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Chapter 19: Jaya

Everyone just stared in shock of Miss All Sunday… or rather as her real name was Nico Robin.

No one knew exactly what why she was there.

Both Nami and Zoro tried to attack her with their weapons, but she used her Devil Fruit powers to knock their weapons out of their hands.

She just set up a lawn chair to sit down in as she explained she borrowed Nami's clothes after taking a shower.

She explained how Luffy did something to her and she was here because of that she didn't let what he did.

"I'm here to join the crew." Said Robin..

"What!" yelled almost everyone else.

"You see…" said Robin, "I wanted to die… and your captain made me live… I have nowhere to go and he must make pay."

"Okay…" said Luffy.

Almost everyone else was shocked.

Sanji was happy Robin was joining however. Because it meant another woman on board.

Robin earned Nami's favor by giving her a bunch of gems.

Chopper hadn't met her so that how he was won over. Plus the fact she was using her Devil Fruit powers (the ability to create copies of her body parts) to okay with him and Luffy helped.

However Stanford, Zoro and Usopp all didn't trust her.

"It's up to the three of us to keep an eye on her." Said Stanford.

"We're the only ones that can strong in this." Said Zoro.

"What a bunch of pushovers." Said Usopp.

And then Usopp fell when Luffy did a Chopper impression with Robin using her powers to copy his antlers.

"And then there were two." Said Stanford.

"This is nice." Said Robin as she approached the two, "Is it always like this?"

"Pretty much.," muttered Zoro.

Stanford just glared at her.

Things seemed to be normal…

That was when things began to rain from the sky…

But it wasn't water.

They all looked up and saw a ship falling from the sky.

Everyone was shocked by this… though for one of them…

"Amazing!" said Stanford with his journal in hand, "How did a ship get up there!"

"Now's not the time to be figuring out mysteries!" yelled Nami.

"But it's ship coming down from the sky!" said Ford.


Ford sighed knowing she had a point.

"Fine I'll figure it out later." Said Ford putting away the journal.

Usopp was trying not meditate as a way to deal with his fear when he came across a skeleton causing him to freak out.

As things were calming down, Nami started to freak out.

As the log pose was pointing up.

"Stanford! Get the back up!" yelled Nami.

The backups were also pointing up as well.

"How is this even possible?" asked Nami.

She looked at Stanford who was once again taking out his journal.

"Put journal away." Said Nami.

"So what's with the journal?" asked Robin.

"He writing down all of the strange things about the Grand Line." Said Luffy.

"Luffy…" muttered Stanford.

"Is that so, then I guess you would want to know about Sky Island…" said Robin.

"Sky Island?" asked Stanford.

"There's an island floating in the sky!" yelled Luffy.

"Not just an island but an entire sea as well." Said Robin.

This only got Luffy and Usopp excited for this and wanted to go there immediately.

"What do you know about it?" asked Ford rather suspiciously.

He didn't trust her, but knew she had lived on the Grand Line for years so she must know some things.

"I've never actually seen it, I don't know very much about it." Said Robin.

"But that's impossible how could an island float in the sky?" asked Nami, "The Log Poses must be broken!"

"All of them?" asked Stanford.

Nami sighed at that one.

"The researcher is right." Said Robin.

"I have a name…" said Stanford.

As they were taking Luffy and Usopp were exploring the wreck.

After Robin gave a speech about trusting the Log Pose, she examined the skeleton, while Stanford was preforming researched.

It was through Robin's examining of the body and realizing the person was from the South Blue that Stanford was able to figure out the missing ship which was called the Saint Bliss.

"It was an exploration vessel that disappeared over 200 years ago." Said Stanford.

"There should plenty of documents on the ship if tit was exploration vessel." Said Robin.

"Unfortunately…" said Stanford.

They turned and saw that the ship had sunk.

And Luffy was struggling in the water, but thankfully Usopp saved him.

And Luffy had found something useful.

A map…

Though Nami wasn't sure about it, it was decided that a salvage operation was needed.

And so with the items they had Ford and Usopp quickly whipped up some diving fear for Luffy, Zoro and Sanji using barrel (though with Luffy he had two barrels.

"I know it's very rudimentary but it should work." Said Stanford.

"I really don't want to know what the technology level was on your old world." Said Usopp.

"Old world?" asked Robin.

Stanford sighed, he really, really didn't trust her, but knew that that Luffy or Chopper might end up telling her.

"I'm not from this dimension, 28 years ago I arrived in the east blue." Said Stanford.

Robin looked at him.

"Really? Interesting…" said Robin.

Stanford looked at her and knew that she really did believe him.

"Just because you believe me doesn't mean I'll trust you…" said Stanford.

"You believe him?" asked Nami baffled.

"I've heard plenty of strange things." Said Robin, "Being from another Dimension really doesn't faze me."

Nami just sighed at this.

After getting a check in from the three hearing about giant monsters under the water.

They soon heard singing and cymbals being played.

The song was about salvaging.

And soon a large ship with a theme of one of those symbol playing monkeys show up.

"Wait… those toys are a thing here too?" asked Stanford.

"Yeah… I guess it's a universal thing." Said Usopp.

As it turned out that the area was the territory for that particular ship and any ship that sinks automatically belonged to them.

Thankfully the guy was an idiot who A. Didn't notice things about the crew members that on the sunken Ship and B. Didn't put together the pieces that they were doing something.

He did eventually get word about other people in there and went there.

However before a fight could break out the ship got eaten by a giant sea turtle…

Yes really.

"I didn't know sea turtles got that big here! Amazing!" said Stanford.

"Okay seriously! Get out of research mode and focus on what's really going on around us!" yelled Nami.

Nami of course was ready to write them off as dead though the monkey man's crew believed he was alive.

However before anymore couple be done suddenly the sky turned black.

"This isn't a solar escapes." Said Stanford, "But something is blocking out the sun."

"That's not helpful!" yelled Usopp.

That was when they heard the crew of the salve ship freaking out talking about monsters.

That was when Luffy and rest showed up looking no worse for wear holding bags of loot.

Also they were completely obvious to the fact that they were eaten by a giant sea turtle.

And of course were shocked by said giant sea turtle that almost ate them.

And that was. When the monkey man showed angry for stealing his tressure.

However that was when they saw giant figures looming in the distance.

And using the oars they got away quickly.

They managed to do so… though the monkey man was still on board so they kicked them off.

But still there was the stuff they brought form the ship.

While interesting in the fact they were relics weren't what they were hoping for.

"We weren't interested in these things, while they are full of history we were hoping for more documents and maps." Said Stanford.

"This is just junk!" yelled Nami.

"There was nothing there." Muttered Zoro.

"It's true." Said Sanji, "Someone beat us there or the crew slathered each other.

Nami proceeded to get mad and stomp on the stuff they did bring back.

"Nami… there still some value." Said Stanford.

Nami turned around and glared at him.


Thankfully Robin had gotten an Enteral Pose to a nearby island called Jaya so things did balance out for Nami.

Luffy decided to head there, however after a few discussions it was decided to go there before the Log Pose reset so that they can see if they get information.

It was thankfully smooth sailing to the island.

Though there were some seagulls shot at.

However the strange happened when they got there/

There were a bunch of pirates ships at the docks.

"So it's one of those islands." Said Stanford.

"What do you mean one of those islands?" asked Nami.

"A pirate island." Said Stanford, "An island that is a safe haven for pirates."

"Wait there's island like that?" asked Usopp.

"Of course there are… someplace just lack a government out post and are safe. Other islands just hate the World Governed for one reason or another." Explained Stanford.

Nami and Usopp looked at him shocked and surprised at this fact.

"I thought you knew about this." Said Stanford.

"How were supposed to know this would be the case." Said Nami.

"It only makes sense." Said Stanford.

"What were your plans in entering an island?" asked Usopp.

"IT really depended on the situation…" said Stanford, "And how long the Log Pose would reset. Also depended on how many enteral possessed we managed to get…"

"You really planned it out." Said Usopp with a sweat drop[p.

"IU had to." Said Stanford, "I planned it for years…"

"Oh right…" said Usopp.

And so Stanford decided to stay on the ship while Luffy and Zoro explored the island and Nami went with them.

Robin also went off on her own.

Stanford wrote in the journal for a while until the three came back. Though Usopp tried his best to fix the ship form any damage that happened recently.

When the three returned The guys were beaten and Nami was angrier than seal.

Stanford wisely didn't say much.

Especially since Nami didn't get any information.

Though thankfully Robin had gotten some information during her shopping trip.

Well it wasn't much other than there was a "Weird" that most people on the island thought was a dreamer which was apparently frown upon the island.

And with a map that Robin got they decided to see if the guy would be of any help.

So they decided to head to him.

However they met ran into another salvage ship with a man who looked like an orangutan.

Of course while talking to him they quickly learned that he was the Monkey man's brother and he attacked them with a voice which acted like a sonic attack and did damage the ship.

Thankfully they did get away though all of the men had to help fix the damage.

But they did make to the location of where the guy lived.

He had a large mansion… which seemed impressive…

If it wasn't a plywood cut out.

"Seriously?" asked Stanford.

After bringing up he might have a gold stash Nami was exited.

"We shouldn't be stealing from someone we're trying to get help from!" yelled Stanford.

He then noticed that Luffy entered the house.

"Nor should we breaking into his house!" yelled Stanford.

Nami pouted as she looked around.

Turned out nearby was an old children's book called Noland the Liar.

"Really Noland the Liar? I haven't read that in years." Said Sanji getting nostalgic.

"You read it, but it says that it was published in the north blue." Said Nami.

"Wait I thought you were form the East Blue." Said Usopp.

"I'm actually originally from the North Blue. But I grew up in the East Blue." Said Sanji.

Stanford looked at Sanji and had a bad feeling about him being form the North Blue but didn't know why… but then he shrugged it off.

It was a story of an explorer who claimed to have fund a mountain of gold somewhere on the Grand Line and when they got to the island it was all gone with the man claiming that it must have fallen into the sea.

"I think I remember hearing about it." Said Stanford, "Honestly from what I heard it about it reeks of government corruption… trust me… I know government corruption."

Nami looked at him.

"I don't mean Phoenix… I mean some stuff back in my home dimension… I might have created a tie to turn the leader of my country into a puppet…" said Stanford he was also thinking about Watergate but decided not explain it.

"Seriously Ford?" asked Usopp.

"Most of the stuff I read about him fits with the whole lair angle but I think there is some truth involved." Said Stanford.

"Or he could have been a crazy delusional man…" said Nami.

"Hey!" yelled Stanford.

That was when Luffy fell into the water. But before anyone could rescue him a man jumped out the water.

HE yelled about his gold and Sanji and Zoro began to fight him. However he passed out suddenly in the middle of the fight.

Chopper diagnosed him with the bends.

While treating him the monkey man who was named Masira and his orangutan brother how was named Shojo showed up.

Thankfully they listened to reason when explained that he was being treated.

When he woke up he apologized for earlier as he thought they were after his gold.

"Gold?" asked ?Nami.

"what did I say earlier." Said Stanford.

"Okay you have a point…" pouted Nami.

Luffy asked him about the island in the sky but he laughed it off.

The man who was named Cricket explained he heard of stories about the Sky Island form his ancestor the very same Noland.

He told the story of his ancestor and the truths about the story that his family knew.

He honestly didn't want to prove the truth he hated his family but it was fate that he ended up on the island. And because he figured it was fate he minds as well.

As for the monkey brothers they were fans of the story and started helping him and saved him from his loneliness.

He let them his ancestor's log book which called about self-propelled boats in the sky.

Though Stanford wasn't that impressed with that fact.

"What?" asked Nami sarcastically, "They have self-powered boats in your home dimension."

"Yes." Said Stanford, "In fact I remember those boats existed when. I was teenager…"

Nami just rolled her eyes.

And so Cricket decided to explain what he knew about Sky Island and how to get there,

The combination of taking a strange geyser phenomenon with combination with the very dark night like clouds.

though Usopp didn't believe him at first.

Though he managed to have a way to words that convinced Usopp.

Along with the lucky contended that it was going to happen south the next day.

He also told them that

And so that night they partied.

Though Robin and Stanford both read the log book with Robin using her Devil Fruit to hold it between them.

"For someone who doesn't trust me you're ready to read the book with me." Said Robin.

Stanford just rolled her eyes in response.

That was when they got to the last entry which was quite smudged talking about how the gold was in the right eye.

He never figured out what it meant, but he did read some of the other entries to them especially absolute golden bell that was said to give off the most beautiful sound along with birds with a strange call and started to show off the gold he did find.

/Which involved bell shaped ingots and a giant statue of a strange looking bird.

As it turned out that the bird made Cricket realize something.

There was only one way they could head south.

"Wait is there a way to head south?" asked Stanford realizing it.

"Yes! You must catch one of this birds." Said Cricket, "Their called South Birds."

"Interesting…" said Stanford taking note his journal.

He explained that many animals had an innate sense of direction, which of course was south and no matter which way they were sailing they would always point south.

And so they had to go into the forest to find one.

They had to find one before sunrise.

And so they headed into the jungle and spilt off into three teams.

One team consisted of Robin, Zoro and Stanford.

Zoro had killed a gigantic centipede that ire dot attack them.

"Fascinating… to know that centipedes grow large on this island." Said Stanford, "I had written off this island but even interesting things can be found here."

"You know he didn't have to kill it." Said Robin.

"Don't' lecture me." Muttered Zoro, "It was the one that attacked first."

"You also have to remember that centipedes are poisonous… who know with one this size." Said Stanford.

"I still don't' trust you by the way." Said Zoro.

Zoro began to walk away.

"Zoro… you're going the way we came." Said Stanford.

Zoro just sweat dropped.

As they wandered through the jungle they came across more weird giant bugs… and whenever they appeared there was the call of the South Bird.

After a while the three group once again reunited breathing heavily. And talking about how they weren't able to catch one despite everything.

The one of the South Birds was mocking them.

However robin mange dot use her powers to catch it.

However when they got back they found Cricket and the monkey brothers heavily injuries and the Going Merry wrecked.

Turned out a pirate crew that stolen the gold.

And the mark belonged to crew that beat up Luffy and Zoro back in town.

Luffy decided to head back to town and get the gold back promising to be back by sunrise.

They thankfully managed to fix the ship during the time he was gone and retrofitted with wings… and a weird chicken head thing.

'I still think we should have gone with another bird." Said Stanford, "Thanks to breeding chickens lost the ability to fly many years ago."

"Okay… that's enough of that you 60 year old nerd" muttered Nami interrupting him

"I'm only 56!" yelled Stanford.

However Luffy ended up being late with everyone worried.

However it had nothing to do with the possible fight but rather he got distracted on the way back when he found an Hercules beetle.

And with him back and giving Cricket back his gold. They headed to the where the Knock Up team would reach to what was believed to be Sky Island.

The sky darkened as they got to the place they knew would be the location.

A location where a massive whirlpool was developing.

The monkey brothers helped them into the whirlpool saying if they got to the center they would be fine.

Though when they were about to be sucked in the suddenly stopped.

But that was when they saw a strange raft heading towards them.

"IT's those guy from Mock Town." Muttered Zoro.

"Not the ones you fought?" asked Stanford.

"No different guy…" said Luffy.

As it turned out Luffy and Zoro had gotten new bounties.

60 million for Zoro.

And Luffy was now 100 million.

Both Usopp and Stanford looked through binoculars and saw it was true.

"Congratulations I guess…" said Stanford.

"Anything about me?" asked Sanji.

"No." said Stanford.

"Your bounty must have skyrocketed after Alabasta." Said Nami.

But before anything more could be doe however the sea began to move like it was going to explode

"Everyone grab onto something secure! OR go below deck!" yelled Sanji.

And soon enough they shot upwards while the raft that torn to shreds.

It was astounding as they were shot upward, however things were stating to fall including a Sea King and some old ships.

But Nami realized something there was an air current.

And by sung that air current they were able to make sure they didn't fall and continue sailing upwards.

Upwards to Sky Island…

Next Time: They make it to Sky Island... and discover a part of it the missing part of Jaya. However things aren't easy with various problems, false gods, wars and that sort of thing... and the search for the gold leads to Stanford unexpectedly bonding with one of his crewmates. Who is it? Find out next time!