Pink Power.

The homeworld gems landed softly on the new planet. The Diamonds had been checking the restricted zone and had finally decided on landing on a new different planet.

Blue diamond watched her sister White very closely she knew her sister would never hurt her but she was worried about how white sees Steven as a weapon and not to mention no matter what Blue Diamond said Yellow firmly believed that Steven was dead. mentally Blue gulped this was going to be a long trip.

Steven woke up feeling much better although he hated the crystal gems their gem powers he hated to admit were useful.

After Connie had left instructions on how to properly care for a human in the previous stone blank room he had gotten a makeshift bunk and an outhouse outside that he could go to as long as he had a gem to escort him.

He also got food although it wasn't much the gems did feed him although mostly Connie would make and deliver the food because the gems actively hated him.

It was a weird agreement Connie came over almost every day and the days she didn't come she had left food for the gems so Steven wouldn't starve.

What also made Steven nervous was how Pearl would come in for hours after he had "gone to bed" and watched him sometimes standing at the door way other times she got a chair.

At first, Steven had thought it was part of her duty in ensuring he was kept prisoner now he wasn't so sure seeing as though she would study him intensely and mutter to herself angrily.

Steven was broken from his thoughts as Connie walked through the door "Hey Steven sorry I couldn't come yesterday my parents wouldn't let me."

Steven wasn't too worried he was just happy someone did come "No problem Connie thanks for coming today." Steven smiled brightly as he spoke to her.

they chatted for a little bit till something weird happened as Stevens cell door started to bang stopped the conversation and scared connie. A pink lion charged into Steven's room/cell.

The animal went directly for Steven pushing him down and leaping into his arms.

"Arghhh," Steven grunted as he landed painfully more so he was also afraid he couldn't let it show on his face because Connie was equally just as scared.

Pretty soon he realized he had nothing to fear from the beast as it started licking him and cuddling on top of him.

A couple seconds later Pearl ran into the chamber screaming what Steven assumed was the beast's name

"Rose where are you!" as Pearl assessed the situation she grew very upset and started marching for the pink creature each step was louder then the next as her face showed a fit of rage.

"H-hey why does he have a chain on him." Connie stated quietly all the gems knew how much she loved animals and Connie was a little confused and sad that the pink lion had such a huge chain around his neck.

Steven inspected the chains metal and thought to himself bitterly "Probably enslaved him too" as Steven was deep in thought Pearl approached hands clenched.

As Steven hand rubbed against the pink animals mane he felt a very familiar handle and remembered his weapon training.

Steven went for it "All or nothing." and what came out was a pink gem blaster Steven didn't know where it came from or why it was there he was going to escape with it.

He pointed the blaster directly at Pearl just as it was supposed to do the blaster made a charging sound right before the final moments.

"Wait!" Steven attention drew to Connie "this isn't who you are." Connie continued on slowly advancing towards Steven now very confused and afraid of the nice boy she was just flirting with minutes ago.

Pearl inched closer to her weapon "WHERE IS GARNET." Steven looked at Connie nobody made a move. Connie suddenly felt an itch in her nose she breathed a deep breath to keep from sneezing.

Pearl watched both Steven and kept a close eye on Connie despite Pearl distaste of humans Connie was a ally and Pearl didn't let Allies get hurt especially by homeworld scum.

Steven aimed the blaster at Pearl when prepared to fire "ACHOO!" The blaster had a mind of its own as it aimed itself at Connie.

Connie knew Steven wouldn't shoot her she supposed she must have startled him. Steven aiming the blaster at Connie seemed to forget the enemy Pearl across from him when he turned to shoot her Pearl took the chance and lunged across the room to takle him down.

"Don't hesitate next time." Pearl whispered softly as she dragged Steven to his feet.

Garnet opened the door and led a confused lion and a shook Connie out.

Pearl let Steven up but not with out shoving him with a look of disgust she bent down and picked up the Blaster.

Pearl's eyes had a wild look of pure rage after a couple seconds she straightened up and got ahold of herself and left the room.

Steven shivered where Pearl had pushed him for another reason he also felt really drained.

As Steven thought up his next plan to escape the diamonds were scanning the planets Blue diamond was amazed at the beauty of most while white and yellow diamond were intent on their respective goals. However Blue was starting to expect suspect that White diamond was up to something.

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