"...yeah, she went in a downward spiral of denial when I told her."

"Paula? In love with PJ? Ha!" Katy was quite amused at what her black-haired friend was telling her.

"Katy! I'm serious!" Parappa whined, "why are you laughing?!"

"They hate each other's guts, remember?" Matt indirectly stated.

"Oh yeah..."

"Well, I've gotta bounce. Dance pratice is soon. See ya!" And just like that, Katy left.

"Hey! PJ!" Parappa called out to his friend who lay asleep in the grass.

"Meh..what?" PJ was slightly annoyed, but Parappa was his friend.

"Guess what."


Parappa opened his mouth to speak, but then lost his words. How would he put this?

"What?!" PJ was annoyed by his friend waking him up again.

"I was just wondering, would you like to meet someone special tonight?" Parappa finally got words to come to him.

"Oh really?"

Parappa nods.

"And who, pray tell, may this 'special someone' be?"

Parappa motioned PJ to lean in closer.

"You have a secret admirer," Parappa whispered.

"When's Paula gonna get here?" Matt groaned, "I didn't come here to just watch PJ eat his own weight is whatever crap they're serving him."

"She's gonna be here!" Parappa shushed his tall friend. They, Sunny and Katy, were all watching PJ's table from afar. Matt didn't completely trust in Parappa's plan, but Parappa practically begged for Matt's insistence.

"Guys, look!" Sunny called out, interrupting what would have been a quarrel.

Sure enough, Paula had arrived.

"So..you're PJ Berri," Paula said.

"One and only," PJ replied, trying to sound cool.

"I heard some things about you."

PJ just turned his focus on his food.

"I hope this works..." Parappa muttered.

Back at the park, the six friends met up again.

"So, how was your day?"~ Parappa cheerfully asked.

"Well, I got to know PJ a little bit better," Paula responded, "some things I didn't want to, though..."

"Don't get anything wrong!" PJ interjected, "we're just friends..."

Parappa sighed audibly, his head hanging low. Matt saw this as an "I told you so" moment, but that would just be rubbing salt in the wound.

"I know you had something to do with this," PJ leaned in to his moping friend.

"I'm sorry," Parappa sighed again, "she just seemed really into you-"

"If that's the case, I might give a chance. Just for you."


PJ nodded.