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"Woah. That was close dude," Amethyst said.

"You gotta admit this is cool though!" Aqua exclaimed.

"I'm sensing structural instability," Garnet said.

"Oh yeah, that's never good," Steven said, the rock under him about to break.

"Steven!" Pearl tackled said boy off the rock. It promptly fell into the water below.

"Alright, hold on. We're taking Steven back!" Pearl nearly squished him in a hug. Said hug caused "Oh, my stomach!" To come out of Steven's bag. Aqua laughed at the timing. "Oh, Mr. Queasy!" He laughed.

"Steven! This place is your heritage! I want you to stay and help, but you need to take this seriously!" Pearl lectured.

"You got it dude!" He answered with a thumbs up.

Thank goodness he becomes more mature in later seasons.

"Yeeesss..." "Enough. We have to move," Garnet said stoically.

"You got that right!" Aqua agreed.

We walked up to a tiny gap in between the rock and the Spire, only to have Garnet stop us.

"What's the holdup? We can clear this easily," Amethyst complained.

"No. The magic that sustains the whirlpool continues a vortex that will pull us below," Garnet replied. To demonstrate, she picked up a nearby boulder and threw it across. We expected it to go across, but it stalled and sank into the water.

"So we can't jump?" Pearl asked.

"Trust in the power of Steven!" Aqua said.

"What?" They looked confused.

Steven rustled through his bag and procured two sweatshirts and tied them together.

"What's that for?" Amethyst asked.

"You'll see," Aqua said mysteriously.


Steven threw them into the gap in an arch across from them, ran, and jumped. Pearl immediately panicked. (My lil birb mom!)

"He's getting sucked down!" Amethyst yelled. No duh.

"Or he'll climb the building like a boss!" Aqua said as he did just that.

"Steven way to go! Come on guys!" Amethyst summoned her whip, grabbed us, and performed the same jump Steven did, just without getting sucked down.

"Don't ever do that again!" Pearl yelled, clearly shaken.

"Sorry!" Garnet ruffles his hair while Amethyst brushed past him. "It was pretty great though," Pearl looked impressed by his creativity. "YEAH IT WAS!," Aqua yelled, sounding like Amethyst. She gave him a high five.

"Oh no, no, no! This is even worse than the outside! Ugh.. That's.. Oh that didn't used to be so... And the water damage! This pillar... Oh and this had a head!" Pearl pointed to a nearby statue as they walked. "Oh Steven, once the statue's in place it will reform in all its glory-AHH!" Pearl summoned her spear and cut the statue clean in half.

"What were those goobers?" Steven asked.

"Crystal Shrimp!" Was the reply.

"That sounds delicious!" Aqua joked.

Pearl looked at her with a deadpan expression.

"You guys, we have a problem!" Amethyst yelled at them.

"*GASP* It's an infestation! And we need to get through there to get to the top!" Pearl said, gesturing towards said room. The shrimp were all over the walls, floor, and even ceiling.

Pearl started to explain her plan.

"Bagel sandwich?" Aqua whispered.

"BAGEL SANDWICH!" Steven yelled, throwing said bagels into the room. The shrimp flocked to them, clearing a path.

-/ Time skip brought to you by: I wrote the first draft on paper, and STUPID HAND CRAMPS!-

They made it to the top of the Spire, with Steven losing the raft. Hopefully we won't need it.

"This is it! The Moon Goddess Pedestal! And the moon is almost overhead!" Pearl said.

Thank you Captain Obvious!

"Steven, the statue," Garnet said.

He began rummaging through his bag, looking panicked.

"What's the holdup?" Amethyst asked.

"I don't have it!" He choked out.

"But I do!" Aqua singsonged.

The moon got in place and the statue was put on the pedestal. The Spire was engulfed in light, and was renewed, with a bridge forming from the warp pad to the Spire entrance.

"You guys don't mind if I spend time here, right? I mean it's practically brand new now, and were the only Gems on Earth," Aqua asked.

"Sure. Why not. It's not like we'll have anything else to with it," Garnet said.

"Mission, SUCCESS!"