Sorry for not posting his earlier. I went on vacation and completely forgot. I've skipped to Bubble Buddies cuz one of the last episodes makes me uncomfortable. *cough* Cat Fingers *cough*

Aqua also has all the powers of a Lapis Lazuli and can breath underwater.

If you think she's too much of a Mary Sue, sue me. Or Mary Sue me. :)

Aqua woke to Steven bringing his bike down to the beach and attempt to ride it when an earthquake hit, scaring Aqua so bad, she fell off the roof.

"Ow," She said.

"I don't think their earthquakes, their too frequent," Pearl said. Girl, you don't know earthquakes until you've seen the Cluster.

Steven walked over to the Gems with his bike.

"Hey look! Steven's got a bike!" She said, stating the obvious. "Where you goin Ste-Man?"

"Just out for a ride," he replied.

"In the sand?" Pearl asked.

"Yup!" He cheerily replied.

"Steven's never gonna make sense, will he," Aqua said.

"He will eventually," Garnet said. BURN!

Steven started to ride in the sand, or rather, try to ride. You could run laps around him, he was going so slow. He noticed Connie reading on the on the beach.

He tried to get her attention by describing his bike, but she didn't even know she was there. It was only when he fell over his bike did she notice him. She looked up from her book, and Steven ran, embarrassed. He didn't stop until he reached the beach house and slammed to door. The Gems stared.

"Who were you talking to?" Pearl asked.

"That girl," Garnet elaborated.

"You saw?" He asked.

They nodded.

"She's just a girl I know, but she doesn't know me," he said.

"Sounds like you have a crush!" Aqua singsonged.

He went beet red.

"You do!" She said.

"No I don't!" He said.

"Anyway, let's set up a play date! I'll send the invitation and work out a schedule! I'll also have to find out her favorite kind of tea," Pearl said.

"Pearl, hate to burst your bubble," Aqua snickered. "But when you get to Steven's age you stop having "play dates" and you start "hanging out at a friend's house. Plus, you don't know if she even likes tea," Aqua said.

"Okay..." Pearl blushed a bit.

"Just talk to her. I'm sure that she'll be interested in what you have to say," Garnet said.

"Okay. But you guys can't watch this time. It'll mess up my Funky Flow," Steven got up and grabbed a red glow bracelet from the freezer.

"Funky...Flow?" Pearl looked confused while Amethyst looked amused. (AN: rhyme unintentional)

"It's a Steven thing," Aqua said.

"We won't watch," Garnet assured.

-/Time skip brought to you by: Banana. I asked my friend for a Time skip and she said that.\-

"Hey guys, imma go swim for a bit. You mind?" Aqua asked.

"No, go ahead. Be back soon," Pearl said.

"Sweet! Bye!" Aqua quickly changed into a swimsuit and dove into the ocean. She knew that's where Steven and Connie would eventually end up.

A couple of minutes later she was able to hear the end of their argument.

"And now I'm going to disappear without making a single friend!" Connie sobbed.

"Really? Cuz I think you have two right here," Aqua said, surprising them.


"Aqua! How are you here?" Steven asked.

"Oh, I can breathe underwater and I'm a strong swimmer," Aqua replied. They looked at her in awe right as the bubble burst.

"Oh snap," They swam like mad towards the surface. A corrupted Gem surfaced behind them.

Oh snap, forgot about the Gem.

"Hide in the rocks Steven!" Connie yelled. Steven ran under the pier with Aqua while Connie climbed the rocks. The monster went after Connie.

"Why is it chasing her?" He looked at the bracelet. "The bracelet! It eats bright stuff! CONNIE!" He called.

"Steven!" Connie ran to him.

"Give me the bracelet!" Steven said. Without waiting for an answer, he grabbed the bracelet and started zigzagging under the pier.

"You got this Steven!" Aqua yelled.

"Miss? How are you so calm right now?" Connie asked.

"Steven has a plan. Trust him," Aqua answered. The Gem fell for the trick, and the pier collapsed. The Gem poofed under the sudden weight of the wood. The Gems arrived.

"Steven!" They yelled.

"Steven, what's going on? What did you do?" Pearl asked.

"He was incredible!" Connie exclaimed.

Garnet picked up and bubbled the Gem. She tapped the top of the bubble and it disappeared.

"Really? You mean it?" He asked. Connie nodded. "Here's your bracelet...Again," Steven said.

"Thanks," The three laughed.

Amethyst grabbed Steven.

"So are you going to introduce us?" Amethyst asked.

"Steven, I got this. Connie, these are the Crystal Gems, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl," Aqua pointed at said Gems. "Gems, this is Connie," Aqua said.

"Steven was so excited to meet you, right Steven?" Pearl said, much to Steven's embarrassment.

Garnet picked up Amethyst and Pearl.

"Don't mess with his Funky Flow," She said as she walked away.