Rise of the hybrid

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Chapter 2 Taylor or Indominous?


Taylor was floating. It was strange really, for no matter what direction she looked in, all she saw was darkness. It was as if she was dropped to the bottom of the ocean. Worse her body was numb and she was for all intents and purposes unable to move. Then, out of the gloom, she saw a pale shape emerge. As it got closer she noticed that the figure looked like her. A pale albino version of her, with pure white hair and blood red eyes, but for all intents and purposes it was a mirror image of Taylor herself. The girl seemed to walk on an invisible ground that Taylor herself couldn't see.

Then suddenly, the figure changed into a massive creature that looked like something out of the Cretaceous Period with it's massive jaws and long claws. Long, thin needle-like spikes protruded from it's back and neck, and it's mouth full of jagged and mismatched teeth. "What are you?" muttered Taylor, hoping the beast wasn't hungery.

The creature shifted back to the Albino-Taylor form it was in before and looked Taylor dead in the eyes. With a voice that sounded like a distorted and tortured version of Taylor's the Albino spoke. "I am Indominous Rex, and I am also you."

If Taylor wasn't confused before, she sure was now. "Indominous what? Who the hell gave you that name?" The Indominous shot her a glare "My creators were what some would call self absorbed pricks. And no I don't know how I know these words. Perhaps they're your thoughts? Either way I was never actually given a name. Just a title. A title that belongs to you now."

Taylor flinched 'Oops touchy subject there. Wait, she said creators not parents. Does that mean someone made her?' "Creators? And what do you mean when you say your also me?" Taylor asked. The Indomious snorted with a huff, "Is it not obvious? I was created by humans for their own amusement, a zoo attraction. In fact my true form looks..." Indominous's body shifted, twisted, and grew, until Taylor was staring face to face with the same creature she saw earlier. "Like this. And now this is what you look like as well. My body, my memories, my very being is now a part of you. If you don't believe me, look behind you."

Despite her reservations Taylor did just that. To her horror and shock Indominous wasn't lying, for stretching out behind her neck was a body identical to the Indominous's own. Things were starting to make a horrible sort of sense. But that left one final question, "If your now part of me, then where are we?" Taylor asked, and the Indominous gave a grin. "We're in your mind little one, and now it's time for you to wake up. Our merging seems to have caused quite a commotion." and all Taylor could think was, 'Hopefully we didn't eat anyone. A side of Sophia doesn't seem all that appeasing. Well I could just throw her up if I did eat her.' Without another thought Taylor found herself drifting away into a strange sort of oblivion.

Real World, Brockton Bay.

When Taylor came to, she found herself face to face with Panacea. Who immediately jumped back, and proceeded to land on her ass. Taylor let out a slight giggle, which came out more as a series of chuffs, than a giggle. Panacea shot Taylor a slight glare, as Armsmaster and Miss Militia came into view. Taylor felt her blood turn to ice, why where the two heavy hitters of the Protectorate here? She realized she needed to look around to see what exactly she had done. But when she went to move she discovered that whatever happened caused the PRT to decide that containment foam was necessary. Even worse she wasn't sure if she could talk.

Fortunately Panacea provided a distraction. "Excuse me, Miss Hebert, but do I have permission to heal you?" Taylor nodded, while her stomach suddenly decided to turn into the R.M.S. Titanic. They knew her name, which meant she was already outed. A cry of frustration drew her attention back to Panacea, who was drenched in sweat, despite it being a cold January afternoon. "What on Earth?! I've never had this much trouble with anyone that wasn't a Case-53! Are you certain that she isn't one?" Panacea asked.

But before either of the Protectorate capes could answer, Taylor felt something inside her shift. To her surprise and shock, the world suddenly seemed much larger, as she was now much smaller than she was a minute before. The three capes in the room froze in surprise, before Armsmaster did a complete 180 turn and quickly left the stadium field. Oddly, Taylor noticed, he did this before Miss Militia or Panacea could say anything to him. Even stranger, at least in Taylor's opinion it was strange, the two capes in question were giving each other nervous glances. It was Taylor herself who broke the silence. "Is there something wrong with my face?" Taylor asked, immediately regretting it, as her voice didn't sound quite human. "What's wrong with my voice?" She meekly asked.

"It would probably be easier to show you than explain it." Miss Militia as a PRT trooper handed the hero a rescue blanket. "In the mean time you'll probably want this to cover up with at least until we can get you into some clothes that is." She said as she draped the blanket over Taylor's back. It was at that moment Taylor realized that she had been standing in front of her childhood heroes in her birthday suit. As she looked down at her hands for the first time since she came to, Taylor noticed right away that a lack of clothing was the least of her worries. For her hands and arms were covered in bright white scales, and her fingers were tipped with black claws.

Feeling something hit the ground behind her, she hesitantly glanced over her shoulder, and groaned. For sticking out from under the blanket Miss Militia had draped over her, as a very familiar reptilian tail, covered in the same bright white scales that were on her hands. Clearly stunned to still have her tail, the reptilian girl only had time to say, "Huh. Well, that's different. Check please." Before promptly passing out and falling face first into the grass.


When Taylor came to, her eyes were watering and her nose was burning from the smell of bleach and antibiotics. She noticed that she was in a room with plain white walls with a similarly plain white ceiling, a hospital room she concluded. She was also, to her relief, wearing a hospital gown, so at least her modesty was protected, just in case someone entered the room."Hey Little Owl. Are you feeling better?" Asked a familiar voice. Taylor's eyes widened, and turned her head to the side to face the speaker. There, sitting in a very uncomfortable looking chair, was a tall, lanky man with glasses. "Hey Dad." Taylor rasped. "I'm still scaly, aren't I?"

Her father nodded, "I'm afraid so sweetie. Panacea did what she could after you passed out, but couldn't change you back." Taylor felt her eyes start to tear up, "So I'm still a monster." She wept slightly, before breaking down into tears. In her defense this was the first time since Emma's betrayal that she had cried in front of her dad. Her father wrapped his arms around her. embracing her in a hug for the first time in months. Taylor, being careful with her new claws, returned the hug. Her father, holding her tight, said to her in a calm, loving voice. "You could be a hundred feet tall and look like Crawler and I would still love you."

Taylor wiped her eyes of tears, which was now a slightly more complicated task now that her eyes were on opposite sides of her head, and tried to smile. That was also a more complicated task due to fact that her new face didn't have the same muscle structure that her old one had. "Thanks Dad." Still hugging her father she spotted movement out of the corner of her eye. It was her reflection, but it wasn't the one she remembered. Instead of the lanky, gawky, curly haired girl that arrived at Winslow earlier that day, a pale humanoid reptilian girl with red eyes stared back. Her dad, noticing the direction of her gaze, released her from the hug allowing her to see for the first time exactly what she had become.

She was now a good foot taller than she was before, with a more muscular body tone than she had before. In fact with the exception of her breast and ass, there was not a single bit of excess fat on her body. Her head was shaped much like a T-rex but a bit more narrow, with a mane of long white feathers and quills taking the place of her hair. The quills, unlike the feathers, didn't stop at the neckline however, and continued down her back, till reaching the base of her tail. She brought her tail up to get a better look at it. She noticed that where the quills stopped a line of bony spikes started, and got progressively smaller till they all but vanished at the tip of her tail. Moving back up her torso she noticed that Panacea must of been feeling generous and gave her a noticeable bust that she definitely didn't have before this morning. Moving to her arms, she couldn't help but notice the same bony spikes growing from her shoulders making it look like she had pauldrons growing out of her. Her hands, while still possessing thumbs, only had four digits instead of five. Each digit was tipped a long curved claw that if she wasn't careful, could cause a lot of damage. Looking down at her feet she noticed they now had that classic three-toed T-rex shape to them. Deciding that any further examination of herself could wait till her dad wasn't around she turned away from the mirror. A thought came to Taylor's mind. "So where's the doctor, and where did Armsmaster and Miss Militia go?" She asked figuring that Panacea was probably either at home by now or helping other patients. But she kind of figured that seeing as Miss Militia and Armsmaster responded to her rampage, that at least one of them would be nearby, just in case.

As if to answer her question, the door opened and a doctor walked in, followed by Miss Militia. The doctor was of oriental descent, and about her father's age, but interestingly enough something about him felt, familiar. "Ah, Miss Herbert! So glad to see that you've come to. Panacea informed us that though you are currently stable that we should keep you under observation for a few days. Oh, where are my manners? My name is Dr. Henry Wu."

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