Watching the Ringbearer's ship sail away...(Written in 2011 for the great_tales 55 word challenge.)

Author's Notes: This is a dribble. As soon as I saw the 55 word count in the challenge, I thought "Dribble!" A dribble is a form of fic poetry: the first line contains ten words; each succeeding line has one word fewer, down to the last line of one word. Total word count on a dribble is exactly 55 words!

Grey Havens

There is a reason they call it the Sundering Sea.
Standing at the quay, heart cords are stretching, breaking—
To sounds of surf and cry of gulls,
As sails vanish into a westering sun
Beneath the cold stars of heaven.
One last smile to remember,
One last kiss farewell.
Sam, Merry, Pippin
Turn now,