Rise of the Hybrid

A Worm/Jurassic World crossover

Disclamer I do not own Jurassic World or Worm. If I did I wouldn't be posting here now would I?

(A/N I haven't read all of WORM but I hope to capture a different version of Taylor. One that knows she's a monster but at the same time still desires to be a hero anyway she can. Even though she's forever a fifty foot long Genetic monster, and a good reminder why man should never play God.)

It was inside a locker filled with filth that a fifteen year old girl discoverd her inner beast, a m onster from another world and another time. A rush of emotions filled her soul, betrayal of a sister in all but blood was the first. Then came sorrow for the father she would leave behind, then came anger at her would be tormenters and executioners. And last but most powerful of all came an all consuming hatred, a hatred which rippled through her soul and body. Suddenly Taylor Hebert was no more, and the air filled with the sounds of tortured metal and screams of horror.


Armsmaster wasn't sure how this came to be, but there it was, a giant carnivorous dinosaur bigger than any ever discovered had suddenly and violently appeared in the middle of a major High school, attacking eveything in its sight. The creature had personally injured dozens of students and staff and nearly killed the Ward that attended the school, how it managed to do that was something of a concern. Especially since that particular Ward had the power to be intangleble at will. Fortunatly for the Ward, and the rest of the student body, he had been on patrol with Miss Miltia at the time. Together they were able to lure the massive beast outside of the school and onto the Athletic fields, where he had sent several sqauds of PRT solders equiped with Anti-Brute contaiment foam to wait for the right moment. Fortunatly his plan worked, and they were able to stop the beast, even if they were unable to knock it out. Right now however his greatest concerns were in order the health and saftey of his injured ward and where did the creature come from and why did it appear here?

He was currently standing guard near the massive creature, recording his after action report. "... Subject remains in custody as 15:00 hours. Subject's appearance is similar to Tyrannosaurus Rex, with notably longer forelimbs, and interestingly, oppossible thumbs. Subject's height when standing was estimated to be around 6.1 meters with an estimated length at 15.2 meters. More accurate measurements are currently not possible due to subject being encased with containment foam. Subject's skin tone can vary with chamelion like camouflage with it's base state being white. Eye color is red. albinism perhaps? A more thorough examination will be requried to understand full extent of Subject's ablities. This concludes after action report 12-1-2011-31-S." With a twitch of a finger he ended the recording just as Miss Miltia approached.

"Having fun Armsmaster?" She asked. Armsmaster shook his head. "I would not classify filing afteraction reports as 'fun'. How are the students?" Miss Militia gave a short laugh before answering him. "Pancea just finished healing the last of the injuries." Her facial expression, though hidden behind her bandana, turned serious. "But the student count is coming up short, the staff can't find one of the students. One Taylor Hebert, records show her having attended her home period. But come up blank after that."

Armsmaster gave some thought to that. "Any chance she skipped school before this occured?" He asked.

Miss Miltia shook her head. "I personally don't think so. One of the search and rescue teams found her locker ripped apart from the inside-out, and the lockers around it are crushed. None of the other lockers in the school show that kind of damage, and there is no evidence that any of the students were eaten. Even stranger it looks like that creature first appeared in the same section of hallway." She paused and looked across the ruined football field at the entombed creature, which had given up on trying to break out of the containment foam and decided that now was a good time to sleep. "Any details big and scaly over there?"

Armsmaster shook his head, "None, DNA analyst is taking longer than usual, due to the lack of a recognisable base genomn. But it is picking up some human DNA strands in the sequence."

"Any chance we can run that through a DNA database, just in case this is our missing girl?" Miss Miltia asked.

Armsmaster nodded. "Affirmative, the amount of human DNA is suffecent enough to do a DNA search. I will have to wait for the DNA scan to finish before running it through the database. We will know by tommarow morning if the creature has any genetic connections to Miss Hebert. Perhaps if we ask Pancea to scan the creature we could learn more."

Milita hummed to herself, great as that plan sounded IF the creature somehow escaped the containment foam and Pancea was injured, or worse, killed, there would be hell to pay in the form of one Carol Dallon. And thats if Glory Girl didn't get involved. Either way it wouldn't be pretty for the Protectorate, the PRT or New Wave. Still, having Pancea scan the creature might reveal more information on a creature that gave more questions than answers. "I'll go inform Pancea that we could use some help. You need anything?" She already knew what the answer to that would be. "I am fine Miss Milita, my suit takes care of all of my nutritional and dietary needs. I do not require anything else at this time." Yep, that's what she figured his answer would be. Without any further exchange of words she went to go fetch Pancea.

A few minutes later...

It was often said that Pancea was famous for being the world's greatest healer, but her ablities were far more diverse than just healing, and sometimes they took her into situations that many would call simply bizzar. Being asked to scan what was essentially a dinosaur was certiantly up there on the bizzar list. "So what exactly am I scanning for? Aside from potential human remains in the stomach?" she asked the Protectorate leader. Armsmaster was quick to reply to that. "We are having trouble analysing the creature, there are many similarities to other species in the fossil record. The Tyrannosaurus Rex is a distinct relation, but so are half a dozen therapods. Due to the fact there has never been any DNA recovered from these fossils it is impossible to get a match of any sort. Therefor we are looking for anything that could tell us if this is a construct or a case-53 parahuman."

Pancea sighed before touching the belly of the massive beast. "Well good news is that this creature didn't eat anyone, the bad news is she has a freshly triggered Corona pollentia and a Gemma pollentia. She's a parahuman, and I can't undo the transformation without her consent"

Miss Milita sighed and Armsmaster frowned, this complicated things greatly. Many questions began to form. How did a girl trigger in school that a Ward attended? What signs had been missed? More importantly why did a fresh trigger go after said Ward? Either way Director Piggot would not be pleased when word reached her that a Ward didn't report potential problems at her school. Thus the two heros were left with a quandery, what does one do with a multi-ton carnivorious dinosaur that was also a teenage girl?

And that's a wrap! For now at least. I tried to capture the individual personalities of Armsmaster and Miss Militia. Hopefully I succeded, seeing as it's been years since I last wrote anything. And I do mean YEARS. Not to mention the little fact that I'm having to use WordPad, as Word cost over $100! I remember when word was FREE! Curse you Microsoft! I miss spell check already. To those who found this interesting I'm working on the less techinical more teenage angsty chapter two. Taylor meets mental IndoTaylor!