A long time ago there were two Arcanine that led a fairly large clan of fire Pokémon. The couple was overjoyed for they had a single egg. The Growlithe would be a fine leader no doubt. During the fateful night, hours before the egg was to hatch. A Herdier from a nearby clan swiftly snatched the egg. The best way to get revenge on a clan you were at war with. Is to kidnap the clan's heir. So, the egg was taken away from the heat, steam, and smoke of the volcanoes. To the calm green fields, a safe distance away. This was where the prince hatched.

Away from his true home and not knowing the destiny laid out for him. For years he was kept hidden and safe from his true home. Every time search parties from the volcano would look for the prince. His mother Herdier would hide the prince by simply telling him to pick a total of twenty apples for the clan to eat. Giving him a small basket. The Growlithe would then trot over to a deep and dark forest. Not being seen for at least a couple of hours. By the time the Growlithe would return to his mother. The patrols unusually consisting of a Talonflame or a Rapidash or two.

Would be long gone by the time the unknown prince returned with said apples. "This is terrible." Said the Rapidash bowing his head before the king and queen. "We've searched for several years and still no sign of his majesty."

"Do not fret for I have a plan." Replied the queen. The very next day queen met up with a Ninetails who had a Vulpix for a daughter. The two were sent out on patrol that very same day after a plan had been made. From a safe distance, the two saw the prince and Herdier at the edge of the forest. Herdier handed the prince the basket and off he went alone into the deepest part of the said forest. Ninetails gave a nod to Vulpix and the smaller of them bounded off. Heading through the thicket of trees just on the opposite side.

She quickly ran up and down several trees. Laying as many apples as possible on the forest floor. Till the Vulpix came to a river. At this river, she saw a Magikarp. So, making a request of the useless fish she said. "If you see a Growlithe come by her picking up the trail of apples." She pointed to the neat line of fruit with one paw. "Tell him that when he is finished obtain all of the fruit. He is to sleep next to the river and not turn back." With a slow nod from the Magikarp. Vulpix left swiftly and met at the side of her mother.

So, it was that sometime later. The prince came to and retrieved the trail of apples. One by one lifting them up and placing the fruit inside the basket. Until he came to a river and swimming was alone Magikarp. "Young Growlithe, young Growlithe." He called again just as Growlithe was about to turn back. "Since you have finished placing all of the apples into your basket. I would think it wise to not turn back for it is sundown. I would find it wise for you to keep a lonely fish like myself company wouldn't someone such as yourself agree?"

Growlithe needed to head back. However, it had taken longer than normal to complete the task because even though the trees were filled with leaves. Most of the apples that came lose when he shook at it. Failed to drop to that of the forest floor. The only ones he had managed to acquire were the fruits that led to this river. With a yawn, he rested himself next to the water. Along with his basket and fell into a deep sleep. Now the duo of Vulpix and Ninetales had a third member added to the queen's plan. A Pyroar who stood by waiting for the prince's eyelids to fall.

When this had happened. She carried him gently by the scruff of his neck. Bringing him back to the palace. Located in the mountains of the volcano. This was where Growlithe the young prince truly belonged. At the moment he awoke surrounded by his parents and subjects. Everything felt perfect now and so into the moment. As the feast to celebrate Growlithe's return had begun. He explained how being raised by a normal type clan had been a peaceful experience. Through all of his years growing up. The only thing the prince asked for was forgiveness and peace. Regarding the Herdier that had taken him in several years ago. Thus, it was granted and the two clans lived in peace for the rest of time.