"NOOOO! THIS CANT BE HAPPENING! THIS HAS TO BE A DREAM! Lars, Lars! Tell me I'm dreaming!" Steven yelled.

"Get off me man, I'm stocking here!" Lars said, annoyed.

"I'm sorry Steven. I guess they stopped making them," Sadie said.

"Stopped making them? Why in the world would they stop making Cookie Cats? DONT THEY HAVE LAWS FOR THIS?" Steven yelled.

"Tough bits man, nobody buys them. I guess they couldn't compete with Lion Lickers," Lars mused.

"Not Lion Lickers. They don't even look like actual lions! Kids these days, let me tell ya," he said indignantly.

"Your a kid," Aqua said with a smile on her face.

"BURN!" Sadie yelled from across the room.

"Well if you miss your dorky little ice cream so much, why don't you make some with your 'magic bellybutton'," Lars said mockingly.

"That's not how it works Lars!," Steven and Aqua said in unison.

"Oh sweet Cookie Cats, with your crunchy cookie outside and icy creamy inside, you were too good for this world," he said sadly.

"Uh, Steven, do you want to take the freezer with you?"

"Yes!" He cried.

"Here, take $15 for it," Aqua said as they left.

"You don't have to..," Sadie said.

"I know. I want to," Aqua replied.

-/ Time skip brought to you by: Me reading over one hundred Steven Universe fanfics in a week. /-

"Hey guys! You won't believe this-WOAH!" Steven screamed as Aqua suddenly tackled him. The Centipeedle baby sailed over their heads. "Your welcome," she said.

"How did you know that would happen?" Steven asked.

"I have my secrets," Aqua replied mysteriously.

"Sup Steven?!" Amethyst said casually.

"What are those things?" Steven said.

"Obviously something you don't want to touch," Aqua said.

"Bingo. Sorry Steven, Aqua. We'll get these Centipeedles out of your room. We think they were trying to get into the temple!" Pearl explained.

"Aw you don't have to get rid of them! Their really cool!" Steven said as the bug he was holding spit acid on the floor.

"I beg to differ. Those things give me the creeps!" Aqua said.

"Um, you guys, these things don't have gems!" Amethyst said.

"That must mean there's a mother nearby," Garnet informed us as she poofs another bug.

"We should probably find it before anyone gets hurt," Pearl said.

"Cool! Can I come? Can I, can I?" Steven asked, his pupils becoming stars.

"Steven, if you haven't noticed, this is pretty dangerous. Neither you or I know how to use our gems. We should just let the Crystal Gems take over," Aqua said.

"Aw man!" He exclaimed.

"She's not wrong," Amethyst said.

"Hey! Get out of there!" Steven yelled at a Centipeedle raiding the fridge. "Whoa! Where did you get all these Cookie Cats? I thought they stopped making them!"

"We heard that too, and since their your favorite," "We went out and stole a bunch!" Amethyst said, cutting Pearl off.

"I hope you went back and paid for them," Aqua said.

"We did," Pearl assured us.

"It was all my idea," Garnet said as her gauntlets dispersed.

"It's was everyone's idea," Amethyst said.

"No really," the stoic Gem deadpanned.

"All that matters is that Steven's happy," Pearl said.

"Hey can I try a Cookie Cat?" Aqua asked.

"Sure! Here: chocolate and Vanilla or chocolate and strawberry?" Steven asked.

"Chocolate and Vanilla, I don't like strawberry," Aqua replied taking one. These taste like ice cream sandwiches. I hope they don't melt before I'm done.

"I can't believe you guys did this for me! I'm gonna eat them slowly so I can save them for later. Right after I eat this one," Steven said as his gem began to glow.

"Steven!" Amethyst and Aqua exclaimed at the same time.

"What? MY GEM!"

"Quickly, try to summon your weapon!" Pearl called.

"I don't know how! Ah! It's fading! How do I make it come back?" Steven yelled.

"Calm down Steven! Breathe, don't force it," Pearl advised.

"And try not to poop yourself either," Amethyst said, cause if Aqua to go into a fit of giggles.

"Please don't" Garnet said, only making Aqua laugh harder.

The glow fades away, leaving a disappointed Steven and a near-hysterical Aqua.

"Ah I was really close that time. Can one of you explain how to summon a weapon?" Steven asked.

"Oh, I'll go first," Pearl singsonged.

-/ Time skip brought to you by: me not wanting to write how the gems summon their weapons /-

"Okay, I think our best bet is to re create how it was when my gem first glowed. Aqua you were eating a Cookie Cat, Garnet you were standing here, and Amethyst your arms were crossed," Steven said.

"Do you really think this is going to work?" Aqua asked, already knowing it would. "Also I'm not eating a Cookie Cat, cuz I'm not hungry,"

"Okay. Aqua, do you want to sing the Cookie Cat song?" Steven asked.

"Duh!" Aqua said.

"Oh, he's a frozen treat with an all new taste,

Cuz he came to this planet from outer space

A refugee of an interstellar war,

And now he's at your local grocery store.

Cookie cat!

He's a pet for your tummy

Cookie Cat

And he's super duper yummy

Cookie cat


Cookie cat

Now available a Gurgon's off routes 109" they finished, causing Steven to summon Rose's shield when he bit into the ice cream.

"Steven!" Aqua tapped him on the shoulder. "Oh my gosh I get a shield?! I can summon my weapon by eating ice cream!" Steven screamed, accidentally launching his shield, causing it to bounce around the room and into the TV.

"I'm going to start keeping track of how many times the TV gets broken while I'm here," Aqua said to a laughing Amethyst.

"What is in these things?" Pearl wondered as the house shook.

"It's the mother," Garnet said rushing out the door.

"Stay in the house Steven!" Pearl yelled, running out the door, spear in hand.

"No way I'm coming too!" Steven shouted, stuffing Cookie Cats into the freezer. He grabbed multiple extension cords and formed a rope that was connected to the freezer.

I'm gonna stay in here. Centie is freaky when she's at full size and attacking.

-/Time skip brought to you by: me not wanting to write the fight scene. ;) /-

And cue a depressed Steven and a broken freezer in three...two...one.

Steven came into the house looking sick.

"Are you Okay?" Aqua asked.

"I ate too many Cookie Cats," he said, before rushing to the bathroom to throw up in the toilet.

"Why do I feel like this is going to be my new sense of normal?"