Once there lived a child from the unnova region. He had no Pokémon of his own. One thing he did have was his grandmother. She told him stories about many legendary Pokémon throughout the world. In particular, there was a tale about a wish giving Latios. This Latios had been said to have received this ability from the dying breath of a Jirachi. It was said that if you filled a pot made of gold and green colors. Along with a bag of dirt and one flower found from each region. Bringing it to this Latios would cause something magical to occur.

The boy dreamed every night about finding the Eon Pokémon. With the pot in hand setting it gently on the ground. The pot now in front of Latios. He would look down at all of the flowers. Softly breathing on each one individually. Each flower dissolved revealing various treasures, many items for catching and caring for Pokémon, and fruit with the power to heal any illness. Finally, even a large palace rose from behind them several hundred miles away. The pot itself disappeared showing another Pokémon in its place a Latias. That's at the point when the dream would end.

When this boy had reached the age of fourteen years. He set off alone to find the wishing Latios and everything else written in the story. He brought a ticket for the ship that was headed a few days trip to the Kanto region. As he boarded the ship walking over to the edge of the front. Focusing over at the sun rising just above the shining sea. He thought about the real reason he was doing this. Both of his parents were deathly ill. He needed to save them and believing in the story. He felt the right person to do it was none other than him a believer.

A couple of hours went by since the ship had set sail and, in the water, something reflected in the sunlight. To the young man's surprise, it was a pot the same color as the one in the story. He quickly removed his pack and took out a hook attached to a long rope on the end. Throwing the hook, it grabbed the edge of the pot. Pulling it up as quickly as possible until it was resting in his arms. Tossing the small item into his bag the first task completed. When the ship finally reached the docking bay in Kanto. He immediately went to the nearest flower shop. Purchasing a single red flower along with a bag of soil.

He hurried out of the shop and brought the next ticket to Johto. Having tossed everything into his backpack. He knew it was not a good idea to buy all the colors of the needed flowers in one shop. Couldn't let people know he was a believer in the story. Who knows if someone could find the Latios before he did. The legendary may only give one wish in a lifetime. He wasn't going to take any chances. Two days later he was in the Johto region. To which he headed for the nearest flower shop. Buying a single orange flower.

A few weeks later he had visited all seven regions of the world. Buying seven flowers in different colors forming like that of a rainbow. When he finished buying the last and seventh flower. He glanced towards the back of the store. Then saw that the store clerk was walking out. This had to be her break time he figured. No one else was in the store and he walked quickly to the back wall. Having noticed a single brick sticking out. He slowly wiggled the brick till it came to lose dropping to the ground. There was a scraping that followed as both sides of the wall opened up revealing a staircase.

The young man was paralyzed with amazement for a few moments. Then he moved fast down the staircase. Barely hearing the wall close behind, him. When he reached the end, there were mint colored green wings facing him. Turning around to face the boy orange colored eyes peered at him now. This was it the Latios he had seen in his dream. The man let his pack drop to the floor. Taking out the pot, flowers, and a bag of dirt. Filling in the dirt and flowers on the lone item. Just like he had seen in the dream. The Latios gently blew on them one by one. Various things replaced the now dissolving flowers.

Treasures, the healing fruit, Items for catching Pokémon and more. As for the last flower, nothing seemed to happen after it disappeared. But he knew that with the last dissolving flower. A palace awaited beyond the hills of the region itself. The pot just like in the story had turned into a Latias of the exact same colors. Before he had time to ask any questions to the two Pokémon the two waved their arms in circles several times. Suddenly the boy was back home. Along with everything that had been received from the first six flowers now neatly placed in the living room.

He didn't hesitate to grab a few of the fruits that he had received that day. Rushing up to where his parents lay in their bedroom and giving them the fruit, they so desperately needed. The very next morning the doctor arrived at the home. Simply stating that. "A miracle has been performed this day." With that having seen the two up and around. He left. From that day forward, they were said to be the most content people the world had ever seen.