woke up in an infirmary.

"Where am I?" he asked.

"You're in the Capitol Infirmary." Said a voice.

He looked over and saw an older woman with graying hair wearing glasses and a lab coat.

"I'm doctor Stevenson." Said the woman, "You had a fall and a large crowd of people found you. "

"What?" asked Stanford, "Wait! Bill! Where's Bill."

"I assure you young man… no one who found you was named Bill." Said a voice.

Stanford looked over and saw a rather old man with a white beard.

"Tell me young man… what is your name." said the old man.

"Why should I tell you?" responded Stanford.

"That is understandable." Said the old man, "You did fall out of the sky from a bright light. It would make sense you would be on edge."

"Combined with your sleep deprivation." Said Doctor Stevenson, "According to the signs you haven't gotten any sleep in days, maybe even weeks."

Stanford blushed when she said that.

"You don't have to tell me everything." Said the old man, "But I would like to know why you fell from the sky in a bright light."

Stanford sighed, he looked both of them in the eye. Neither one of them had Bill's tell tail sign of possession. So he told them the basics of the story. He had built an inter-dimensional portal, which he accidentally fell through.

"If you didn't fall from the sky in a bright light, I wouldn't have believed it." Said the old man.

"So where am I?" asked Stanford.

"If you want to know the island. It's Daisy Island in the East Blue." Said the old man.

Stanford gave him a strange look.

"Oh right… another dimension… forgot that little detail." He laughed.

"I just told you that detail!" yelled Stanford with a sweat drop.

The old man just laughed.

"So your Dimension is different." Said Doctor Stevenson with interest.

Stanford nodded if he had to guess.

"Do you have an atlas?" asked Stanford.

"An atlas?" both of them ask.

"Or a map of the World?" asked Stanford.

"No one has ever drawn one." Said the old man.

"You're kidding." Said Stanford.

"No… has they drawn one for you dimension?" asked the old man.

"Centuries ago." Said Stanford.

"That's actually quite impressive." Said the old man, "I would like to hear about your Dimension."

"Do you even have time Your Majesty?" asked Doctor Stevenson.

"Your Majesty! Wait you're a king?" asked Stanford.

"Yes, I am King Fields of this island." Said the old man who was indeed the king, "I guess I forgot to properly introduce myself."

"Is like this all the time?" Stanford asked Doctor Stevenson.

"All the time." She sighed.

"So please tell me all about your Home Dimension." Said King Fields.

"Your Majesty. My patient has both severe injuries from a fall and sleep deprivation. HE needs his rest. So I would wait a few days until he's healed."

"All right Doctor Stevenson." Said King Fields, "I hope to talk to you more when you recovered."

Stanford nodded. Unsure if he should.

"Now… you need rest." Said Doctor Stevenson, "Would you like to this the normal way or do I need to give you some medicine."

Stanford looked at the doctor who looked downright scary.

"I'd rather not sleep." He muttered.

"I see." Said Doctor Stevenson, "Do you have medication allergies."

"Not to my knowledge." Admitted Stanford.

That was when Doctor Stevenson injected him with something.

"Good… this should get you more than enough of a good night's rest." Said Doctor Stevenson.

Stanford immediately passed out.

However that didn't mean he couldn't dream.

He soon found himself in his mindscape.

"You have nothing to worry about Stanford!" Bill said as he appeared behind him.

"Bill." Growled Stanford.

"Relax Stanford." Said Bill, "There's nothing to worry about. You already failed. I have no intention of messing with you anymore… well beyond dumping you in this dimension."

"Why did you dump me here!" demanded Ford.

"its one of the many dimension nowhere you can't escape from." Said Bill, he snapped his fingers and showed him image of the world of he was on.

"This world is rather interesting technology wise. In some ways they're very advanced, but in other they're not at all. They have laser but they haven't gotten passed sailing ships. Heck they even have telecommunication but they only did by harnessing psychic snails!" said Bill, "Not kidding about that! Ask them about Transponder Snails later… they're interesting."

Stanford just glared at him.

"Easy, easy." Said Bill.

"Why shouldn't I attack you!" said Stanford.

"Look I'm sure you'll enjoy this world once you get to know it." Said Bill, "Go on adventures! Make some friends!"

"So I should be happy here!" yelled Stanford.

"If you want to! Make peace with living here! Because it's going to be a long time once you'll be able to go home… if you're ever able to." Said Bill.

Stanford just glared at the one-eyed triangle.

"I won't be bothering you again after this Stanford. After all you're not longer useful! Why should I play with a broken toy!" said Bill.

Stanford tried to punch him, however he just reappeared behind him.

"Remember Stanford! If you want super powers eat swirly fruits! The real treasure is friendship! Buy gold! Good bye!" said Bill before disappearing.

Ford woke up and it was the middle of the night. He started laughing.

He was stuck here… probably forever. Figures.

Once Ford recovered, as he didn't have anywhere to go to (since he was well, everyone on the island knew he came from another Dimension) Doctor Stevenson let him stay at her house for the time being along with her pre-teen daughter Clementine.

"Oh wow! I can't belie you're from another dimension!" said Clementine, "Well I did you fall the sky! But it's still crazy! Oh man! So awesome! Do you have boats there! What about Transponder Snails! Oh man you have you tell me!"

Stanford's only response was sweat drop.

"Clementine, just let him rest, he's still recovering." Said Doctor Stevenson.

"Thank you." Said Stanford.

"Besides, King Fields wants ask him questions before you so he has dibs." Said Doctor Stevenson.

"Oh mom!" pouted Clementine.

"Seriously." Muttered Stanford.

Some days later, Stanford was finally able to talk to the king. The King was impressed with Ford's world.

"It's astounding that there are such differences between worlds!" said King Fields.

"Yes." Said Stanford, "Now can you tell me about this world. If I'm going to live here I would like to know."

"I don't think I should tell you." Said Kind Fields.

"What? Why?" asked Stanford.

"Why should I tell you when I have much better sources." Said King Fields.

He took Stanford to the royal library. He was amazed, it also helped that they also had the same written language, he found that out the day after he got there when he discovered he could read the newspaper.

"Amazing." Said Stanford.

"Yes, there quite a few books. Many of them from other blues and even the Grand Line." Said King Fields.

"The Grand Line?" asked Stanford.

"You'll find out about in the books." Said King Fields.

"Seriously?" asked Stanford earning a laugh from the king.

"You're welcome here anytime Stanford." Said King Fields.

"Thank you." Said Stanford.

As Stanford looked over the books.

"You know some of those are fiction." Said a voice.

He turned saw a boy in his late teens.

"What?" asked Stanford.

"If you want to learn about the world you should find out which one of those are fiction and non-fiction." Said the boy.

Stanford quickly realized the boy was Prince Phoenix, Field's son.

"Oh… that would make sense." Said Stanford blushing.

He helped him sort out which books were which.

Over the course of the next few months Stanford learned all about the Grand Line.

He actually was very interested in because of rumors and heresy. He wondered… if it was true or not. Or if it was similar to Gravity Falls.

That was when he got an interesting idea.

"A research expedition to the Grand Line?" asked King Fields.

"Yes. I want to know if all of the strange things are true or truly just rumors." Said Stanford.

King Fields sighed he really was interested. Unfortunately he realized something.

"Stanford I apologize… I feel like I just don't have the time." Said King Fields.

"Why not?" asked Stanford.

However if there something Stanford was. It was stubbornness. Over the next four years. He tried proposal after proposal. With the same excuse being "I just don't have the time".

The reason why he stopped was because King Fields passed away.

Stanford of course attended the funeral.

After the Funeral, the soon to be king Phoenix gave him a letter.

"My father wanted to give this to you after he died." Sighed Phoenix.

Stanford read the letter.

"Dear Stanford, I'm, sorry I wasn't able to grant your research expedition. I always knew I didn't have much time left. Though to be honest… if I knew I was going to live for another 4 years after I first denied your expedition I would have said "Yes". Hahahahaha! Hindsight's such a bitch. Phoenix will make sure your dream will come true. I know he will. Sign your good friend King Fields."

"Father included laughter didn't he?" asked Phoenix.

"He did." Answered Stanford.

"I figured." Sighed Phoenix.

The two looked at each other.

"It will have to wait until my coronation." Said Phoenix.

"I completely understand." Said Stanford.

And so after Phoenix coronation. The plans wren made. Of course such an expedition took years to plan. With such an expedition. It made sense.

After two years the date was set.

However… a couple months before the date. Something happened.

A man who had become the King of the Pirates was executed. That in of in itself wouldn't be the problem. No the problem was that he had a large treasure. A treasure that everyone wanted. And because of that the Grand Line was now swarming with pirates.

"What do you mean your canceling the expedition!" said Stanford.

"Stanford, I'm sorry, I truly am! But with all of the pirates." Said King Phoenix, "People are going to die."

"Is that what your worried about." Said Stanford.

Of course his stubbornness made him think of something different this time. He began to invent all sorts of weapons. Weapons that no pirate have ever seen.

However with each new weapon. King Phoenix's reasons was always the same "People will die."

After two years and another attempt. Stanford was drawing up plans for a new weapon in his apartment.

There was a knock on the door. It was Clementine who had grown to a beautiful young woman since then.

"I heard you failed again! So I brought you some cookies." Said Clementine.

"Thanks." Said Stanford letting her in.

"So his reason is still the same?" she asked him.

"Yes." Answered Ford.

"Seriously…" she muttered, "People are killed by pirates all the time! I don't see what the problem of loosing a few men is."

"I know." Said Stanford.

He really didn't want to talk about it some more.

"How's your mother doing by the way." Said Stanford.

"Same old, same old… she 's stubborn since it's almost time for her retire. You know how she is though." Said Clementine.

However during the conversation, Clementine got an idea…

An idea that took a few days to pull off. But eventfully she pulled it off.

One day King Phoenix was enjoying the garden all alone. What he didn't' know was that he was being watched.

That one watching him came out for the attack and punched him in the head.

He was shocked but then saw it was Clementine. The two did know each other well thanks to not only Stanford but also her mother as she was the best doctor on the island.

"Ow… what was that for." Said King Phoenix.

"You can't keep denying it because people will die." Said Clementine.

King Phoenix sighed, "He's not getting it." He explained.

King Phoenix explained the real reason.

He wasn't afraid to loose a few men to pirates… or even an entire crew… he was afraid to loose a very good friend.

"He's not very good at reading between the lines, is he?" asked Clementine.

"It was the same for my father. But yeah… you would think he would have learned by now." Said king Phoenix.

"Now that I know the reason… I have to agree with you." Said Clementine., "I would hate to lose him too… he's like my uncle, you know..."

"I completely agree." Said King Phoenix.

The two looked at the gardens in silence.

"You know…" said King Phoenix, "We've known each other for years… but I don't think we've ever talked like this."

"Yeah, to be fair you're always so busy." Said Clementine giving him a sly smile.

King Phoenix began to blush at the smile.

"What's wrong…" said Clementine.

"It's nothing…" said King Phoenix.

It was after that conversation that the two started to talk more… and soon enough the two started a courtship.

And so after a year of the courtship… the two actually engaged.

Sometime before the wedding Clementine talked to Stanford.

"You know my father died when I was little." Said Clementine.

"Of course I do." Said Stanford, "But why are you telling me?"

Clementine sighed.

"You really need to learn to read between the lines you know." She sighed.

Stanford blinked and then realized what she was asking.

"Exactly." She said with a goofy grin.

"Of course, I would…" said Stanford.

And so Stanford was the one to give her away as a bride.

Though out the years he was still somewhat resentful about how King Phoenix would deny him the expedition. With each time he's prop-use again Queen Clementine would get more and more exasperated with the proposals But he was still quite close to the royal family.

To such the extent that when the two had children, the 2 Princes (Ford and Fields) and the 2 older Princesses (Blossom and Violet) called him uncle. The youngest Princess (Lillie) was still baby so unable to speak.

Not only that but he even attended the Reverie as part of King Phoenix's entourage.

Stanford had lived on Daisy Island for 28 years… when something happened.

Several Palace Guards arrived at Stanford's apparent.

"Stanford! You're needed at the palace!" said one of the guards.

Stanford was worried, after all this never happened.

When he arrived in the throne room. King Phoenix was very pale, while Queen Clementine was rocking baby Lillie, in a way made it seem like she was worried the baby would disappear from her arms.

"What's wrong?" asked Stanford.

"Pirates." Muttered King Phoenix, "They break into the palace last night… kidnaped all of the children but Lillie."

Stanford paled considerably when he said that. He knew that the little princess still slept in her parents room, which explained why she wasn't taken.

One of the guards showed them the note.

"Give us either all gold in the kingdom or One Billion Berries, or I will kill all of the children you were able to take. And if you have the Marines or any of the guards come looking for us. They will die. Sighed the Peanut Pirates." He read.

Stanford growled.

"As you can see why we wanted you." Said King Phoenix.

"I am neither a grad or Marine." Said Stanford.

"With all the weaponry you invented in the 20 plus years. I'm sure you can get them back." Said King Phoenix.

Stanford nodded. He loved the children dearly.

He knew would have to take charge… but little did he know is that these sires of events would lead to him finally going to the Grand Line… just not in the way he expected.

Next Time: A certain Pirate Crew arrive on Daisy Island. Initially blamed for the kidnapping, thanks to a certain retired doctor they're brought to see the king and queen to help save their children. Will they be able to team up with Stanford. Find out next time!